Dental Appointments as a service

Get Faster Integration with Corporate Customers

Differentiators are the key

Insurance brokers and corporate customers are looking for differentiators in a price sensitive market where there is little change in annual dental benefits. Dental appointments as a service fills in the need for a good differentiator.

Smooth Change Management

New accounts bring risk of disruption and careful change management as network of dentists changes. Our service bridges the gap and paves way for a smoother transition and faster integration.

Payouts and Productivity

Corporate customers are looking for lower payout costs & increased employee productivity. We increase the benefit utilization and productivity by making it easier to book dental appointments. Lesser people postpone making dental appointments, resulting in a healthier workforce.


What’s in it for the insurer?
  1. The Differentiator Service of finding and scheduling dentists would add to insurer's edge when competing in a price-sensitive business.
  2. We lower the cost of switching insurance provider from the corporate customer's perspective, leading to higher conversions for the insurance brokers.
  3. We also provide a modern search and discovery tool for the dentists, allowing for a better experience for existing and future policy holders.
What is your relationship with the dentists?
When we partner with your insurance company, we will ask for a list of dentists who are in your network. We will focus on routing the patients with your insurance to those dentists. With some dentists, we also have a high-touch relationship, where we focus on increasing their sales. That relationship however takes time to build and is based on the number of patients we send their way.