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I met Dr. Bui just for a complimentary consultation appointment, but  I like him already!  Dr. Bui is down to earth and honest.  He gave me many good advices.  He examined the pictures that his technicians took for my teeth and asked me what is my goal for wanting to wear braces.  He told me that for my case the risk of the treatment may out weight the benefit.  He advised me that I should consult a periodontistt first before decide to wear braces.  He even suggested what questions I should ask the periodontist.  I feel that Dr. Bui  is honest and truly wanted  to help me.  Many other orthodontists would have just wanted to have more patients and probably told me to go ahead with the braces.  Thank you Dr. Bui for all the valuable advices.  I definitely will come back to your office if I decide to go through ortho treatment.

I got my braces during my college years.  Dr. Bui and his staff are very accommodating and always did their best to fit me in between classes.  I even came in for an emergency adjustment and they took care of me.  The doctors know exactly what they're doing, so the treatment is top notch.  If I had to get braces again, I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Dr. Bui and his staff for another 2 years.

I had my brace's done here. The office is pretty kids friendly (snacks and movies playing on their TV's), but the customer service is bad. The staff is super nice during your first consultation, but once you've paid, the service seems to disappear. The treatment is also quite expensive (about $7000). The appointments always run late, so you end up sitting in a crowded office waiting for 45min or more.

The reason I gave it 3 stars is because of Teresa. She is one of the dental assistants and is superb when it comes to customer service and how she deal with your braces. She is very gentle and always makes sure you're okay. Its just too bad that everyone else in the office sucks!!!

More than 5 star!
They really care about  your teeth life long biting health! My self, my 2 sons are doing Phase I,II here. Me and my friends have  lots of  doubts and question during the bracelet process especially  for kids. but here, worry free, just pass questions to doctors.. waiting  is bit longer, but it's worthy.

I was a patient here years ago when I was referred here from my dentist to get braces. I LOOOOOVED going to the orthodontist when I was younger. Was it because of the free snacks and video games in the waiting room? The endless supply of Full House re-runs? TV entertainment and video games in the ceiling that I got to enjoy while they were playing transformers with my teeth? ALL OF THE ABOVE! The staff is super friendly and far beyond professional. I would come in late sometimes and it wouldn't really matter because there was always something to keep me occupied. I remember all of the gifts I'd get from here such as an electric tooth brush, coffee thermos', and even movie tickets to the poppin' Century Theaters that was conveniently located outside of the office. I know that most of my friends have all have work done by Dr. Bui and we have all been quite happy with our work. Dr. Bui is really friendly and really emphasizes how important it is to wear your retainers, head gear, braces, etc...I would recommend Dr. Bui to all my friends looking for brighter & happier smiles!

I love this place! I got my braces done here and although my teeth were so bad, they got the job done real well. They have free snacks in the waiting room (like good snacks, like chocolate chip cookies) and while you're laying down and they're working on your teeth you just watch TV on the ceiling. All the employees are amazingly kind.

Minus 1 star because one time they put this thing on the roof of my mouth to make my teeth go straight faster and it cut my tongue.. I'm a sensitive person (physically, emotionally, and all of that). Also when my mom asked the orthodontists about it they said it happens once in a while but it was obvious they were lying when they turned to each other to chatter in confusion, saying "I've never seen this before."

I've been a patient here for the past 6 years, and I can honestly say that this is the best orthodontist office I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Dr. Bui, Dr. Good, and the newly added Dr. Huynh are all the best at what they do. Every appointment is thorough, informative, and the entire staff is polite and provide excellent service. I have had a great experience here, and my teeth have improved exponentially thanks to the doctors' extensive and detailed care. I completely recommend this office to anyone looking for orthodontic service. A smile is worth a thousand words.

This is by far the best orthodontist you'll ever find. Dr. Bui is not only incredibly knowledgable and professional but he has a great sense of humor. Throughout all my appointments here the staff was extremely nice and showed concern whenever I had a question or issue.

The office is located off Berryessa and parking is plenty. The office itself is actually pretty cool because there are TVs situated on the ceiling so that you could be entertained while laying down on the chairs. There are also snacks, drinks, a place to brush your teeth and games in the waiting room.

I've actually had many friends come to Dr. Bui and I've never heard a complaint. Definitely deserves a five star rating!

Dr Bui and his attentive staff have been taking great care of me for over 4 years now. As an adult, I was told by several other dental professionals that my case for braces to deal with my (very) deep bite was a difficult one, and that they would probably suggest jaw surgery before attempting further orthodontic work. Dr Bui and Dr Good worked out an approach that would get me the desired results without surgery, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks team!

They charge $80 to do a first time consultation, just twenty minutes talk!!! This is ridiculous!! I was transferred here by my orthodontist in Texas, but this doctor said he want transfer me to other orthodontist too! The truth is after I paid the consultation fee, they did not give me any feedback information! Then I did some other consultation with other orthodontist, all of them are free consultation!!!

Well my review is for their service. I have brought my kids here for past 5 years. We were referred to this place by a family member. If we coul, we would've left in the middle of treatment, but we couldn't. My kids are okay with the service here, but they need to do a better job. My daughter keeps losing her brackets, COME ON! GET THEM RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!! I shouldn't have to keep making more and more appts. On the days she gets new braces I make sure she only gets soft food. It is frustrating having to keep going in.

We always have to wait, even if we were there on time. They always fall behind, and my son was once there, for 2 whole hours in the chair, waiting to be told his wisdom teeth weren't in. ARE YOU FUDGING KIDDING ME? 2 Hours just wasted on that.

They need better service. Horrible people. Worse Doctors. Wishing to leave.

Dr. Bui and his attentive staff is great they welcome and taking good care my son especially the  treatment coordinator HA she is the best I almost don't want to come and bring my son there because of my first experience called but when I call back and I talk to treatment coordinator she change my mind and when We come to our first consultation  for my son and meet Dr .Bui  he his a great orthodontist when you have concern he ans you or call you I like that it's show his really care I higher recommendations Dr. Bui

Dr. Bui only cares about MONEY.

Let me break down the bill:

- After deciding to switch treatment to another service, Dr. Bui wanted to charge me $500 to remove my braces.  My new ortho removed them for free in 20 minutes.

- Charged $80 for a 15-minute consultation recommending me to other dentists after I followed up with him to see if he knew of alternative treatments.  They also didn't warn me ahead of time that the short 15-mins consultation would be $80 until I was leaving and his staff stopped me for payment. I left feeling ambushed for money.

His associates are nice, so it's unfortunate that they're part of his terrible money-mongering establishment.

My honest opinion about this place is that they don't care for quality customer service as much, but reeling in more clients and making the green. This place is nicely renovated and they give away free snacks and drinks and a hefty load of dentistry goods. I was a patient here when I was in the 7th-9th grade and now a junior in college (2012-2013) and remembered to write a review now.

I disliked how Dr. Bui never does any of the dirty work himself, all his assistants do it for him. I understand that they have a tight schedule and all, but really? Don't stop doing what you do now to meet new clients and call them up for voice messages in your office half of the time. He does however, check up on the work of his assistants when they're done to make sure they've done it correctly. When I was a patient, I remember that the other doctor, whoever it may be at the time. Did way more work than he ever did when I was there and the last time I recall. I paid to have "a Dr. Bui" operate on me and not his assistants or the other doctor. Oh well, he must have loads to do...

I also didn't like how busy this place was and getting an appointment that fit my schedule would be 3-5 months later from my previous appointment. My parents decided to get my sister a different doctor and her doctor does all the work himself and she gets to see him every 1-2 months if she wanted to. Did I also mention that her teeth became straighter than my own? I took almost 4 years. Yes, all teeth are different, but I remember hers were worst than my own and she finished in exactly 2 years.

One thing that I disliked most was having to pull out 4 of my adult teeth or else they would not operate on me at all... He claimed it was to make more room, but my dentist said I didn't even need them out and was very hesitant on pulling them out for me. I figured it was to make the procedure of putting on my braces EASIER for them... I could have saved myself money, pain and time for getting them pulled out by my dentist.

And to be honest, I don't like how my teeth look 5 years later after braces and retainers. Dr. Bui also has this thing where he pulls your two front teeth out like beaver teeth... He said teeth shift over time and when you're older, they will look better as they straighten out. Uhm, okay...?

The service is too slow and that makes me and my child frustrated. I hope the servive

Sincere review coming from a 4+ years patient with Dr. Thien Bui. I would advise you to read all of the reviews - good and bad but take it with precautions. Your experience with an orthodontist is what you make of it and you should go meet with Dr. Bui and his associates first before you read venting reviews.

Dr. Bui and his associates DESERVE 5 Stars for their A+ services. Having braces for 4+ years, there were plenty of bumps and obstacles in the way (trust me, moments of frustration were many) but Dr. Bui kept me on board and helped me until the end. My opinion of him and his business literally flipped a 180 and now I have the utmost respect for him and his staff.

I was referred to Dr. Bui because my parents heard he was a prominent, knowledgeable orthodontist within the Vietnamese community. Our first appointment went well and my parents hashed out the insurance and payments with them within the first year. Afterwards, they didn't bother my family anymore about finances! Great!

Throughout the years, I mainly lived in Davis while receiving treatment from Dr. Bui. Because of college and work, I had to reschedule multiple times due to conflicting times or distance. Dr. Bui is VERY POPULAR, they book you months in advance and I would advise you to try to keep your appointments! If they don't have spots open because you cancelled last minute then try to be understanding. Because I had to reschedule, my treatment was delayed longer but that was on me. I didn't realize how popular he was until this happened to me a few times but eventually I understood and learned. As a patient, you also have to be responsible for keeping your end of the bargain.

At some point in the middle of my treatment, I was frustrated that I did not see much progress, my appointments kept getting delayed because of my rescheduling, and I did not know what was going on with my treatment plan. So I typed up an email to Dr. Bui voicing my frustrations. Immediately, he responded with apologies and scheduled an appointment with my parents and I. Although the meeting was slightly awkward, we got everything out in the open and discussed every concern. From then on, I felt less frustrated and more proactive in communicating with Dr. Bui and his staff. I do realize I did not go about it in the best way and could've been nicer, but what's happened in the past has happened and now I have admiration for him and his staff.

He consistently communicated what he needed from my dentists and worked with them to coordinate my care. His staff also is usually nice but sometimes people have bad days cause we're all human. What I learned from being his patient is that your relationship with your health care provider is what you make of it and how you properly communicate. I had a rough start with Dr. Bui but came our genuinely happy with my orthodontics care. Dr. Bui has legitimate credentials from UCSF and other prestigious institutions and constantly is learning new knowledge to be able to integrate into his care. Thank you, Dr. Bui for my beautiful, straightened teeth!

This place is greedy.  They try to take so many patients at a time and don't give the needed attention to their patients. The minimum wait time is 30 minutes. After that, you have to wait for another 15 to 30 minutes more before someone comes.

They just care about money, my first time there just for concultation, at first i dont want continue with them because they charge too expensive but they told me my teeth have to do deep clean and treat the gum first and he will refer the good dentist for me to do that, and i have to take x-ray first so they can send me to a good dentist and send that result to them to help me to do deep clean my teeth .... and i have to pay 380$ first for x-ray and another 3D ....then i call that dentist to ask about the price and send them x-ray i took in here but they said it will not work and they have to take another x... oh my god , 380$ x-ray for what ????????

If I can rate 0 stars I would. This place is extremely money hungry. My nephew has been to this office since 4th grade, he is now going towards 11th grade, that's going on 7 Years.. His teeth were never that bad to begin with, they were slightly crooked. They will keep extending the phases needed in order to take money. It's 10k already and 7 years later and 2 more years until he can remove his braces..this is outrageous. There is also always a wait regardless if we come early.. needless to say, we are in the process of trying to find another orthodontist.

It all started when my mom heard of Dr. Thien Bui for my sister. Fast forward a few years and my sister had one of the best smiles I've ever seen.

Then came me. I sometimes gave Dr. Thien Bui and his assistants a hard time with my bratty ways, not wearing my head gear and constantly asking when my braces would come off. Every single time, they handled me professionally and nicely. He and his assistants were always extremely gentle on me teeth. He was always very focused and made sure to ask how my sister was doing, how I'm doing, how my mom's doing, etc.

Treatment started when I was 9, but I took off my phase 1 braces for a break and didn't come back until I was 16. Then I requested them to take my braces off at almost 2 and a half years. They wanted the best treatment for me and tried their hardest to convince me not to do it, but I went through with it.

Dr. Thien and his staff only want you to get your money's worth, and so although he does take his time when it comes to treatment, remember that it's because he's trying his absolute best for YOUR teeth. A little hypocritical for me to say, but although I didn't fully finish my treatment, I still have people complimenting me teeth from time to time. And to be quite honest, whenever I see another orthodontist's finished work on someone's teeth, it never quite comes close to what Dr. Thien Bui has done for his clients.

Making an appointment is always extremely easy, and the front desk associates are very sweet and professional. I have never experienced or seen them give attitude to anyone ever.

He also has free snacks and free juice boxes! Yay!