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Dr. Thomas is a great dentist! Very mild mannered and extremely patient, its just hard to find a good dentist these days. He's thorough and very easy to talk to, and, he always takes the time to explain and show you areas where you could be improving. I'm very thankful to have found such a kind doctor who will personally email me to ask how I'm doing after a visit.

Dr. Hsu is also a wonderful dentist! Having him take care of my teeth since I was a teenager, he's always done an excellent job. He even asked my parents how I am when my insurance didn't cover my visits, and, to make recommendations on how to keep my teeth healthy! Excellent practice and great dentists (and hygenists!) Mai is also the best!

I've been coming here since I first started to grow teeth. They've always taken such great care of me and my family and truly make me feel welcome and cared for. Very gentle and friendly and I highly recommend everyone here.

I've been coming to Hui Dental for years and have always been happy with their level of service and professionalism.  I went to Hui Dental for a second opinion after encountering an unscrupulous crook of a dentist in SF via 1-800-dentist (never again!) who wanted to drill in 9 places and perform a root canal.  Dr. Hsu took a look and he didn't see anything wrong with me.  10 years later and my teeth still have no problems.  Thanks Dr. Hsu!

In terms of bedside manner, I always feel very comfortable coming to Hui Dental.  They're very patient and kind; taking the time to explain things very thoroughly.  Highly Recommend!

They don't know a thing about customer service. Took my business to another dentist that does .

Haven't gone to this place in a while and after getting my bill, I remember why.  Basic cleaning is covered under my insurance.  However, all the unnecessary photo taking in trying to get more business is just not cool.... especially when I specifically told them I don't need x-rays, just a basic cleaning.  Now I have a bill for $180.

Who writes dental office reviews?  I do.  Like many people I was a bit apprehensive to find a new dentist, but I must say, my experience over the last 4 years here at Hui Dental has been absolutely superb!  

I have to give major kudos to hygienist Susan and my personal dentist Dr. Hsu!  They are both extremely professional and genuinely caring people who only want the best for my chompers and gums!

If you are looking for a new dental office who pays close attention to details and hospitality, then search no more...Hui Dental is the place for you!  and they're open on Saturdays too!

Thank you Hui Dental for taking such good care of my family!


I went to office yesterday , Dr. Thomas did  cleaning also some filling , it was amazing .
He is very kind also he telling you , what he needs to do it step by step :)
Really very good experience, Thank you again !

I want to start by saying how great their dentist is, specifically Doctor Thomas. I've been going to Dr Thomas for the past 2 years, and I have nothing but great things to say about him and his skills. The reason why I'm giving this review a 1 start is due to how irresponsible and unprofessional their front desk staff was during my past visits. Although I repeatedly asked her to give me an estimated quote for my procedure, she failed to verify my insurance information, and quoted me an amount that was significantly lower than the actual bill. The difference I had to make up later was $392. Previous to this, they also tried to charge my partner $200+ for a cleaning visit that was supposedly covered in our insurance. Later they admitted that they made a mistake and the charge was dismissed. Still, the level of responsibility and professionalism at this place is extremely low. I also introduced a couple of friends to this place, and they were poorly treated as well by the front desk administrators. Because of this horrible experience, I will never go back to this dental office despite the fact that Dr Thomas is the best dentist I have ever had. This is really sad that you have world class amazing dentists, but your other staff ran this place into a shit show it is today.

Was recommended to Hui Dental group by a friend and I have been very pleased with my visits so far. I see Dr. Thomas and he is just wonderful! Very honest (will not pressure you to take out your wisdom teeth like others have). He walks you through every picture of every tooth he takes which I found to be extremely helpful.

HUI DENTAL is the best!!! Dr. Thomas was the BEST, he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and he explained everything to me in detail about my upcoming appointments.  I had a bad experience with a Dentist years ago and avoided going to the dentist for years, luckily I have good teeth so my teeth weren't in that bad of shape and with Dr. Thomas and his wonderful Dental Assistant Pong all of my appointments were stress free and actually relaxing! I sat back and listened to the Bee Gees while Dr. Thomas and Pong made me comfortable the whole time! I'm moving to Texas this month for my job (flight attendant ) but will fly back to the bay area to see Dr. Thomas for future visits. Beautiful office! Staff and Dentists are so friendly......highly recommended by me!!!

I never thought I would be Yelping a dentist.  But hey... there's a first time for everything :)

I've always had terrible experiences at the dentist.  To be honest, I've been traumatized by a past dentist who wouldn't stop drilling when I asked him to because I was not numb enough (I was getting a root canal).  This caused a massive anxiety association with dentists.  It was really hard to even set foot inside a dentists office after that.

As much as I hated dentists, I knew I had to see one soon due to my love of sweets, and also just wanted to be on top of the general up-keeping.  I was referred to Hui Dental by my fiance, who raved about his great experience there. So, despite my freaking out and finally running out of excuses, I made an appointment.   When I walked into Hui Dental and was greeted by a warm and friendly staff in the front, (who, by the way, is wonderful with keeping in touch via text, since I rarely get to answer my phone during the day). Oh, and their office is really pretty.

My first appointment was just for a general checkup, xrays, and cleaning.  I was greeted by a bright and happy Dr. Thomas.  I started to tell him of how I felt about dentists and that anxiety was a large factor.  He assured me that he would do everything he can to make me feel comfortable.  And that is exactly what he did.  I had a cleaning done; he talked through his process as he was doing it, constantly asked if I was ok, and insured me that I can take breaks whenever I wanted.  I had a some difficulty during the cleaning due to the drill sounds.  Dr. Thomas recommended I get nitrous oxide for a cavity fill for a next appointment.  I honestly dreaded coming back after hearing I needed a drill in my mouth :(

But of course, #adulting.  So I came to my said appointment and mentally prepared myself.  *Side note: I was on laughing gas with the dentist who traumatized me from did not help AT ALL. So even with gas, I was still terrified to get this filling*
Dr. Thomas was so caring and constantly made sure I was ok.   I still had some anxiety but I was able to get through it.  He always made sure I was comfortable and always asked if I needed any breaks.  
So it turned out I needed 2 cavities filled, but he wanted to split them up into 2 different appointments because they were on opposite sides of my mouth.  I came back for my 2nd appointment, I was so much more relaxed... I even pretty much fell half asleep!

I'm writing this review because it is not easy to lift anxiety from someone.  Dr. Thomas has pretty much extinguished my fear of dentists.  He's by far, the best dentist I've ever had.  (As I mentioned.. I LOVE sweets... so I've seen ALOT of dentists...)

Thank you, Dr. Thomas, for being awesome at what you do.  I appreciate you taking the time to make sure I felt safe and taken care of.  
See you in March for my next cleaning!

I found Hui Dental on Yelp originally, and am glad to report that service was as good as when I originally checked them out.

Dr. Thomas, especially, has a great manner and makes me feel at ease while scrubbing away at my teeth.  He has never tried to upsell any dental investments and only tells me what potentially could need attention going forward.

I've referred my wife, and then she referred her sister due to our experiences there.  

They also sent a courtesy gift card when my referral wrote down my name!  Nothing but positive experiences here.

Dr. Angela Choy is hands down the best dentist I have ever had.
I needed a good dentist as I do not have the greatest teeth. As I noticed immediately, Dr. Choy truly cares about her patients and is always looking out for my best interest.
Gentle and kind when needed but direct and honest.
A good soul and a throwback to old school customer service.
Shout out to Wan her assistant and Rosa at the front desk.
Always appreciate you guys.
So thankful I found Dr. Choy.
If you live  in the bay, I recommend her and the staff at hui dental.


I came to Hui Dental Group because I saw these positive reviews on yelp since I'm new to the area and don't have a dentist yet. The feel of the office was modern and clean I will give credit to that and the staff were friendly as well. So after the cleaning just like any other dentists, Dr. Thomas went over potential teeth issues with me, but I was told by Dr. Thomas that I had two cavities which surprised me since I've not had any cavity issues in years. Since the cavities were minor I waited another 6 months to go to another dentist to get a second opinion. And turned out that I didn't have cavities Dr. Thomas mistakenly thought the stains on my teeth sealants were cavities! Two stars because Dr. Thomas is very nice and friendly but I'm not sure how knowledge or experienced he is.

Overall the service was great but knowledge/experience is questionable. And if you're like me, being told to get dental work done, get a second opinion please!

Just came in on Friday and loved it! Daniel (the front desk person) was super friendly and helpful. Dr. Thomas had music on and was both kind and very clear. Sometimes my teeth hurt a little during the cleaning, but I didn't feel anything at all. Not even during the flossing. Scheduling my next check-in was also hassle free which I appreciate. Thanks all!

I love my dentist! I have experienced a few (bad) dentists at other offices and am so happy to have finally found MY new dentist! Dr. Thomas is by far one of the best dentists I've ever had.

He retreated an old root canal and did so with ease and precision. I would tell anyone and everyone to go see Dr. Thomas!

Thank you Dr. Thomas for always making me feel comfortable. Your chair side manner impresses me and I can now enjoy going to the dentist again--thanks for that!

Can I give this a 6?

I've lived and/or worked in the mid Peninsula for 30 years and have tried a number of different dentists for myself and my family.

I've been going to Hui for several years now and can honestly declare they are the absolute best for a number of reasons:

1) Skill. You always have to place great technical talent at the top of your list when choosing a dentist. I have found their abilities to be super-talented.

2) Staff-patient interaction. They are very pleasant, kind and gentle in all their client interactions. I've been serviced by several different dentists and have had a number of different procedures. They also tell you exactly what they are going to do before they do it and they go into what you might feel or experience during the procedure.

3) Scheduling flexibility. I'm pretty busy at work like I'm sure many people are. Having weekend and other hours makes things very easy to set-up and schedule. Also, frequently, when they have a cancellation, they will call or text to make me aware of an earlier available appointment.

Usually people don't look forward to seeing the dentist. People associate it with seeing your tax person! But, Hui makes dentistry as painless and positive as possible.

I first picked Hui Dental because it was super close to my office. Super Convenient for me to go to appointments.

I have been to Hui Dental a couple of times, a couple cleaning and got some filling. I had Dr. Choy. She was amazing. She's really thorough in the process. I remember recently, I had cleaning back in March and had another appointment for filling after in April. Back in  March, I mentioned that I was moving, and she remembered (probably wrote it down in my profile). She asked me about how my new place was. I was so surprised that she remembered. I was very pleased.

During the cleaning process and filling, she was very patient and was explaining what she was doing. She kept checking with me if I were doing okay.

I've been to different dental offices, had no special feeling about them. However, with Dr. Choy, she was very patient and nice. She made me felt like she actually is someone I can talk to rather than just a doctor.

Unfortunately, shes moving to a different office, no longer at this San Mateo location. I gotta pick another doctor now. =(

Great dental practice.  Dr Jimmy Kwan has been my dentist for over 20 years.  He's the best.  
Also good location and easy parking.

I have been going to HUI since it was in Foster City at fashion island mall. Dr Kwan has been the only dentist I have trusted to take care of my teeth. He had been great for over 20+ year.
The staff has also be wonderful. Rosa has always fit me in when I have had an emergency. Broken tooth/crown--she will find time for me to see me dentist.

That's great customer service!

Highly recommended!