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3 stars is nothing to sniff at as this place is pretty good! I brought my son in earlier this week for a free consultation. Taking into consideration that I basically sprung the OH YA - your getting braces :D on my son at the last minute - we both felt "comfortable". Dr Nguyen & the administration/ office were all very nice. We were seen right away given the fact that we might have been a few minutes late due to a mix up on the location (BTW - its NOT in the safeway plaza, but behind it). The Dr did a quick but thorough examination, put up w/ my quirky sense of humor & explained the pretty cool dental graphics of what teeth can look like before & after braces & actually took the time to answer all of our questions. He & the made my son at ease w/ not only what was going to be required, but the process & the alternatives. & honestly, thats the most important thing to me.
Cost - OMG braces have gotten SO DAYUM EXPENSIVE over the past 25 yrs!!!
Now if i can just figure out how to pay for these things w/o having to take a 2nd loan out on the house!
We have one other Dr to see before we make our final decision, but so far - this place is pretty good.

My 2 daughters completed Phase 1 braces with Dr. Aubert.  I was very happy with Dr. Aubert's knowledge and trusted her advice.  I am one to ask a lot of questions and think way out in the future of consequences of each treatment.  Dr. Aubert always answered my questions patiently and knowledgeably.  At one point, my daughter's retainer became ill-fitting, probably because my daughter forgot to wear her braces for time periods that were too long.  Even though that was probably our fault and we should've paid for a new retrainer, Dr. Aubert graciously covered that cost.

Dr. Aubert's staff is also warm and friendly.  I especially like Nelia who is a ray of sunshine and very efficient at the front desk, and the dental assistants Francie and Karina.  Thank you for your service!  It was a pleasure going into your office these last few years.

3.5 Stars.

Added to "Braces Suck But Someone's Gotta Do It" list:…

As stated in all of my orthodontist yelp reviews, yes, I had the chance to get braces when I was younger. No, I didn't listen to my parents. I was too self-absorbed and too worried that braces would make me look "ugly" and "nerdy". Fast forward 10 years and I'm back where I started.

Except this time, I'm financing it on my own. Had I known this back then, I would have stuck on those metal brackets myself.

Hey, I hear braces are in this year. At least that's what I tell myself :(

Dr. Aubert was the 2nd orthodontist I consulted with. I found her through Yelp and this is where Yelp did not go wrong. However, all these awesome reviews for Dr. Aubert are missing one major factor: PRICE.

Now that I'm making my own money, it was time to figure out my flex spending account. All you kids, stop reading now.

I'll wait.

Anyways, I ended up maxing my FSA, thinking I wouldn't spend all of it on braces. I was wrong.

Let me start off my saying that getting a consultation with Dr. Aubert was easy and the receptionist was super flexible, offering me possible dates/times. When I finally went to my consultation (...10 minutes late. Sorry), I was greeted by the same friendly receptionist. The office was the smallest one I encountered (read: no coffee bar). This also made things a little less private.

So when I finally went to the back for my consultation, it was pretty cramped. Went through the normal consultation, took pictures of my face, teeth, profile, etc. Finally, I met Dr. Aubert. She was really nice, knowledgeable and French. Not like that matters but think of it as a Fun Fact.

I asked her about Invisalign and she explained to me why she would not recommend me Invisalign. She was really thorough and I was really comfortable around her. In fact, I really liked her.

Here are the nitty-gritty details (priced without my insurance deduction):
- Recommended Treatment: Braces for 18 months
- Price: $6500.00
- Includes: braces only.
- Does NOT include: Study Models (additional $110), Complete X-Rays ($250), The Consultation ($226.00 and Replacement Retainers AFTER 6 months ($260 each). Additional fees will charged for broken appliances too.

Didn't outline payment options but I'm sure she has some.

I didn't like that how the pricing was laid out. I prefer one lump fee that includes X, Y, and Z. Also, she is only open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I decided not to go with Dr. Aubert because of her limited schedule and her pricing. However, if she was open more often and if her price included more, I would have chosen her.


Dr. Nguyen and his staff rock! Dr. Nguyen is so easy going, friendly and professional. Additionally, his office is run by a nice group of folks. Every time I come in I am greeted with a friendly smile. I've had my braces on for 5 months and I'm happy with the progress.

Thanks to Dr. Nguyen, my child has a beautiful smile. For the price, I kind of expected this result, however. The office was only open 3 times a week, so it was very inconvenient. Also, I did not like the payment structure and I had a hard time dealing with the coordinator who does sloppy job in filing insurance. For instance, she used birth date and year for claim date, so I had to figure it out why the insurance claim was rejected. Also, at the end of the process, the fee had changed  by approx. $600 + and it was not mentioned upfront, but I was responsible.

I had to get braces for a second time, and Dr. Aubert helped my parents and I understand exactly what they were going to do to fix my messed up teeth and how long it was going to take. They do such a good job & I couldn't be happier with my smile. Yes- it's pricey, but it's worth it in the end. My favorite part of coming in for my appts was the connection I created with the dental assistants over my time coming here. They're so friendly and always remember your name & ask how you're doing. I love how they create a relationship with their patients & treat you like family---not just a random patient who forgets who you are each time. I love all of them! Nelia & Karina are my favorites---they're so sweet!  I recommend this office to everyone.

The greatest orthodontist we have ever have. The doctors are amazing here my daughter loves her orthodontist.

I can't emphasize enough how glad I am that my dentist recommended Dr. Nguyen to me a few years ago. As an adult, I obviously wasn't thrilled about getting braces for the second time in my life (I had a different orthodontist as a child and made a decision to change some things about my smile as an adult) but Dr. Nguyen, Karina, Sam and Nelia all made this process as easy and comfortable for me as possible. I had a tough case and I think many things could have gone wrong, but Dr. Nguyen really is talented and knows what he's doing and I'm happy to say that my results are even better than what I had expected.  Nelia is unbelievable when it comes to communication and scheduling appointments.  She really does her best to get you appointments at the best times for you and she is excellent at returning your calls and emails promptly.  I never have to wait beyond my appointment time to be seen in the office. Sam and Karina are so caring and understanding and have gone above and beyond to make me happy and comfortable. With Dr. Nguyen, you know he will get you the best smile possible and in the process, he will be incredibly kind and understanding.  When my friends and colleagues tell me they are thinking of getting invisalign (usually they mistake my clear retainer for invisalign) I tell them they HAVE to go to Dr. Nguyen.  It really feels like a family is there to help you in the office.  I will forever be grateful for everyone's work and patience with me at Sunnyvale Orthodontics.

Dr. Nguyen is one of the best dentist I have had in all my years of going to different dentistry. I have to thank Judy Preefer from Dr. licking's office for refer me to Dr. Nguyen. Dr. Nguyen is very tentative and he actually cares about his patience rather than trying to suck every penny out of his patient as he can. Money comes and go but when you have dentist who actually care and take the time to listen to their patient is rare, and because of that, I will refer many of my friends and family members to Dr. Nguyen. I have already referred my boyfriend and I haven't even started my treatment yet. After hearing what Dr. Nguyen had to say my boyfriend also decided to go with Dr. Nguyen. Although I feel like I should get a referral discount for referring my boyfriend hahaha

Great place, got my braces there and the people that work there are very friendly and very nice

Dr. Nguyen is a fantastic orthodontist and I really feel comfortable around him and his staff!

We started at this office with Dr. Aubert 14 years ago. She did my older two kid's braces and we absolutely loved her. Needless to say when it was time for kid number 3 we were a little worried that she would be treated by Dr. Nguyen. Well, we had absolutely nothing to worry about! He is equally as patient and knowledgable. She just got her braces off today and looks amazing! Kid number 4 is 6 months in to his treatment which is no small feat as he has special needs including sensory issues - so braces were a big concern. Dr. Nguyen is wonderful with him, understands when things are or might be a problem. When this happens he has a work around. My son never leaves my side when we are out and he willingly heads back for his checkups without me! The office staff is equally as wonderful!

They say a persons smile is the first thing they notice. Well two years ago my smile wasn't the best smile. I had poor dental hygiene. Also I had gotten into an accident were my teeth looked awful. I want to thank Dr. Nguyen and his amazing team for setting up a successful treatment plan. After the long wait with having to deal with braces it all payed off. I still can't believe how good my smile looks. I feel like a new person. I was going through some difficult times in my life throughout the treatment. Dr. Nguyen helped me out in many ways. I look up to him for being very professional and always cheering me up. Thanks for bringing light back into my life!

We started our orthodontic journey with Dr. Aubert 8 years ago with our eldest son and have never regretted a single moment. We have continued coming for each child and into phase two (since some people under the age of 18 seem to think retainers are optional).

Even my husband and I got our teeth done and we LOVE Dr. Nguyen, Karina, Nelia, Fran, and Sam! Everyone is fun, kind, and caring. I would highly recommend getting your orthodontic work done here!

Both of my kids had braces with Dr. Nguyen and he has done a great job.  I highly recommend him especially since he is so friendly and understanding.

Dr. Nguyen is awesome dentist. He will help you whenever he can. He is a good n caring person. I will not hesitate to tell all my friends to go see him if u need braces. He is the best!

Ridiculous. Being charged 35$ for a broken braket after over 15,000$ spent on treatment. Highly dissapointed.

I can't tell you how happy I am to be Dr. Nguyen's patient. A few days ago he took my braces off and since then I can't stop smiling. I can't pass by any mirror without looking at my straight teeth. 

I want to thank all the team of Dr. Nguyen office.
Nelia, thank you for reacting to all my schedule requests so fast and for all the reminders you've sent me.
Thank you Sam for being always  so friendly and attentive.
Karina, thank you for the attention and care you gave me and also for our conversations and your suggestions, they really helped me. 
I did not meet much you Fran, but I am sure you are doing a great job, too.
And finally a huge thank you, Dr. Nguyen. You added a broad smile to my life and made me feel beautiful.

So happy I found Dr. Nguyen! I highly recommend him if you want to wear a beautiful smile. Trust me I've been looking for a good place for a few years. He is very attentive to all details, always makes sure everything is running smoothly.

I also want to say that his staff is super friendly and I was always welcomed as a part of the family.

I'm so thankful that I found Sunnyvale Orthodontics and it's been a wonderful experience. Dr Nguyen and his staffs are truth worthy so I highly recommend them to you all who need braces!

Through out the years, my teeth moved smoothly and I am very satisfied with the services that they provided. Also, staffs in this office are super nice and easy to reach. It was a big plus for me.

Thank you all!!