Kianoush Alem
Insurances: Aetna Ameritas Cigna
Kianoush Alem, D.M.D., M.S.

Kianoush Alem

Dr. Kianoush Alem has over 35 years of experience in restorative dentistry. She received her MS in restorative dentistry from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1978. She is a member of; The American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, District of Columbia Dental Society, Greater Washington Academy of Women Dentists, and on the Board of Directors at the Kennedy Center Circles Board, and Zonta International. Dr. Alem has advanced training in Occlusion, TMJ Dysfunction Syndrome, Prosthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Comuterized Dentistry, Physical Therapy and Invisilign.

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Dr. Alem provided a very pleasurable visit today. No concerns during my exam and cleaning. She took time to discuss the treatment and answer my questions. Clean office, convienent location, on time appointment. Highly recommended.
1. Latayna, office mgr., is courteous, conscientious, and personable. Adds to the positive experience. 2. Dr. Alem, without prompting, readily explained everything. She communicates so well that she didn't have to repeat anything. It was very clear and understandable. Warm personality. Inspires confidence in her expertise and capability. 3. My husband will be going to her as a result of my positive recommendation.
Great Dentist. She was really helpful and put me at ease with all my questions. Higly recommend to anyone who needs a thorough Dentist.
I only had some wait time because I had to fill out paperwork as a new patient and I arrived early for my 8am appt. But otherwise, great dentist! Gave concrete tips and reasons for the recommendations.
Excellent bedside manner.
She totally got all the plaque that was needed. Occasionally it was a little rough but overall great experience. I hadn't been to the dentist in awhile so I attribute that to the discomfort. Also, they have chairs that massage you while you're getting worked on. That right there is worth the visit.
Very friendly and answered all of my questions!
Really enjoyed it. Would recommend to others
Great visit. The staff was very courteous. I would highly recommend.
Great. I enjoyed the massage chairs while getting my teeth cleaned.
I received a call the day prior to the appointment asking me to arrive early to fill out paperwork which I did. When the receptionist arrived shortly after 8:00am (my scheduled appointment time) she asked if I received her message about arriving early. After telling her yes, and that I had completed the paperwork well before her arrival she stated that it would still take a while since she needed to call about my insurance before I could go in for my appointment. You tell me if this makes any sense. The check-up itself went fine. I feel confident in Dr Alem and would go back if my insurance were not running out in a few days. Before leaving the receptionist felt compelled to walk through my entire dental benefit program with me. After about ten minutes with only half of the benefit list completed I stopped her from reciting the policy. I did not feel it necessary to go over every single hypothetical dental scenario when I just came in for a teeth cleaning. And yes, I do want the receipt stapled to the bill. Thanks for asking. One final tip for Dr. Alem; you may want to reprimand your receptionist in private for being late instead of in front of me as a client. Thanks for the thorough cleaning!
Very nice, professional dentist in a quiet, well-run office. I hate going to the dentist but this was the easiest visit I've ever had. Highly recommended.
The service provided was great! The staff was all very knowledgeable and friendly. The receptionist reviewed all of my insurance information with me before my appointment, which was helpful. I have already made my second appointment. Extras: The patient chair, was a massage chair so that was nice. However, the room did not have a TV.
Dr Alem and all the staff are friendly, helpful and humorous!
Everyone in the office was very fantastic and I actually enjoyed my appointment. I will recommend her to anyone.
Dr. Alem is awesome! The receptionist was friendly and helpful with any questions I had about my insurance. Dr. Alem is very friendly and pleasant and remembers her patients well. She always does a great job with my teeth cleaning and gives helpful advice.
SO satisfied and happy.
I want to thank the doctor and clerk for the time she took care for my son during doctor working in my teeth.
I thought the visit was OKAY. The office is clean, nice ambiance, and I didn't have to wait long. The receptionist was great and explained to me my benefits very clearly. Dr. Alem did the cleaning herself instead of a hygeniest (not sure if it's b/c I'm a first time patient). The cleaning was fine except she hooked my lip 2x slightly. The polish though was way too quick (2 minutes max) and I don't think she got all the sides of my teeth. Lastly, the floss was also done haphazardly (she told me to make sure I floss behind the last tooth on each side, but didn't do so herself!) I appreciated her bedside manners, they have very new equipment, and also don't try to sell you expensive services/products like other dentists I've been to on my plan (Delta Dental PPO Value Plan)
The is almost never waiting time and it is not hard to schedule an appointment. She seems to do good work and does not try to over-sell dental services.
Dr. Alem is always professional and has a pleasant attitude. She is and her staff are very thorough when examining your teeth. She has been my Dentist for over 20 years.
I love her. She will be my dentist for now on. Very detailed I'm her work. Staff was friendly and thea receptionist was too. They have my vote
Office: Excellent, clean, conveniently located, modern, great staff Doctor: Professional and punctual. Despite these "good qualities" she was more concerned with doing a fast job than a good job. Maybe she was off her game (her assistant was on vacation and she way flying solo), but she didn't give me enough novocaine (NIGHTMARE!), nor did she check to see if I was numb before drilling. Afterwards she told me to not eat anything until feeling returned because (and this is a direct quote) "I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself and think it's because of the lack of novocaine" Her ego/obsessions with being fast/ahead of schedule made me not trust her. Will not go back to have my second cavity filled.
great .. I am coming back to her again for sure
Ok service.
On time and efficient and quite thorough. Pleasant to speak with and answered all my questions. Front desk personnel and hygienist were delightful. Definitely recommend.
Dr. Alem is fantastic!!! I didn't have to wait to be seen. The staff is friendly and helpful! Dr. Alem is very knowledgeable. She also made sure I was comfortable. Also, her office was just redone this year and everything is brand new and spotless!
The doctor and her staff were EXTREMELY kind, professional, and prompt. They also spent time with me at the end of the appointment and made sure that I understood the billing process and my insurance coverage. AND my teeth look fabulous!
Dr. Alem is great! I only saw her for a teeth cleaning but she's very sweet and professional. Her office is a great experience with massage chairs, friendly lady at the front desk, and up to date magazines. It's still the dentist...
She is the best.
I have been Dr. Alem's patient for about 4 years and I highly recommend her! During these years I have done many things in her office, including a crown installation and the gums cut. Doctor always did a great job! My gums recovered super fast and I never had any problems with the crown. She is highly professional, punctual, and very experienced. There are a lot of good things about her office that I like, including: 1. the excellent quality of work 2. the friendly atmosphere 3. the good equipment 4. the office is super clean and everything is in the right order 5. prices are very reasonable and no "overcharging" 6. I never have to wait. Dr. Alem does not overbook herself, and rather reserves some time between appointements not to make patients wait. 7. My insurance, Aetna, works there. 8. Dr. Alem does her best in keeping excellent relaltionships with her patients. She prioratizes my needs. 9. Ani, Doctor Alem's assistant, is very devoted to her job. She does Xrays very carefully and assists very well. 10. LaTanya does her best to make patients feel welcomed in the clinic. She is responsibe and always conveys my messages to Dr. Alem right away. The team makes me feel welcomed, prioritizes my needs, and does its best every time I enter the office.
Great! A quick check up, but very thorough between both the hygienist and Dr. Alem.
Quick but through. No up selling, which I really appreciated. However, a few things made me uncomfortable: 1. Something in the neck of ex-ray machine appeared to be loose. The hygienist took my hand out of my lap and made me hold the ex-ray in place. It was very awkward and unprofessional. 2. Dr Alem was a bit snarky with me. While she was quick and through, I didn't appreciate the side comments. For example, I said I probably don't floss as much as I should. Her response, "Well how many of your teeth do you want to keep?" I'll definitely go back and try her again. Like I said, she did an excellent job with my dental cleaning and was straight forward about additional procedures (My roommate's dad is a dentist and her advice was the same as his).
I love her! She is so patient and kind! The best dentist in DC and believe me...I've been to many!!!
The best dentist I have ever had and hopefully will have! She is very patient, kind and knows dentistry! Like most people...I feared/hated going to the dentist but with Dr Alem...I don't mind going when I have to. She is great and her assistant and receptionist are too!
The staff is very pleasant and accommodating. Explanation of benefits was very helpful. The chair was comfortable, equipped with back massager.
Dr Alem was professional and friendly. Great bedside manner and pleasant to chat with. The only change I would make would be to update the office a bit. Everyone was friendly and enjoyable!
Appointment was great. Very fast, very informative, and very professional.
Dr Alem and her hygienist and staff were very friendly and took good care of me.
Dr. Alem and her staff were wonderful! Very professional and made sure to check my insurance coverage before proceeding with the cleaning. I left with a clean mouth and conscience (no cavities)!!
honest and caring. the office staff was amazing
I received a call from the receptionist (the day before) asking to complete forms I already completed with ZocDoc. The forms were never received, I arrived for my appointment at 8am and (once again) asked to complete forms. I did not. This dentist is a JOKE!!!! BTW, I get back to my office and the receptionist sent the forms at 828am....when I'm already in the office. I would say they don't have it together!!! Go at your own risk.
A great experience. I hadn't been to the dentist for four years, but she wasn't judgy and did a great job.
Dr. Alem is wonderful. Her staff is also professional and kind. They were able to accommodate me even though I was 15 minutes late (DC buses!). They gave me clear and easy instructions for my referral to the oral surgeon and even offered to schedule that appointment for me!
The staff and Ms. Alem are both fantastic.
Easily my best visit to the dentist ever.
What a rarity it is to find a Doctor who is as geniune and caring as Dr Alem. She has helped me through an Oral Surgery process that I was very nerve wracking for me initially, but has done everyhing possible to ensure it goes smoothly. She is extremely thorough in explaining details to you that you may not understand, and in her work. She will never cut corners and you can trust that she has you geniune best interest at heart. I wish every doctor I had was like her!
I was stuck in a meeting and was almost 20 minutes late to my appointment. I called an explained an everyone was so understanding and kind. They still saw me when I got there and were super friendly despite my tardiness.
She was polite and gentle. Her staff were very warm and helpful. They called another dentist for me to get my X-rays, and she told me that they were trying to overcharge me. I felt that she was trustworthy, and it was completely pain-free.
Very nice office staff. Very professional. I had a dental emergency and booked through zocdoc as I do not live in. DC. If I did, I would use this practice.
Dr. Alem's clinic is certainly the most pleasant experience I had in DC with regard to medical services. There are a lot of great things about her office that I like, including: 1. excellent work 2. friendly atmosphere 3. clean office 4. very reasonable prices - no "overcharging" 5. I never have to wait. She reserves plenty of time between appointements. 7. My insurance, Aetna, works there. 8. Dr. Alem does her best in keeping excellent relationships with her patients. She prioritizes my needs. I have been Dr. Alem's patient for about 5 years and highly recommend her! And special thanks to LaTanya and Ani - they are the best!
Cannot tevommend Dr Kianoush Alem highly enough. I went to her with a chipped front tooth. I also have rather large front teeth. She filed and contoured them down. I walked out of her office like a new woman. Friendly and professional. I am so glad I found Dr Alem. A must for all your dental needs.
Dr. Alem is very professional and kind. There was actually no waiting time. She was clear and she did a great job.
It was great, as always! Dr Alem is the best!
Excellwnt service as usual from Dr Alem and her team!!