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I honestly have to say they are the worst dentist office I have ever dealt with. My boyfriend had to pay out of pocket to go see another dentist office so he could get a temp and pain medication for a root canal because they never answer the phone!! We called them for two weeks left voice mails for the ER dentist and even contacted Tracy in the admin office who her self tried to call and couldn't get through!! She then sent them an email to contact us back because it was an emergency and do you think they even bothered? No, they didn't. SO finally I got through two weeks later and then still wouldn't see him when all he needed was an x-ray and a referral so he could get his root canal worked on the next day! Just horrible!  So they said even though they know it is an emergency they said he can come back tomorrow at 11:30am and wait for two hours because we all know they never see you on time, all to just get his x-ray and referral. I will be filing a complaint with the Dental Board of California on the way they handle their patients especially in emergency cases. I hope this helps anyone who wasn't sure on how to file a complaint. However we need to file complaints so these dentist stop treating patients this way. laura was very rude in this office and didn't have any customer friendly service what so ever. She didn't care that a patient was in horrible pain, she said well you can call 911 or go to the hospital but we wont see him till tomorrow when the waiting room was completely empty! It was only 4:30pm and they don't even close until 6pm! Just all bad.  

How to File a Complaint with the Dental Board

There are three ways that you can file a complaint:

Call to have a Complaint Form mailed to you (916) 263-2300, OR
Use the On-line Complaint Form… ,
Download and Print a Complaint Form…

Avoid this hellhole if you can! It is filthy, they have some sort of racket with trying to strong arm you into procedures you don't need.

The only compliment I can give this place is the staff I encountered was pleasant. That is the only thing I have positive to say. Otherwise, I would beg you to shop around for a dentist and listen to the yelp reviews on this place. It has a bad rating for a reason.

I seriously wish I could give this place a negative star. It's HORRIBLE..
1. Never answer their phone and apparently always have issues with their appointment system.
2. Even if you have insurance or not, still provide the worst form of customer service.
3. No such thing as regular cleaning. Unless you get a deep cleaning and pay extra, they will stop attending and make you walk out.
4. Even if you do pay extra for deep cleaning, the service is bad. My gums were hurting the last time I got it done here.
4. My mom got her bridge done here a while ago. Has been trying to get an appointment again because they messed it up and need to get it fixed. The only answer she gets is that the doctor is not available for couple of months.

Seriously this is the shittiest dental care place I have ever been to. I don't get how it's still in business. Whoever uses smile care, do yourself a favor and choose another dental office.
Utterly disappointed that I ever went here.

I had horrific experiences with smilecare concord.  I've read over forty other seriously negative experiences by smilecare concord office and other Bay Area smilecare offices written by patients. I filed a claim against smilecare with my credit card company and received credit reimbursement for charges. Unfortunately smilecare treated my credit card company with negligence as they did to me and apparently many others in that smilecare chose not to respond to my credit card company questioning service and charges. After three months of no communication I received a credit. However a month later I received a collection notice on behalf of smilecare for the charges. I am contacting my carrier , Kaiser senior advantage as well as the American dental association and the better business bureau as well as the health department. Additionally I plan to take legal action to protect me and save others from smilecare abuse. If any other smilecare patients would like to join me in legal action I'll look into class action suit. Please contact me by adding to your review of smilecare with your email or text numbers. Thank you for having the courage to do the right thing.

no one picks up the phone.. after seeing  the reviews. I cancel my visit.

I wish I could give this place zero stars! Scheduled an appointment sat in the chair for an hour and the dentist did absolutely nothing! Complete waste of time everything they offer comes with an upsell! Avoid this place at all costs


I saw terrible reviews, but I had to switch dentists due to new insurance, and my new insurance defaulted on smile care.

I just had a tooth cleaning and examination last month, and wanted another tooth cleaning under my insurance, so that i could get my 2 teeth cleanings a year that is typically covered.

I had an appointment at 9:30, and they have me fill out all this paperwork about getting a credit card, totally wasted time. Around 10 I finally get into a chair, a half hour later all they did was measure the distance on my gums. Another half hour later, the doctor finally see's me, tells me that because my last dentist did a root canal after putting on a crown, that I needed a new crown.

I called my old dentist, he said that isn't true. I got a second opinion, he concurred this isn't true. The doctor also suggested a second crown, because I have a filling that is 'leaking'. I got a second opinion, and they said that it is purely discoloration that can be addressed by a larger filling, and that a crown was not necessary.

So by 11 O Clock, I still haven't had my teeth cleaned, and the person who measured my gum lines tells me that I need a DEEP pocket cleaning. Most a my teeth pockets were under 3 mm, a couple were 4 and 5 mm - so it shouldn't be a surprise the second opinion also said that I did not need a deep pocket cleaning

This guy also said I can't get a regular tooth cleaning without paying 350 out of pocket for a deep tooth cleaning first. I told them to schedule it for next year so I can use a flexible spending account, but I just looked up that deep teeth cleanings are usually only needed if the teeth are becoming loose or you have signs of gum infection - I don't have either.

I cancelled the appointment after finding this new dentist that provided the second opinion.

In conclusion, Smile Care is by far the shittest dental office I've ever been to. These people are absolutely terrible.

Stay away!!! I was OVER charged $900 dollars they are in my insurance network and I chose them I had one visit and  I was charged $1200 out of pocket for ONE crown. my insurance company confirmed i should of only paid $350 and a grievence was filed and they said it was an administrative error!!!  I was forced to pay before the work was even completed when I confronted the office manager she was extremely rude and said I would have to pay no matter what because they ordered the crown!!!  They tried really hard to convince me I was wrong and they were right but something just didnt seem right. The phones are never answered and on my first visit I waited in the lobby 30 minutes before even being aknowleged. A $900 error is unacceptable and they should be ASHAMED. I feel bad for all the people that have been screwed over by them and have no idea!

I have medi-cal and that is the only reason I went here. If you have Medi-cal, save your time and money by going somewhere else. All smilecares are owned by a cooperation that takes dentists from "run-of-the-mill" colleges that crash course a person into dentistry and also train the Dr's and staff to scam people out of any penny they can squeeze out.

My crown should have only been 300, but instead they decided to ignore m insurance and the law, and over-charge me over 1,000 dollars! Dr.Vuong, a rather young dentist, hardly understands how to talk around patients, when she did my crown she was chatting it up with the assistant about how another patient was reporting them to cooperate. This is when I knew this place was fucking horrid.

Also, they caused my jaw to be screwed up. Fuck them.

To be cont... almost two years later.... yep you guessed it, back in braces.. getting the work done that I paid over 4k for with smile care. Except this time I'm paying less out of pocket, and I'm being treated by a professional orthodontist with his own practice who actually knows what he's doing instead of an over worked orthodontist who's been stretched so thin from traveling to a different dentist office (daily) that he doesn't even care about efficiency or the quality of his work. this place is a complete scam.... I attempted to deal with the general dentistry there so I could do everything in-house however after the first appointment with the dentist I instantly went back to sky dental. Each dept of this dentistry is a complete SCAM!!! There was only ONE positive to this dentistry which was Mrs Dee (the one who actually knows what she's doing) besides that this entire company is a fail! My recommendation would be to heed the warnings, and the low ratings.. if you enter with pockets attached to your pants, they'll try to rip them off before the end of your visit...

This is the worst business I have ever seen. The front desk personal are extremely rude I took a day off to go there for the first time was there 10 min before my schedule and the front desk person was not very welcoming and start warning me it will be a 2 hours wait time and even if you see a dentist it doesn't mean your we re cleaning your teeth today you just take Xray and you go home ...... I took a day of for nothing wast of time please don't go this place very horrible

Horrible place, please don't go there!!!! NO STARS FOR THIS PLACE....
I made apt for my husband and we both took day off due to i have a toddler, the office confirmed his apt via email, so he went to his apt, the receptionist told him that they were trying to get hold of me, calling me they cancel the apt, My husband told her that no one called, i went up to her and i asked her what # she called me on, like she is claiming she called, and she is giving me someone else # and i said that is not my # and then she said to me that my # is disconnected. So i asked her you have emailed my husband, confirming his apt and you have his phone# why didn't you call him, the Chinese Vuong  person behind the counter comes up and said yes we called your wife and left message, and she also said that my husband threaten them, which is not true, because i had my toddler with me. and she called the police on us, the officer came and I told him that we were pissed and took time off work and they are telling us that they can't see us, The officer understood how frustrated we were and we left without seeing.
will never go back there and Chinese Vuong person and the receptionist they are all horrible,  I picked them because I work around there and I only had read the reviews for others i probable had made other decision of choosing an better decent and a professional Dentist.
They only want money...They are horrible, find another dentist, They all are scam...

This was a waste of my time going to SmileCare! I needed a teeth cleaning. I got in the exam chair and the dentist couldn't even determine which of my molars had a crown and which didn't!!! Then she said I needed to have a crown put on a tooth. I'm not a dentist, so I said okay. When the financing document didn't clear, they refused to clean my teeth! Don't waste your time and/or your teeth with this place! PLEASE!

I had an appointment to come in to get some work done . I was not seen for about almost two hours . The lady excuse in the front was my dentist only come in once a month . I'm not sure how that an excuse to not see me when I had an appointment. I should of look on yelp before I even thought of coming here . Never again !!! Please don't waste your money here . Look like there gonna go out of business soon looking through there reviews . You can tell the people that left a 5 star review here was obviously there friend . Don't be full by a 5 star review in here when 90% review are 1 star lol this place is a joke .

SCAM ALERT! My friend went here and when she told them she cannot afford their financing they basically threw her out and told her to go to Highland Hospital. They do not even have a dental hygienist. They do not want to take care of your teeth. They only want to sign you up for services that you can't afford and then make you pay double for it over time.

My brother made his appointment a week ago for a consult. We show up to his appointment today, on time. 11am.
We've been here for 46 minutes waiting just to be seen. The receptionist told me that because the doctor is here once a month, she squeezes other patients in for consults as because the doctor is here once a month, patience who made an appointment has to wait? We're new patience, we have an appointment..for me, I feel like you should prioritize your time more wisely to accommodate those who made appointments, took a day off work and also a possible new referral to future patience. Walk-ins should be on the bottom of the list.
I took the day off work to take my brother to his consultation, we both had to take the day off. We're not getting paid for today, but you are. You should probably be a little bit more understanding to other people's time and schedule since you made us make an appointment for our visit today! My brother was finally called in after waiting 53 minutes after his appointment time!
Well, you just lost some business! We're taking our money elsewhere! And your receptionist shouldn't work the front desk.

Thanks for all the reviews I was about to book an appointment!  Looks like I dodged a bullet!

This is probably the worse place to go for dental work. There was a few appointments that they didnt have supplies to pull my teeth, wasted time. I paid for a stay plate I never received and they wont give me my money back. They also charge my insurance company for dentures I never received either. Bad business! I'd just like my $390.00 back. So sick of untruthful people not taking responsibility for their actions. UGH!

Extremely rude male receptionist. Asked for my social so he can verify our dental policy over the phone. Who gives their social to a stranger.

I've had a couple of procedures done at smile care so far and the work has been done well, The staff to me was very polite and my Dentist Dr. Vuong has always been very personable, Friendly and welcoming, also my appointments have been on time so far.