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I had an amazing experience with Dr. Low!  My orthodontist had overcorrected one of my teeth and the entire root shifted forward, causing the gums to receed resulting in the need for a gum graph.  I am VERY sensitive to some anestetics, and was prepared for pain.  However, he took every measure possible to ensure my comfort.  I was almost 100% pain-free after the first day.  In addition, I'm very pleased with the cosmetic results - he did a great job.

This is my second extraction/implant procedure with Dr. Low, the first taking place some 9 years ago. Howard Low is, in my view, nothing less than the Gold Standard for this kind of procedure. His skill, professionalism, and attention to his patient's comfort and understanding of the procedure are world class. He works gently but with great efficiency and you never spend much time in his office. His office staff are warm, friendly, efficient and professional-just like their boss. Dr. Low's rates seem to be on a par with what some of my friends have payed for their implants. He isn't cheap; but then the "A Team" is never cheap.

I highly recommend Dr. Low and his staff for their talent and professionalism. In the past 9 months I have had 2 soft tissue graft surgeries performed by Dr. Howard Low in Sunnyvale, and both the upper left and upper right were very successful. No pain. No discomfort. Just great work!

Totally agree w/ ds's feedback below, Dr. Low is a control freak -he talks, you ought to listen, otherwise he is extremely annoyed.  So be wise with your decision when concerning your mouth and money while lying on his chair.

I was referred to Dr. Low by my dentist for a molar extraction and bone grafting, in preparation for an implant. Dr. Low and his staff were very professional.  Dr. Low is very thorough in explaining the details of the procedure that is going to be done. He also provides reference materials to take home with you. He answered all my questions and put me at ease.  The procedure went well. I didn't experience any pain throughout the procedure. His assistant did a great job. Dr. Low  administered just the right amount of Novocaine.  I was really anxious about having this procedure done. I'm glad this part is over and grateful that I was put in touch with Dr. Low.

Used Dr. Low for a dental implant.
Poor execution on the implant (it is not centered), resulting in multiple trips back and forth between my regular dentist (doing the crown) and Dr. Low's office.
Receptionist is also particularly unpleasant.
I would not recommend him.

Dr. Low and office Staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable.  The front staff works together in a coordinated fashion, with each person sharing information so I don't have to repeat.  The Dr uses modern computer and imaging technology to precisely dial-in the implant location.  I still need to wait for the crown, so assuming that is good, this has been a very good experience.

I went to Dr. Low to treat my exposed teeth root problem, caused by a massive amount of orthodontic work when I was young.  

I would highly recommend Dr Low.  He is very knowledgable and discussed serveral treatment options with me.  I felt comfortable with the treatment plan we decided on.

I had several teeth were worked on at the same time, I was prepared for a lot of pain but it turned out to be very reasonable.  Dr Low's technique was great  - The guy has great hands, that's super important.  Follow-up was attentive and everything went according to plan.

The results came out better than expected.  My regular dentist was surprised how much root coverage Dr Low was able to achieve.  I'm rreally pleased with improvement of the gum coverage of the roots.

Regarding his staff, they were all very friendly and nice.  I don't get what a few of the other reviews are complaining about (maybe the stress of being in a dental office).

Although Dr. Low was knowledgeable and friendly.....His staff is not good and unorganized.

I went there for periodontal evaluation and was suggested deep cleaning by Dr. Low. The lady at reception didn't tell me my out of pocket expenses for evaluation and gave me an estimate of $250 (approx) for deep cleaning. But then couple of days before my scheduled visit, I got a letter in my mail saying that they made a mistake and actual cost incurred by me would be around $750. I called them and told them I won't be paying this much money and I can find an in network dentist for a cheaper price. it was a bad choice to go to a out of network dentist.

After couple of weeks they asked me to pay $50 penalty for rescheduling, whereas I told them that I can't afford expensive treatment. Plus I was also charged $54 from insurance which wasn't covered. They should explain it to a new patient.

So I ended up paying $104. As a courtesy they should have at least waived the rescheduling fee because it was their fault for sending the second estimate so late. I guess they think that there is no difference between $200 and $750, and everyone can afford it.

Seems like they are only after your money. One star for bad and unprofessional staff.........

I saw Dr just once. After discussing with him, I found he is not the Dr I am looking for. But after 5 mins talk, I received $300 balance after one month. I am not recommend him.

My dentist referred me to Dr. Low due to my receding gum line. I scheduled an appointment with DR. Low and have been pleasantly surprised by how easy the whole process has been. I was a candidate for the gum tissue graft and Dr. Low explained to me what the procedure is, what to expect, how to prepare, etc. etc. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I am now 1 week post procedure and everything is healing beautifully. Not much pain after surgery, no bruising, only a little bit of swelling. I would highly recommend Dr. Low and his team.

If you are looking for a friendly, professional, and highly skilled dentist, Dr. Lowe is your man. My dentist recommended him to repair my receding gums. I wasn't looking forward to this procedure, but the minute I walked into Dr. Lowe's office I was put at ease. His staff was friendly and efficient, and the office was warm and inviting.

I was amazed at how swiftly and smoothly Dr. Lowe worked. I had little pain, and the results are fabulous.I appreciate the time he spent anwering my questions and explaining the procedure. Dr. Lowe is SUPERB!!!!!!!

I was very nervous before getting my gum graft procedure and Dr. Low and his staff were awesome at putting me at ease and taking great care of me.  I didn't feel any pain when he gave me the shots of novacane and the surgery went quickly and painlessly.  Dr. Low also called the night of the surgery to check on me.  Rosa was so kind before and during the surgery as well as the office staff.  Dr. Low made sure I was comfortable with the aftercare.  I would highly recommend Dr. Low.

When you hear you need gum grafting surgery you don't usually think you will say the experience wasn't that bad.  I had a much more intrusive surgery previously with another surgeon.  However, my experience with Dr. Howard Low, DDS was exceptional.  Not only did I have one surgeon but I had two!  Dr. Erik Low, DDS assisted in the surgery and post-op appointments.  Both doctors were very clear what to expect each step of the way, pre-surgery, during, post and recovery.  The gums look great.  I hope I don't have to do this again with other teeth but if I did I would definitely go back to Dr. Erik and/or Dr. Howard!  And I should add that all the women in the office were wonderful...really made this the best experience possible from start to finish. I highly recommend this practice.

No problems on any of the many services I have over the years.  
Cheap NO   the BEST YES
Every member of the staff is the tops in their field...I have never had any pain or any issues with their insurance person or the front staff scheduling appointments or the hygienist not being PERFECT.
That is why I don't look for anyone to replace this office of perfect people.
Fran Turano

Wow, that truly what I can say about this place.  I read a few bad reviews but Im glad I went with my gut. I had such great experience starting from the minute I scheduled my appointment with Julia, to the appointment itself. The dental assistant Rosa was so friendly and personal, the financial couseling from Lynn was a life saver. Finally Dr. Lowe was amazing. He gave me one of the best dental advice I had in years.  Im planning to continue my care in years to come.

Soooo another five star review for Dr. Erik Low  Today was my one week post operation checkup with Dr. Erik Low and again can't say enough how awesome this Doctor is.

I've had implant removed by both doctors Erik and Howard Low.
Dr. Erik was the one who gave me pain shoots and trust me when I say that they were PAINLESS, ! I'm stressing on this because every time I get those I die a little from pain, this time was just different and when I asked him why wasn't I feeling my nerves exploding all over my jaw, he told me that it was due to slow administration of the drug (which he didn't not have to do)
I ended up numb from eye socket to collar bone without any trauma (laser hair removal is 100 times more painful those shoots). So yes, at the end of this year if my bone restores I will have Dr. Erik Low put me an implant and another one and another one too....  so stay tuned for update  

Personality wise, I don't think one can find any better then him. He is super nice guy, listens to your questions and takes his time to explain all the scenarios and doesn't push for the most expensive solution and today I've had yet another situation where MY best interest was offered to me ( NOT HIS ). I told him that would schedule another appointment with him to check my gum because I didn't like how it looked and  I would like to get laser treatment done to clean the pocket. Dr. Erik asked me to stay ( not schedule another appointment like I wanted ), he checked my gum and told me that there was NO NEED for laser !!! Let me say it again; I asked for it and he said NO to it... needless to say he said NO to the $$$ I would pay for it.

How nice and refreshing it is to have an ETHICAL doctor, who not only is a great expert in his field but also cares for YOU as a human being especially after another doctor ( who's name I won't mention here since I don't want to mess up with his 100% positive review collection ) told me 2 years ago that I needed a surgery which would require me exchanging all of my zircon crowns ( I have full set , 22 of them ) OR else I would be developing infections. I was told that without him looking into my mouth ( he said he knew just by looking at my smile and seeing my gums). I haven't done the surgery and I'm doing fine with laser cleaning ever since.

BUT once I have 60K to drop for new set, I'll be dropping it at Dr. Erik Low's office for sure

My gums will remain problematic till death do us part so I'm very happy to have found Dr. Erik Low because he's the one I want to be taking care of them ... I don't have to look no further for another Doctor.

Thank You so much Dr. Low  !

Very impressed with Dr. Low. He was very thorough explaining everything, and very thoughtful...calling the night of my gum surgery to check in. Extremely professional. I highly recommend him.

I had an excellent implant experience with Dr. Richard Low a few months ago, it was my 4th implant in 2 years, 3 were done by another periodontist whom I considered very knowledgeable and skillful. However with Dr. Low, I had even better experience, much less pain, no bruises, fast healing, less visits and lower cost. His nurse and office staff are very professional and courteous too. If I, unfortunately, need another implant, I definitely will go to Dr. Low and I recommend him to everyone who is in such a need.

I was referred to Dr. Low through my regular dentist for a gum graft procedure and after getting consultations from a few different places, I decided to go with Dr. Low and his team. Not only was the price after insurance significantly better than the other places, because he is conscious of cost-benefit analysis, he made me feel extremely comfortable about the entire procedure and explained everything in detail to me before I went in for surgery. He has done this for decades and I completely trust his knowledge and expertise. He even called me the evening after my surgery to make sure everything was going smoothly.

His staff was very friendly and extremely flexible about scheduling changes and accommodating your schedule. I would definitely recommend Dr. Low for periodontal needs.