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I went in for a consult, probably back around 2012. They came recommended by my dentist. The entire process was a big sales pitch. They Dr. Van Den Berg was nice enough and I think he does good work but the entire process was not what I want from my dentist.

"If you sign today, we'll give you 10% off" - am I buying a car?

4 years later I start getting emails from them, just marketing stuff. "Come spend your year end flexible spending account money!" "10 spots left in a special Invisalign study! Sign up now!"

I'm in sales and understand the need to drive revenue. But to take this approach in a very personal area is a square peg in a round hole...just not a good fit.

I am extremely satisfied with the work and care Dr. Van Den Berg and his team provide. I have undergone Invisalign treatment with them, and am super-happy with the outcome. Dr. Van Den Berg has always addressed any concerns and made adjustment to the treatment as needed. As a result, I am enjoying a straighter, healthier smile! Thank you Dr. Van Den Berg!

My 10 yr old daughter was very nervous about an expander and braces, but the entire staff makes her feel very comfortable. They are so friendly and patient ! Her twin sister will be getting braces soon too and she'll come here as well. Highly recommended!

I came from a dentist that I had been going to for about 10 years and I transferred my Invisalign treatment. Dr Van den Berg and his team accepted me after a frustrating experience. My Invisalign treatment was to only last 6 months. After two years of bad moldings and trays that didn't fit, a friend  referred me to Dr Van den Berg and he completed my treatment in one swoop! My teeth look and feel great now and I owe it to Dr Van den Berg. With the latest technology, he was able to create the smile I've always wanted.

I really enjoyed how close him and his team are, and couldn't help but laugh when I arrived on Halloween to a team of Elvis's to work on my teeth!

Dr VDB accepted me as a an unhappy and frustrated transfer patient who thought my Invisalign treatment was failed. He turned it around in a short a mount of time and I am very pleased with the results.

Great employees, Dr. Van Den Berg was super helpful and professional and knew exactly what he was doing! I highly recommend coming here!

I was having some restoration dentistry done and my cosmetic dentist referred me to Dr. Rob Van den Berg, to improve my alignment. His office is equipped with the best digital technology available. He and his entire staff are caring and put the patient first. He explained his treatment plan in an unrushed fashion and answered all my questions thoroughly. Dr. Van den Berg is treating me using Invisalign, a series of clear, almost invisible, smooth plastic trays worn over my teeth which gently shift the teeth into alignment. I change to a new Invisalign tray each week and there is absolutely no pain. It is easy for me to remove the trays to eat anything I want and to brush thoroughly, and then to reinsert them. No one can even tell I am having orthodontic treatment!

Dr. Van den Berg is an extremely skilled and compassionate doctor. I am completely satisfied with his treatment and the results.

Dr. Bert G., MD (retired Physician)

Dr. Vandenberg and his staff are great!! They have seen me through preparation for jaw osteotomy of my lower jaw and afterwards. Post-op they were very gentle and made sure I was ok before proceeding. My daughter also had braces, a expander and finally no braces with a retainer now !!! The staff is very attentive, always very patient with me and my daughter. They always explain everything before they are going to do it. Everyone is always in a great mood, happy and smiling! Keep up the good work!!

Dr. V & his lovely staff are incredible. They're attentive, friendly, & professional. I have been a patient of his for 8 years and we all established a great relationship. I can't imagine my smile, without them.

My dentist referred me to Pacific Coast Orthodontics to start my Invisalign procedure and It was the best thing he could have done for me! Dr. Van Den Berg and his staff are incredible, they are so professional and friendly. Dr. Van Den Berg answered all my questions and made me very comfortable about starting my Invisalign and I trust his knowledge and opinion very much.
I had a such wonderful experience with them!

Dr. Van Den Burg has been beyond amazing. He's dealt with me for a few years now and has been extremely patient especially when dealing with all of my concerns! (let's be honest I'm super picky when it comes to my teeth) he literally met every need and did so in a very fast and knowledgeable manner. I can't thank him as well as his staff enough. My appointments were very well planned out the wait is always quick and the office is extremely clean! I finally got my braces off and I can't be happier. If your looking for a cool ortho with a fun and decorated (super cute based on the holiday) I highly recommend this office!!!!!! Thank you Dr. Van Den Burg you're the best

Dr. V is amazing and very professional to work with. I saw him when I was in middle school and I am currently post college graduate. I went in for a check-up re: my retainer and it has been more than 12 years since my last visit- let me tell you that the quality of his care has not changed one bit. His office is clean, modern, and friendly. I currently live in Alaska but I waited until I flew in to visit my family then I also stopped by Dr. V's office. Worth the wait!

I went to Pacific Coast Orthodontist for Invisalign. I couldn't be happier. Every staff member has always been friendly and helpful, including Dr. Van den Berg. I highly recommend them for any of your orthodontic needs.

I had an amazing experience at Pacific Coast Orthodontics! The staff was extremely nice and knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I give this company and staff my highest recommendation as I had an amazing experience!

Dr. Rob went above and beyond to help my smile. He went the extra mile when I knew he didn't have to, just to get my smile as close to perfect as possible. He has great beside manners & is always a pleasure to chat with. The staff is just as friendly. I'm ALWAYS greeted with a warm smile. I LOVE this office & am a lifer! Thank yo for taking care of me!

Dr. Van Den Berg was great and very professional.  He listened to my need and did a wonderful job with my teeth.  I had experience working with other orthodontist before I start the procedure at Pacific Coast Orthodontics.  I highly recommend my friends to see Dr. Van Den Berg.  Thank you very much for helping me to get the perfect teeth that I had dreamed!

Updated review:

My experience has been nothing but pleasant whenever I walk in the door to Pacific Coast. A year later, and I cannot be more pleased with my results!! Dr. van den Berg is always so sweet every appointment I had- encouraging, positive, and professional. That's one thing- I would see the Dr. every single appointment. I think that's very professional and important.

Another thing I love about Pacific Coast is their flexibility. I'm a full time worker, and could barely find the time to come in for appointments. They always knew I had to be somewhere so they would be very efficient in a short amount of time. It's so great to be honored as a client there. You can really feel the love in this office.

My results with Invisalign are spectacular. I'm so happy with the way my teeth look. It really is a wonderful experience to look at your smile that you've worked so hard on. Pacific Coast is a great place to start Invisalign for the first time. The staff is very encouraging, and positive!

Thank you, Pacific Coast for my new smile!! I love it every time I look in a mirror.

My friend referred me to Dr Rob. I can't express how grateful to see Dr. Rob after my daughter had the accident trauma. The office was able to give me an appointment right away. Dr. Rob is very professional and patience to listen up all of my questions and concern, and provides the solution for us. He even goes the extra mile for my daughter to make sure she has something to cover her lost front tooth right away. Dr. Rob truly cares of his patients than making money. Thank you very much for helping us in this critical moment.

I was recommended to Pacific Coast Orthodontics from another dentist to work on aligning my bite which was the result of a bad car accident.  During my initial consultation, Dr. Van Den Berg recommended that I go with Invisalign to fix my issue.  I was a bit skeptical that Invisalign would work but in further discussion it seemed like the best option.  I have since completed the process and I am extremely happy with the results.  My bite is realigned and I have no issues with eating.  Throughout the process the staff was extremely helpful knowledgeable throughout the process.  I would certainly recommend Pacific Coast Orthodontics to anyone who needs quality work done.

I don't typically write reviews but in this case I feel compelled to share my experience with Dr. Van Den Berg and his team. I was referred to him by my dentist for orthodontic work. My results are outstanding and I achieved my smile goals earlier than anticipated. Dr. Van Den Berg and his team are true professionals. I highly recommend Pacific Coast Orthodontics!

After much research (5 orthodontics later), I finally was ready to do something for my self.

Important things to mention: Dr. Van den Berg is a Invisalign Platinum Provider. Why is this important?...experience! His office also has an iTero 3D teeth scanner.

I had a gap that I always hated and felt embarrassed when I smiled. This procedure was going to be life changing for me and that is why I did so much research. Price was always in the same range. What surprised me was that not everyone had the same plan for my teeth. One orthodontist wanted to remove teeth.... hello I'm trying to close a gap!

Right away I felt comfortable with Dr. Van den Berg and staff. Danielle was great in providing all of the information and super friendly. I never felt pressured which is very important. Dr. Van den Berg is very gentle when handling your mouth. I had some IPR done and was terrified, but don't worry with his gentle and careful technique you won't feel a thing.

I stuck to the rules and was done super early. If you are considering Invisalign just do it! I'm so happy I did. Here is the proof :)