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Dr Wadden's office Hands-down is the best orthodontic office! After doing all the research myself, seeing all the great results from Dr Wadden, I decided to Go to Dr Wadden's office for consultation. The staff are warm and welcoming. Super efficient and professional! Dr. Wadden is very knowledgeable and have been in the field for long time. He has been helping all the young kids, teens and all adults to get beautiful smiles!! I am a dentist myself and I can't be happier with my decision. If you are looking for a orthodontist, look no further! Go to Dr Wadden!

Dr. Wadden really cares about his patients. I had a wire that was severely poking me in the back and I couldn't apply wax to it because it was too far in the back, so i tried to clip the wire and remove it but there was a hook on the molar band that prevented me from doing so. Dr. Wadden doesn't usually work on Sundays, but he generously came into his office to replace and trim the wires even though he wasn't open. He's a great guy who continuously exceeds my expectations not just in service but is also a great man with a humorous and outgoing personality. It's always a pleasure visiting his office and friendly staff :)

I took my son here a few years ago before he started high school. Best decision we made. He corrected my sons ortho problems and was very fairly priced. They made sure that he remains in the loop and not miss any appointments (somewhat strict on late cancellations, but I was OK with that) After 3 years he finally is done! I am very pleased with the outcome and so is my son, Dylan. My whole office and their kids are being taken cared of by Dr Wadden and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs straighter teeth.

I feel bad to give out bad review.  Somehow, in this case, Mr. Wadden is totally deserved this bad review. if there's negative star, i would give that.  I had my treatment here about 3 years ago.  Recommended by Dr. James Carrigan.  Wow, such a major mistake of my life.  I don't the whole office is really there for treatment or just milking patient money.  Treatment was bad.  Dr. was unprofessional and crooked.  2 weeks after the braces removed, i had 4 of my teeth extracted.   I DO NOT, DO NOT recommend anyone to this office.  As soon as you come for consultation, they put you in 3D scan.  then if you want to change your mind, they charge you $300 for 3D scan for yr first consultation.   After the treatment, I ask for my teeth impression, they didn't want to give me.  DR has warm heart.  This guy and the office are bunch of crook.  waiting to milk patient money.  BAD BAD BAD BAD

Did some research about Dr. Wadden's practice and through family and friends I heard pros and cons. After an initial consultation I decided not to go with Dr. Wadden. When you go to the office, they are clearly busy so the practice must be doing well over all. However, part of the problem is that with so many patients it is difficult getting appointments at preferred times. It also seemed like a factory with tons of people going in and out and not much personal attention. A friend went through a treatment process and didn't feel that a strong recommendation was warranted. I also felt talked down to during a consultation and felt disrespected. I prefer an orthodontist that I feel more comfortable with so I'll keep looking.

At the time  I was shopping around for an Orthodontist and  was choosing between Dr. Nancy Phan  from San Jose, CA and Dr. Wadden in Milpitas.   Dr. Wadden was very thorough with my consultation .  There was also no wait period ! For example,  face measurements were taken with Dr. Wadden,  which the other Orthodontist did not do. I was given the option of Invisalign and to have no teeth extracted with Dr. Nancy Phan. However, due to my teeth crowding Dr. Wadden suggested I have teeth removed and explained to me the possible outcomes of not having teeth removed etc. I was fine with that.

   Fast forward--I am currently a patient of Dr. Wadden and so far it has been almost two months into my braces and  a great experience! His RDA's are talkative and super friendly including the accommodating front staff. Dr. Wadden can come off as a quiet person but I know he is the only Orthodontist there and is focused with his work, because it can get busy there. Anyways, my teeth has been moving quite fast . I can't wait to see the results soon ..yaaaay =)!

Dr. Wadden and his incredible staff are caring and very professional.  Having been in treatment there, his staff are friendly and know how to make you feel comfortable.  Dr Wadden is a true professional and my results are perfect!  I highly recommend this office!

We have been very pleased with Dr. Wadden's office.  The staff is always friendly, polite and ON TIME!  We have never had to wait more than 5 minutes for our son's appointment to begin.  Also, the office is very clean and inviting.

Dr. Wadden - amazing, great, funny, delightful and my daughter loves him!  He has done so much for her braces in a couple of years.  One of our good friends saw how things were going and she took her daughter and son there as well.  They all look much better already.  The best thing is that my daughter has NO problem going there. NONE. The only thing I would change is to ask him to do that show his face mask around the world thing.  We did it around the Bay, but that was fun.

Dr. Wadden was my orthodontist something around 15 years ago and guess what, now I'm an orthodontist! I always get compliments on my smile and have Dr. Wadden to thank for that. He's one of the best orthodontists out there and I know that even more so now that I'm a colleague.

Don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with him if you or a loved one are thinking about improving your smile or bite. He's got all the high tech equipment and even has a cool audio system throughout the office! Staff is great and I would recommend anyone to see him.

Good thing I'm in Southern CA and don't have to compete with him! :)

This is my son's review:
Dr.Wadden and the staff are very patient, polite and helpful.  The wait times are not very long, and parents can go in to accompany their kids.  The office is clean and tidy.  I never had any problem with appointment times.  When it is your very first appointment, a board greets you cheerfully.  You sign in on a computer, which I find to be very convenient.  However, the parking lot is sometimes full. Otherwise, this orthodontist place is great!

Below is my daughter's review:
I've been to Dr. Wadden's office quite a few times before.  The staff was very patient, and made my treatment easier than I thought it would be.  The wait times took quite a bit, however.  The maximum time I waited was 30 minutes.  I enjoy getting points, because I can get gift cards.  I enjoyed my $15 Amazon gift card very much.  The office overall was very clean and seemed like a safe environment to be in.  I once broke a band on my braces, and the staff was very kind and forgiving.

Dr. Wadden is an excellent orthodontist.  He was very thorough with the way he was explaining his treatment plan for both my kids.  He always has a way with children and knows how to put them at ease.

His office is very comfortable and clean.  The staff are all friendly and polite and always very helpful.

Excellent doctor, he is very patient with my son even though he looses his retainers all the time. He very kind and efficient. My sons teeth used to be really bad and now he's finally getting little by little a perfect smile. My son feels comfortable coming here, It's very easy for me to bring my preteen to this place which I cannot say about other doctors. I definitely recommend this location it's very clean and the staff is very friendly.

I requested a refund and the snippy front desk bitch who isn't a financial coordinator told me there's a fee that the bank charges them for a refund. Was transferred to the finance coordinator who agreed to give me back the money in full since it doesn't state anywhere that a cancellation charge of 6% is deducted out and it is questionable at the least since no treatment was even started to begin with so therefore its is a commonality of a business rule to just simply give a refund. Very questionable manner they had. I gave the benefit of the doubt and asked to have treatment again after realizing what I wanted and asked for a price reduction since i opted out for some work that was entailed in the original price. Therefore a price reduction is logical. The finance coordinator said she would discuss with Dr. Wadden after I told her my request and would call me back. So i gave another chance but should have suspected that she would rather just waste my time cos she had nothing better to do since she wouldn't want to call me right after discussing with him by saying she would give me a call in the morning. The staff refused to be professional and wasted time not getting back to me about what I wanted to know. So when the person finally let me know she stated that they wouldn't do treatment even though they said they would speak to Dr. Wadden about it. Yea thanks but would've great if you let me know by contacting me instead of wasting my time having me call in. So with that there was also no reason as to why he won't do any work on me. If the staff member even talked to him was questionable. If he really wanted to he would let me know himself however it just a case of low class cattiness and foolish from the staff. Its ok though since,  luckily, I have an appointment sooner, and elsewhere. So. A fairly simple job to reschedule me in from staff members yet suuuuccchh a hassle to do it. How pitiful. And oh so foolish. Btw I'm still waiting for the deposit back you bunch of slores. I have the receipt and you said 12 hours upon refund.

Update: I have received my refund however it was stated would be 12 hours time frame for it and it was more.

Will never be conducting business here again!

Love Dr Warren, but hours of operation are not convenient. My child has to constantly miss school because afternoon appointments are rarely available. Huge not open on Fridays. Closed at lunch which I understand, but maybe stagger lunches? Longer appts (45min) HAVE to be made prior to 11am.

It was bad experience doing my teeth at Wadden. The price was way more expensive it's 3k$ more expensive than all the other doctors I've quoted. I made wrong decisions to choose him to help my teeth because 1) they hurt my gums three times when adjusting braces or using tools during the procedure 2) one of my gum is totally receded because braces cut it and breaks it. 3) the whole preceding took 3+ years and the Doctor does not want to end it any time sooner. 4) my jaw moves towards left when I laugh I look like a pirate.

One of the worst experience that I had.  This office is very crooked.  I DO NOT recommend anyone to this office.  There're many more caring, warm-hearted orthodontics .   Don't come to this greedy place.  I had 4 teeth extracted after 2 weeks braces removed.  Be aware, it could happen to you or your kids too.  The experiences at this office gave me mistrust all dental offices.  Not all dental offices are bad.  Only this dental office, specifically, mr wadden.  I don't even know if he is a real dentist

Wadden and his staff are extremely welcoming and professional. My invisalign was supposed to take 2 years, however I traveled frequently and was not always in the area, but whenever I came home I was able to stop by for a check up and pick up some more sets of trays.

Due to my aloofness and negligence, my treatment ended up taking 6.5 years. I'm still surprised and humbled that the doctor and staff would have time to see me when I came back for holidays, and to this day I'm in awe of how hardworking this amazing team is. Thank you all!

We cannot thank Dr Wadden enough for helping us in the
hour of need.Our daughter's head gear for her braces
broke on July-4th and we had to catch a flight that night.
We were going to be off for a few weeks and needed the
head gear to be fixed or replaced. So we called up
Dr Wadden on the morning of July-4th and explained
the situation. He was kind enough to talk us through fixing
it ourselves first and when we realized we needed his
expertise, he actually called us to his office the same day
and fixed it for us. We were so relieved to have one thing
off of our minds while we were on vacation.
Braces breaking might not sound like a big deal, but
Dr. Wadden accommodating us even on a holiday was
what blew me away. Not many people would do this.
Thank you Dr Wadden, we are so glad to have your as our dentist.

Dr. Wadden and his staff are the best!  We are so grateful to have been able to send our two children to him for orthodontic care.  Cheery atmosphere and warm  reception (you already know you're going to get the utmost care).  Also,  I don't know of any other clinic that can match their competence, thoroughness and use of the latest technology.  Their orthodontic care doesn't stop in the office;  they call you home to follow up if you're alright after the adjustment.  They celebrate with you once the braces are off. We're thankful for these great smiles!