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I researched children's dentist in the area and this one came highly recommended not only in yelp but a community website. My son was 2 years old when we first started going here. His first appointment they told us he had a cavity so we made an appointment to have it taken care of. At his second appointment 6 months later another cavity. Made an appointment to have it fixed and my son was very upset and we had to physically hold him down to have it filled. It made me feel absolutely horrible for him. He was scared even though I was right there with him the entire time. 6 months later he goes for another check up and cleaning. He didn't want to go in and wouldn't even let them clean his teeth with a toothbrush now traumatized from two fillings. Before his most recent appointment my son had been playing with friends and had fallen and his gum hit the edge of a dresser. It bled quite a bit and hurt for a few days but healed. It left a bump above his tooth on the gum. I brought it to their attention at the appointment. They told me it was an absess and infected and they needed to pull his tooth right away. I was very hesitant to do this as he already is scared of the dentist. I then got two separate opinions from 2 other dentist as well as his pediatrician who ALL told me it is not infected and there is NO reason to pull his tooth and that the bump is just scar tissue!!! There is also no physical or obvious signs of infection to the tpoth or his gum. I called the office after the second dentist opinion and they became very cold and couldnt tell me how their "recommendation" is so far off from 3 others! In my opinion this office is full of it and making up reasons to make money! Now I question his two cavities and if they even existed!!! How do 3 people have the same opinion and Dr. LuJuan's staff has a completely different opinion??? Needless to say I will NEVER take either of my children here again!! At the other dentist office my son went right in, no tears, no fear!! So glad I got not only one second opinion but 3. This office is a fraud!

We have been going to Dr. Hall since she opened up in Antioch... I am not looking forward to the day that my kids are too old to go to her. She is the absolute BEST!!

I have been taking my kids to Dr. Hall's office since we moved to Antioch 11 years ago. They are absolutely THE BEST pediatric dentist. The office and office staff are so kid-friendly and Dr. Hall is wonderful with children. She is great at explaining exactly what they need to do and why it's important. My kids love going to the Dentist because of the experience they have had at this dental office!

Dr. Hall is the only dentist I have ever trusted with my children. I remember a few years back,  my youngest child, diagnosed with Severe Autism needed a serious procedure. I asked Dr. Hall what would she do if it were her child? She responded with such sincerity It made my decision easy. The procedure was done by her with such grace and knowledge, I vowed to never leave her!  The staff are really friendly and they sing to my children!!!! Dr. Hall has the perfect balance of professional yet personable. She is the real deal!

This office is just amazing.  We organized a tour for our local Moms group here and it was fantastic.  We had the whole office to ourselves and they provided quite the spread of snacks for the kids.  It was really informative and was great for the kids to check everything out!  The office staff was so incredibly nice and ALL the staff stayed late for this tour (All three dentists AND maybe 10 staff members!!!)   It was like a VIP tour :)  Loved it and so did the kids.  We saw Dr. Hall before this tour with my 2 year old and we will be back again soon for our next check up :)

I've been at this office since my boys were 2 and 3 years old after a friend recommended Dr. Hall. 8 years later and my boys still love coming here, all the staff is friendly and great with kids. Dr. Hall and her team of dentist are very knowledgeable and make the experience a positive one EVERY time! I HIGHLY recommmend this office!

First time visit for our little one and it was pleasant. The staff was nice and did a great job of keeping our toddler calm. We are very happy with our choice to come here.

I am pleased to say that Dr Hall  is the best Dentist in Brentwood.  She has a great Staff and Doctors. They are all really caring to each kids different needs.. My son has no fear going to the dentist.  any more.....If you would want your kids to be in Great Care, Take them to Dr, Hall...

Don't go here. Horrible service, clerical and accounting staff. They just care about getting your money. Even had to get a filling re-done somewhere else.

"After our adventurous little 1.5 year old chipped her tooth I feared the worst (extraction). Dr Halls office got us in early on a Saturday and put a vitamin on her tooth and scheduled us for a few days later to finish the procedure and bond/fill the chip on the face of the tooth. The second visit they played frozen for her on a ceiling tv this calmed Sierra and the entire staff Dr Hall and two assistants were singing along to Frozen as they were working on her tooth. I would highly recommend Dr Halls office."

My 4 year old son has been in pain since tuesday March 7 it is now March 12. I called Dr halls office explaining he was having pain. They told me to come in the dentist did an evaluation and sent us home with a 2day supply of tylenol. My son had already been referred to get general anesthesia because he won't actually right and has alot of work. But at this moment my concern is his pain now. So I called back he went back the next day. And the dentist let me know that my son had two teeth in the area that could be causing the pain. But she was playing Russian roulette their words. Well they pulled the wrong one and my son now has one tooth pulled and the other still painful. He is being drugged all day and night. Days are ok but nights are extremely hard. I called the office they told me they found and sooner appt for the anesthesiologist in april still three weeks out. That is great but doesn't help my current situation. Because I did not take That appt I was told the office is dropping me as a patient. The staff was polite but in the mist of all this there is still a 4 year old in pain. And I don't know what to do.

Ive been taking my son here for 2 years and I finally have had enough. I make sure to brush and floss his teeth every single day and they're in great shape. The dental hygienist ALWAYS commends him on his hygiene and tells me that he's taking great care of his teeth. Enter the dentist. Its never the same dentist every time either, even though I schedule the appointment as such. EVERY time the dentist comes in they say he has to have a procedure. EVERY TIME. So explain to me how my child has beyond perfect teeth and hygiene but now he needs 8 fillings (that was the first appointment) a "preventative" sealant (that was the second appointment) and just this last time a possible root canal?! No. Not happening. Ive had a root canal myself and the pain was so bad I knew I needed work done on the tooth. My child is 7 and has never not once complained about ANY sort of tooth pain or discomfort. But he needs a root canal? On top of that its on a tooth that they filled! The dentist stated that they filled the cavity but that another cavity must have grown under or around the filling. What?! Im calling BS. On top of the fact that they love to take X rays EVERY cleaning visit they just gouge you for your money. They had me purchase special toothpaste from them as well at $12 for the tiniest tube of toothpaste you've ever seen. My advice? Do NOT take your child(ren) here. The hygienists are great and the place is super clean but unless you enjoy tossing hundreds of dollars their way EVERY visit id go elsewhere. This place is a sham.

I have to say the staff here is amazing!!!!! I'll briefly share my story. I was referred to Dr. Hall because I have a special needs child who is scared of the dentist especially the "pokey" thing. There was a situation to where I thought my daughter's fillings weren't going to get done because my daughter was moving around a lot crying trying to grab things. We were going to reschedule but I got pretty upset because I've been trying to get these teeth fixed for 2 months, so may have said a couple things that weren't nice and no matter what, these ladies did what they had to do to keep me calm and comfortable. They didn't have to do that, I had a bad attitude and these ladies still did everything they could to get my daughter in later that day and complete her fillings. Again I want o say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! For everything you ladies did yesterday. I now know our next appointment the staff will gear up and get ready for my little strong willed child.

I wanted to say this location is very kid friendly, they a have such a great set up.

They have all there basics in their waiting area from coloring area to puzzles and book.

They where very gentle with my daughter and making sure she was comfortable. They allowed her to pick her tooth paste flavor and her own tooth brush.

I had the best time watching her enjoy the whole process. Before leaving the doctor made her a flower balloon which was very thoughtful.

And then on her way out she got to pick two toys. Thank you! I would recommend this place to family and friends.

I wish I can give more than 5 stars! Everything was beyond amazing! My 4 years old son was very scared when I mentioned dentist but the minute he got there he changed him mind!

Children's dentistry, alot of places are to make money off of parents. Dr. has too soft of an attitude to get the work needed done.  When we were kids, we didn't have an option, Dr. convinced us sternly. This Dr. has a soft tone and attitude, very tentative. So, yes if a child is afraid or doesn't want their teeth messed with, they will say no. The Dr. then goes along with it, recommends a very expensive treatment requiring anesthesia to put the kids to sleep that cost $300+ an hour by the anesthesiologist, but they'll quote you for $1000-$1500+ minimum (due to the quoted length of time for a filling or procedure). On top of that, treatment costs for the work Dentist does. So, it gets expensive really quickly.  The office setup is very nice, great equipment, tech, tools, prizes for kids. Trying to get a copy of your kids x-ray records costs money too (despite charging us $$$ for 2 appointment already). You would think it can be done as a courtesy.

My 2 year old went for his first visit and loves it. They treated him really nice and made it fun for him and comfortable. I Definitely recommend this dentist for kids.

This office is in business to make money. I took
My son here about 6 months ago, he did not like Dr. hall- she came in singing and he thought she was crazy(I did too). For some reason I scheduled my daughter to come(3 years old) before we went I talked to multiple friends in dentistry who said she absolutely should not have x rays unless there is something clearly wrong. Her teeth are perfect. When arriving to the office they insisted on x rays. The front office staff was very short with me and rude from entry. We cancelled the apt and are taking our business elsewhere. If you want a fancy pediatric dentist come here- if you want a legitimate doctor looking out for your kids best interest DONT!

Just took my 2 almost 3 year old in for first exam. Walking in the reception ladies immediately started asking about the toy in her hand etc. to make her feel comfortable. We sat in reception and she colored and watched Mickey Mouse on there tv.

When we went back the hygienists were just amazing. They took some fun "first appointment" pics (which they gave me to take home), they talked her through everything they were going to do. But what I thought was brilliant... one hygienist painted her nails while the other cleaned her teeth. So when she started hesitating and closing her mouth, the other girl would say "look at your pretty nails" and would paint the next nail. Then the first would say ok let's brush your teeth. It's like they didn't give her a chance to be afraid or to think about it. It's was brilliant.

Walking in I was sure that she wouldn't open her mouth for them. In the end the girls we so amazing they did a full cleaning and fluoride. No cavities

The only hiccup was they didn't pull me in until a half hour after my appointment time. The hygienist explained that they did not hear the reception tell them we were waiting. She apologized profusely. And she even gave my girl a Frozen Yogurt Gift Card for the trouble. I wasn't even upset so I thought it was pretty nice that they did that.

Now I just realized that they called me yesterday afternoon and left me a message just to check on how she was after her appoint. Where do you get care and customer service like that. I'm wowed.

I wish I could give more stars than 5! My daughter has had some bad experiences with previous dentists. So she was very hesitant about her visit.

We were blown out of the water with the amazing experience here! We were greeted with welcoming smiles and professionalism all around. The dental assistant greeted us to find out about my daughters diet and how to help her eat less sugar.

We then went back to to where they took her pictures with funny costumes. Then they took X-rays. The dental assistant was awesome.  My daughter was given a list of flavors to choose from for her fluoride treatment, also a tooth brush menu. As she was getting her cleaning and treatment she was asked which nail polish she would like. So she got a mini manicure while getting a cleaning.

She went in nervous and came out happy with smiles a ballon and a coin for the toy machine. I have never seen her leave so happy from a dentist! I highly recommend this dental office to anyone with children. They did earn best of Brentwood 2016!