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Dr  Stafford created perfect smiles for both of my children.  My girls were beautiful before but now they are gorgeous.  Thank you to Dr. Stafford, Jan and the entire staff for making our orthodontia experience extremely worthwhile.

Dr Stafford and his staff are awesome! Very personable and professional. Have taken all three of my children for braces with great success all around. Easy location by the Pleasanton sports park. Office does a good job scheduling appointments at convenient times. Highly recommend Dr Stafford!!

Great orthodontist. My third son is being treated now. We love the smiles on our two older children. My oldest litterally went from sponge bob to heart throb. We love the Stafford smile.

Dr. Stafford was both of my boys' orthodontist.  I can't say enough great things about him and his friendly staff.  It was always a warm welcome when we walked into the office and he was awesome with the kids as well as the parents.  He was always prompt and on time which is rare these days when walking into a any sort of medical office!  My boys enjoyed their visits and he made having braces a great experience for both.  I would recommend him in the highest regard!

Dr. Stafford & his staff continue to shine.  My post care & followup visits are conducted with the same warmth and attention to detail that I've come to value.  You're more than a patient! (Your smile looks fantastic too.)

I am at the end of my treatment so I wanted to share my experience with Dr. Stafford and staff.  The team over there is tremendously professional and courteous. At the beginning when I went in for my first consultation, Dr. Stafford was very descriptive regarding the process and Jan was very informative regarding the finance part. I felt they heard my concerns, which made it comfortable for me to have braces put on. The whole process from the beginning to the end was a breeze. Dr. Stafford and his team are great to work with and highly recommend them for a nice smile!!!

I was assigned by my company to work for long term here in US. I started my braces back in my home country and I had a lot of hesitations whether or not to continue it here. I heard of Dr. Stafford from a colleague and me and my husband visited him. Seeing Dr. Stafford that day ended my hesitations. He is so professional. We feel so comfortable talking to him. We asked a lot of questions and he answered all of them. He even cut the extra wire that's poking my gum. So I decided to continue my braces with him.

My case is very complicated but Dr. Stafford together with his entire staff (from the schedule, bills and the actual mouth work department) did a great job and made my whole brace journey less painful and with exceptional results.

I am now on retainers wearing smiles after 3 years of wearing wires :) Getting used to not covering my mouth when I smile or laugh because I am shy of my teeth. I feel more confident and happy inside out.

Without a doubt that I will recommend Dr. Stafford when somebody asks. You can't get wrong with him.

Dr. Stafford and his staff are amazing. I got invisiligns and my experience was exceptional. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. Dr. Stafford is willing to go the extra mile to help. My teeth are straight and my experience was great!!!

Dr. Stafford and his staff are truly the best. He was recommend to me by my fiancé who was a patient and has a great smile now!!!Just got my braces off and couldn't be happier. I got braces as an adult so I was reluctant but they made it so easy and so accommodating to my changing schedule. I would definitely recommend Dr. Stafford to all my family and friends and you!!!!

Kudos to Dr. Stafford for participating in the charity "Smiles Change Lives"!  Dr. Stafford shows he is interested in helping local youth in need through his participation in this charitable organization.  Dr. Stafford was pleasant, thorough and you can tell he is very experienced & knowledgeable in the field.  Office staff were very courteous and efficient too!   I will definitely refer others to his office!

Dr Stafford and the staff are great. I was referred to Dr. Stafford from a coworker and he did not disappoint.  I needed my teeth aligned and now have a perfect straight smile. Thank you for everything. Highly recommend.

Dr. Stafford and his staff are fabulous. The outcome of my 8 month ortho treatment was a breeze! I couldn't be happier with the results of his true expertise.

Both my children and myself have had such a great experience working with Dr. Stafford and his staff. Dr. Stafford does a wonderful job explaining how the treatment process will take place upfront and continues to inform the patient or parent at each treatment session of how things are progressing. Both Dr. Stafford and his staff are very friendly and approachable. The beautiful smiles each of my children and myself have speak volumes regarding Dr. Stafford professional abilities. So great in fact that my husband is now undergoing treatment himself!

Dr. Stafford and his staff have really impressed me with their professionalism, friendliness, and attention to detail. First of all, Dr. Stafford knows how to fix crooked teeth! My son went in with a jaw that was too small and unruly teeth growing out of everywhere. I expected him to come out of the treatments with better teeth but instead, he came out with a perfect smile. Really, I did not think it was possible.

After each appointment, Dr. Stafford comes out to give me updates on the progress and what to expect in the next few months. He takes his time to answer any questions I may have and never rushes.  

His office staff is terrific. They are very friendly, caring, and make the scheduling pain free. Whenever I have to make an appointment, which is each time my son visits the office, they try to work with my schedule and are quick to offer alternatives.

Finally, his office is clean and welcoming. There is a nice sitting area, a small toddler hang out corner, and a guessing jar (for those who like to place guesses and potentially win a prize).

I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who needs orthodontic help. Dr. Stafford is very detailed oriented and takes great pride in his work.

Dr. Stafford is the best in the business. He fixed my bite and straightened my teeth many years ago and my teeth are just as good as the day the braces came off.

I recently realized I needed a new retainer as mine was worn out - Dr. S and his staff were quick and flexible with my schedule and made me a new retainer.

When at the office you feel at home and taken care of. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fabulous orthodontist.

Have had a fantastic experience with Dr Stafford and staff, very professional. Never a problem getting appts and Dr Stafford is very precise and cares that you are involved in reaching your perfect smile goals.

My son has just completed 2.5 years of excellent orthodontic treatment with Dr. Stafford, and we couldn't be more pleased! He and I had several consultations before we met Dr. Stafford, and once we met him we knew this is where he'd be going for his orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Stafford is punctual, friendly, patient and detail-oriented throughout his consultation and treatments. Most importantly, he always addressed my son when discussing treatment. I appreciated this because I'm not the patient, my son is, so speaking directly to him about treatment rather than about him to me may be a small gesture but it made such an impact. He has been very personable with my son, as well as to my husband and me. He would come out to the waiting room after each treatment to give me a quick update on treatment and progress, as well as what we could hope to see/expect in the coming weeks.

His assistants and office staff are very friendly and helpful; everything was easy and seamless! They are patient and very accommodating when scheduling future appointments.

The cost of braces with Dr. Stafford was very comparable to, if not slightly less than, other orthodontists we had consultations with in Pleasanton/Dublin. His office is not flashy and fancy, but rather clean, comfortable and well-appointed. A few offices we visited for consultations were ostentatious, and came with a price tag to match. We'd rather invest our money into great treatment and a fantastic, knowledgeable orthodontist and that's exactly what we received with Dr. Stafford.

THANK YOU, Dr. Stafford, for your wonderful work! THANK YOU to your wonderful team, as well!

As an adult looking to get braces, I felt a bit self-conscious. I spoke with 3 local orthodontists to get both opinions and prices. Dr. Stafford was comparable in price but stood out to me because of his attention to detail. The office staff is friendly and professional and the office itself is clean and comfortable. I'm thrilled with the results (after only 8 months with invisalign) and I smile with confidence now!

Dr Stafford and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and skilled as well as warm and welcoming.  

At each office visit, I was greeted by name, I never had to wait, my visit was efficient, and I was given more than ample time to ask questions about my treatment.  Dr Stafford answered each of my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, as well as always gave me a "heads-up" about what was coming next, both during my visits and about future visits.

Dr Stafford's background and expertise in orthodontics is incredible.  I think he could probably fix anything.  Have you seen the before and after photos on his website?  Incredible.  

Before, during, and after my Invisalign treatment, he treated my teeth as a puzzle to be solved...with nothing less than a perfect ending to be had!
A self-professed "perfectionist", Dr Stafford made sure that we collectively thought my treatment results were "perfect" before we decided we were done. And even then, he did a bit of filing here and there before he was thoroughly satisfied with the final result.  

My Invisalign treatment finished a few months earlier than originally anticipated, and the results are:  Perfectly straight teeth!  Amazing!  

I highly recommend Dr Stafford and his staff for an honest, thorough, and personal treatment that results in the perfection you've hoped for.

Where do I start? The 5 star rating is for a number of reasons. As a parent, I appreciated the special attention to every detail of the process, from perfect tooth alignment to a complete plan after the braces came off.

My daughter appreciated how encouraging the staff and Dr. Stafford were toward her concerning wearing the bands. She said it was motivating to keep wearing the bands because they saw such improvement month-after-month.

Overall, the whole experience has been fantastic. We are all enjoying seeing my daughters new smile and the confidence that comes with it.

Thank you so much Dr. Stafford and Staff!