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There is no doubt that Dr. Tsai is an attentive and meticulous periodontist!  I am seeing him for an implant of a front tooth, and he is making sure everything is as perfect as he can get it.  His care even included an extra tissue graft surgery, which he performed free-of-charge since it was not in the original treatment plan/budget. I love that Dr. Tsai calls a few hours after the procedure to let you know how everything went and to check up on how you're feeling.  His office also schedules regular follow-up appointments, during which Dr. Tsai records the healing process by taking tons of pictures. Since everything is digital, it's easy to request all your records via email. All of his office assistants are remarkably kind, and make you feel extremely comfortable in-office and over the phone.  I learned that getting a good implant can be a long process, but knowing that Dr. Tsai is doing his best really puts me at ease.

I was DREADING my very extensive gum grafting.  I had put it off for years.  I met several periodontists and was not certain they could handle my serious recession.  I met Dr. Tsai and I signed up for the surgery right away.  He gave me peace of mind that he knew exactly what he was doing and that he took pride in doing the best job possible.  It was as pleasant as it could be - the entire experience from the front office, making appointments, insurance claims, calling the office to the assistants in the surgery room with Dr. Tsai and to Dr. Tsai himself.  He is such a nice, kind, smart person.  I had a question over the weekend - he got back to me straight away.  The entire team has been fabulous and first class.  While I did not enjoy the grafting AT ALL, I certainly am happy I went with Dr. Tsai and his team.  If I had to do it again (I hope not), I will go straight back to Dr. Tsai.  Would recommend him in a heartbeat.

I resisted going to Dr. Tsai because I like to stay close to home.  When I asked for another referral, my dentist called back and praised Dr. Tsai so much that I decided that both my son and I would go to him for gum grafting.  What a great surprise to discover that Dr. Tsai was the same positive, hard-working, brilliant guy that I had taught in 7th-grade!  How could I forget that bright  warm smile even though it had been 27 years!!  I am so glad that we decided to go with him.   Dr. Tsai was very gentle and professional with my 18-year-old son.   He recovered so quickly that I was calm and positive going in for my surgery.   The surgery was easy and I also recovered quickly even though  my surgery was more extensive.  I am confident that because of both Dr. Tsai and Dr. Fraga (my dentist),I have saved at least eight teeth.  I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Tsai.

I put off having a front tooth implant for years because of my fear.  When I finally went for a consultation with Dr, Tsai, I surprised myself by making the decision to go ahead with the procedure before I left the office that day. I had total confidence in him.  He is professional, knowledgeable and patient in explaining all the possible scenarios.  I was very impressed learning about the cutting edge techniques he employs.  

The extraction, gum and bone replacement surgery was so much less uncomfortable than I had imagined, and the after- surgery pain was manageable with prescription Ibuprofen.  Dr. Tsai was very attentive in his follow-up and  his staff is excellent.  It was always a pleasant experience visiting his office.  All that was required on my part was patience going through all the required steps in the process which can take several months.

Today my family dentist completed the final step of the implant procedure and installed the final crown.  I couldn't be more satisfied with the results.  I highly recommend Dr. Eric Tsai.

As a mid-long term patient of Dr. Tsai - I must say things have changed significantly in his office... For the worst...
He changes staff every year, the billing is never accurate and his latest front office receptionist is crude, rough and not in the least bit helpful. My treatment has been going on for years with no resolve.... I've had a hard time with the turnover of his staff flagging down what needs to be done next...
On top of that I've spent over the tens of thousands in his office and wait an average of 20-30minutes to be seated and another 20-30mins before the doctor enters the room the last thing I want to hear about when I'm sitting around waiting is his staff gossiping about previous staff members and the doctors affairs. This is extremely tasteless and unprofessional to boot.
I don't know what the heck is going on here - I can't begin to explain how disappointing his services have become over the years. His work hasn't been all that it has cracked up to be... saddened to write this review.

I was very scared after I was in an accident and impacted my front tooth which lead to an infection. I was refereed to dr. tsai. I had to have my tooth pulled, a skin graph from the roof of my mouth and bone packed in and 6 months later an implant put in. I  am very picky on how teeth look and was so worried about how my smile would be affected. Dr.tsai is awesome about making your mouth look perfect! Also he makes you feel comfortable when you are there along with one of his assistants Christina! I had to get iv sedation two times and was freaked out after i had a bad experience with my wisdom teeth but dr.tsai made me feel at ease and i felt great after. He also take photos all along the way with your progress. If you have any hesitation you can take a look at my photos and see why he is the guy for the job!

Warning: Knife-happy periodontist!

I saw Dr. Tsai once four years ago when my then-dentist referred me to him; I have inherited bone loss and my gum pockets were getting bigger. My dentist referred to him as a genius; I guess she was impressed with his Harvard MD or the way he handles his measuring probe. I was not.

As he jammed his probe into my gums, making me jump and getting higher numbers than my dentist had (7's!), Dr. Tsai got sort of agitated. He told me that I would need to have surgery to cut my gums back to get rid of the pockets. He asked me to smile. "And... yes, you have a high smile line, so you're not going to like it." I made a sort of half-joking remark about the consequences if I didn't have the work done - would I lose my teeth by the time I was 70? (I was 46.) He nodded with a sort of exasperated look, as if he were talking to someone from a poverty-stricken third-world village whose child had terminal tuberculosis because she hadn't taken him to the hospital.

Afterward, Dr. Tsai's snotty receptionist briskly handed me paperwork committing me to several appointments and thousands and thousands of dollars in dental work. I drove home crying at the thought of looking like a horse for the rest of my life. Was this my punishment for not flossing every day?

After calling to cancel the appointments, I found another dentist, who referred me to a periodontist in Berkeley who used a procedure on me that he developed to reduce periodontal disease. He also told me to use a water-pik (cost: $35). Three years later, my pockets were all down to 3's and 4's. Thank god I got a second opinion.

I opted to get an implant instead of a retainer.  So glad I made that choice and that my Dentist, Tom Fasanaro sent me to a expert.  The office staff is friendly and always helpful.  I am still in the process of the implant but I even got a call from Dr. Tsai to see if I was feeling ok.  My temp. retainer is so perfect, you can't even tell its fake.  The surgery itself was a very complicated case.  I needed the best of the best and Dr. Tsai is just that.

I was very nervous at first, I know none of us like work done on our mouth. I had my very first gum surgery done here at the office, and really, honestly, it was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, Dr. Tsai broke up the surgery to do two, since the gum recession I had was so bad. Everyone that works here is great!!

The last gum surgery I had was more then one area of my mouth, and because of that, I had more bleeding. Unfortunately, the first deep cleaning I had done here was not at all pleasant, not to say it was anyone's fault, I was just so glad when that was done.

If you have to go to a periodontist, go to Dr. Eric Tsai; he's the best.  I had pretty sever receding gums on my lower teeth. Dr. Tsai did gum graphs on 10 of them (all except the molars) and all at the same time. Pretty much painless except the pallet where he removed tissue to graph to the gums. I was fitted with a retainer in advance and it protected the pallet after the surgery and allowed me to eat (using those untouched molars). Several friends' periodontist did not provide a retainer. They were in agonizing pain and unable to eat much for weeks. My gums look great, better than they have in years. The staff is wonderful. Personable, informative and efficient. All in all a pleasure to deal with. If I ever move from the area, I'd come back to Dr. Tsai for periodontal work

Getting an implant is a fairly complicated procedure and I wanted to make sure I was using the most qualified and experienced periodontist I could find.  Dr. Tsai came highly recommended and his credentials were among the best I could find.  

Dr. Tsai was extremely professional and knowledgeable.  He took time to explain to me my various options and the pros and cons of each; furthermore, he explained things in a way that was easy to understand.  Once we decided to move forward with an implant, everything went very smoothly.  The process was painless and recovery went as expected without any complications.  Dr. Tsai checked in on me throughout each step to ensure that I was feeling okay.

Since my visit, I've actually learned that Dr. Tsai is one of the most well respected periodontists in the area.  He is known for his attention to detail and his superb skills.  I would highly recommend Dr. Tsai to anyone in need of an implant.

I went to Dr. Tsai at the request of my dentist. I had split my front tooth (at the root) in half but hadn't checked it out for more than a year. He said it was a miracle that it didn't fall out within a day of the break. He was more puzzled that in the 18 months that I avoided using it to chew food, that it hadn't become infected.

So there I was, 18 months down the road, looking at an X-ray of my broken tooth. I panicked. I thought I would have to wear a retainer, or worse, an Invisaline-type retainer. What that would have done to my dating life!

I was also very nervous around dentists because of a previous bad experience. But I went in for surgery and was calmly collected. Partly due to his knowledge, reassurance and honestly. Partly because his staff was nurturing and polite.

He told me that if my bone was strong enough to place a metal screw, I could leave with an INSTANT IMPLANT! I couldn't believe it.

The pain was minimal (I took Advil for two days) and I was at work the following day. I went in for a few checkups. One appointment he even chiseled the tooth down because he wanted it to be perfect.

I am beyond happy with the outcome. I am now in the final stages, where I have to make an appointment with my original dentist for the permanent and my temporary looks great. Nobody could ever tell it's fake.

Dr. Tsai's staff is also excellent. They know you by name, treat you with respect and are accomidating. I give Dr. Tsai and the entire staff two very enthusiastic thumbs up. When it comes to dental repair, I needed an honest perfectionist. That's exactly what I found with Dr. Tsai. Thank you!

When I needed an implant for my upper front tooth, my dentist insisted that I call Dr. Tsai's office for the procedure.  While many periodontists and dentists can do implants, no one came more highly recommended, is more respected, and made me feel more at ease about a very complicated procedure.  

I needed a bone graft and gum graft before I was ready for the titanium implant.  All in all my procedure lasted about 14 months, until I had the final crown in place.  Dr. Tsai was professional, kind, explained all the steps in great detail, and helped me to feel comfortable.  His staff always remembered me and were incredibly friendly.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Tsai to anyone in need of a periodontist.

The office and staff here are amazing! The office is very modern and I felt very cozy during my gum surgery. The staff was very accommodating before and after the procedure.

Dr. Tsai did great work on my gums and the surgery was quick and painless. He even called and text me post surgery to make sure I was recovering well. I would recommend this office for friends and family.

I have been seeing Dr. Tsai for over a year now and I can attest to the fact that he truly is the most meticulous, kind and thorough periodontist I have ever worked with.  I have had awful experiences in the past with dentists and was very fearful of having any more work done.  However that all changed with Dr. Tsai.  From the moment I walked into his clean and modern office I felt at ease.   At my consult, he went through all my options and never pressured me into making any decisions.  Since i was so nervous about going through another procedure, he recommended me having IV sedation.  Before agreeing with his treatment plan, i decided to do some research and ask some other people in the dental community what they thought.  Every single person gave me a glowing recommendation regarding his surgical skills and extensive knowledge with IV sedation.  I decided to go through with his treatment plan which consisted of multiple surgeries.  For the first surgery, he performed an extraction, sinus lift and bone graft.  He spent close to four hours working on me however due to me being sedated, it felt like a five minute long procedure.  Following the surgery,  he checked in on me multiple times and answered all my questions.  My second procedure was months later in which he placed my implants.  Again, I was fearful about the procedure but between the doctor, his staff and knowing I'd be sedated again; I felt as if I was in the best hands.  My end result came six months later when I had my crown placed by my general dentist, who commented on the perfect placement of my implant.  I'm so happy i went to see Dr. Tsai.  He truly is a perfectionist and that is what I needed from my Periodontist!