Dr. Yixiu Zheng
Insurances: Aetna 1199SEIU Affinity Health Plan
Yi Xiu Zheng, M.D.

Dr. Yixiu Zheng

Dr. Yixiu Zheng is an internist and specializes in weight loss treating patients in New York City and the surrounding communities. Her primary goal as a practitioner is to ensure that each of her patients receives the highest available quality of medical care. She holds certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Obesity Medicine. Dr. Zheng is also affiliated with the Beth Israel Medical Center and New York Hospital of Queens. For her undergraduate degree, Dr. Zheng attended William Smith College, graduating cum laude. She pursued her medical degree at the State University of New York, Downstate Medical School. Dr. Zheng continued her medical education at the Beth Israel Medical Center. Here, she received her residency training in internal medicine. Patients visiting Dr. Zheng can receive a full range of medical services. She provides cardiovascular screening visits, disease screenings, weight loss counseling, checkups prior to surgery and travel, annual physical examinations, and general consultations. Treatment is available for issues including ear infection, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, asthma, sinus problems, sore throat, and migraine.

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This was my first time at the clinic. It was busy and the two receptionists both seemed very frazzled. I had to go up twice and ask for paperwork to fill out while I waited. They almost let one guy go without paying until he asked if he needed to. There was a bit of a language barrier between me and the nurse. She asked what medications I was on, and I told her. I saw her write something in, but when I went to talk to Dr. Zheng, that field was empty. When I finally saw Dr. Zheng, I told her what I thought I had and she started writing a prescription as I described the symptoms. She didn't look at me or test for anything until I asked, "Isn't there some way to confirm that I have what I think I have?" She took some samples and said we'll call you in a week if there's anything abnormal but on the way out the receptionist told me I had to call them for my results; they wouldn't call me. Overall the experience was disorganized, impersonal, and unsatisfactory.
The receptionists could be more friendly. Need to study English more. After all, they are the window for the patients. This is not China. They were not friendly at all. I liked Dr. Zheng very much.
The visit was quick, and efficient.
She was great. Pleasant helpful and informative
Everyone, the office staff and physician, is really nice and professional. However, the tympanic (ear) thermometer didn't have a probe cover on when she used it on me nor wiped with an alcohol prep pad. I left assured that I did not have an illness that I came in thinking I might have, but I left not knowing what my diagnosis is either. It wasn't stated. There are a few minor things that makes me question the hygiene practice, so I may come back for the convenience and speed (next day appointment, 10-15 minute wait) but I would not be satisfied with my visit.
I was processed by the office and seen by Dr. Zheng without much waiting. This efficiency surprised me for a Sunday afternoon appointment. Dr. Zheng is very kind and doesn't rush you out of the office despite her office being quite busy. I highly recommend her practice.
I recommend Dr Zheng she is caring attentive to your concerns . She makes sure you understand and satisfy with any concern you have
Dr. Zheng is an amazing doctor!
Love her. She's great!
Fast and friendly. Very professional.
Superior, attentive resourceful, generous
Very pleasant and professional.
Dr Yixiu Zheng was great, she answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable.
I enjoyed her taking the time to explain things to me.
Dr. Zeng was very nice. The office overall was disorganized, small detail, but the bathroom was missing soap the last time I visited. Dr. Zeng seemed to ask more about what I, as a patient, thought rather than recommend treatment according to symptoms - I came in because I thought I had an ear infection and Dr. Zeng looked at my ear and said she wasn't sure then asked 'Do you think you have an ear infection?'. I was sent away with a note to keep an eye on it and come back if anything changes.
My initial visit was very thorough, Dr. Zheng is very warm and personable qualities I prefer. Her staff is similarly disposed. I The exam was comprehensive including blood, urine tests and an EKG, everything done right in her office. So it's not only a comforting environment, it's very convenient not to have to go elsewhere for the tests as had been my experience with other doctors.
I really liked the doctor but the waiting room was filthy.
Everyone was really nice, pleasant, just a friendly environment. Dr. Zheng was great, knowledgeable and answered all my questions with care and understanding. Felt at ease.
Caring, thorough, smart. Listens empathetically.
I enjoyed doctor Zheng she was really nice and didn't rush me out!
Dr. Zheng is great, but her staff is absolutely not. They all completely ignored me when I got there, and I missed my appointment time, so I had to wait an entire 45 minutes before meeting with the doctor. This is especially frustrating when you have to leave work to come see the doctor because the staff told you to do so over the phone, and when you finally do speak with the doctor, all you get is 20 seconds worth of not brand new information that you could have gotten over the phone or via email. Dr. Zheng has been my only doctor since being in New York the past few years, and I'm sad that I'll have to look for another doctor because of her staff's inability to be better communicators.
She was friendly, but my appointment went very quickly. Hard to feel like I got a holistic check-up, because it was just so fast. But maybe that just means she's more efficient than any other Dr I've ever had! Was a little nervous seeing the office space, since the syringes and needles were just sitting out on counters (not in drawers, not organized) and what looked like a medical waste trash can was just sitting on the counter. Not as.... metallic, sterile-feeling, and organized as other Dr offices. But again, maybe that has no actual impact on the quality of care other than just a different customer experience.
Great doctor. Very helpful.
Good bedside manner, a little rushed and curt but willing to listen and explain.
very cold doctor, sees you and rushes you out. No hello, how are you, does the bare minimum, to the point that I had to point out abnormal labs she missed.
As always, my experience at Dr. Zheng's office was very good. All office staff are nice and professional.
She's the best.
Everyone who works in Dr. Zheng's office is incredibly nice and professional. Dr. Zheng was quick and efficient. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a PCP.
I was very pleased with the staff. Ms. Zheng and here staff were very professional and courteous. Ms. Zheng was very pleasant.
The doctor was very friendly and very helpful. She sits and listens and was overall very good. The office staff, however, could use some improvement.
It felt very unprofessional and impersonal. Throughout my appointment, nurse practitioners kept walking in and out to ask questions about other patients. I went to refill prescriptions that my out of state doctor could not fill anymore. The doctor didn't recognize the common prescription names and even put my birth date wrong on the scrip.
She is very straight forward and to the point, and seems to be very organized. I needed to get a form completed for work and she wasn't going to be able to fill it out until my test results came back and she got it to me right away.
I thought the doctor was excellent. I thought the surgery was a little run down and unclean toilets. However the service was excellent.
Everyone was wonderful
Super, resourceful, patient, thorough
Fast and helpful. I went in for pain in my upper back and she got me sorted out without opiod painkillers. Thanks!!
I went to Dr. Zheng for a vaccinations before travel. She was kind and quick. I'd consider seeing her as my general physician!
She's the best! Very attentive, caring and thorough.
Dr. Zheng was very efficient and thorough. Definitely will be back.
I'm excited to make Dr. Zheng my primary care physician, this was a great experience.
Responsive, thorough, resourceful, fine edu, committed and after many doctors, really empathetic and worthwhile during chronic illness. A "rara avis".
She's amazing. Thanks !!
Actually had a great time! Weird review for a doctor...but it's accurate.
Filled out paperwork online. Showed up and was seen right away for prechecks and later the physical. Checked all my concerns thoroughly.
Professional. Kind. Polite. Relaxed. Understanding. Positive. A really wonderful Doctor all round. She's the best I've had in New York. Very nice clean office as well. She cares about her patients.
The front desk was not helpful and mostly rude when asking any questions. Dr Zheng is very nice and asked many questions but the follow throughs were lacking heavily. I was prescribed medication that wasn't working so I went back 2 days later and had another co-pay just to have an extra prescription added. The one I needed most she never pre-authorized so I wasn't able to fill it. I e-mailed the doctor a few times to no avail and so I called the office and they said I could call back on Sunday (4 days after medicine prescribed) to leave a message. So basically I am still very sick and can't pick up my medication or reach the doctor.
Quick and efficient annual check up and the blood work was the least painful I have ever experienced! All staff was helpful and courteous, seamless transfer of info from Zocdoc. I was out of there in less than an hour
They were a little unorganized, but they were quick. Especially with all the people that were present. The staff was great, the doctor was even greater. I was seen in less than 30mins and I was out in less than 20.
She is knowledgeable and friendly!
Been to the flushing and Chinatown office - Nurses and doctor are quick and to the point. Tell her all your problems and you will be taken care of!
It was great, I arrived early and was out in less than an hour
Dr. Zheng was very helpful and informative as was her nurse, I was thankful to be seen on a Sunday.
very good and professional atmosphere.
Dr. Zheng is always cordial and professional.
Great Doctor and it's now my primary care physician.
Super doctor.
I was grossed out that they told me to wait and got first examined in a tiny room with other patients' blood and urine samples around me. She has a big office so I don't understand why she would have patients to wait and examined there. Just to be clear, I meant the first examination by her assistant who is also very strange. Can't they put them in a storage room or something or see patients in a different room. Her assistant was coming in and out to handle these samples. I was terrified that she would drop one right in front me. So I told her I am scared of blood and get me out of there. Although the actual room the doctor saw me in was big and clean and she did an okay job with my symptoms, I already got too grossed out and I don't think I want to go back there again unless they rearrange their office setting.
The nurses seem untrained.
Honest, sincere, thorough and Intelligent, A+++ Doctor and highly recomended
The staff and doctor were all very nice.
Great doctor and cares for her patients.
Dr. Zheng is a very good doctor. She has a great bedside manner, and listens well. She offered multiple treatment options to make sure I was approaching my issue in a way that I was comfortable with. The staff was very good as well. This clinic works very efficiently, which is good in many ways. It might be a pace that some people are not comfortable with, however it was perfect for me. Also, the staff was very flexible and worked quickly in getting medical records from my previous doctor.
Very thorough and great listener.
Overall, i was disappointed. The reviews on here were incredibly misleading. I only picked this doctor because the reviews were raving about her. She was pleasant but I didn't feel like it was a thorough exam whatsoever, and felt a bit rushed. The office also looked unkempt and a bit dirty. I would not come back.
Very Thorough and sincere, great bedside manner. A+
I felt rushed and I didn't receive clear answers to my questions because of the language barrier (the staff did not speak English fluently).
The office staff are nice, everything went smoothly, and Dr. Zheng answered my questions and was very nice.
The Dr. herself was friendly and somewhat thorough. I came in for a physical, and she was quick, but thorough. The office experience was not so great. When I showed up at 850am for my 9am appt. They had no record of my zocdoc appt. They said they were looking into it. I walked up to the desk 45 mins later and still nothing. They then proceeded to make me fill out 15+ pages of forms, even though I filled out zocdoc forms already. A full hour+ after I arrived they called me to the back to wait for the Dr.
I like Dr Zheng so much. She is empathetic and kind, and easy to make an appointment with. I trust her judgement and like her as a person. I highly recommend her as a GP!
Dr Zheng is wonderful! She is now my new prinary doctor.
Doctor Yiziu Zheng was quick, imformative, sweet, and made me feel very comfortable. The front staff was also super nice which is always a plus :)
Went in to get ear wax removed. They didn't have a single tool to remove ear wax because the doctor "forgot to bring it" and didn't offer to refund the copay despite my waiting 20 minutes for the appointment and receiving no help.
clinic smelled of chinese food, a lady was cutting her nails in the waiting room, the bathroom was smelling bad and floor was dirty...pretty low hygene. very generic advices for weight loss.
Very distracted. Seemed to lose interest. Put the wrong foot on the referrals :(
I came half hour early for my appointment. There are a lot of patients in the office, but I was called in at my scheduled time skipping those without appointments.
I thought it was great. She was very nice and caring and made me feel secure in the care she was giving me. Her staff was also very nice. It did make me nervous when one of the techs would ask me how to spell words when giving family history and allergies. I just think that makes room for big mistakes. Overall I had a great experiece and I feel confident in continuing to use her as my primary care doctor.
It was great! Dr. Zheng and the staff were friendly and effiecient. THANK YOU!
She's awesome.
I only had to wait a few minutes. She was fully professional and I feel confident that my health was in good hands.