Dr. Ximin Yang
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Dr. Ximin Yang

Dr. Ximin Yang graduated with a D.D.S. degree in Shanghai Dental School in 1989. She practiced in Shanghai for 2 years with a focus on Endodontics. She then worked at Saga Medical School in Japan, researching immunotherapy in oral cancer. Once in the United States, she attended the New Jersey Dental School where she worked in the Restoration Department for 3 years, furthering her pursuit of dental excellence. Dr. Yang then spent 3 years training and earning the specialist certificate of Periodontics in post graduate program in New Jersey Dental School. Dr. Yang enjoys the many challenges in General Dentistry to Specific Periodontal treatment, implant placement, general and cosmetic restoration and endodontic treatment.

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Very nice and gentle
New patient. I've never had a smoother anesthetic; unnoticeable! Dr Yang & Mina did a great job of adapting to unexpected oddities in my case, and of telling me what was up. The results feel and look good.
Very kind nice person. Equipment was excellent. Images appeared on screen and she spent the time educating me on how to read my teeth.
Very professional and informative.
Fantastic experience. And who generally says that about going to the dentist? Highly recommend. Outstanding bedside manner, advice, time spent, and help with researching my insurance coverage.
i like her, she is a professional Dr, explains what she is going to do and listens to what you have to say about your problem. I will recomment other people. Thanks. Nicolas
Dr. Yang and her assistant are great. They are both fun and friendly, and they keep a TV on above the dental chairs that help distract you while they're working. Very friendly service.
Dr. Yang is so great! I drive from the middle of D.C. to McLean to see her. Her technique is excellent and her care is highly, highly personalized. She really cares about her patients and only books one patient at a time so she doesn't feel rushed. I always feel very well taken care of under her hand.
She was welcoming, friendly, and did a great job !
Nice clean office very warm and friendly. She was very informative the service that I wanted I can pay in monthly installmennts.
I love Dr. Yang! She does a great job, is really friendly, and gives helpful advice. Also great that she takes appointments on Saturdays and all the chairs have flatscreen TVs so you don't have to pay attention to what she's doing.
great experience!!
She did everything that can be expected of a dentist. She even cleaned my teeth herself rather than delegating this to a hygienist.
Dr. Yang is the best dentist I've ever had. She is totally hands-on, and personally cleaned my teeth rather than leaving it to a hygienist. She really takes the time to explain things, and tell you the pros and cons of different procedures. The office has advanced technology and you can see all of your X-rays and dental records right on the screen which is displayed right in front of you. Dr. Yang is very gentle yet effective. She tells it to you straight but is honest and really seems to care about your oral health. At my second appointment, the receptionist had left so Dr. Yang took care of all of the insurance billing herself. Plus, she has extended hours (open until 7 p.m. on weeknights, I believe) and is even open on Saturdays! I've never been to a dentist like that. I love that I can request appointments online as well.
She gave me some very helpful advice about oral hygiene, and she recommended a very reasonable treatment plan that's in line with my budget. I have been to places where they seemed to recommend as much work as possible to maximize their revenue, but this office was very fair and transparent.
very friendly, practical advices, no time wasted. (being a Chinese it's easier to communicate your concerns/questions and get answers here)
Very thorough with cleaning and answered all my question very thoughtfully.
Very professional and friendly. She can speak Chinese.
Dr. Yang and staff provides a level of care and expertise that is clearly worthy of emulation. Exceptional healthcare professional with the latest technology in a professional medical building in McLean that can actually process dental insurance claims with robust due diligence!
Very much satisfied with services.
Dr. Yang is the best. Rooms have flat screen TVs, and she is very smart, thorough, and friendly.
The biggest problem with her is communication, Any time I go there without any conversation she started cleaning teeth. She done a deep cleaning on my teeth and she made big gap between the teeth. Please ask question before taking any cleaning.
Doctors is really good and I never got a pain when my tooth extraction was done. He has soft hand for injection and treatment which is really beneficial for patients like me as I am scared of injections ??..
she was excellent and thorough
I wouldn't recommend this dentist and Dr. Hu. The plan they put on my teeth didn't work out and I am also questioning about the charges they collected from me. I am filing a complaint to the board. But if you only speak Chinese, they might be a good fit for you.
I recommend this office practice to all
Very professional from both the Doctor and the Assistant. Good equipment, had the feeling to be in good hands. Next visit already planned.
Highly recommend. Dr. Yang made all the dental work much less intimidating! The result is amazing.
very friendly personal, doctor was great. I'm definitely coming back. Unfortunately, the address on google maps took me to 2 other directions before finding the actual address.
I love Dr. Yang! Great practice. I actually enjoy going to the dentist.
Helpful, informative, very kind & gentle.
Dr.Yang and Dr.Hu are very professional and nice doctors in DC area who I would absolutely recommend to every friend who have any teeth issues. They care about your teeth like theirs own teeth. Everything Excellent!
Dr. Yang is a very competent and caring dentist. She has helped me with several complicated dental situations including infections brought on by a compromised immune system. She has always responded to emergencies quickly.
Their new office on Fairfax Dr. is beautifully pristine. Dr. Yang saw me right away and she was thorough but gentle on the teeth. Plus they have Saturday hours!
Dr. Yang is terrific. I have lousy teeth, so I don't generally feel good about dentists. Dr. Yang, however, is very kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and skilled. Moreover, her office has a great staff and nice amenities. I would recommend Dr. Yang and her practice to anybody looking for a dentist.
Very good experience.
Dr. Yang is the most talented and compassionate Doctor I've ever met. She was able to prepare me for the procedure I was scheduled for, and keep me calm during my procedure when I was so nervous. She is very approachable, patient, and she is definitely an asset to the industry. Dr. Yang, I am deeply grateful to you for your support and professionalism. Very respectfully, Gauri G
Good bedside manners, but definitely wasn't thrilled that she completely forgot who I was despite having been their multiple times. Also, not sure if she is just trying to rush me out the door, but largely ignored my fears of issues with my mouth. Without any real reassurance but her word, I am skeptical and will eventually find a new dentist.
Dr. Yang gets right down to business and doesn't hesitate to tell you what the problems are and what you could do better to avoid them. The treatment never causes more than possibly a tiny twinge of pain for a fraction of a second.
Dr. Yang is essentially the world's most efficient dentist. She's also very good at what she does--she's been my dentist for almost four years now. I've never needed anything more than a cleaning from her, but she does that speedily and always gives me little tips on keeping my teeth clean with a permanent retainer. Her staff is kind and there's never a long wait.
She is excellent!
The doctor is very good about telling me what I need to do to avoid future problems with my teeth. She also does everything quickly and efficiently.
I was seen at the Arlington office for an emergency crown. My tooth (middle front!) had broken that morning and I had a 7 p.m. meeting scheduled with a Senator. Doctor Yang, and her associate Doctor Hu, dropped what they were doing to perform a surgical procedure including root canal treatment and installing the crown. I was able to meet the Senator, along with several of my journalist colleagues, looking good and feeling great.
They are both very professional and do great work. Very satisfied.
Dr. Yang is very detailed I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. Not only has she helped with current issues she has fixed some problems that another dentist caused. One of those problems was a crown put on by another dentist. It was way bigger than the tooth it replaced so it looked awkward and threw off my smile. To top it off it kept popping off. When Dr. Yang went to re-cement it she noticed the pole that was there for support was way too short. So instead of just re-cementing it like every other dentist had she took the time to drill into it and reset the entire base. Even the temporary crown felt sturdier than the original crown ever did. When I got the permanent crown in it was the right size so it fixed the look of my mouth. The size of the crown matches perfectly. It’s back to where it should be so there is no longer an out of place tooth making my smile awkward. The permanent crown looks and feels great. Yay! I also had a root canal done at the same time. My jaw and bite are a tiny bit sore today (as to be expected) but other than the normal pain it looks great and I am confident the crown will be perfect. If you are looking for someone to coddle you and hide the truth she isn’t for you. She is brutally honest but her honest opinion is totally worth the great work. I read she was hard to understand. I disagree. I am English speaking only and didn't have much trouble understanding her. When I did I said so and she repeated her self. I understood her the second time. To top off the great experience done by Dr. Yang; Melissa her assistant is wonderful she is nice and works well with Dr. Yang. She is careful with what she does and it shows. She hasn’t held my lip or gum uncomfortably by her nails or sprayed water down my throat; unlike previous assistants I have encountered elsewhere. I highly recommend them both!
Very professional. Excellent dental services and advice.
Highly recommended, friendly stuff and the doctor makes her recommendations.
No instruction / advice for new patient. Not so professional
Couldn't have been more pleased...great office, staff but best of all great results
I always have a fear of the dentist but they made my experience reassuring that everything will be ok. They explained all the procedures and clarified everything
Both Dr. Yang and Dr. Hu were knowledgeable and patiently explained everything that they were doing so that I could understand what was happening. Dr. Yang gave me a consultation first, and then Dr. Hu performed the necessary work. It was clear that they made quality and doing things right the first time a priority. I would recommend them.
Dr. Yang took the time to explain everything in detail, check my insurance estimates online, and even encouraged me to do some additional research on my own.
Excellent job ! She was very professional and kind to me. She answered every question which I asked with care. After the treatment with long opration, she even called me to ask if I felt well after the operation. I am fully satisfied with her treatment.
Dr. Yang is extremely friendly and the procedure went quicker than expected. She said everything looked very good afterwards, and I got pain medication but have not really felt that it was needed. I will absolutely be returning for my next procedure.
Maybe somebody should have warned me how expensive this bridge would be, but on the other hand, this information would not have changed my decision to go ahead with it.
Dr. Yang was very caring on my child's first visit. As a professional, she has excellent bedside manner. We had an urgent issue, and Dr. Yang's office was able to fit us in on the same day that we called when our regular dentist happened to be off. I highly recommend Dr. Yang and have nothing but great things to say about her staff.
Excellent. Received very thorough cleaning.
It was excellent and friendly.
very good experience with Dr. Yang
Everything was great and Excellent.
That was great and excellent.
Overall, this doctor treated her patient seriously and responsively and I like her professional bedside manner. If originally the administration staff could take the paperwork as much responsibly as the doctor did after she noticed my concern, I would mark this place as one of the straight five-star dental clinics I've ever visited. At first, I didn't feel comfortable with this place especially due to a mistake made by clinic administrator and lack of professional explanation and communication with insurance company. I am overcharged since the treatment of period scale for four parts (UR UL LL LR) was submitted at one visit but insurance only covers two parts per visit, which made me end up with paying rest of two parts by myself, believe me it's a difference between hundreds and tens of dollars. But I'm satisfied that this doctor followed up with me after I called, I was told that the insurance company didn't provide the clinic detailed explanation of my plan policy or clear instruction for billing, which actually sounds very different from what I heard from insurance company representative when I called them. Who's happening here? I actually don't know but I've learned my lesson and am also very glad that problem got solved. This is about money but not only about it, since what patient would feel about a medical professional comes from a whole package of everything (including attitude toward work etc. ) once the patient walks into the clinical office. Update: I've heard from this doctor that refund is on the way. Thanks for her follow up and help on taking care of this.
She was great. Was seen immediately. She did the cleaning very gently. Was friendly and positive. She explained to me what she was doing each step of the way and gave me tips for improving my own brushing/flossing. Highly recommend!
The treatment started right at the appointed time. the wait was only because I came about 15 minutes early.