Dr. Vijaya Nama

Vijaya Nama is a compassionate and attentive family physician and primary care doctor treating her patients in Mesquite, TX. Dr. Nama is multilingual, speaking English, Spanish, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. She is affiliated with the Baylor Medical Center at Garland, the Dallas Regional Medical Center, the Mesquite Specialty Hospital, and the Texas Regional Medical Center. Dr. Nama is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Nama received her medical degree from the Gandhi Medical College. She then completed her medical residency at the St. Louis University’s School of Medicine. Dr. Nama provides her patients with services that include wound care, incision and drainage of abscesses, removal of simple cysts, pap smears, and annual gynecological exams. Dr. Nama spends most of her spare time with her family. She is married, and she and her husband have two daughters. Dr. Nama also enjoys cooking, gardening, and watching movies. Dr. Nama accepts medicaid for ages 3-17 only.

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the doctor is very good
I really enjoyed and felt good going to this doctor for the first time. I really recommend this doctor.
Wonderful experience. Office staff were friendly and accomidatable. Nurse and doctor were very knowledgable and answered every one of my questions. Dr. Nama has a wonderful bed-side manner which can be hard to find in the health industry nowadays. Thanks!
I felt like she wasnt very thorough and the few visits I went to seemed kind of rushed. Took my daughter in for school checkup/shots and it wasn't until the end of the visit that I was told they only had one vaccine there in the office but was ordering more and to come back in a week. Then when I come back Dr Nama basically told me the vaccines were too expensive since she doesn't order a bulk amount and that I should go down to the Heath Dept and they'd do it for a little fee. I just would've appreciated if I'd been informed of all this prior to even making the appt for my daughter.
I am very pleased with the care and concern shown by Dr. Nama. She is focused and attentive. So many doctors are talking instead of listening. She clearly listens intently to her patients then speaks. She is concerned about all aspects of your health and does not rush the appointment. She is crisp in her speech and recommendations. One thing I like that very few doctors do is when she is leaving the room after we are finished, she turns and asks, "Is there anything else we need to discuss or that I can do for you?" I am very pleased with her office, her staff is efficient and courteous and they are in the 21st century on using technology to keep patients informed, make appointments, get lab results, etc. All in all, a very good visit. N Young Rockwall
She was very thorough. Asked me a lot of questions with what was ailing me!
As usual, very supportive and helpful.
Dr. Nama was very receptive to everything I had to say, and she was very nice to converse with...she seemed interested in my health concerns, and I appreciated that. As of now, I look forward to having her as my PCP.
Dr Nama is always courteous and takes the time to address any concerns I have. She never makes me feel she is in a rush.
She is an excellent doctor and always spends an appropriate amount of time answering questions & explaining diagnosis & treatments. It would be difficult to find a more caring doctor. Her new staff changes hopefully will improve prescription refill difficulties the office has experienced in the past.
Very professional and considerate, will continue to visit this office
I was very pleased with Dr. Nama. She took the time to answer my questions, and gave me some very useful information. Everyone in the office was very courteous, and helpful getting me the information that I needed. The doctor and her staff took as much time as I needed. I hope to have her as my doctor for a long time.
She was very thorough, explained everything I should be doing.
Dr. Nama and her staff were very professional and attentive. I had an excellent experience!
It was my first meeting and required a lot of paperwork for insurance purposes. She was focused, attentive, answered questions, ordered blood work and will see her again when the results are in ... good experience and the staff was very helpful and organized. They have recently moved into their nice new offices.
My first time visit was great..
Doctor Nama is one the most pleasant Doctor I have ever visit. She seen to know and dose her job very well. I am please of her service.
Very professional and thorough. Listened to all my concerns and explained the blood work results. Encouraged and advised me on good lifestyle habits. I was Very Happy with the visit.
Dr. Nama is a really nice person .. She takes care of her patient very well
The staff is very understanding and polite if you need to cancel an appointment or there is any kind of misunderstanding. Dr. is good as well, however I have never had a Dr. prior to her that "required" me to come in for an appointment EVERY month. I believe SOME Dr. DO milk your Insurance.
She answer all my questions and addressed all my concerns which made me feel comfortable.
Awesome very professional and thorough! My kids really loved the staff
Very good
Excellent and most friendly staff. Very competent doctor. She is always helpful and in a good mood even when extremely busy. Has a positive attitude
She was very polite and concerned. She listened and tried to make the experience as good as possible. I look forward to working with her in the futures.
Listen to my health issues and concerns
I was a little nervous when I got there because she had a unhappy patient. When she got to me she was very nice and she listened to my concerns and my medical needs. I had a pleasant visit. Very happy to finally find a doctor whom seems to care about my well-being.
Dr Nama is very professional an Curtis Dr I have every known. I would highly recommend her to everyone .
This was absolutely the shortest visit we've ever had with any Doctor. Appt was at 1115, we were on our way back out to the car by 1130!
Very professional, soft spoken, good listener. I really like how she is discreet and the attention she gAve during the visit. Her staff is great, very friendly and professional
Went well
Like the other reviews, she's very caring and not rushing you like most doctors do nowadays. I decided to stick with her after my first visit and she also does my women wellness yearly check up. I'm very happy with her and her staffs. I just hope that she will be under my insurance network for a very long time.
She is absolutely amazing. She listens and really takes time to tailor treatment just for you. Very professional and I would recommend her to anyone.
I have been seeing Dr. Nama for several years. She is really great.
She wasn't very interested in seeing me since I already had some check ups done in the past. Staff was friendly even tho one of the young ladies wrote down all my information wrong to were the doctor thought she was seeing a seriously obese person and I weigh 157 pounds. She was in and out of the room in less than 4 minutes. I could have went to a urgent care and got all that I wanted done and paid less as well. Will not be going back. Sorry not sorry.
Not just a "Medical" Doctor. She is an unusually concerned and caring Doctor also.
Very pleasant and helpful.
Simply excellent
The dr was VERY professional, I was happy with what she had to say.
Dr. Nama is very compassionate and takes the time to listen and understand the issues. She has been spot on with my diagnosis and gets me back in good health fast!
I like the doc, she is very professional.
being the first visit I think it went very well..
Dr. Nama was really nice and honest. She seemed to know her stuff! I'm glad I've finally found a good PCP
She was very easy to talk to, and she asked good questions. She seemed very concerned, and explained herself very well.
the staff said nothing when I got to the window. Doctor Nama didn't instruct me on what to do after she did my physical. Thought it was odd I had to go fill a prescription at the pharmacy to get depo shot to bring back so they could administer? also had to go to another location to get my blood drawn?
She was very kind and easy to talk to.
It was my first visit with Dr. Nama. She made me feel comfortable immediately. She has great bedside manner. I highly recommend her.
She is great and very easy to talk to and knows her stuff.....I'm so glad I found her.
Dr. Nama is not just your "Average" doctor. She is very efficient, competent and caring. She is well educated as the many different health issues. Always gives good advise. She does NOT over medicate her patients. I agree with this policy. She gets to know you on a personal level which is not only "unusual" for doctors these days but QUITE REFRESHING. Gives you hope that doctors DO STILL CARE! Her staff is excellent. I have never had a single problem with receiving a return call on a message I have left. Just a really OUTSTANDING STAFF, all around.
Very personable and efficient doctor. A blessing to have her as mine!
It was a very nice and a pleasant experience over all.
She was very pleasant and professional. I could tell right away that she was a caring and compassionate person. Everyone in the office is friendly.
She is a very compassionate and caring Doctor. I absolutely am very grateful to have such a caring professional handle my healthcare needs. She has been very supportive throughout my adventure of life-changing experiences and look forward to many more doctor visits. I feel we have a very good doctor/patient relationship.
excellent, caring, smart. great office staff. plan on staying her patient many years to come
As usual, Dr Nama was very professional and her bedside manner is great. She always checks on me "personally" as she is aware I am a widow and wants to make sure everything is going well, that my meds are working as they should or if I have any concerns about anything. When she learned my insurance had changed as I recently retired early and no longer have as good a policy as I had before, even suggested an alternative way to handle some testing. She is a very good family doctor and I would recommend her.
I'm very happy with Dr. Nama. I'm going to keep her as my primary care doctor from now on.
The visit was great, she's so caring and kind and patient, I wish I would've came to her a long time ago.
she is such a caring doctor. such a great happy smile every time I go in. Always cheers me up. Shows real concern and compassion. GREATEST STAFF TOO
Dr. Nama is my primary physician and she has been for a long time. I didn't use the ZOCDOC appointment because I had already seen her earlier the week before.
Dr. Nama has an excellent bedside manner. She made me feel very comfortable the first time I met her. I am grateful to have found such a caring physician.
When I went in for my yearly check up, they had me re-fill out a form with my info, even though I already did it on Zocdoc. Due to the waiting room being small, I felt uncomfortable because it was filled and there where people coughing and I was ready to get out of there. The nurse was nice. The Doctor wasn't that great. She was in and out of the room, didn't really talk. For meeting her for the first time I expected a little better beside manner. I am looking for a permanent family physician who I can stick with, and I did not find it here.
Very pleased!!!
Very attentive and spends ample time.
I felt like I was meeting a celebrity cause I used doc zoc to find Mrs Nama what a sweet lady she is. And she makes me feel very at ease. All questions are answered and she is just such a joy to be around. Very professional and informative body language is welcoming and her smile is to die for. I love love love her.
She is very nice. Seems to know her stuff. I will be making her my pcp. The staff was friendly.
Our family loves Dr. Nama!
It was great! Very attentive and listened to all my questions. Great experience
Dr Nama is the ideal doctor. Attentive, courteous and honest. I'm glad I found her!
I was very happy with Dr. Nama. it was my first time seeing her and I was very pleased with how the appointment went. Sergio
Dr. Nama is very compassionate and she takes the time to answer and explain your questions. She is very thorough and will pursue medical options to resolve health issues. I highly recommend Dr. Nama.
I am very pleased with Dr. Nama as she is very precise. She always remembers us by name and answers any questions we have. Her pricing is good and our insurance covers 100%
Dr. Nama is very professional, kind and compassionate.
The front office people were not professional and very bad. My appointment was at 3.30 and they called another lady came after me and when I questioned it they said it was a new patient. I want Dr nama to appoint good professional people as front desk staffs.