Dr. Tung Nguyen
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Dr. Tung Nguyen

Tung Nguyen, MD, is passionate about staying involved in his community. When he's not instructing classes in Tae Kwon Do, or mentoring boys in the Big Brothers Organization, you can find him serving the Bay Area as a Family Practitioner and Primary Care Doctor at the Regional Medical Center of San Jose. After studying medicine at Des Moines University, Dr. Nguyen completed his residency at St. Barnabas hospital, where he twice won the 'Resident of the Year' award. Dr. Nguyen is also a certified Osteopath, and he is pleased to conduct consultations in both English and Vietnamese. He looks forward to meeting you!

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Would highly recommend this doctor!
Very professional and personable. Easy to talk to and a great listener.
Very professional, friendly, and made me feel better
He is very good and diagnosed my problem in very short time period and I think that's my really problem. I will try his prescription and get back to him next time.
Dr. Tung seems like a very cool guy. He was easy to talk to, he shows concern and in a very detailed way answered my questions and explained the situation. He has a sense of humor making things comfortable. I am glad to finally find a satisfying PCP.
My kids love him..
He is always so good with the kids, always takes his time and listens to them...he is a great Dr and very compassionate human being!
He was great. He listen to us and what our need
Very happy doctor. Please don't have my son aydin ta wait 3 hours next time.wrong info was given but the doctor is great.
His explanation regarding my complain was very straightforward and informative. No awkward moment during my visit because he explains medically not only as doctor but as a friend as well.
I needed to see him in a hurry. Not only did I book my own appointment...but on a Saturday! He's definately about building relationships, like an old school doctor but with a younger take. Let me put it this way, I've been looking for a doctor for a while now. He's the first one I felt listened to me and didn't make me feel that he wanted to rush out of the room to see the next patient. I'm going back.
He is super friendly, nice and very kind! I'd come to see him again if I get sick :) The front desk is okay, but the doctor is great
Long wait times. Felt rushed throughout the appointment. Cold and unenthusiastic attitude. Do not waste your time unless you want to be treated like herded cattle.
It was cool. he is professional, yet comfortable, friendly, and relatable.
He was excellent. Just what I needed.
Dr. Nguyen is very friendly and professional. He is very patient and listens to his patients' concers carefully. The staff is very friendly and promtly supports patient if there is any request i.e faxing prescriptions to local pharmacy My wait time is less than 10 minutes.
Doctor was great, office personel did a job, nothing more. As these are your first contact, their stone faces made me want to turn around and leave since they were pretty much all business. I don't think they even know how to smile. But I stayed knowing that at least the Doctor got a high rating on ZocDoc and that I needed to see a doctor and hoped he would make up for his emotionless office staff. And he did thank goodness.
Dr. Nguyen was so friendly!
Friendly environment, professional staff, and a very knowledgeable and efficient Physician.
Comforting and devised a plan of care that made me comfortable
It is helpful and convinient
He's a nice guy
very good
Doctor Tung is a great doctor. How ever the wait time is not acceptable. My appointment is at 3pm but I did not get to see Dr. Tung until 4:50pm.
The wait was longer than expected but once I saw Dr. Nguyen he was very professional.
This visit was a flash back to my childhood - Soviet Union polyclinics, where you have to wait for hours in a line to be seen by the doctor. There are only three differences: 1) I actually had an appointment at a certain time with the doctor, 2) we are not in the Soviet Union, 3) healthcare in the U.S. is not free, doctors are well-paid, and I'm actually paying for the visit with my own money, but instead of a good service, which you would expect, I'm forced to seat in the crowded room and wait for more than an hour to be seen by the doctor. More than an hour wait was explained to me as "ZocDoc's time don't always correspond with our times, we have many appointments today". Well, then WHY ARE YOU ON ZOCDOC?! Keep the times current, update them constantly! Or at least call me an hour before the appointment and ask to come an hour later, or cancel it. Is it too much to ask to respect my time?! Will I come here again, or will I recommend this place? I don't think so...
Didn't really like the atmosphere, or staff. Had to wait a bit too long but the dr himself was great. Took his time, didn't rush me and was very nice.
Satisfactory appointment
friendly, straight and honest.
Excellent doctor! Very friendly, courteous, and willing to address my concerns. One of the reception ladies comes across rather cold...
The best Doctor there is, he works with you to make a plan of treatment and encourages immediate follow ups and does a great job of listening to you and the staff very helpful and I won't go see anyone else he is primary care physician.
Doctor Nguyen was very friendly and helpful. My visit was fast and effective. At the time of my visit, most of his front desk staff spoke primarily vietnamese, which made it slightly harder to communicate, since I don't speak it.
Skeptical at first because of the location. Dr. Nguyen was definitely the highlight of my visit.
Very good doctor. Easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.
Excellent doctor!
Excellent, as always.
At first I felt a little uncomfortable because I am hispanic and literally every single person in there (and it was packed) was asian and speaking their language. One of the guys seemed shy for some reason and it almost seemed like he was training though. So for a second I thought maybe I should look for another doctor. But as soon as I spoke with the doctor everything changed. He made me feel very comfortable and was very professional. He knew what he was talking about and gave a lot of advise. I definitely will be coming back.
It was a pleasant experience. Staff were polite and courteous. The doctor was accommodating and knowledgeable in his chosen field. He gave detailed and realistic information about my case. Well done.
He is very good doctor.
It was a directbut amiable experience. Result was provided as agreed upon.
Great office I'd recommend to anyone!
Very personable and competent!
He's a great Dr. and very knowledgable.
He was very charismatic and knowledgeable about what is going on. Fast and to the point, which I like as I have a busy schedule. Will go back.
I very much enjoyed meeting and being treated by Dr. Nguyen today, The nurses were polite and efficient....while I was in the waiting room I google'd Dr. Nguyen....lots of compliments for him but some bashing on the ladies at the front desk....I didn't see any of the stuff written about that was negative...only great work and smiling faces...I will be returning in the future.
I think he look decent for a dob46.....this just mean what can he do,for you
Dr. Nguyen was incredibly sweet and down-to-earth. I was a little overwhelmed by the new, labyrinth-style office and was surprised to learn that they are CASH ONLY. However, I really enjoyed chatting with the doctor and I will definitely go back to him.
I was very satisfied with my consultation with Dr. Tung Nguyen Do.He is very good with patient care, I would recommend.
Very professional, great communicator and his diagnosis was spot on. He recommended inexpensive medication and spent a lot of time with me discussing various health issues. My visit was only $50.00, which was a great deal.
Very professional and personable. He made you feel at ease. He was thorough and explained everything before I left the office.
Awesome Doctor,
He is a kind and friendly doctor. I would him.
He's great! Answered all my questions, very informative, was not in a rush at all. Felt very comfortable with him.
Excellent.....I really like him.
Serivce oriented front office staff, doctor was knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to talk to. cash only, which is something to consider. Says it's due to the clientele they serve, who are mainly Vietnamese speaking. That said everyone I encountered during visit has good command of English.
Doctor Nguyen is kind and understanding, but his whole staff are the WORST people I have encountered. They barely speak English and are so unbelievably disorganized, I honestly think that a monkey could have been trained to do a better job. The Dr. is also unorganized, he completely forgot to fill out one of the forms I had sent him, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to contact him. I faxed over forms about 10 times, apparently none went through. The awful, rude, receptionists told me "well no fax no work why you even try that" AFTER they told me to fax the docs over. They told me to email him, and so I emailed the center about 3 times, wiht no response. I called everyday telling them my situation, they would barely answer and tell me to "calm down" repeatedly when I asked when the forms will be filled and faxed over. They promised to have Dr. Tung call me back-he never did, and then he went on vacation for two weeks. I also asked if they billed the insurance and their response was "I have no idea don't ask me" multiple times. I have never had a worse experience with a doctor, and I hope no one ever has to subject themselves to the incompetence of the staff. I honestly am at a loss of what to do now, but I am so incredibly frustrated at this Dr. that I truly don't want anyone to have to be his patient! All of his patients are Vietnamese and the staff barely speaks English, and completely stare at you/treat you entirely differently if you are not Vietnamese. I cried multiple times because of the awful experiences with the awful doctor and staff.
One thing I don't like about Dr. Tung's office is that he only takes cash and no credit/debit card. This is a big hassle if you do not have cash. Then you have to go find an atm, get cash and then get started.
Great sense of humor and accurate diagnosis.
The doctor was happy to answer all my queries and address all my concerns. Would visit again.
Dr Tung was very kind and helpful... He was very informative, and listened to everything I was concerned about. I believe that he is a very wise, and understanding person. The wait time was a bit excessive. Over 50 minutes... But it is a small office, and there were many patients today. Be sure to arrive early because parking is a challenge.
Appointment should be on time
He's really nice and friendly.
He is the best.
Best family doctor in San Jose!!! 5 Super Stars all the way.
Dr. Nguyen is personable and down to earth. He made me comfortable and feel like I've been going to him for years when, in fact, this was the first visit. He knew exactly what was going on with my health. Definitely would recommend.
Excellent clinician Good bedside manner Listener As a healthcare professional I'm very observant of other professionals. So I would highly recommend.
Great guy knows what he's talking about
Dr.Nguyen was fantastic. The receptionist was very rude upon my arrival, maybe bc I was a little late but there are ways to talk to people. Her tone of voice and facial expressions made we want to leave but I'm glad I stayed bc the doctor was great.
Dr. Tung was very professional and helpful. He listened carefully and was very empathetic. I cannot comment on the accuracy of the diagnosis yet as its pending the use of his prescription, but it seemed accurate.
Doctor Tung was very friendly and easy to talk to.
Dr. nguyen is very personable and knowledgeable which makes him an excellent primary care physician.
I enjoyed his personable style, yet other than listening to my lungs with a stethoscope, and putting a blood pressure cuff on me, there was no physical to the physical exam.
Great Doctor! The wait was a bit long but I felt it was worth it.
This doctor is great. Very knowledgeable and nice person all around
Dr. Tung is a very busy doctor, but is also very attentive and reassuring. You might have a small wait time going here, but other than that, no problems.
Very straight-forward and friendly.
Great bedside manner. Don't know if he actually did anything to diagnose me