Dr. Stella Oh
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Dr. Stella Oh

Dr. Stella Oh is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist and a prosthodontist who performs wide range of treatments from veneers to advanced dental implant therapies. Dr. Oh received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University of Dentistry and further obtained 3 year specialty in Prosthodontics and 2 year Implant Surgical Fellowship. As a daughter of physicians, Dr. Oh always has had a genuine interest in how to improve people’s health since childhood. She wanted to purse biomedical engineering with her mathematical background to hope to create products and therapies to help patients in needs. During her early college years, her experience with the dental implants and restorations to help many patients gain back their dental function has eventually led her to pursue dentistry and further study her specialty. Today, Dr. Oh's main mission is to help patients to obtain the best dental health and smiles they possibly can. Dr. Oh's approach is extremely thorough, conservative yet state of art. She also believes in a holistic approach by reviewing every patient’s medical, dietary and habitual conditions to improve one's dental health and aesthetics of the teeth. With her kind demeanor and gentle technique, even the most dental phobic patients feel comfortable during the treatments and encouraged to strive for healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Oh currently maintains her clinical attending faculty appointment in Post-Doctoral Prosthodontics Department at New York University’s College of Dentistry. As one of a few dual trained prosthodontists, she enjoys and dedicates her time in teaching post-doctoral residents to perform implant surgery and prosthodontic procedures.

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Best dentist I've ever had.
Dr. Oh & her staff are knowledgeable and friendly.
Dr. Stella Oh was amazing. Her bedside manner was impeccable and made me feel comfortable even while grinding down a tooth and cutting my gums open (I'm sure that's T.M.I.). She explained everything she was doing, was on time and gave me instructions for lowering the pain over the next day or two.
1ST, I think I waited for almost to 30 mins. 2nd, I came in for a cleaning, but she went ahead doing scaling without me fully grasping the situation (and of course the charge) I felt she should have talked to me about it and leave me to the decision making. Though she was very friendly and over all did a decent job, I did not have a great experience. She made me feel my teeth were rotten, which was hardly the truth.
Dr. Oh was highly knowledgeable and skilled with a gentlest bedside manner. She explained things thoroughly for me to understand. I did have to wait a little, but I realized that she cares to take her time with her patients to do a nice job - which I don't mind at all.
She was very nice and thorough. I was a little nervous, but she was gentle and the cleaning went well. Also, the offices were really nice!
Very professional with great depth of knowledge. She fully explains the entire process in order to make you feel comfortable, and answers all questions thoroughly with no ambiguity. Highly recommended.
Great dentist who listens and makes sure you are comfortable at all times. Highly recommended.
She was very responsive to my emergency visit needs.
Stella Oh, was magnificent. This is a DentisT that is cutting edge and very precise. In fact the entire staff was a pleasure. Have you ever heard someone say that they were looking forward to going back? I am. ( :
Very attentive and calm. Was a pleasant experience for being at the dentist.
Dr. Oh is so sweet and accommodating. Also I love Connie who works reception - she is very easy to get a hold of via email which is very easy for me.
Dr. Oh is patient, kind, and gives sound advice. Not only does she explain procedures before she does them, but patiently takes time to address and consider patients' requests and concerns.
She was very clam and attentive to every part of my dental care at my visit. I highly recommend her!
She was extremely sweet and attentive to my concerns. Very professional and knowledgable. Highly recommended!
She is very friendly and attentive. She explained every step she was taking, which made me very comfortable. She was very gentle when she was cleaning my teeth and I didn't feel any pain!
Dr Oh is truly a wonderful dentist. She is so gentle and caring and she did beautiful veneers for my teeth. If you want veneers that don't look fake, then go to Dr Oh.
Dr. Oh is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and spoke honestly about my options, only making recommendations based on evidence. I had a great dental visit and will be going back for future dental work. It was definitely worth the short wait time.
Dr. Oh is highly skilled with excellent bedside manner. She is very sensitive to patients needs and level of comfort throughout the consultation/service. Her staff is also very courteous and professional. Convenient midtown location too!
Very professional , competent, caring and efficient.
She's very personable and caring. Luckily I don't have dental issues, but my wife does, and she LOVES Dr. Oh. She's been searching for the perfect dentist for years and have finally found her.
Nice office, her staff - very professional and pleasant. Dr. Oh is very gentle and sweet, informative and tells you in detail what she is doing at all times. I had great deal of work done and felt no pain. GOTTA LOVE THAT!
I have been seeing Dr. Oh for a while now and I am very happy that I found her. She is really great!
Dr. Oh and her assistant are excellent. Very patient and gentle, despite the fact that I had waited way, way too long between cleanings. If I have to go to the dentist, then I want to see Dr. Oh.
I was very happy with my visit. I've been looking for a good dentist ever since I moved to Manhattan and I think my search is finally over. She was very thorough without being overly rough. Her assistants were also very nice and helpful as well.
Dr. Oh was super nice and very thorough with my cleaning. She even took time to show me up close where the problems were with my teeth. The front desk staff were also friendly and the offices are bright and clean. Would definitely recommend!
Wow! I was so impressed by my visit, my first, to Dr. Oh. First, calling the office is a pleasure. The desk assistant, Connie, is extremely pleasant to deal with on the phone and very efficient. And she was just as nice in person when I arrived at the office (which is a very nicely appointed one just above the Calvin Klein store on Madison Avenue). The reason I had gone to Dr. Oh -- having got good recommendations on ZocDoc and Yelp -- was because my current dentist had told me I had to have a crown that would cost almost $3,000. This dentist (who shall remain unnamed) is not in my insurance's network and they said they could only reimburse me about $900 of the cost. I was also a bit suspicious that a crown was a somewhat radical move and so decided to get a second opinion. I also thought that if the work was indeed needed that it would be better (and cheaper!) to have it done in-network. (To be fair to this dentist, who I had used for almost 20 years, he had not seen reason to do lots of procedures over these years, apart from another crown, which did seem necessary.) After my pleasant dealings with Connie (filling out the usual first-time forms and so forth), I was escorted into the extremely well-equipped and spic-and-span surgery by Dr. Oh's assistant, Wendy. She made some very nice conversation and asked me a couple of health questions before bringing Dr. Oh in. Dr. Oh is very low-key, almost to the point of being diffident, but obviously very serious about what she is doing. She is also very gentle, which is great (I have had head- and jaw-tugging dentists and hygenists before). She asked me some medical-history questions and then proceeded to examine my teeth. She also had Wendy do an x-ray of the teeth in question (done with the latest digital equipment). And the outcome? She thought a crown was unnecessary. "I don't like to take teeth out unless we absolutely need to," she said. That was, of course, a big relief, both financially (I wouldn't have to pay big bucks [plus the insurance company saved as well]) and in pain and time terms. And even if she had said it was necessary, I would still have gone back to Dr. Oh. I was most impressed by her and the whole operation. Of course, she could be wrong (though I very much doubt it), in which case I will write again. But for now, I give Dr. Oh a very big thumbs-up. She has a new patient.
Great bedside manner and very skillful. Front/back office staff however can be a bit cold and demanding.
I am also a Dentist. Dr. Oh Is the best dentist that I have ever seen! She is my dentist!....
I'm not one who goes regularly to the Dentist, I will most definiately continue to see her. I was quite relaxed and comfortable in her office.
Dr. Oh is an amazing dentist and makes you feel very comfortable in the dentist's chair!
My favorite dentist.
Very nice office, friendly staff, Dr. Oh was very professional and helpful
She's great at what she does and talks to you to explain what she's doing as she does it. It's very helpful and puts your mind at ease. If you have any questions or concerns, she hears you out and addresses them. That kind of care is certainly appreciated as a patient.
great dentist great staff!
Always very friendly, caring and professional
Dr. Oh and her office are very professional. She is very sweet and is extremely good at what she does. Her bedside manner is unlike any doctor/dentist I've ever had. In addition, the office is very helpful. Connie, the woman who works at the front desk will call before the appointment. In addition, if the schedule is running behind, she will call to let you know and will give you the option to come in x minutes later or reschedule. I really appreciate that they do this and feel that this level of consideration is hard to come by in New York City. This is the icing on top of the cake! Dr. Oh is truly a great doctor! Highly recommend!
Dr. Oh is exceptional. She's patient, kind and lets you know what's happening with every and any procedure she performs. Her dental assistant is also superb. She manages to calm me down at the start of every appointment (I admit I am slightly skiddish when it comes to dentists). It's a judgement free zone, so to speak. She doesn't make you feel like a terrible human being if you haven't flossed everyday (I have experienced this before, I felt like an incontinent puppy being yelled at) but as a good doctor, she does encourage having good habits when it comes to good dental hygiene. All in all, she's been great with me and I highly recommend her.
her attention to details was excellent. everything about the treatment had to be perfect. slight discomfort from myself was always taken cared of. at first the word "implant" sounds scary and painful. but it was not. there was discomfort (having your mouth opened) for more than half hour. but the result is fantastic. my implant is as good as your natural teeth.
Has been with Dr. Oh for several years. It is hard to find a doctor that has both the expertise and caring heart for the patient but she truly is. She always takes those extra steps to make sure everything is okay / progressing as expected and she does not compromise her standards. While many would claim that the hard work they put in is for the patient, from the way I have noticed, Dr. Oh's hard work comes from her strong work ethic more than anything else and that's what distinguishes her from other medical professionals. I once had an emergency situation and she came to the office on her off day to provide a quick remediation herself. If you have concerns with your teeth and would like get help from someone who's extremely professional and treats patients with respect and consideration you wish for yourself, I would strongly recommend Dr. Oh.
I needed an extraction on this visit. Dr Oh was amazing - the tooth was out with absolutely no discomfort at all. I have been her patient for years and have always been satisfied with the results. I highly recommend her.
Her bedside mannerism is superb,I highly recommend her service She's also very meticulous.
Dr. Oh is a spectacular doctor on her specialty of dentistry...implantology and prosthodontics. She has excellent "bedside manner " as well. The office is impeccable as is her staff. I highly recommend her with no reservations whatsoever.
I have been a patient of Dr. Oh's for years. She is smart, gentle, competent and has a great bed side manner. I have referred her to many people who all love her as well. Truly one of the best dentists around! I highly recommend her!
Dr Oh is simply the best. I have a patient of her for at least 3 years and I have only great things to say. She filled a few of cavieteas (none of them had fell orhad any issues) and did an implant for me. Connie (front office ) and Wendy (dental assistent) are simply the best. Dr Oh and her team are simply the best.
All i can say is WOW! Dr. Oh was recommended by a colleague and I'm very glad to have met her. She has great bedside manner, is thorough, and take the time to answer all of my questions about the procedure. This was my first office visit with Dr. Oh and I was very impressed.
I was once a little apprehensive about dentist visits. Much, if not all, of that has subsided in the year or two that Ive been a patient of Dr Oh's. Her bedside manner, attention to detail, and professionalism are all top notch. And her front office staff is also very professional, patient, and knowledgeable.
Dr. Oh, her husband and the entire staff was extremely knowledgeable and had great bedside manner. I left feeling like they had a great handle on what was happening with my teeth. i was coming from a horrible experience with a past dentist so entered with some reservations and fear. But the staff at this office put me to ease from beginning to end. I have found my new dentist!
Dr. Oh was the best. Super knowledgeable, hospital and gentle. Would recommend to anyone.
Excellent office that is super clean. I had moved to NYC and was looking for a new dentist. Stella and her staff are very polite and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit for a cleaning and will be back again!