Dr. Sanjay Nigam

Dr. Nigam is grew up on the east coast in New Jersey. He comes from a long linage of medical professionals. Dr. Nigam graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine in 1997. He was drawn to dentistry due to its personable nature and it also allowed him to work with his hands and to help people achieve their cosmetic goals. Following graduation, he served as an active duty Army dentist in Fort Hood, Texas for 3 years. After vacationing in Arizona, he fell in love with the people and the weather in Phoenix. He opened his office in 2001, and looks forward to providing gental, caring, personable care. He is committed to going above and beyond to see his patients satisfied.

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Dr "J" is really great! He is caring and is really interested in his patient's dental needs
The entire office is top notch..