Dr. Samuel Altstein
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Dr. Samuel Altstein

Dr. Altstein provides patients with a full-range of health options, focusing primarily on preventative and cardiovascular health. He is skilled in developing tobacco cessation plans. An active runner himself, Dr. Altstein enthusiastically works closely with his patients to create optimal fitness and nutrition goals.

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The front office, nursing staff, and doctor were all pleasant, knowledgeable, and efficient. They do a great job.
Dr. Altstein is very rude and judgmental. I did not feel comfortable with him as my doctor, so I found someone new. Just not a nice person.
If you want a no-nonsense doctor who tells you how it is and is straight to the point, go to Dr. Altstein! He walks you through everything he has to do to get you the treatment you need. If you want to be coddled he wouldn't be right for you, but he listens, cares, and remembers, just in a very efficient manner! I got very lucky with him.
It is such a blessing to have Dr. Altstein back! After several years as my PCP Dr. Altstein had taken a hiatus from the 23rd St practice at which time it effected me like losing a family member. I told him I thought of him as like a saint to which he humbly replied, "thank you but I'm just a kid from Brooklyn." Sam is an honorable man with a giant heart and Incorruptible old world ethics. As fine a practitioner of the medical arts as you will ever find. In my mind he is peerless.
Great new nurse!
Brilliant. I don't especially like going to the doctor but when I do, this is the best you'll get in NYC. Really fantastic.
Cant recommend Beth Israel and Dr. Altstein enough. A+
Always a nice visit with Dr. Altstein. The online communication piece is a nice addition as well.
Excellent bedside manner. Thorough review of medical information. Really great experience.
I have been very pleased with my experience with Dr. Altstein, he is very professional and knowledgable. He clearly explains his reasoning and his diagnosis. Although I have changed positions and will need to travel now to see Dr. Altstein, his manner and experience will make it worth the travel.
Dr. Altstein is the best! I have been going to him for some time now. He has that much sought after combination of clinical expertise & warm and engaging bedside manner.
He was clear and descriptive with my care. The nurses as well as the front desk people were great as well.
Nice Doctor, gave recommendations to see other specialists
very professional and knowledgeable. answered all my questions and concerns. gave me helpful tips to stay healthy.
Really attentive and thorough. Excellent bedside manner.
Very nice doctor with good listening skills (so nice to be listened to as well as spoken to by a Dr.). Fantastic office space and environment and everyone working there was professional, polite AND knowledgeable. A very nice change from waiting rooms that feel like a DMV appointment. Highly recommended office and Dr.!
He's my go to doctor.
Great visit in and out but they took the time to listen and answer all my questions. The whole staff was great. I will recommend them to anyone looking for a doctor.
Dr. Altstein is an outstanding doctor.
Dr. Altstein is always great. Straightforward, to the point, and always respectful.
Great doc!
Excellent health care provider. Always professional with a friendly demeanor. I have seen him for years and will continue to for years to come.
This was perhaps the best doctor visit ever...the entire staff was incredibly nice and attentive and loving and caring and Dr. Altstein is a superstar an incredible human being. I am so very happy that I chose him and that he accepted me!
My Visit went very well. First time seeing Dr Altstein and wanted to establish that new patient to doctor relationship since I want him to be my new primary physician and all went well.
Best visit to a doctor's office I've had a long time. There was no wait (granted, my appointment was first thing in the morning). Dr. Altstein was friendly, professional, and very efficient. I left super happy with the entire experience.
Dr Altstein is a great Doctor, I've been going to him for a few years now for regular check ups.
Everything was great, thanks
I had a follow up visit with Dr. Altstein and was very pleased. He actually listens, answers all questions and has excellent bed-side manner. This is only my 2nd visit with him and it has been nothing but great.
Great reception area and fast - I was seen within 3 minutes of arriving. Dr. Alstein is fantastic as were all the nursing staff, reception and billing department. I highly recommend this staff and facility.
Dr. Altstein is professional, personable, and a great physician. Couldn't recommend him enough.
My visit with Dr. Alstein was great! I went to see him for a general physical. He was really easy to talk to and efficient. I would highly recommend him as a primary care doctor!
Appreciate that he went out of his way to see me right away.
I have been going to Dr Altstein for over 15 years and have always found him to be highly professional, attentive, knowledgeable and willing to listen. I am always very relaxed with him. He is a great GP and refers you to top specialists when needed.
Dr. Altsein listened fully, attended to my concerns. This was my first visit so it's a bit too soon to tell in general.
I'm so grateful that Dr. Altstein is my primary care provider.
Dr. Altstein is an exemplary physician. He's been my PCP for around a decade and he's excellent.
Excellent experience overall. The staff at the medical center were all excellent and professional as was Dr Alstein. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a GP.
Great visit. Very professional and showed genuine care. Finally found my doctor!
As always, an efficient and informative doctor who explains what you need to know and answers questions honestly and professionally...
Very good.. just the kind of doctor I like to see, helpful, friendly and knowledgable too.
I felt very comfortable because was relatable and the right balance of supportive but to the point.
Always a pleasant experience!
Great doctor!
He and the staff were awesome
Very informative and personable.
Answered my questions and recommended necessary follow-up. Satisfactory visit.
He is an excellent doctor who will keep you healthy.
Smart empathetic and highly competent Doctor with a really nice, outgoing personality. He makes you feel confident in what he says.
Highly recommend, got in to see Dr. Altstein very quickly, staff was nice and efficient. Just had a regular checkup and was in and out about thirty minutes.
very kind and respectful. i felt very comfortable with Dr. Alstein. Glad he's my doctor. i really do recommend him to anyone who is either LGBT or not. my previous doctors had no idea what prep was, but Dr. Alstein did and was able to answer a few of my questions about it.
This visit was a waste of a day; all Thanks to the incompetent and lying secretary the doctor has working for him worst experience I’ve had in any doctor’s office. Please save yourself the trip and go elsewhere.
My visit with Dr. Altstein was to the point and I was able to be in and out of his office in 40 minutes (that includes getting to my appointment 10 minutes early, getting labs done and meeting with the Dr). I was able to get back to work in no time, much appreciated!
He was great!
Very good experience. Showed genuine care and wanted to get to know me as I'm a new patient. Good facility with other services that might be needed depending on your situation.
Came in for my annual physical. In and out within 30 minutes! The doctor and nurses are great - super efficient but still thorough.
Great doctor! The front desk and nurse were great too! Fastest waiting room ever!
He is awesome and has ran over 52 Marathons.
Dr. Altstein was
I have had Dr Altstein as my PCP for nearly 20 years and there are none better. He is kind, gentle, understanding but mostly knowledgeable about so many things. Sam's personal attention and genuine concern put him in a class by himself.
Dr Altstein was a personable and professional physician, who generally cared about my well-being and diligently suggested several proactive measures I could take in order to begin to address my health issues. He was approachable and in-tune with the most current best-practices of patient-centered medicine. I am so happy that I chose Dr Altstein and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Dr. Altstein is an excellent primary care doctor, I've been seeing him for years and always appreciate his calm manner, his competence, and his sense of humor. The facility is clean and new, the ladies at the desk were friendly, and it's very easy to reach.
Dr. Altstein was great- very knowledgable and excellent bedside manner. Would recommend.
He's got a good sense of humor. The office is beautiful and everything seemed well organized. I was one of the first patients of the day so not sure what it looks like later on.
Dr. Altstein is super friendly and makes me feel very comfortable. He is full of useful information. The office is super clean and efficient. I was in and out in less than 30minutes. I highly recommend!
Great as always !
Dr. Altstein was down to earth and kind. He did a wonderful job of answering my questions. Highly recommend!
My PCP recently left this practice, so I've had to find a new doctor. I really like Dr. Altstein and will rely on him going forward. He is terrific.
Great doctor explain. Things well. Very aprochable
Great doctor
I consuder it a blessing that I found Dr Altstein nesrly 20 years ago. Ethical, smart and kind.
Great doctor. Barely had to wait. He spent a lot of time with me, was extremely personable, and didn't rush through the appointment at all. Very happy I chose Dr. Altstein as my PCP.
The appointment was canceled by his office a few days before the appointment.
He always listens to my latest concerns and recommends advise.
discussed personal and sensitive matters with professionalism.
Dr. Alstein is great. He's one of the few doctors I've met who treats his patients like partners--actually going through the chart with you, explaining what he'd like to test and why. What a refreshing experience.
Fast and efficient!
Dr. Alstein was professional and seemed well informed. He was very quick with our appointment and just ran quickly through a list of check points and suggested me to specialist. Overall the entire staff was polite but efficient and quick so keep that in mind if you are person who needs extra time and attention.
Great doctor, extremely friendly and competent!
Samuel Alstein gives you all the time you need and I recommend him as a GP!
The doctor himself seemed very kind and knowledgeable, but the visit was a bit perfunctory. The check-in person and nurse were great. The woman who checked me out was for some reason borderline hostile from the moment I walked up to the desk. Left a bad taste in my mouth, for sure.