Dr. Ruben Aminov
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Ruben Aminov DDS

Dr. Ruben Aminov

Dr. Aminov and his friendly staff are excited to welcome new patients to their dental office! Through years of experience, Dr. Aminov has been able to help so many individuals from cleanings, to root canals to teeth whitening. He is passionate about dental care and believes all patients should not only receive great treatment but also be educated on how they can better take care of themselves.

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Dr Aminov and the rest of his staff were very nice and polite. i came in with a cracked front tooth and walked out with that tooth fully fixed. i am soo happy about that right now. the office looks shiny new and all the aquipment looks really high tech. Both Dr Aminov and the other Doctor that was there seem to really know what they are talking about and are very passionate about dentistry. overall i would this was a very good experiance
Super friendly and helpful staff!
Dr.aminov is a very good doctor,His staff are very friendly.im so glad I find him,I highly recommend him.
Great Dentist! Super friendly and has awesome bedside manners. Definitely recommend him. The rest of his staff is just as courteous. Cleaning was amazing!
Great dentist, really takes time to explain procedures as well as recommendations for better care. Highly recommend!
Dr. Aminov is professional and I am so delighted to find him via ZocDoc. Dr, Aminov is sincere and courteous that makes me feel liked I am truly in good hands in his care. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a caring dentist.
Attentive and took the time to explain all procedures.
Dr. Aminov is fantastic. He's knowledgeable, friendly, and was able to point me in the right direction for a visit to a specialist.
My appt with Dr. Aminov was quite honestly the best dentist experience i've ever had. I arrived at 6:30 and was immediately brought back to have xrays taken. From there I was brought to the exam room where I met the dentist, had my teeth examined, cleaned, and polished. Even with all of that, I was out the door by 7, a mere HALF HOUR after I had arrived. Where most dentists would take 2+ hours start to finish to complete this type of exam, Dr. Aminov and his staff had me in and out in no time, and the quality of the exam was not compromised in order to achieve that. The doctor was extremely friendly and cordial, and slowly and easily explained to me what he saw on my xrays. Just when I thought this experience couldn't get any better, I opened the goodie bag I was given at the end only to find the exact same type of (pretty expensive) toothbrush that I use! I cannot recommend Dr. Aminov enough - a thorough, careful exam, a friendly staff, and unbelievably timely service!
Very nice and professional! Appointment was thorough but efficient. Filled a cavity on the spot.
Great doctor. Great knowledge of dentistry. Very easy to talk to and very easy to ask questions. Very friendly and very funny. Definitely will be coming back for finish my root canal and crown.
Staff at front desk is very efficient and friendly. The doctor is wonderful, takes time to explain all his concerns and very patient listening to me and my questions, and I can tell he is very experienced and knowlegible. I already booked another appointment with him, so I highly recommend him.
Very personal approach, up front about pricing, and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend
Great visit once again!
Nice doctor. Explains things very simply.
Dr Ruben Aminov is just a marvelous doctor. He was patience and very professional. He is very infomative and make my care plan clear and simple to understand. I am so pleased with him I am having my children seeing him as well. Thank you Dr. Aminov and of course Julien and the rest of the care team.
Had the best teeth cleaning done by Dr Aminov. Very clean and modern office, friendly stuff and Dr Aminov beside his professionalism is very nice and funny. Will definitely come back.
Fantastic service and bedside manner. Dr. Aminov is an incredibly smart and friendly doctor. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Ruben is a great dentist, with great sense of humor. He was honest and upfront about every thing. I'll keep visiting him.
Always professional and careful! I've been back to him several times in the past 9 months and will continue to use him in the future.
Very good visit!!! Had a very good explanation of how I am doing and what needs to be improved. Smart, humble doctor!! Very easy to talk to, will definitely come back!
Greatly enjoyed my time with Dr. Aminov. His bedside manner was excellent and my cleaning and filling was done in a very time efficient manner. The only part of my visit that gave me pause was the office location, that is not in the nicest part of Chelsea. But once inside it was just like any other dental office. I would definitely recommend him for those looking for a new dentist.
I got dental cleaning from him and he did it very meticulously. He understood my situations well and gave appropriate solution.
Super friendly and professional. So so helpful dealing with insurance!!
He does a good job while being friendly and professional.
Always a quick, friendly and enjoyable experience at Dr. Aminov's office!
Professional and prompt. Give detailed information of care plan. Provide options and not pressing you for not needed services. Very hands on. Impressive!! Highly recommended!!
What a great visit, just a few blocks away from 23th street ACE. 1. Office is recently updated and renovated, new equipment, cool big screen computer screens 2. He seems like an honest dentist who's interested in medical dentistry and doesn't push any cosmetic stuff (though they do have it if you're interested). I'm very skeptical of dentists due to my previous experiences, I feel comfortable with him. 3. Doesn't push any procedures to be done that minute and tells you his recommendations and why. 4. I really liked that he actually does your teeth cleaning himself rather than a hygienist (though it was a bit faster than I anticipated and didn't use that needle scraper thing I'm used to, but rather a drill like machine). The front desk reception guy is a little bit lukewarm. Kinda reminds me of being in the Eastern Bloc (aloof, lukewarm, straight-faced). 5. The hours are great for working folks! 6. Nice goodie bag with a good quality toothbrush!
Very good doctor. Was able to schedule an appointment on a short notice, however doctor Aminov took his time to examine. Did cleaning and filing very happy with results.
Dr. Ruben was great, his support staff was horrible. I was not greeted when I walked in and when I went to the front desk filled out the standard paperwork and was then asked if I was here for x-rays? I told the front desk person that I was in for a cleaning and didn't know if I needed x-rays, I've never been to this dentist before and was surprised when after taking my paperwork (still having not introduced himself) the front desk person was about to perform my x-rays (I didn't know if he was the dentist or a receptionist). After declining the receptionist to perform my x-rays I was walked to the dentist's chair. As I was sitting there waiting two assistants came and one asked me my name, I confirmed my name and then she asks if I'm Spanish, I thought it was a weird question but replied in clear English yes. She then started speaking to me in Spanish, I replied to her in clear English that I do not speak Spanish. The other assistant than stepped in to tell me that she wasn't asking me in Spanish if I spoke the language but had a question about the origin of my name. Finally the doctor came in and the assistants went off somewhere, I explained to him that I'd just had an odd conversation with them and he pretty much acted like he didn't care. He seems like a good dentist but , I'm not sure if I will be going back.
This is my first visit and I am impress with Dr. Aminov. Super friendly and professional. Provide options and not pressing you for not need services. He takes his time to explain all the concerns and he do the cleaning himself. I feel nice and clean after this visit. Highly recommend! Looking forward to see him in 6 months.
Dr. Ruben was very professional. He answered all my questions and addressed my concerns accordingly. I went in for a check up and cleaning. It seemed he was very good with his hands and it wasn't as unpleasant as I thought it would be.
Great doctor, fun personality, explains dentistry in simple terms and gives good examples. For many years I was shy about my teeth and did not enjoy going to dentists because they always make me me feel like I have horrible teeth even though I already know that I do, but this doctor explained what I need to do to improve my oral health without actually making me feel terrible. Very please with the visit, looking forward for next visit.
Very professional, took the time to answer questions and provided a comprehensive explanation of my oral health
Dr. Aminov is awesome. I've been burned by dentists in the past, but Dr. Aminov is solid, he seems genuinely interested in your dental health and really does whatever he can to help you. I wanted to get my old dental x-rays which he was totally cool with, when I couldn't I asked to get them done at his office, but based on my exam he felt my teeth looked pretty good so there was no urgency, but I just insisted to just get them done. Most dentists would have the x-ray machine right at your cheek before even finishing that you wanted the x-rays, but he wasn't and even at the end he asked if I could try to get the images from the former dentist so he could compare. That's like the first time a dentist has *ever* requested to see former images--which means it's more work for them to look at both sets of images, but I think that attests to his attention to detail and superior care! Also he's not the least bit pushy with cosmetic procedures like almost all other dentists. When I mentioned wanting whiter teeth he didn't jump and say "here's this product blah blah blah" even though they do have whitening products available. he was honest and noted that my teeth are pretty white already on the whiteness scale. I've learned quite a bit about dental anatomy, I had no idea how the upper part of my teeth were responsible for the discomfort I was having on the lower aspects, he put some fillings and boom, my sensitivity is gone. The office is really nice, newly renovated. Happy to have found my long-term dentist.
Very good professionnal
I have never been to a Dentist where he is the one who cleans your teeth! I was super impressed that Dr. Aminov did all the cleaning and inspecting himself.
The dental cleaning was done OK. The doctor was definitely looking for opportunities for my future visits while he did the cleaning. Felt a cash cow to him after the 2nd visit.
He insisted on cleaning my teeth prior to addressing my toothache. Once he was done with the cleaning he filled a cavity that was causing the pain, only he didn't file low enough and I experience more pain for a few more days until I was able to book an appointment with another dentist. He had the best dental hygienist tho so...
It was great and he spent a lot of time in consultation, making sure I understand exactly what was going on (or not) in my mouth. I left very happy!
Very rarely do i go to any doctors office where I dont end up waiting, this doctor sees you right away. The front desk is very helpful with insurance questions and registering. Dr. Aminov is very knowledgeable and you can tell he really likes the profession. Also very convenient location, close to my job, and was in and out right away, got by with a quick break from work. Will definitely return for 6 months
Dr. Aminov is always friendly, professional, informative and competent. I never dread my visits to this office. The dental technicians are great and Julian always has a warm welcome. Have been going for four years.
Very positive overall experience. Dr. Aminov was helpful and nice. I would definitely recommend Dr.Aminov to a friend.
Very attentive to patient's concerns. Accepts my insurance. Everything ran smoothly and professionally. Highly recommended.
Best experience with a dentist ever. I felt like he was kind, gentle, and quick! He never spoke about up-selling things like teeth whitening or unnecessary cosmetic dentistry. When discussing a possible mouth guard for the heavy teeth grinding I do, he assured me the office would first investigate with the insurance company. I felt very comfortable with this and not pressured into making any immediate decisions.
Great dentist, knowledgeable and cares about his craft.
Great visit! Had x-rays and cleaning, all were swell-- love to see the X-Rays on the screen in front of me! The Dr. himself did everything and explained, etc. Highly recommend.
Great experience! Dr. Aminov is very professional and knowledgeable, extremely personable and helpful. The office is clean and the staff is super friendly and efficient. I left feeling well taken care of. I would recommend them to friends and family!
Ive seen Dr.aminov several times, every times its great! He's patient, friendly, and thorough. He takes the time to explain everything you need and doesn't rush you.
I will NEVER return to Dr. Aminov. The doctor was literally watching TV while he was cleaning my teeth. I'm not even kidding. I thought it was a bit weird that he left How I Met Your Mother on the TV in the procedure room when he started cleaning my teeth. But when he cut my gum with the Cavitron is when I noticed that his eyes were actually on the TV! I could not believe it! Never again. The staff is also very unfriendly and not trained with the new equipment. Don't let the new equipment he has fool you, this guy is a joke. Stay away!
Dr Ruben is very calming, quick and as painless as possible!
Dr Ruben is very calming, quick and as painless as possible!
Dr. Aminov and the staff were knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Got the job done quickly, fastidiously, and painlessly.
This dentist visit was awesome! Their receptionist took the day off, so they had a little trouble accessing my paperwork, but everyone was so apologetic about it (Two separate staff, and then Dr. Aminov too apologized!) and kept checking in with me the entire time. So considerate. Even then, my entire visit from the moment I stepped in and out was maybe 35 minutes. Dr. Aminov was thorough, super gentle, and answered questions patiently and was very attentive.
Took a little longer than usual because my insurance had to get approved. But I do think my next visit will be much faster. Dr. Aminov is the first dentist I know that does the cleaning himself. Most of the dentist I've gone to will usually make a dental hygienist do the cleaning and then come in after for 5 minutes. I will definitely go to him again as he was thorough and very nice.
Dr Aminov is thorough, knowledgeable, and efficient. He took a good deal of time to walk me through what was happening with one of my teeth and he was flexible in letting me call in or stop by unannounced to check in if I had further questions. Really nice guy and no wait at all.
Top notch as always. I had a more cosmetic visit this time round for a previous issue repaired by a different dentist and the work done by Dr. Aminov was leaps and bounds better not to mention Dr. Aminov is a perfectionist so he made sure my teeth looked perfect. I had some insurance SNAFUs which he worked with me to sort out. Couldn't be happier with my experiences with his staff and him.
Dr. Rubin is GREAT. A true professional. He was friendly, explained everything he was doing very clearly, and work diligently. Will definitely be going back to him for future work. Would highly recommend to anyone I know, which I've already done!
This guy is great. Best dentist I've been to.
Great Doctor
Dr. Aminov is awesome. A solid dentist who is genuinely interested in your dental health and not squeezing you out of money. I recommend him to all my friends!
Dr. Aminov has always provided a pleasant experience at the office. Whether cleaning, filling or more complex procedures he and his staff are very helpful and work to make the visit as comfortable and painless as possible. The hours are convenient and extensive which makes it easy to arrange appointments. Looking forward to my next visit, as unusual as it is to say that of dental appointments.
Seriously the best Dentist in NYC.
He is one of the best dentist's in NYC - so caring and amazing. I'm so glad ZocDoc helped me find him!
This was an emergency, Sunday visit. Although he was not in my network and could not do the work, he was very kind and explained my options, took an X-ray and emailed it to me so I could show it to my regular dentist. The office was nice and well run. The receptionist was helpful.
This guy is seriously the best.
Dr. Aminov was personable, professional, and not judgey! He took the time to walk me through my x-rays and explain what he was seeing on the screen. He wasn't mad at me for not flossing but may have made me a convert. The staff was friendly and so helpful. Awesome all around!
great and pleasant experience overall
Dr. Aminov and his staff were helpful and supportive. As someone who fears the dentist, to have a doctor who put easing those concerns at the front of my treatment was extremely important. Dr. Aminov made it so that I would be unafraid to return for further treatment.
Dr. Aminov is AMAZING- went here for the first time after reading yelp reviews and he truly lives up to what the reviews reveal. Dr Aminov, himself, does your full appointment, from initial reviews to cleaning to flossing, the hygienist is there to help. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything to you in understandable terms. He continues to ensure you are comfortable during the x-rays and cleaning! Will definitely be back!
Dr. Aminov and his office are amazing! I arrived at 6:30 for my 6:45 appointment, filled out some paperwork, and was able to see Dr. Aminov exactly at 6:45. He was incredibly kind, patient, and knowledge, and made sure I understood everything that he was doing and the health of my teeth. I was just there for a cleaning, and from the time I went to the patient room to the end of the cleaning, including taking X-rays, it was only ~25 min (luckily I didn't have any cavities or complications). I 100% recommend Dr. Aminov!
Amazing experience- I was definitely a difficult patient- nervous about the procedure and asking a million questions and Dr. Aminov was great with calming me and explaining everything thoroughly while ensuring I was ok throughout! Furthermore, the receptionists actually undestands insurance and was able to explain my benefits- not something you find very often! 100% recommend- I will definitely be back!
Best dentist visit I've ever had! I had already filled out my forms on zocdoc and just had to sign 2 forms when I got there and was seen within 3 minutes. Dr Ruben was super friendly, gentle, and put me at ease right away. It was amazing that he pulled up my X-rays on the TV screen and actually explained in simple terms what we were looking at, which no other dentist has ever done. An amazing experience!
Great doctor. Fast and good work. No wait time.
Excellent Dentist and Staff! Very Clean office Dentist makes you feel comfortable and very accommodating. He listens and ask what you want to do first etc. He also does not JUDGE! Very happy I choose this location!
Dr. Aminov makes visits to the dentist pleasant. He is very personable and professional, handles procedures well minimizing (or there's no) discomfort or pain. He's also quite informative re: treatments and care; my dental health has vastly improved over the years since going to this practice. The office is comfortable, hours convenient and staff always friendly and accommodating.
Awesome! Love Dr Ruben. He explains everything which is a nice touch.
Such a kind dentist. You get out of there knowing you've been really taken care of.
They are always so polite and friendly. The doctor always finishes my exam as quickly as possible. I hate going to the dentist, but this team makes it all bearable!
Dr. Ruben Aminov and his staff are exemplary. Dr. Aminov was very descriptive in his work and loved explaining every procedure in easy to understand parallels. They understand this is NYC, so they are good at being efficient with time. But at no point did I feel rushed; they don't compromise quality work for time.