Dr. Robert Zarabi

Dr. Zarabi attended George Washington University. He received his dental degree from SUNY at Stony Brook. He had additional training in periodontics at New York Medical College Department of Surgery and UMDNJ department of Periodontics. We provide comprehensive care ranging from routine dental exams to cosmetic and implant dentistry. We aim to treat each individuals' needs in a relaxing and soothing environment while creating healthy and beautiful smiles.

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Dr Zarabi was courteous and professional. I was seen right away. The office is clean and mordern with what looks to be State-of-the-art equipment. Dr Zarabi took his time with me, i did not feel rushed and he seemed to care about the overall health of my mouth. Highly recommed.
Excellent dentist; would highly recommend.
This was my first time seeing a dentist in New York City and I was relieved and happy! I've only ever had dental hygienists clean my teeth, but whether it was for first time visitors or it's just how he works-- I don't know, but Dr. Zarabi not only cleaned my teeth personally, he walked me through everything. He was very informative and honest about everything from insurance to my dental care to checking in about pain while he was cleaning. A really great dentist and such a weight off to find on my first try!
Even though I choose the correct dental insurance plan in my search, once I was at the dentist's office I was told that while they take my insurance they don't take my particular plan.
The dentist was welcoming and very knowledgable. He actually showed he cared about my dental help over the long term. He was the first dentist to actually give me helpful feedback on flossing my front teeth more affectively. He also told me which teeth to pay close attention to, to prevent oral hygiene issues. This dentist is an 'A' class dentist!
Dr. Zarabi was a pleasure to meet with. Attentive, quick and friendly. I felt very comfortable throughout my entire visit, particularly during the procedure I had. Would recommend Dr. Zarabi to anyone.
Really excellent Dentist. He conveyed a competent, professional attitude and carefully considered and responded to my needs. I will definitely be returning.
I have a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist and most procedures. Dr. Zarabi could literally not have done anything more to make me more comfortable and at ease for my appointments. I had a relatively invasive procedure that I was not looking forward to and his skills made it a piece of cake. When he's working it's obvious he's paying close attention to what he does and that he has little dentist tricks to make the needles hurt less and the whole situation more palatable. I highly recommend him, especially if you aren't a big fan of dentistry.
I had a great experience at Dr. Zarabi's office. The woman taking the x-rays of my wisdom was extremely friendly and made sure i was comfortable. Dr. Zarabi was also really friendly, patient and answered all of my questions! Highly recommend!
Doctor was informative, answered all my questions and there was no time wait
Super professional, no line and great service!
Dr. Zarabi is wonderful! He was the first person to greet me when I walked in the door! I saw him for a wisdom teeth consultation and unfortunately for me I would need a more complex surgery than what Dr. Zarabi could offer. I really appreciated his honesty and advice on which specialists to see. He also gave me his card so that I could email him in regards to any questions I had, and when one did come up, he answered very quickly. When I returned to his office for a general check-up and cleaning, he remembered my history and asked how my wisdoms were doing. These details made me feel less like a patient and more like a person. I highly recommend this practice and plan on returning for my next cleaning.