Dr. Ravneet Nagi
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Dr. Ravneet Nagi

Our physicians specialize in internal medicine and family practice, we cater to patients ages 10 and above. We accept all major insurances and Medicare. New patients and call-in's are welcome. Please stop by and say hello, you are always welcome at Allay Medical. Dr. Raisa Mitelman and Dr. Ravneet Nagi welcome you to Allay Medical Care in New York City.

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I'm a pharmacist and I have a high standard when it comes to picking doctors. Dr. Nagi was great! She covered all my concerns and had a great bedside manner. I felt very comfortable with her and would definitely recommend her to new patients looking for a new PCP.
I felt comfortable and was able to express any concerns I had.
Very nice and very easy to talk to
I thought she was very professional and thorough. I was very please with the service. The wait time could have been better, 30+ mins on a mid-day appointment.
She is the worst doctor ever!!!!!! Don't waste your time or money
She made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions thoroughly
Wonderful doctor! She listens very well to her patients and makes you feel comfortable. Her staff were equally great.
Dr. Nagi was great--very understanding and sweet. Her support staff (nurse, receptionist), however, were definitely not the nicest. I'd go back to see her, but I'm not so sure the nurse is worth the visit!
Dr. Nagi is great. Been seeing her for years!
I think I finally found a permanent doctor in the city. Everyone in the office was nice, the wait was not long (typical expected waiting time, ~45 min i think), the doctor was attentive, open to questions and did not rush the appointment.
My first appointment here went well. She is sweet and asked the basic questions. I went in with some thoughts that I wished to be addresses and asked a lot of questions. The doctor ensured that all questions were answered before leaving. Overall went well.
I actually liked Dr. Nagi very much, but the rudeness and lack of professionalism among the staff was horrible and I'm going to find a new doctor ASAP because of this. When I asked to receive my results via fax, I received the results of someone else (!?!?), and then when I finally got my results they were illegible. I will not visit this doctor again unless she changes offices.
Quick, efficient, thorough. All you can ask for.
great service, highly recommend!
She is very
Dr. Nagi was very nice and attentive; she listened to all of my symptoms and gave me good feedback on treatment going forward. I wasn't totally impressed with the office itself - I made a 9am appointment and was there 10 minutes ahead of time, but the office wasn't even opened until 9:15 and I didn't get into a room until 9:45. So, wait time left a little to be desired, as did the nursing/front desk staff, who were thorough but a little brusque.
She's fantastic, but the wait is a little long. I went for an initial visit and a follow-up, and waited about 40 minutes each time before getting into the room, and about half an hour or more before the doctor came in. As far as Dr. Nagi herself, though, her manner and knowledge are fantastic, so I would certainly recommend her on that level.
She was kind and young, but I didn't necessarily get the feeling she was really listening to me -- the office was extremely busy and crowded, small and cramped, so it was difficult to feel comfortable there.
She was great, the office is a bit small but she was knowledgeable and friendly.
I couldn't recommend her because of how bad the staff in the office is. They hardly speak English and did not comfort me, as I get extremely nervous during doctors appointments. If Dr. Nagi would change offices, then I would recommend her. The office is tiny and I was in an exam room that was directly off of the waiting room. Everyone could see me every time the nurse opened the door! As I said, I get very very nervous before visiting the doctor's, and the staff could not undertstand that. When I had a high heart rate (because of nerves) the nurse said "heart rate of old person" and left the room and wheeled in an EKG machine, which I'd never seen before. She started putting stickers on me for the EKG and I asked what was going on, and she said "your heart." Excuse me? Can I please speak to the doctor? This only made my heart rate worse because I didn't understand and thought I had done something wrong and I didn't know what an EKG did and I felt like I couldn't properly explain that I was petrified. Definitely not a place to go for comforting nurses. Or answers. Or service. Of course nothing was wrong with my EKG. I was uncomfortable throughout the rest of the appointment and won't go back. Dr. Nagi herself was nice and professional, if fairly impersonal. It was the end of the day though, so I don't blame her. She really wasn't the problem with the appointment, but I'm used to a higher level of service for sure.
Dr. Nagi was great, unfortunately the reception/office assistant was awful. Not friendly at all and extremely hard to communicate with. Despite Dr. Nagi being a pleasure, I would be highly unlikely to go back after this first visit and required follow up.
it was a satisfactory visit but the wait was far too long
I love Dr Nagi, she is amazing! I've been seeing her for the last few years. She is always so professional, gentle and caring! Her medical assistant is very skilled in drawing blood and giving injections. I would defenately recommend her to everyone.
She was very thorough and everyone in the office was very nice. I was recommended by a co-worker and glad I went.
She was great and her staff was so nice. Small office, but once you are called, you feel like you are being taken care of well. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but great care.
I am always very nervous to visit any doctor, but I had a wonderful, relaxing, and calming visit today. Will return in one week.
Excellent doctor, professional, compassionate and all around sweet person!
The staff there is helpful and soothing and kind. I especially love a nurse who works there named Maria, who is very kind and gentle while giving vaccinations and taking bloodwork. I'll be returning for a follow up appointment in about a month.
Dr. Nagi has excellent bedside manner, and her nurse is a magician with drawing blood. It was a good experience, and they did what they could to make me more comfortable during my illness.
I am happy to have finally found a doctor. She was very nice, thorough and professional. The office was clean. The staff was friendly.
I waited over an hour for my appointment, and nobody was able to give me an estimate of how much longer I'd need to wait. This was concerning because I had to leave work in order to make the appointment so I ended up taking over 2 hours out of my work day for the appt. Not very organized when it comes to afternoon scheduling. However, I like seeing Dr. Ravneet Nagi, it's just the office service isn't optimal.
It was awesome. Very cool doctor!!!!
The office is very clean and small. The nurses were very pleasant and Dr. Nagi was very kind and knowledgable. I scheduled this appointment before work and because of the partnership with Zocdoc and the office I was able to enter and exit the office without exchanging lengthy paperwork. I would highly recommend this office.
I got there 30 minutes before my appointment, but I waited until 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment to be called and then waited for some time in my room. Other than that Dr. Nagi is so great and really cares for her patients. I really appreciate how thorough, amiable, and caring she is.
I had a 9am appointment, hoping to interfere with my work schedule as little as possible. I arrived 20 minutes early anticipating having to fill out paperwork, being a new patient. I discovered they don't open until 9! But despite the slow start, the appointment was fast and I liked Dr. Nagi a lot. Just be prepared that if you get a 9am early appointment, it may take some time for the office to get going.
it was great, except the wait time.
Great doctor, great nurses, long wait.
It was nice to meet Dr. Nagi.
Dr. Nagi was very nice and friendly. The wait (~30 mins total split between waiting area and patient room) was expected, so I wasn't too upset with that. The nurses aides and doctors seemed to have an odd relationship, overheard some arguing. They also didn't seem to know if my bloodwork would be covered or not, and weren't really eager to find out for me..so I took the initiative and called my insurance myself, and put the LNP on the phone. They still seemed to be unclear, so I thought it best to just get the bloodwork at a lab that I was 100% sure was covered, to avoid a big bill. Post-appointment is where I have issues with Dr Nagi's office. The bloodwork came into them, and not so much as a phone call (for weeks after) to let me know they got it, and the results. I had to call them, and they claimed they never called me because everything was fine. Also - the doctor stated she was going to test for something, and I found out they never did. And finally, when I got my insurance statement, Dr. Nagi's office put down that I came in complaining of Chest Pain, so I was charged a copay after the fact. Huh?? I came in for an annual physical and never even mentioned Chest Pain?? Overall a nice a friendly doctor, but office issues would prevent me from returning.
Love Dr. Nagi. She is friendly, caring, and a great listener! She is also super knowledgable!
Great. The office was quick and efficient and she has a great sense of humor with a non-judgemental bedside manner. Would definitely refer anyone to her.
Very friendly and professional. I felt very comfortable with her.
Dr. Nagi is awesome-- very professional, friendly, great sense of humor.
Dr. Nagi is the best!
Doctor was great although I waited longer than 30 minutes after my appointment time to see her.
Dr. Nagi is great and very sweet but her staff has horrible bedside manner. The rooms are also not very well cleaned.
Dr. Nagi is very good but her staff is terrible. I found it very hard to communicate with them and they didn't seem to understand any of my questions. I had to wait very long for my scheduled appointment and it took me a month to receive results on my tests. My experience was one of frustration.
The doctor is great but the office runs pretty slowly. The office staff aren't always the most helpful, but Dr. Nagi is really nice and really tried to get to the root of your problem so I feel it's been worth waiting for her appointments.
Nurses were brusque, but I've rarely had one in New York (or anywhere, come to think of it) that weren't. She was very nice and listened to all questions and explained her thoughts on everything clearly.
She was wonderful!!!
My appointment was at noon and there was no wait, that is the first time that has ever happened! The entire staff was friendly and knowledgable. I would highly recommend it!
Dr. Nagi was very thorough, and took the time to listen intently to everything I brought to her attention. I did not get the feeling of being rushed, and was taken great care of!
Nice doctor, will use again. Waited a bit but she apologized for it which was nice.
very thorough. quite pleased. wait was not at all excessive and doctor paid attention to my various queries
She was so wonderful!
nice, knowledgeable, friendly.
Dr. Nagi is a good doctor but the staff at this office is not great. I had a 9am appt for a 5 minute procedure, hoping to be in and out. However it was a 30+ minute wait until the nurse took me to a room. After taking my vitals I watched for literally 10 minutes as she tried to log into their online patient tracking system (interspersed with her leaving the room to take personal cell phone calls). Once she finally logged in she had forgotten the vitals that she took on me. She was also confused about who I was and had to ask me to confirm things in the system. After that, I waited another 20 minutes for the doctor to come in. I then learned that they had started a new online system for patients, and my history hadn't been loaded in yet (which explains the nurses confusion, but you'd think she would have tried to get those records after she left). After Dr. Nagi got the hard copy of my records, the procedure was done but I felt rushed (mainly because it had now been more than an hour and I had to leave!). I'm not sure I'll re-schedule an appt here.
Dr Nagi was very professional and caring at the same time. She listened to all of my concerns and gave me her opinion. She is having further tests done that other doctors had not offered me in the past. I will definitely be back. Thanks!
She's the greatest.
Very professional, super informative and seems to genuinely care. Would definitely see her again!
Good except the wait time.
Dr. Nagi is nice, but her staff is pretty incompetent. The front desk person kept asking me to fill out forms I had already filled out. Her main nurse's bedside manner left so much to be desired, and she could not draw blood to save a life (no pun intended). I have never had anyone need more than one attempt to draw blood, and at my first appointment, I pretty much became her test dummy pin cushion cushion. Dr. Nagi finally came in to supervise and they were able to do it together, but I didn't sign up that and it was painful. The BIGGEST OFFENSE was that Dr. Nagi ordered all these additional tests and sent me to a different office's radiology department. When the result came in, the nurse whose English isn't that great called called me to tell me they found something. That's a scary thing to hear, but when I asked follow up questions, she couldn't understand me or adequately answer. When I asked her to have the Dr. call me directly, she said OK. It turns out there was nothing wrong. The 2nd appointment got even worse. I waited almost an hour and when I was called into a room to run yet another test, no one remembered what they had asked me to come in for? They asked me if I could remember what tests they wanted to run on me, LIKE I'M THE DOCTOR. Ridiculous. I'm not going back.
My visit to Dr. Nagi felt a little cold and informal at the front desk and in the waiting room, but as soon as I sat down with her she was attentive, thorough, and kind. She went far beyond what I've experienced in the past with general physicals, leaving no stone unturned. I will certainly be back.
Great Doctor. Listen to all my problems and helped me feel better.
She was great, if it weren't for the wait time- it would have been a perfect visit. She was nice and easy to talk to.
She was helpful, non judgmental and very intelligent. She is a fantastic doctor.
All the staff at this office were extremely friendly. I hardly waited at all before I was seen. Dr. Nagi was attentive and pleasant. I did not feel rushed and I felt like she was really listening to me. I would definitely recommend her.
Dr. Nagi is very sweet and professional and allows lots of time for you to ask questions and address any concerns. The only thing that I would complain about is that the wait time is FOREVER! I had an appointment at 4:30 and did not see Dr. Nagi until 5:30! That is kind of ridiculous.
Everything about the visit was great, aside from the wait time and the front desk.
As always, Dr. Nagi and her colleagues provided great care!
very kind doctor!
She was very friendly and very thorough.
She is the best Physician ever!!!!
Very professional and approachable. Probably one of my best physicals yet. Minimal paperwork. I booked, checked in and filled out basic info thru zocdoc. I'll be getting my blood work results online. Considering it's colds season, I was quite surprised how quick it was. Also plenty of magazines in the waiting room.
I love her. She's been my primary care physician for over 3 years.
Great bedside manner! Happy she is my PCP
Dr. Nagi *always* provides practical, efficient, and unintrusive medical treatment that solves exactly my problem - no more, no less - with minimum side-effect or need for follow-up. I'm afraid that most doctors in America over-prescribe medication, tests, and surgeries, and I'm happy that I found a doctor who does not do this. I can trust her judgment and advice. She is the best doctor I've ever had and I recommend her without reservation.
Her staff was extremely cold and inattentive. And when Dr. Nagi actually came into my room did the most basic check up, and I didn't feel she was very thorough or really cared about being there and learning more about me. I would not go back to her.
Dr. Nagi is warm, personable and knowledgable. She demonstrates a superior level of professionalism. The office is clean and staffed with wonderful people. Amazing experience!