Dr. Peter Arvanitis
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Dr. Peter Arvanitis

Dr. Arvanitis or one of his dental associates will provide complete dental care with the highest standard of treatment, tailored specifically to each individual client. We will strive to understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Doc. was great, going back with grandson to get tooth removed,but everybody was great and friendly
He and his staff are great! I am going to change dentists. This was for an emergency but I want to have Dr. A as my primary dentist. Thank you so much!
Dr was pleasant, patient, thorough, knowledgeable,and had very good technique. I was able to get a temporary crown replacement right away, and had the final crown placed only 2 weeks later. Not only was the service prompt, and exemplary, but this is the FIRST time i've had extensive work done that when i came off the numbness from the lidocaine, that my mouth was totally normal. 5 crowns previously, i would become un-numb and find 2, 3 or even 4 places inside my mouth where the dentist had been sloppy and nicked my cheeks or gums with a tool while I was numb, so I didn't know it when it happened: but it took me a week or so each time to get over those nicks. Also, the crown fit perfect when i left the office- also a first; i've always required repeat visits to get the bite right. With this doctor, the procedure was virtually pain free, during, and after treatment. really! The hygienist was also very careful, thorough, knowlegeable and patient. I have my six month appt in two weeks, so, yes, i will keep going here. My husband and children will be also be going when i can arrange around their schedules.
I will follow this dentist anywhere. I really like him and would recommend him to all my family and friends. He makes going to the dentist, easy and less stressful.
It was a very pleasant visit,staff and Doctor were very attentive. Very professional!
Dr. Arvanitis was very kind and understanding to how much pain I was in. They were terrific!
I will definitely be seeing Dr. Arvanitis from now on. The staff is great as well!
Great doctor! Didn't mind sitting and talking about issues regarding my teeth, and was very helpful with any options I had in fixing them!
The best Dentist I have seen in years of going to the dentist. He was so gentle, an excellent communicator, and explained everything he was doing as he went along with the visit. I felt very confident in his abilities and trusted his plan for the dental work that needed to be done with a couple of complicated issues going on in my mouth. Definitely, would recommend him to anyone needing dental work done.
For a first time office visit, it was very pleasant. Everyone in the office is very friendly and I felt like I was in good hands.
excellent, friendly, professional!
First I'd like to start with the lady who cleaned my teeth... Her name is Sue ask for her . She is friendly, very gentle, and most importantly thorough ...and doc A was amazing explained everything to my understanding... I will be back!!
First time visit and I can say that I was extremely impressed by both Dr. Arvanitis and his staff.
Very pleased with my initial visit and Peter's knowledge :). His staff was very nice and the office was clean and comfy!
It's really refreshing to see a doctor who actually seems to care about his patients. Thanks!
Dr.Arvanitis is very kind and pays very close attention to detail and your specific needs.I would highly recommend his services .
It was nice, all the staff was friendly. They did an awesome job. I go back next Tuesday for an extraction.
Very good visit
I have a terrible fear of dentists. I stayed away for many many years so you can imagine the work I need done. The office is great, keep me calm, and I'm very pleased with their plan to help me going forward.
Was a great visit! We definitely visit him again!
Loved it
The best dentist I have ever used!! Patient, honest and no pain!!
Great staff. Darlene does a FANTASTIC job .
Wonderful staff and physician! Bedside manner is always superb! My children enjoyed their visit with him.
I had my first visit with Dr. Arvanitis a few months ago to get his opinion about fixing an issue that another dentist created and Dr. Arvanitis spent a lot of time examining my teeth and explaining things to me in great detail that I felt like he really knew what he was talking about. Since then I've had a few more visits with him and every visit has been just amazing! He has excellent bedside manners, focuses all his attention on the patient's needs and his office staff is just wonderful! They are a great team and I regret not finding Dr. Arvanitis sooner. He's the best in the valley!
Awesome dentist, he was kind and patience. The dental hygienist Maria was really good and made my experience light and eazy.
Dr. Arvanitis and staff are always very kind, and professional. Dr. Arvanitis is very knowledgeable in his field, and has always done an exceptional job for me and my family. I appreciate his dedication and hard work.
Very pleasant.... Thank you
Dr. Arvanitis was very thorough and gentle. He always makes sure I understand what he is doing and that I am comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have dental work done.
Dr. Arvanitis was very professional. I had a couple of things done and had no problem with either. A couple of cavities done with no pain and completed in less than 20 minutes.
It was great.
He knows his.job well. He's caring, professional and polite.
Dr. Arvanitis was very professional and passionate in his work ethics. He explained every step of the first time for my experience of a root canal procedure. Dr. Arvanitis has great concerns for my comfort through the whole experience.
Absolutely amazing
I despise dentists due to countless bad experiences in my past. Dr. Arvanitis and Maria really changed my perception and if I was planning on staying in Phoenix then I would ABSOLUTELY make them my primary dentist office. I had a fantastic experience as did my wife. 5 STARS!
Dr Arvanitis saw problems with my crowns that another dentist never addressed. I felt relaxed and confident. The office was clean and sterile which is important to me. I finally have a great dentist!!!
Every visit has been an amazing experience! I highly recommend Dr. Arvanitis!
Very professional and yet kind to one who has a big dentist phobia. Thanks,
I was very impressed with the Doctor. Very patient and he explained everything thoroughly to my daughter. The office staff was very sweet, and the dental techs were very nice and professional. This seems like a well run organization, and we will keep coming back.