Dr. Paul Ganjian
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Dr. Paul Ganjian

*PLEASE NOTE: The office has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Violation of this policy will result in a cancellation fee.* Dr. Paul Ganjian is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Dental Medicine in New York, where he received his Doctoral Degree. He further completed his hospital residency at Cornell University Hospital in New York. He pursued further training in cosmetic dentistry and then attended New York University where he completed his training in Dental Implantology. In addition, Dr. Ganjian has completed level II Invisalign's certification program for orthodontics. Paul Ganjian is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the Academy of Laser Dentistry, as well as the American Dental Association. Paul Ganjian was named one of the TOP DENTISTS OF AMERICA in 2004 & 2005. He has been awarded as Invisalign Premier Provider since 2004.

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Quick and painless! Dr. Paul Ganjian was friendly and professional.
He is definitely an educated dentist and very good at what he does.
I was seen promptly at my appointment time and all of my questions were answered.
I usually don't like dentists, but Dr. Ganjian is AWESOME. I am going to keep coming back to him.
Dr. Ganjian was promt, professional and did a good job. The office is clean and comfortable though the music was a little too loud ( please turn it down!) and there was a screaming child ( understandable as there is a pediatric dentist also in house.)
I think Dr. Paul is a great dentist and has a great bedside manner, which is always so hard to find in NYC.
Dr. Paul took a lot of time to discuss my x-rays with me. Had a lot of good suggestions and was very friendly.
I stopped seeing this dentist because he frequently rescheduled my appointments on the day of. His staff was rude to me. I did not find his cleaning to be thorough. I do not recommend Dr. Ganjian.
Dr. Ganjian has great bedside manners and is a very personable physician. I can't help but think that he sometimes "overtreated" symptons. On at least 2 occassions (once for my wife and once for me), he finished up procedure in my mouth and later informed me of a filling he had completed or a root canal he "decided" to begin since he was already addressing a nearby tooth. I found this approach somewhat misleading in that we didn't have the chance to appropriately discuss the issue in the tooth that was treated, alternative options and my choices regarding the treatment.
What an awesome dentist! Clean office, friendly staff, high level of professionalism. I absolutely recommend that you go see this man...and bring a friend.
So I understand they are in a limited space area but aside from the very loud shrieking from the child next to me, this Doctor was very quick. I did have questions that I were pretty much not really answered because I was being rushed. Also the lady was staring into space while she was setting the glue which burned me slightly. I had a temporary put i,n and let's just say 6 days before my birthday I will NOT be taking pictures. They are also way to pricey for a simple visit. Also for someone to have so many plaques of excellence baffles me when they can't do a simple task effectively. Waste of money.
Great experience!!! The staff was wonderful.
Not recommended. Doctor tried to scare me into doing a root canal the next day. Thank god I got a second option.
AMAZING dentist! Super happy with my appt.
Dr. Ganjian was attentive & helpful. I will continue with him as my dentist.
Not very friendly, very rough with the cleaning, seems like they want you in and out as fast as possible with little concern for you
Receptionists were terrible with their customer service; stopped accepting GHI, tried to get me to pay directly.
Dr. Ganjian runs an immensely popular and elite dentistry, there is no doubt about his skill or following. However, he yells- and he frequently gets in yelling matches with his receptionist who is so unbearable that I cannot return to this location. And I do not mean to be unkind- but I believe her skills and personality are better suited in a different type of position. The office at 180 is tense, loud and the aides seem like they're always on their first day. Sloppy, jittery, nervous, quiet, awkward and unskilled.
Really nice doctor who cares about his patients, coworkers, and practice. The people in the office and the dental technician are very considerate and kind. I recommend trying New Generation Dental, certainly! Also note that Ganjian believes strongly in using flouride, but doesn't push it.
the office staff did not know what they were doing. asking me insurance questions when i had x-ray gear in my mouth. completely unprofessional and poor timing. the entire tech team was running around constantly looking for equipment. the doctor was the director of all of the chaos, instigating the team. music so loud everyone had to shout over each other, plus the noise of the all of the work being done. doctor late to see me because he was dealing with the phone repair tech. isn't that what an office staff is for?
I thought Paul and each of his assistants were extremely professional and attentative. Was very happy with my visit and the work done on my tooth. It looks amazing.
Great to be able to visit the dentist on a weekend instead of taking time off of work. Dr. Ganjian and his assistant were efficient and approachable throughout the appointment.
Miserably painful. Immediately dismissive of my concerns, only to have them confirmed by tests I insisted on getting done.
Great guy
Appalling bedside manner -- both of the dentist and his staff. When I had to reschedule (more than 24 hours in advance), his receptionist yelled at me for 5 minutes straight. Technically, Dr. Ganjian was very rough and personally he was completely indifferent. Will not be returning.
Dr. Paul is an excellent Dentist.
don't bother
Dr. Ganjian was great. He's funny and keeps you at ease.
Needed an "emergency visit" for a toothache - made the appointment on zodoc in the middle of the night. Arrived at dentist office and was immediately seen and evaluated. It just doesn't get better than this when it comes to having to see the dentist :)
This was the best dentist appointment I've had in years! I really appreciate the bedside manor and the overall experience. I HIGHLY recommend them!
We completed the teeth check and cleaning for the whole family on Sunday afternoon! Super efficient!!!
Called me 30 minutes before appointment to tell me I may have to wait 1 and a half hours for my emergency appointment. Let four customers go ahead of me. Staff was very distant and unapologetic.