Dr. Michael Aziz
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Michael H. Aziz, MD

Dr. Michael Aziz

Michael Aziz, MD, is an internist and a primary care doctor certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is an attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York city. He maintains a private practice on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. He is the founder and director of Midtown Integrative Medicine, a multi specialty practice that focuses traditional, alternative, and complementary medicine. Dr. Aziz is a member of both the American College of Physicians and American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also a fellow of the royal Society of Medicine in the United Kingdom. Dr. Aziz is a frequent guest on many television and radio shows. He has been featured on the View, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, NBC, Good Morning America. Dr. Aziz is a frequent speaker before many prestigious national and international groups. Dr. Aziz is the author of the Perfect 10 Diet book, a national US best seller that hit the number 1 spot on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in 20010 and 2011. The Perfect 10 Diet book has been published in many different countries around the world and in 16 different languages. Hospital Affiliations Lenox Hill Hospital Languages Spoken English Spanish Arabic Board Certifications American Board of Internal Medicine Nominated "Top Doctors in America" Professional Memberships American Academy of Internal Medicine American Academy of Anti-Aging Awards and Publications Fellow of the Royal Society Of Medicine in the UK Published Articles in the Journal of Chest and JAMA

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Staff is very unprofessional and extremely rude. Do not recommend this office at all. One of the worst experiences I have had with the staff in their office. Dr is ok but definitely not worth dealing with the women who work there.
He has too many patients in my opinion and rushes appointments. He did not really take care of my problem so I had to move on.
Dr. Aziz was fine but his billing dept is extremely unprofessional
READ THE OTHER REVIEWS THEY ARE ALL VERY TRUE TO MY EXPERIENCE. I am healthy, young twenties, just went for an annual physical and some how I walked out with an appointment to see a Neurologist because I mentioned that I happen to carry stress in my neck- NOT AN ISSUE, pretty normal. I was told that my follow up was for my blood results (thought that could be shared over the phone) and my appointment card read "neurologist" but was never really told that is what my appointment was about. Annual check up included-- my weight, blood taken, listened to my heartbeat and lungs-- did not look into my ears, mouth, check reflexes or anything else... Took all of 10 minutes. Receptionist insisted that I give my credit card information to them- said I would not be charged for anything on it, it was ONLY for their records- when I sat back down a minute later, she was screaming asking if she could put my co-pay on it... I mean it was just VERY unprofessional on many levels.
I would highly recommend Dr. Aziz. He is very thorough and easy to talk to. The front office staff and nurse were also a pleasure to work with.
I was referred to Dr. Aziz for a medical clearance from my ophthalmologist for an eye operation. The doctor was knowledgeable and alerted me to stop my supplements which included fish oil 1 week prior. The staff was helpful to send my results and clearance fast. Highly recommended.
I went to see Dr. Aziz after seeing many doctors who were not able to find the reason for my extensive fatigue. Dr. Aziz diagnosed me with an underactive thyroid and low testosterone -- which was missed by other doctors. Now I got my energy levels back. I highly recommend him.
Scam artist. Does lots of unnecessary tests and makes you come back over and over for additional tests so he can bill the insurance companies.
I took my mother to see Dr. Aziz after she had a bad taste in her mouth for over 2 years. She had previously seen 5 different doctors including a GI doctor and 2 dentists who couldn't find out the nature of her problem even after tons of tests and procedures. Dr. Aziz didn't want to repeat the same tests since we were paying out of pocket with a lousy high deductible insurance. But he had a suspension that her sugar was high after asking tons of questions. He did a simple blood test and long and behold, he found out my mother was diabetic. Her sugar was sky high and her diabetes was missed even by her endocrinologist. Her symptoms are fine with him. We are very grateful. We found our new doctor.
Dr. Michael Aziz was very highly competent, efficient, compassionate, and had great bed side manners. He was very knowelagable for all my health issues including gay related questions that I had as a gay man. He was up to date on research on prep or getting on truvada to prevent HIV. He was aware of all vaccinations that I needed as a gay man including giardasil or HPV, hepatitis and meningitis unlike my old doctor. Gay friendly doctor. Non judgmental. Highly recommended as a physician in New York for providing medical care to the LGBT or gay community.
Excellent doctor! One of the best medical/visit experiences ever. Dr. Aziz is very competent, and makes you feel very comfortable. Fantastic bedside manners. He personal called to arrange a visit with a speciality and followed up. That's rate quality to have in a physician. I am impressed. As a gay man, it can be akward to discuss health or sexual issues. That's not the case. Dr. Aziz is very well informed about gay health issues. Non judgemental and is a very gay friendly doctor. He knows gay men's health. Truavada as a prep, anal pap, meningitis vaccine, giardasil or HPV vaccine, etc. Very clean upscale office. Friendly staff. Highly recommended.
The reception desk tried to make me fill out forms (on a digital interface they have) even though I had previously filled out forms electronically on ZocDoc. I refused. They insisted they have "special questions". I wasn't going to do it, saying I had already spent the time filling out forms on ZocDoc. They stopped insisting. The Dr. himself was a class act all the way.
They make booking on here so difficult that there's no point in trying do so. I tried 3 times, and they rescheduled on me every time. They said I should call them, but I work in an open-plan office, so I'm not comfortable talking about my health stuff in front of my entire office. They're not customer friendly. I told them their schedule should reflect actual availability if every time I chose isn't actually available. Maddening.
Excellent doctor, very thorough and asks for details
Very quick and thorough though never felt like I was being rushed through tests/questions/etc. Reception & staff were very helpful with referrals & explaining anything I needed to take care of.
He was just awesome
I've been going to Dr. Aziz for 11 years now. I like that my wait time is minimal (lobby and exam rooms). He listens to my issues/problems and asks questions. He knows me by name if I run into him on the street. He's very to the point on diagnoses and treatment and many of the procedures can be done in the office with specialists that he has visiting certain days of the week. The staff is very friendly and courteous. On my visit today the receptionist made me a cup of coffee while I was waiting (which was a short time). Thank you!
Competent. Comprehensive. To the point. Thorough. Answered all my questions efficiently. Great bed side manners. Gay friendly doctor and was non judgmental in his attitude. Up to date on research for all my questions. Answered all my questions about HPV or giardasil vaccination. He also helped me lose 35 pounds. He is the best weight loss doctor in New York City. Highly recommended as a gay friendly physician for the LGBT community or for any of your medial care needs. Will send all my family to him.
Rushed the entire appointment and did not check anything thoroughly. He seemed very out of it - not paying attention. The appointment was a waste of time.
Dr. Aziz has poor bedside manner. He made several awkward jokes and made me feel uncomfortable being his patient. I have chosen to change doctors rather than continue seeing him.
I liked him but did not get what I made the appt for.
So helpful felt very comfortable would highly recommend him
After 4 years I decided to finally find another Dr. when my visits started to last less than 5 min. Though I am pretty sure my last one was just about a min or so... Its great when you are squeezing a visit during your lunch break, but when you go in for some concerns, you expect your Dr. to take the time to listen. So my decision to leave was ultimately made when i was trying to describe some symptoms and without fully getting to the end of it, the Dr prescribed mediation which i ended up not picking up. I realized how easy it is to get unnecessary medication when the Dr just doesn't spend enough time to understand the root cause. Aside form that, the Dr and staff are very friendly and i always liked the convenience of having the blood work and other tests done onsite rather than having to go to the lab or get referrals.
Good and convenient service from the doctor, however it was a disconcerting that billing person requires you to sign a form that says you will pay for any services they charge for & requires you to furnish a credit card number on that same form.
Total quack. Read the other reviews here. Clearly runs unnecessary tests for the insurance money. Seemed quite shady to me. Staff wasn't too bad but they make me nervous that my bill will be messed up.
Really good doctor.
Stopped in the middle of my appointment to reprimand the receptionist. Kind of awkward.
Doctor Aziz is very knowledgeable on a wide variety of medical subjects. He is always able to answer my questions and refer me to specialists when needed.
Doctor and staff are great. Did get a little busy and had to wait but everyone seemed to be on top of everything!
Dr. Aziz was really nice and attentive. He was get to the root of the illness. He was great and I would recommend him to all my friends and family!
Everything was quick, easy and to the point. Super friendly doc and staff :)
Hes great. So quick but I didnt feel rushed or like I was just another client, he actually listens to you. I also had to ask him so personal questions and i felt completely comfortable talking to him about it. I actually switched him to my primary care doctor he was so good.
Friendly staff, great doctor not rushed
A little uncomfortable with adding my credit card info to some payment sheet but everything else is very good
Have been going for 4 years already and always a very pleasant experience and very little wait time.
This doctor is money hungry.
I would go to Dr. Aziz if something common like a cold or something. He has another room that does heart and muscles test so you get your results immediately. However i did see people leaving his clinic because they were walk ins and they didn't make an appointment. I always make an appointment, so I don't have to wait forever. His office isn't super fancy, but he's a good doc. very friendly & nice.
Very thorough but efficient. Nice guy. And I really appreciate that he talked with me about insurance/finances and made sure I was comfortable with what was covered. He really worked with me and I was very happy.
Excellent Doctor. Talked me through everything.
I thought Dr Aziz was wonderful. I was a bit upset due to his front desk staff and the 45 min wait time after I was called to come in early but Dr Aziz took care of both matters immediately. He was very kind and had a genuine concern. I will definitely be coming back to his office.
Dr. Aziz was extremely nice and caring! While I was in the waiting room I saw him answer another patient's questions about lab work even though she did not have an appointment. One of the front desk staff asked if they should charge the patient for an office visit and he said there was no need, which I thought was really great of him to do. Because I was paying out of pocket, Dr. Aziz did not do any tests that require lab work in order to save me money, but he did a brief yet thorough examination himself. I felt like he truly listened to my concerns and was both understanding and helpful in providing possible solutions. His front desk staff were also really helpful and pleasant; they had smiles on their faces and were willing to go the extra mile to make sure that my insurance company would be able to reimburse me for the visit. I will definitely be going to this office again in the future. I have found my PCP in NYC!
Amazing doctor!!!! Really cares about your health.
Very nice, short waiting time, clean office, got back to me with results quickly
A little uncomfortable
very impersonal and i felt rushed. I went for a physical and he barely asked me any questions about my health considering he didnt have any previous records.
Appt felt way too rushed. Couldn't ask any questions and doctor was not very personable. Wouldn't recommend as a PCP.
Dr. Aziz is the greatest Internist in NYC. I am so fortunate to have found him.
good doctor
Gave me pertinent information and was straightforward about symptoms and side effects.
Very Knowledgeable, and precisely, I will recommend to anyone
Rushed approach to medical care. Waited a hour for a three minute appointment.
Love this Doctor. As someone who works in healthcare myself, I couldn't recommend a better Doctor. Also very good with gay-related health issues. Very competent.
He knows what he is doing . Very nice .
Extremely happy to have found this doctor. Very professional, competent, pleasant, comforting and doesn't expedite the job. It is the first time that I find a Dr. that actually take the time to check me and make me feel taken care of. He is very nice and joyful. Other positive point for me: he is fluent in french. I didn't wait too long, they are very efficient. The office is clean and modern. Great staff too.
Great office with friendly staff and Dr. Aziz was
Horrible. I sent over all my paperwork through their online system before I got there and specifically wrote the reason for my visit. They have no idea till I showed up and explained to them what I came for why I made the appointment. The doctor basically rushed me through and his nurses were the worst. To his credit, he wasn't rude and I watched him treat half of his patients in a favorable manner that were in the waiting room before I was seen. I would recommend seeing him.
I felt the appointment was very rushed and didn't trust his opinion. I have an appointment to see my regular doctor..
Terrible Bedside Manner. I felt rushed and that my questions were not addressed nor paid attention to. Will never go back.
Good doctor, clean office.
Dr. Aziz was amazing. He was so helpful and kind. He was very understanding of my circumstances and took every action possible to make my experience a good one. I highly recommend.
Dr. Aziz is most professional and caring. He's a wonderful Internist and I am very pleased to have such great care and feedback with him and all his staff. Truly the best!!
Dr Aziz is so self involved. Has an answer before you even finish your sentence. Rushes you out of the office and any questions you may have he glosses over and is very dismissive. He's a terrible doctor who only cares about himself and his diet book.
The front staff is great! Very important for a doctor's office. Dr. Aziz listened and addressed my concerns :)
Very caring and thorough doctor who made sure all of my concerns were addressed. There was ~15 minute wait and the building was under construction so not the nicest office - but overall good experience.
Dr Aziz was vest professional and very human with the way he spoke to me. I will be making him my primary care physician in NYC.
Long wait times (well over 45 minutes each time I've been in) Incredibly incompetent office staff (Sent over previous medical records to ensure they were in my file for my visit, didn't have them when I got there. Sent them again to the staff while I was standing in the office, at least 20 minutes go by and I went up to ask if they had gotten them via email and was rudely dismissed saying "I'll get to it when I can." Finally when I did get in to see the doctor, not shockingly they were completely left out of my file.) Physician has zero bedside manner (For all the waiting, the face-to-face time with the physician was a total of five minutes. Barely asked any questions or make any sort of eye contact. Did not even bother to familiarize himself with my previous medical history and asks me every time I come in if this is my first visit.) I would not recommend this practice to anyone, ever.
His office is very disorganized. The office mixed up my file with another patient's. He also didn't take my symptoms seriously and claimed my ailments were just from my period when they have been present for over two weeks. I would not recommend this doctor or office.
The assistant lady forgot to give my card to the doctor so I had to wait like 2 hours even though I was not late to the reservation. Also they mistook me as a patient for the weight watchers, and told me to leave right away when I was waiting for the diagnosis. The doctor was nice and friendly but the service overall is not good.
makes you wait for a long time, then when you finally do get in he makes you feel very rushed and doesn't take the time to really find out what's wrong
He's always accurate and has great bedside manner!
The office staff was wonderful. Very friendly, helpful and efficient. Dr. Aziz was prompt, courteous.
Dr. Aziz gets to know you as a person and truly cares for your health and well being. It's great to develop a long standing doctor/patient relationship with him.
I met with his nurse who is awesome! She was understanding and very sweet. He came in the room only to confirm what we already established.
Great doctor, great staff, very friendly environment and non judgemental.
Dr. Aziz is pleasant and explains everything. This is my second visit and it's always been quick, but helpful. It doesn't seem like he's trying to rush you out, it's just quick because he gets to the point which I prefer.
Dr. Aziz is very thorough and straight to the point. His bedside manner is impeccable and he leaves you knowing all the answers to your concerns.
My 1st visit to Dr. A and it won't be my last. From the young ladies at the front desk, to the doctor I saw before talking with Dr. A, everyone was courteous, friendly and professional. I had to go back the next day and I met Dr. Bridget she was awesome as well. Looking forward to having them as my primary care.
Love Dr Aziz!
Very knowledgeable and progressive doctor!