Dr. Mehrdad Noorani
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Dr. Mehrdad Noorani

Dr. Mehrdad Noorani is a 1987 graduate of the Boston University School of Dentistry and has been practicing in New York City for over 20 years. Dr. Noorani specializes in laminate, full mouth rehabilitation, implants, invisalign, general dentistry, and has a great chairside manner. His philosophy of practicing dentistry is very simple: Dr. Noorani strives to provide the best old fashioned care with the latest advances in dentistry. Dr. Noorani provides a wide range of services. Routine restorative care like fillings, inlays and onlays, porcelain veneers (laminates), implants, mini implants, Invisalign, and full mouth rehabilitation.

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Dr. Noorani is a wonderful dentist and a doctor with many years of experience. He saved a tooth that 2 other dentists had given up on and wanted to pull. That was 7 years ago and I still bite on that tooth!! And I still go to Dr. Noorani :-)
Very polite. Thorough in his work! Very clean office, pleasant front staff. Will come back
Amazing doctor. Fixed what my previous dentist screwed up, and we're talking front teeth so that's a biggie. Basically, the guy knows what he's doing
Very good dentist. I recommend.
He is efficient and very nice! I can't comment on anything other than a routine exam and cleaning. All's good here! His office staff is also really good.
Excellent Dentist - always professional and friendly. Highly recommended
I have been going to doctor Noorani for the past 15 years. That being said, he's the best in the field and I'll recommend him to anyone.
Have been seeing Dr. Noorani for years. I Absolutely recommend!
My experience at Dr. Noorani's office was very pleasant. The receptionist are also very nice people. I went in for teeth cleaning and Dr. Noorani did a good job. I would recommend him for other patients.
Very polite and knowledgeable but I've never been in more pain after a visit. Probably my fault for avoiding the dentist for so long.
Great visit. He's the sweetest and always explains procedures thoroughly.
He was a bit stand-offish and rushed, at first, but then was very informative, friendly, and engaging (must have been bad timing, honestly). He made sure I understood everything he was telling me and answered all of my many questions. Lots of humor, in between. The overall experience was great and I will be trusting him with my dental health in the future.
I've been going to Dr. Noorani for 5 years now and I am pleased with the service he has provided me over the years. The office is very clean and comfortable. Also, he is always prepared at the time of your appointment so there is no wait time. I highly recommend him.
It's always a pleasure seeing Dr. Noorani. He is very personable and a great dentist. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family.
Being covered under medicaid, I was nervous for the kind of service I was going to receive. Dr. Noorani's office was clean, receptionist was friendly, and my appointment was terrific. He was extremely informative and made sure I felt comfortable. Excited to have him as my regular dentist. Highly recommended!
DR. Noorani is very nice, professional and inexpensive, the treatment that I had was completely painless which is not a given when it comes to dentists. I would recommend using him to any friend and I give him two thumbs up
Dr Noorani is Very knowkedgable.
Can not say enough great things about Dr. Noorani. I highly recommend him
Dr. Noorani is the best! I've been going to him for years.
Always excellent
Extremely professional, genuine, and informative. Definitely will be going to him moving forward.
Very professional.
Great Dentist.
He is a great dentist and very gentle. I have no qualms in recommending him at all. My entire family and I have been his patients for over 14 years. That speaks for itself.
Super dentist, very professional and nice. I will come again
Dr. Noorani has been my dentist for many years. He is not only a skillful and highly experienced dentist, I also find him to be honest and candid. I appreciate the time he takes to explain what a treatment entails and the pride he takes in doing good work.
Everything and everyone was amazing. Thank you so much for the great service.
I'm 70, and have been a patient of Dr. Noorani's for 8 years. When I got to him, I was worried about my teeth, but with his help, I still have them ALL. I've had my bite worked on which involved filing down the upper and lower teeth involved on the left (with an electric small whirling device), then using some purple paper to check the bite, then re-filing...etc. about 5 times. He is very thorough, and saved that tooth (which was cracking due to pressure). Also, I just had three filling done on the gum line...these will save those teeth which were getting too much food trapped in there. All in all, I have not lost one single tooth since I've been working with him. And, before I close, I must mention that my first line of defense with him has been his amazing cleanings! Not the casual ones you get from inept assistants! He is amazing, and I'm grateful he was recommended to me 8 years ago. Highly recommend him to you!
Dr. Nourani took care of my tooth with great care .
He is a very nice dentist and very knowledgable.
Excellent dentist who is on time, extremely professional and knowledgable. The best and most helpful dentist we have ever met.
Terrible service, H e was impatient, not polite and rude. I don't know how he has been able to stay in business.
Doctor was not gently inserting an x-ray device into my mouth. When I reported to him he hurts my upper gums by forcefully pushing the huge device, he completely disregarded my pain and continued to push the device further. And when I in pain took it off, he got frustrated and whispered something angrily. I finally lost my cool and attempted to leave his office but he tried to stop me and continue the service though I asked him twice to let me go. He also asked me if I'm from Uzbekistan the very first time he saw my face. I believe that's a kinda racial question is not appropriate, for starters, and is unprofessional.
very good. i am very happy with dr mehrdad nourani. he does professional job.
I have been a patient of Dr. Noorani for over 22 years, He is the best!. My mouth was in bad shape when I went to Dr. Noorani the first time, there were signs of gum disease it was painful to clean my teeth. Dr. Noorani has done a great job, I go every 6 months now for my cleaning I no longer have any problems with my gum. There is never a wait time, and he is very professional. Angela 4/19/2016
For someone who is very afraid of the dentist, he made my appointment very easy and painless.
Excellent Dr. Reasonable pricing.
He had an emergency patient which is the only reason he was delayed and apologized for it many times. he is a thorough professional and always accommodating. I would recommend him to anyone. I have been a patient of his for over 15 years now.
The session was Excellen.!
The worse experience I ever had , extremely dirty office . Unsanitary !!!! I have no idea why he's got such a good rating .
The worst dentist I've ever seen. I had to argue with him to even receive treatment, after a 5-second examination he said, verbatim: "There's nothing I can do." I stood up, made an appointment with the Dentist who shares his practice, she sat me down and fixed my toothache, and was probably the most polite, loveliest dentist I've ever had. Avoid this guy.
Dr. Noorani is always very kind and polite. As he examines my teeth her consistently asks me if I am ok and comfortable. Dr. Noorani is always very informative and answers any questions I have. His receptionist is also very pleasant and I am typically in and out of the office within 30 to 45 minutes tops. I highly recommend Dr. Noorani.
as usual, very very good. Awesome
As usual, it has been a pleasure to have dental work at Dr. Noorani's. The treatment went without any pain , the appointment was right on time and Dr. Noorani made sure to thoroughly explain all that was going on in my mouth. The rest of the staff as well were very nice and helpful. I would recommend Dr. Noorani to any friend or family member
I tried several dentists so far in my life but Dr. Mehrdad Nourani is one of the best.he does very professional job and really caring about patients with patience.
He was helpful and quick very well !
Very thorough in his explanation of the procedure being conducted. Easy to talk to and a very good listener.
He understands the patient/doctor relationship and really listens to your needs, fair pricing and good service
Dr. Noorani understands that going to the dentist is not the most pleasant experience for most people but for me he tries to make the procedure as quick as possible without taking shortcuts.
He was very knowledgable. Did an excellent job on my cleaning. I am completely satisfied that I've found a new dentist!
Went to for an wisdom teeth problem, so passionate of what he is doing , and so friendly~
I came here for an Xray and cleaning. It all took 30 minutes and I am pretty happy with the result. Dr Noorani is professional, friendly and patiently addressed all my concerns. Coming back next week for another visit.
I've been going to Dr, Noorani for over 5 years now and only had good experiences. He is a dentist who has seen a lot and knows a lot and all his patients are benefitting from his years and wealth of experience!
I was seen right away. The doctor was professional, quick and mannerly. I came to get one filling done. It was painless and rather fast. Of need be I'd come back again.
Dr. NOORANI is an experienced dentist who treats you like family and is good at what he does. I never feel pain during or after a visit. I would highly recommend Dr. NOORANI to anyone.
I am 70 and Dr. Noorani has saved my teeth over the last 10 years that I have been his patient.
Dr. Noorani is very old school, so much so that sometimes when I sit in his chair I think it's 1987 - LOL. But joking aside, he is a good dentist and also a gentleman. Today I went back to him after 3 months because a filling he had done in July had collapsed (mainly because my tooth is very short and I grind my teeth like crazy). Dr. Noorani did a new one and didn't charge me! 80% of NYC dentists would have charged me blaming me for not going back sooner to fix it or blaming it on my grinding but he didn't and I appreciated that A LOT, even more so because he is aware of some financial hardships I'm going through. In the same session, because my teeth are in bad shape, he also recommended a cleaning, which he did and I am very happy about it. I also booked the deep cleaning treatment for next week. Also he gifted me with a better toothbrush. I totally recommend this dentist.
Dr.Noorani was very nice and attentive. Did cleaning for me. I am happy with the results. On Sundays he is working alone without any assistants. Made me feel comfortable during the exam.
Dr. Noorani was great as usual! Today was the only time I had to wait (less than 15 minutes). I've been going to him for years and he never disappoints! Great dentist!
The doctor was attentive, responsive and accurate. Moreover, he helped me better understand opportunities with my insurance and what I can do with it.
I had a wonderful time. Made me feel comfortable. I didn't wait long. I left with a smile! A rare diamond of a dentist. Very professional and nice. I've been looking for a great dentist for a long time and now I have found one. Thank You so Much Dr Noorani.
Very good dentist. He is always happy
Once again Dr. Noorani came through for me saving a tooth that I was afraid had to be crowned after biting on a cherry pit ... patiently and expertly he fixed the tooth with bonding. While rebuilding he made the tooth a tiny bit shorter so that I am less prone to damaging it again. I did not even need novocain - HIGHLY recommend this dentist!!
Amazing! Great service! I am a new patient and the appointment was quick and smooth. Thank you so much and I will be happy to recommend my new dentist!
A Fantastic Doctor. Within a twinkle of a eye that I arrived at the Doctor's clinic and as he took photographs of my tooth he noticed a broken teeth left in my mouth and he immediately alerted me and told me that he needs to remove it in about 5 - 10 minutes so that he does not cause infectious for me. I accepted and it was done without any pain. Great!
Excellent visit; I would highly recommend Dr. Noorani. He's honest and very professional.
Very organized and I was in and out in a timely fashion.
Like I said earlier, the Doctor is very good and I can recommend him anytime. He is a very cool Doctor and highly professional
Definitely a salty dog of dentistry was able to sense his vast knowledge immediately and trust him thoroughly
Trustworthy describes him best
The dentist receptionist area was not really welcoming. The decor itself left a lot to imagine. The dentist himself seemed only to want money and not care too much about making the client comfortable and at ease. The cleaning was alright but he was a bit insulting of my teeth regimen. Definitely will not be returning in 6 months.
Dr Noorani was professional, helpful and took care of us. Both my wife and I will be back. Thank you
Very good as usual. Best of the best
I am satisfied. Thank you!
I went to see Dr.Noorani because my retainer broke. As soon as I met him, he had an attitude because his computer was not working. Understandable but during my appointment his attitude didn't change. He was consistently rude about my insurance/financial situation and blamed me for not fixing my retainer properly so that he could fix it? Huh? I came to him to fix it and he expected me to fix it. He touched my retainer with his bare hands and when he had gloves on he would touch his computer( yes during my appointment he was still trying to fix his computer even though his receptionist was available), door knobs, cupboard doors and still proceed to use the same gloves during the dental examination. Trust all the bad reviews that have been published. I went to him because I didn't believe the bad review I read. Don't make the same mistake I made.
One of the best and most knowledgable dentists I've been to. He is definitely excellent at what he does, and is very attentive to detail.
Dr. Noorani is very well experienced and professional. He is very caring and concern. I highly recommend him. If you visit his office once, you will become his permanent patient. His secretary, Jennifer is awesome!
Dr. Noorani is very professional and friendly at the same time. He makes you feel very comfortable and does what is needed. He will not do more than what is needed and not waste your time or money.
I went to see Dr Noorani for two very bad deep cavities and teeth cleaning he did an amazing job and I never had to wait more than 5 minutes in the office. I recommend Dr Noorani to anybody he is a very professional dentist.