Dr. Mazhar Alhadid
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Dr. Mazhar Alhadid

Best Care Family Dental has been working with patients to provide the best family and cosmetic dentistry care for patients in the Jackson Heights area. Best Care Family Dental's experience in cosmetic dentistry is coupled with genuine concern for their patients. All of our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well. Our goal is to make you feel satisfied with your smile.

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Nice personable and smart. Thumbs up.
He is a wonderful dentist will not go to anyone else! Myself, my husband, and my two sons visit best care family dental and I have referred many other people. He's close to home and his assistant is also a wonderful person with a fantastic personality. We are so happy we found a great dentist!
I switched to another insurance company and was having trouble finding a good dentist. I found Dr. Alhadid and I'm not going anywhere else! I came in for a cleaning and did not feel rushed. He answered all of my questions and was super friendly. His staff is great and they have a nice spacious office. I wish I would have found him sooner
I havent to the dentist in about 10years. i was a bite nervous and scared. he was very nice and informative. i cant wait.to.get.the proper work on my teeth!
It was a great experience. I already recommended my friend to Dr Alhadid-.
Hes great and i recommended Dr.Mazhar Alhadid to everyone.
Their staff and the doctor are extremely nice and very accommodating. My daughter is also a patient and she actually loves going to see him. She is rewarded with toys afterwards and although she is only 3 she has no fear of dentist, due to him. Would definitely recommend to anyone!!
cleam examiningroom. very professional, doctor very attentive
I made an emergency call to Dr.Alhadid; he was there for me. I didn’t have to wait. He did an excellent job on my tooth, no pain even though he didn’t numb it. His assistant was very professional and attentive. I would highly recommend him to everyone.
Dr Alhadid was extremely personable, patient, and professional. I've recommended him to many close friends. I had a cavity filled and two wisdom teeth extracted (a procedure that I had been avoiding for years). Dr Alhadid performed the procedure flawlessly - I couldn't be more satisfied.
Bright, professional, friendly staff!
Dr. Alhadid and his staff were very friendly, helpful and informative. I would definitely recommend him.
Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly! I appreciated Dr. Alhadid taking the time to explain things to me and not simply rush through the appointment. Thanks!
Easy going, great personality, explains thoroughly
The office was bright and clean, equipment looked up to date and well maintained. Doctor was pleasant and the procedure went by without a hitch. Doctor was quite gentle and careful, which can be rare amongst dentists these days, and I felt very little discomfort. My insurance may be changing next year with the ACA, so hopefully they decide to accept a few more plans so I can continue to be a patient here!
Had to wait a little bit, but not as bad as other doctors & dentists I've been to. He explained everything very well to me regarding what I need to do to prevent 2 potential cavities and my teeth grinding.
I will be returning!
Explains your situation very well! And painless excellent
I had a great visit!
Excellent dentist, Dr Alhadid explained everything thoroughly before proceding with examination. Calm and patient. Highly recommend. My teeth look great.
Outstanding manner and explanations of what needs to be done. I will recommend this Dentist to the entire world.
Dr. Mazhar was very polite, professional and straight foward. Explains procedures throughly and is willing to work with your budget and insurance.
I came in for a wisdom tooth extraction and filling. Dr. Alhadid is a great dentist and his staff were all nice. My wisdom tooth extraction wasn't too bad and Dr. Alhadid sense of humor really helped me calm down during the procedure. Too bad i won't be coming back because I have no insurance and their fees are in the higher range but will recommend him to others who have insurance.
Overall good experience. The staff is very friendly and it's a nice office.
Friendly. Not overbearing in recommendations like some dentist. You don't feel rushed. Willing to listen and asks if you have any questions.
Highly recommend dr Alhadid and his hygienist . They are great and professional with kids . My son was very please and happy ??
Excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. Mazhar
Nightmare of an experience. Extremely dishonest doctor with no code of ethics. Arrogant beyond description. You've been warned.
As perfect as a visit to the dentist can be. I had a root canal, my husband had a cleaning. Like most sane people, I do not look forward to dentist appointments. If I could, I would never associate with dentists as a general rule. They are terrifying, terrifying people. That being said, Dr. Alhadid was one of the friendliest dentists I have ever come across. He was extremely accommodating, and dealt very well with all our countless questions and queries. Him and his staff were absolutely wonderful, and I would recommend them a hundred and one percent. Obviously, avoid any and every dentist at all costs. Let your teeth rot, never ever let electrical drills on the inside of your mouth. But if you really, really have no choice but to see a dentist, this place is the ideal dental office.
Great staff. Awesome Dr. I highly recommend
Great clinician and staff.
Amazing bedside manner and a pleasant personality! Best dentist ever!
This place is wonderful. Dr albadid and all the staff are truly friendly.
Dor. Alhadid is great. Whenever I decided to go back to the dentist, he's my guy, regardless of relocation. A doctor you can trust to take care of you.
Dr. Alhadid was very nice and courteous. Spent adequate time cleaning my teeth.
I had not seen a dentist for a couple of years. Some find this odd, but I do not avoid dentists because of the pain factor. I avoid them because I hate to be scolded and lectured. No lectures from this guy. He was straightforward and spoke to me like an adult. He is also very gentle in performing the tasks of my general check up. Oh! This is important (to me). He did not try to conduct a full blown conversation while my mouth was wide open and filled with hoses and all sorts of dental equipment. The staff there is great there. I've already made my next appointment for another check-up in six months. A+
Dr. Alhadid is an excellent dentist--professional, thorough, and a very nice person. The office is spotless and the dental hygienist is also great.
Amazing people with great bedside manner. Very clean office. I went on a Thursday afternoon and there was no wait. Highly recommend!!!
Excellent and professional staff. Highly recommended!
Very professional, took his time to answer all my questions and did not lecture me for not flossing or visting regularly. I also have sensitive teeth and he performed a cleaning with no discomfort. Great DDS and his staff is very nice and professional as well.
I am very pleased with the doctor and his staff. My appointment was scheduled for 5:00pm I was running about 7 min behind the doctor waited for me and I was taken in right away. I came in for a routine check up along with a chipped tooth. The doctor took his time and my teeth feel and look awesome. Iwould recommend this dentist.