Dr. Marcella Allen
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Dr. Marcella Allen

Dr. Allen is a family practitioner specializing in the full spectrum of adult medicine as well as gynecological health. She places a strong emphasis on preventative medicine and fosters her patients’ health with thorough, thoughtful care.Pap Smears and Physicals are done Monday-Friday only and not on the weekends.

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Personable, informative, very friendly
Dr. Marcella was great! She was quick and to-the-point, but she listened to all of my concerns and gave me thorough responses. I felt comfortable talking to her and asking questions. At the end of my appointment I felt confident that she had understood and addressed all of my needs. She was polite and patient. Definitely recommend!
Dr. Allen is really fantastic. I saw her for an annual exam and Pap test. She is so pleasant and made me feel very comfortable. The nurse was also excellent. I really appreciated seeing both of them, they seemed to make a great team. However, the entire appointment probably took less than 20 minutes. It was at least 45 minutes, if not an hour, before Dr. Allen called me back to her office. Other than that, it was a generally great experience.
Best PCP ever!
She's awesome
Very informative, very helpful, very kind.
Very thorough and patient. Listened to all my concerns and recommended appropriate next steps.
Very helpful and very much appreciate her!
Nice and competent professional. However, I waited more than I had hoped for in spite of having a fixed hour for my appointment. Also I felt rushed and was left not fully convinced with the treatment I was prescribed.
I wasn't happy. After a long wait she wrote down all my symptoms. So she did listen. Then she handed my off to endocrinologist who wasn't available for months. I didn't even get my blood pressure checked.
Always a true pleasure
Quite annoyed by the wait time.. the desk clerk did not seem to care and people were seen that were walk in's before me.. when I had scheduled this about 2 weeks in advance.. this is not ideal when you are going on your lunch break at work.. disappointing.
She's fantastic. The office is dingy, bare bones and feels very pedestrian.
What a smart, pleasant woman.
Dr. Allen is exceptional! She's incredibly professional and is very easy to communicate with. I even listed her as my Primary Care Physician!
Dr Allen was efficient and thorough. I give her 5 stars, but only 3 stars for The front office staff who seemed very disinterested with their job.
Thorough, knowledgeable and genuinely caring.!
Dr. Allen is the best!
I was supposed to get two prescriptions for flu and bronchitis but I only got one initially. I called the office about this and the reception put me on hold twice and each time I waited for 15 minutes then hang up. The third time I called, I was able to explain the situation then again put me on hold more than one hour so I hang up the phone and had to go the office physically to resolve this issue while I was still so ill. I suffered from fever, pain and stress unnecessarily for three days because of this mistake. While the doctor herself maybe good but I would not recommend this office at all to anyone. **Mount Sinai Beth Israel is good organization though. I can recommend 23rd St location and West 8th St. location**
She was great and the medical staff was wonderful too. The front office, however, is tough. The packet they hand you to fill out is a book and asks all kinds of incredibly intrusive information before you have even spoken with anyone. Also you need to have all kinds of information before they let you see the MD like knowing which specific labs your insurance company will cover and pharmacy info etc. The office staff was not too friendly.
Friendly and professional - excellent!
Amazing! This was my first time seeing her. I just needed a doctor to refill my prescriptions. She met with me in her office instead of an exam room, which was nice. She encouraged me to ask questions and was very courteous, understanding, and easy to talk to. Also, I didn't have to wait very long at all--maybe 10 minutes--and there was no need to check out, either. Was in and out within an hour, and that includes filling out new patient forms. Highly recommend!
Doctor Allen is a wonderful doctor. This was my second visit to her, and she is very personable and caring. I'm very glad she's my primary care doctor in the city.
She is an excellent Doctor. Makes you feel very conformable and really listens to everything you are discussing with her.
Dr Allen is the best. She's always smiling, willing to listen and ready to help.
Quick and helpful
Dr. Allen is fantastic, very attentive and kind, I felt very comfortable at her office.
Dr. Allen is a true professional; she listened intently to my symptoms and was able to diagnose and treat. I would highly recommend her!
My first visit as a new patient. The registrars were quick in processing my new paperwork. Dr. Allen was quick and efficient in her work, but also thorough. She slowed down to answer my questions, repeat information I wanted to confirm that I understood, and look up further information I wanted to know about my health.
She and the staff at Mt. Sinai are amazing. They're always welcoming and informed. I've never had a problem with any of my appointments or their start times.
Wow, what a great doctor! She answered all of my questions and made me feel extremely comfortable. The wait was a little long but that's kind of to be expected in the NYC area. Looking forward to having Dr. Allen as my PCP from here on out.
She's very personable and professional!
Asked very thorough questions about my medical history and suggested a specific test that I need. Finally, found a doctor I will definitely go back to.
All of the staff I interacted with at Beth Israel were very friendly. Dr. Allen was encouraging of questions and made sure we covered all of my concerns. She's very friendly and easy to talk to.
Great doctor. Very smart & friendly!
Dr. Allen is amazing. So happy I found someone as amazing as her for my PCP.
Dr Allen is great- her demeanor and level of caring made me comfortable immediately, even though this was my first visit. I highly recommend her.
She's good. I'm just scared of dogs.
Dr. Allen was so amazing. She was nice and conversational, like speaking with a friend. Thanks doc!
Friendly & professional. If doctors make you nervous this is a good place to go. Been twice and both times I was seen right on time.
Friendly and helpful, she answered all my questions. I will definitely go back for future appointments.
she's always very friendly and professional. i've been seeing her for years, she is a very busy lady but worth the wait to see. she cares very much about her patients.
Dr. Allen was fantastic. I went for my annual physical. She was friendly, efficient, and thorough. She got me in and out quickly, and got me set up with an account online so that I could get my results more quickly. Highly recommend.
Dr. Allen is really personable and caring but also quick and concise. Definitely would recommend for PCP as well as GYN needs
Dr. Allen was the kindest! Everyone else was very nice as well, barely any wait and the place looks nice and clean.
I feel like I've just come out from the Stone Age. This Drs. office is so efficient, modern, friendly, etc. It was an actual pleasure to come in for an annual physical. Dr. Allen is amazing- professional but approachable. Cannot give enough stars for Dr Allen and the staff at Mt Sinai 34th St.
Honestly- she is the best doctor I have ever had. She is very friendly, easy to talk to, doesn't judge. She and her staff are very efficient, yet they all have a gentle touch during uncomfortable procedures. I like that she brings patients to her office first, where you can talk like adults about any health issues, instead of sitting awkwardly on the exam table.
Never a long wait, great staff and accommodations. Dr Allen is one of the best doctors I've ever had and is always kind, considerate, and willing to help.
Dr. Allen's patient care is amazing. She's kind and reassuring. Willing and ready to answer any questions that I may have.
She was the right touch of humorous while still being professional. Friendly, welcoming, and I'm definitely going to use her as my PCP.
Very professional and personable. Office staff is excellent.
I have gone to Dr. Allen for years. She is smart, perceptive, and hears my concerns. Then she makes sound, thoughtful recommendations. She is the best!
I've being seen Dr Allen for about 10 years. She very caring and takes time and listen to her patient.
Dr Allen is very easy going and answered all my questions.
Dr. Allen is the best, she's quick, empathetic, helpful, and knowledgeable.
Dr. Allen was attentive and easy to talk to. You can tell she is a very busy doctor, however she was complete in asking questions and efficient in ensuring my records were up to date. She answered any questions I had with a realistic point of view (which I appreciate) and was quick to make recommendations based on my comfort level.
My visit with Dr. Marcella Allen was quite professional. Upon arrival the wait time was minimal and registration time was swift. Treatment and testing was handled expeditiously.
I have been using Dr. Allen as my primary doctor for a few years now. She is very personable but also efficient and thorough. I feel lucky to have found her.
Had my annual physical and women's health exam. Dr. Allen was professional, friendly and attentive to changes in my health needs. She also sat with me to go over my medical history, lifestyle changes and any new areas of concern, as well as answered questions my questions.
Dr. Allen is amazing and I felt my appointment with her was such a great experience. She is incredibly approachable and I very much appreciated how she really took the time to answer my questions and explain everything to me thoroughly, which I find is so important when going for a visit. I highly recommend her, I only have good things to say!
I am a physician and have great respect for Dr. Allen. She is personable and has a tremendous knowlege base. I am glad to trust her with my medical care as she is excellent!!!!
Went in to see Dr. Allen for pre-operative clearance. Wait times aren't bad if you fill out their forms ahead of time, but if not expect to spend 30 minutes on paperwork before your appointment. One of the nurses came and checked my blood pressure, but didn't bother weighing or taking my height, she just asked. I thought it was a little weird, but since I'm not growing anymore and haven't had any significant weight gain recently I just brushed it off. Then I met with Dr. Allen. She was very nice and I don't know if she was just overwhelmed but my appointment went south quick. I called ahead of time to ask if I would need to bring in a form with all the tests my surgeon was ordering before surgery and the receptionist said that Dr. Allen would tell me which tests she would want me to have the day of. However, when I was going through my medical history this was one of the first things Dr. Allen asked for. Having recently undergone a different surgery in the past year, I thought it was a little odd that she didn't ask me basic questions like how often I exercise or about my menstrual cycle. But then when it came to the physical exam, Dr. Allen only examed me for around 30 seconds. She checked my breathing and looked in my mouth, but didn't check my ears, nose, temp etc. Then she told me I was free to go since I've had my blood taken, but the nurse hadn't come by to do that yet. They don't have a designated lab area so the nurse took my blood in the exam room which I also found unusual. Once, I left I got about 5 minutes away only to get a call from Dr. Allen saying she didn't do the physical exam and asked me to come back. I thought maybe there was more to the exam she needed to do so I went back only to have her repeat the same 30 second exam from before...Needless to say the office is definitely unorganized.
Knowlegeable, efficient and thorough. No time was wasted on my first visit with Dr. Allen. Staff was very nice as well. Highly recommended.
Dr. Allen was very warm and easy to relate to right away. She's very knowledgeable and relatable.
Dr. Allen is my PCP and I wouldn't go anywhere else.
It was a pleasure, everyone was so nice and friendly
As always, Dr Allen is prompt, thorough, and i love her sense of humor!
Great Dr. She knows what she is talking about. Just wish her office hours were longer.
Great visit once again. Marcella Allen MD is friendly, very professional and super-efficient so it makes everything go very smoothly.
She is a very good committed clinician.
Dr. Allen is great. She is easy to talk to, and makes the whole process really easy. She gave me the world's fastest pap smear, and for that, I thank her.
Dr. Allen was very warm and welcoming and explained every procedure step by step. She made me feel very comfortable during such a vulnerable visit.
Dr Allen was great. She is an outstanding Doctor . She really shows that she cares about her patients, I would highly recommend anyone that is looking for a primary doctor. She is the Best. Thank Dr Allen for all she does for her patients. I'm very thankful that I have Dr Allen for my Doctor. I would not be happy with anyone else but Dr Allen. It takes me almost 2 hours by Bus to come to see Dr Allen at her office. She is worth the trip to come to her office. I have been seeing Dr Allen over 15 years., Lucy H.
Always thorough. Consistently excellent.
I always feel that I have Dr Allen's full attention and can easily discuss any issues I'm having.
Dr.Allen is personable and funny. She listens to your concerns and addresses them. There was barely any wait which is a huge plus!
Dr. Allen always makes me feel comfortable! This is the 3rd time I've seen her and she continues to impress me. She's friendly, easy to talk to and attentive. I would recommend her!