Dr. Linda Attoe
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Dr. Linda Attoe

Attention - If you are a new patient, please make sure to select, “I am a new patient” when booking an appointment with your physician. Dr Linda Attoe is passionate and a very well balanced individual. She has tremendous professional qualifications and is an outstanding physician. Dr. Attoe is a pleasant, caring, and dependable; she possesses superb interpersonal skills, and is well admired and well respected by patients, co-workers and staff.

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She was wonderful. It was my first time seeing her. She was very thorough, but quick. I would absolutely recommend her to everyone. I definitely found my new doctor.
If I didn't like Dr. Attoe, I would not go there. This is the only doctor's office I have ever been to that has not kept me waiting for any length of time at all. I love Dr. Attoe.
Fantastic! You could tell that she really cares about her patients and I didn't feel rushed at all!
Dr. Attoe is ALWAYS right on time, very efficient, thorough and calls back when you need her. I HIGHLY recommend her.
Dr. Attoe is very helpful, informative and kind. The office is nice and clean too. I highly recommend her.
Everyone was really nice and professional. Beautiful office and all up to date equipment.
Dr. Attoe was great! I had to wait about 15-20 minutes for my appointment, but aside from that the experience was great!
Very efficient and professional, with an ability to"connect."
I have been going to Dr Attoe for the past few years. She is always prompt and thorough.
Warm and thorough. She listened to me and took her time.
She is just totally professional and friendly. Great combination.
She was personable and did her job well
I love this doctor and she has an excellent staff - they are friendly and professional. I have always thought that a doctor is only as good as his/her staff and this is a winning combination!
She was very polite and nice. Asked the appropriate questions for a physical. But I told her about a one problem that I had with my back and she didn't really give me an answer. I guess I should have asked her more questions about it. Other than that, she was very polite and made me comfortable the whole time I was there.
My appt with Dr. Attoe went great. She personally took my blood pressure, weighed & measured, and reviewed my medical history with me - I am not sure I have ever had that happen. Usually someone else does all the preliminary stuff and the doctor comes in for a minute or two at the end. She was very professional and thorough, and took her time examining me.
This is my third or fourth visit with Dr. Attoe, and I find her to be professional, thorough and efficient. I wound, and have, recommended her.
It served the purpose of a physical. I had never seen her before. It seemed I initiated most conversation about my hisotry and health. She was pleasant enough.
Eh, spent a lot of time entering basic info into the computer, didn't really talk to me that much, then sent me to a specialist. She was just ok.
Very thorough and professional. Warm bedside manner. I have been looking for a new internist for years after my old one retired, and am happy to have found Dr. Attoe.
She is smart, warm, and down-to-earth: just what I wanted.
Great visit! Practice was organized and saw me right away. Very professional. Would recommend to family and friends.
My visits with LInda Attoe, MD are always good. She is personable, great bedside manner; understanding and skilled in diagnosing and treating ailments. I highly recommend this physician.
visits with dr attoe are always great, however her front desk staff is not attentive and professional.
I thought she was kind and thorough.
I needed to find a new pcp. Haven't had a checkup in a few years. She checked into all the issues I raised. She asked questions of her own. Good demeanor. I felt very comfortable with her. She didn't go overboard like my previous md used to. I intend to go back. The office is great. Just waiting to hear back about my lab results. If I don't hear from them tomorrow, ill give them a call
She listened to me; she wrote the prescriptions I requested; she has promised to mail me my blood test results, which the office has not done the last 2 times I was there. I feel I can discuss things with her and she will give me attention and sympathy. This is the first time I ever had no wait at all to see her.
Professional and attentive. Relevant information provided. Great bedside manner!
Dr. Attoe is very knowledgeable, thorough, professional and personable. I highly recommend her for any and all of your doctor needs!
Professional, knowledgeable and easy.
She was very kind, attentive, and all went smooth.
Dr. Attoe is kind, and extremely knowledgable. She has a reassuring presence and really listens to what you say. She also has a great sense of humor. I would recommend her to anyone.
I really like Dr. Attoe but she never runs on time. I can't be 30 minutes (or more) late for an appointment with her and still be seen - and I expect the same courtesy. I will regrettably have to move on. Too bad. She's a decent doctor.
She care about you. I felt comfortable talking to her. She took time to read thru my family history and ask questions. She was very calm and pleasant. ??
It was my own fault that I had to wait for a while -- I walked in 5 minutes late and there was an elderly patient ahead of me. No big deal. I've always thought really highly of Dr. Attoe and her staff and my last visit was no exception.
Worst doctor experience ever. No table side manner, rude, ignored the fact that I was visibly crying and upset. Condescending, yet unhelpful and not knowledgable.
She's a great doctor! I felt the staff was a tad unprofessional however.
Dr. Attoe is very matter-of-fact and not at all alarmist, which I think is an important and unfortunately somewhat uncommon quality amongst doctors. Highly recommended!
Very professional
Dr. Attoe is wonderful and very attentive. She listens to you clearly and provides you with the best knowledge and other doctors who may be able to assist you with whatever other issue you may have. She really shows attention to every detail. She is wonderful.
I went to see Dr. Attoe for a sick visit, as a new patient. The wait was decent, no more than 15 minutes I would say. Nice, clean waiting area. Staff was a little busy, but I had time so I was not impatient. Dr. Attoe was very professional, asked important medical history questions, and did a thorough internal medicine physical exam for my ailment ( I know since I am also a health professional). She seemed knowledgable and reassured me without trying to rush me out of her office. definitely would recommend her to others, and I'm planning on seeing her again.
She was very sweet. Listened to my needs and gave great advice,.
What I like is that I can ask questions and Dr. Attoe is always willing to explain and answer my questions and concerns. I feel she is my partner in my health care.
pleasant easy going-not pushy doctor-great for a physical check up...nice clean office (with outdoor views onto a terrace-makes it all a bit more relaxing)
Dr. Attoe is a terrific doctor. She is both compassionate and thorough in her approach. Her follow-up has been excellent. I highly recommend her.
I LOVE Dr. Attoe! I've been seeing her for over 10 years and she is just the best. She always makes time to answer all my questions and never rushes me through my appointment. Can't recommend highly enough!!
It was great, she is a kind and caring doctor,,,calming .
I love Dr. Attoe. She's been my PCP for many years. She's very warm and 100% professional. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
Went fine
I've always had great experiences when visiting Dr. Attoe. My biggest pet peeve is having to wait in the waiting room well after the time I've made an appointment for but in all the times I've visited Dr. Attoe (about 4 in all), I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes. The majority of the time I'm called into the Dr's office as soon as I check in. I would highly recommend Dr. Attoe and she is a joy to see.
Always a pleasant experience. No fluff, no fuss, just calm efficient care.
She was fast and efficient while answering all my questions. I got my annual physical as well as vaccines for a trip to India which she had on hand and didn't make me have a follow up appt to get them!
Great bedside manner - took her time with me, answered all my questions.
She pays attention to you and follows up. I trust her.
Dr. Attoe is extremely professional and no-nonsense, which I appreciated. Clearly knowledgable and good at her job. Lovely offices, as well, overlooking Carnegie Hall.
Really nice woman, super helpful and easy to talk to, I would definitely recommend her to anyone!
love dr attoe but her staff is HORRIBLE. no followup, not friendly
Dr. Attoe was a wonderful physician. Very attentive. She explained everything she was doing and took the time to help me with my questions. I highly recommend
Dr. Attoe was recommended to me by my sister's best friend, Dr. Abigail Zuger, who is also associated with Roosevelt. My Doctor, Dr. Richard P. Fried (who is also a Roosevelt physician and who has been my doctor for over 30 years) retired about a year ago and recommended West Park Medical. I contacted Dr. Zuger who suggested I choose Dr. Attoe as my new doctor. Dr. Zuger said,that they haven't met but know each other by reputation and that Linda Attoe's patients all "love her!" I think Dr. Attoe is wonderful, thorough, kind, caring,knowledgeable, thoughtful, intelligent -- all the characteristics that make for a good doctor. She strikes me as a wonderful person. I made this appointment for a consultation a few months prior to my annual check up date because I have been having problems with shortness of breath. I asked if my sister (11 years my junior could accompany me as a second pair of ears. Dr. Attoe could not have been more accommodating. She spent an hour with us, gave me a total examination and arranged the near impossible by getting me a same day appt. with a Cardiologist (Dt. Henry Novack) and lab appts for xrays, EKG and Electrocardiogram. I have not been better cared for EVER! And I am very grateful!. .
Great experience. Nice office. In and out really quick. Highly recommended
Dr Attoe was punctual, engaging and thorough. She spent a good deal of time answering my questions before performing a thorough exam. Her staff was just as efficient and my blood draw was painless.
I feel so lucky. I have had so much trouble with poor healthcare providers and this doctor was great!
I love Dr. Attoe. She is non-alarmist, rational, calm, smart, open minded, and thorough. I never feel rushed with her and she answers any questions I have (whether absurd or not).
Very kind and gentle.
Great experience with Dr. Attoe. She was prompt, easy to talk with and straight forward. I will definitely see her again.
It is always a pleasure visiting Dr. Attoe.
Is a good listener, non-judgmental, thorough, nice bedside manner
Dr. Attoe has a very warm bedside manner. She takes time to listen to your words. She is calming and she's very nice. She gave me a thorough exam and referred me for a test. I have the utmost confidence in her skills as a physician.
Dr. Attoe is great. She listens, works with you and is super understanding.
Good. She listened and attend efficiently to each of my questions. Annual physical is now complete.
She was an absolute pleasure! So nice and helpful. Will hands down be back!
Dr Attoe is pleasant and very thorough in her examination.
Dr. Attoe was very patient and understanding, as well as timely. i highly recommend her.
I like and trust her. She listens and offers the best possible solutions to my problems and requests.
As is usual with West Park Medical, the staff is friendly and professional, the wait times minimal, and the medical attention is A-1.
Really good, and quick - I had an annual physical. No waiting around, I went straight in and had a thorough exam with plenty of opportunity to talk. One of the things I liked is that instant feedback was given for some minor concerns, while noting that the actual results take a few days to come back.
Dr. Attoe is a smart compasssionate Doctor and very thorough. I've been going to her for 20 yrs now.
I have been seeing Dr. Attoe for many years. Even after her practice relocated their office I made sure that continued to see her. I feel comfortable talking with her and office staff is professional.
Excelente as always! Wonderful staff!!!
Dr. Attoe is thorough, personable and takes the time to talk with you to get a full picture of your health issues.