Dr. James Arons
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Dr. James Arons

**Please be advised: we DO NOT book international physicals online! Primary Care for the Entire Family Good medical care for the entire family is key to maintaining a high quality of life. At Park West Family Practice, we offer a full range of family medical services including pediatric, adolescent, adult and older adult medicine. Our physicians and staff work with each patient and family to ensure their holistic needs - emotional, physical, spiritual and medical - are met. At Park West Family Practice, our philosophy embraces the warmth and ideals of the traditional family doctor, yet incorporates modern approaches to patient care. We look forward to serving as your medical and health education resource. Prevention Keeping informed about a healthy lifestyle is one way to assure an active lifestyle. As primary care professionals, we emphasize the importance of preventive health care.

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An awesome doctor. Very professional and friendly. Highly recommended
Dr Aron's office was great. The staff saw me right away, the nurses and team were personable and caring. Dr Aron's made sure I didn't have any questions and took the time to talk with me. I highly recommend him!!
Fast and efficient. Get all around doctor who listens to his patients.
Dr. James Aron and his staff were very nice yet got me in quickly and efficiently.
No wait, med student took all info allowing for a quick and efficient visit with Dr. Arons.
Very professional, explained in detail everything that was going to happen before it happened. No surprises. Explains your diagnosis and treatment options and makes a plan with you that you'll understand. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Would highly recommend.
I would highly recommend Dr. Arons. He was friendly and informative. This was my first time seeing him and I recommended him to my husband as well - will definitely go back.
He was nice- though he wants first time patients in a gown no matter what and I would have liked to meet him before being told I had to strip down. Otherwise he was great and fast! Would definitely recommend.
Very down to earth doctor. Was very helpful and didn't make me feel unworthy for not having insurance (like so many other doctors do!). I recommend this doctor.
Dr. Arons was quick, kind, and accommodating. I enjoyed my visit and will be seeing him for future needs.
Great office, very nice and helpful staff. I was a few minutes late and they still got me in within 10 minutes of arrival.
Great office and staff! Short wait time and friendly service!
He's a great doctor with very friendly staff. Everyone was very nice and answered any of the questions that I had. I would definitely go back to him again if have any medical concerns.
Great doctor!
Dr. Arons was extremely friendly and took the time to listen to my issue. Professional staff, very clean facility, and barely any waiting! Will be returning for sure.
quick, on time and easy!
Thorough, easy to speak with, and knowledgeable.
Dr. Arons is quick, professional, and right to the point which is very much appreciated when you want to know whats wrong with you. He is great with explaining any follow up needed by the patient and he is always sure to ask what questions I have if any.
Dr. Arons was very nice and very personable. Made the visit as enjoyable as a Doctor visit can be.
Right off the brown line. I can schedule an appointment on relatively short notice. Always friendly & professional. I've never felt rushed. Very accurate.
My appointment with Dr. Arons was cancelled, understandably, due to a blizzard, but I wasn't notified via phone or email, so I didn't know this until I reached the office. I would have appreciated advanced notice.
It was by far the easiest, most convenient, fastest doctor visit I've ever had.
Really friendly doctor. Listens to my needs and makes smart reccomendations.
Dr. Arons is great - I feel like a new person and am finally getting back into a productive daily routine. Thanks Dr. Arons for giving me my life back!
He is without a doubt the best doctor I've known, since I switched my primary care physician from my hometown. He manages expectations, listens and isn't afraid to give less than desirable news.
Dr. Arons was wonderful. Very kind and understanding - got to the root of the issues immediately. I feel like I've gotten my life back.
He was professional and got down to brass tax (tacks?). I will only be going to him.
Using ZocDoc was perfect and trouble-free. Every employee treated me with respect and I got in immediately at my scheduled appointment time.
The wait time was the only issue. I had a 9 AM appointment and was not called into the back in 945. I did not actually see Dr. Arons until approximately 1015. He was great and called me back within an hour with my blood work results after i left a message withe the receptionist.
Dr. Arons was very attentive to my concerns. He was willing to do some test to ease my mind.
Great doctor and easy to talk too.
Very thorough and has a GREAT bedside manner. He has helped myself and my son to get back on track.
Highly recommend! Great office staff as well; very efficient.
Couldn't be more satisfied.
The whole visit felt very rushed, and like a waste of time. I don't think he listened to me and my concerns.
I went to Dr. Arons to get an annual physical, and during my visit he suggested a blood screening. He discussed the blood screening as though it was a standard practice, completed as part of the physical, that should be done every 2-3 years. Given his casual demeanor and the fact I hadn't gotten blood work in awhile, I assumed it was generally carried out as part of the physical and opted for the screening. A few weeks later, I was received a hefty fee despite my first-rate medical insurance coverage. I don't appreciate doctors who try to take advantage of their patients, and for this reason, I will not be returning.
He is always on time, efficient and shows genuine concern. The best personal physician i've had. Great staff as well!
This was my second visit to the office and both times I was greeted with a warm reception from the staff. Doctor Arons is the prime example of a family practice Doctor that listened to my concerns and came up with a game plan for further treatment. I highly recommend him and his staff to any and everyone that is looking for a Doctor that really cares for his patients. Cedric C.
Great staff very caring.
The visit was nice, but 2 weeks for bloodwork results and a couple of specialist referrals is ridiculous.
Very thorough yet quick. Quite impressed
Very professional and courteous in all my visits.
Dr Arons and Dr Wagner were receptive to questions and provided detailed and useful responses. I appreciated how direct they were in telling me what I needed to know. Overall, it was a painless experience.
Dr. Arons was very warm and also very professional. Our appointment was efficient and productive.
Arrived for appointment and was told I didn't have one.
He's a nice man who is very professional. Definitely the type of doctor who shows interest/care.
I had an excellent experience here. Everyone was so nice! Will definitely be coming back.
Dr. Arons was very efficient and pleasant.
Very professional and helpful.
Dr. Arons and his staff we very prompt and professional. Office location is convenient and welcoming.
He answered all my questions. Very personable.
Very efficient, always on time, great staff and nice facilities.
He was approachable. Had a warm manner and helped me with my issur
I showed up 15 minutes early and they took me right away. The staff is friendly and courteous. I mentioned to the lab tech that I've had issues with the drawing of my blood in the past. She got it right the first time. Very painless. Dr. Arons bedside manner is friendly and he listens to my concerns. Great medical group!
Great Doctor and was very friendly and had a lot of good information.
Dr. Arons was extremely kind and I didn't have to wait much at all. He was understanding to my chronic problems and listened to me. He offered helpful advice and made sure I fully understood everything he was telling me. I did not feel rushed nor ignored.
Went for a physical examination it was less than 2 minutes. Didn't really think he actually checked for anything.
In almost two years, Dr Arons has never felt my glands, looked up my nose (even when the reason for visiting was a sinus infection). The ladies in the reception area are not polite or welcoming. The wait is long and the actual time with the Doctor is 5 minutes or less. I could never recommend this office or Dr Arons.
Arrived early to finish paperwork as it was first visit. Was not put into room until 40 minutes after appointment and doctor for another 15. Quick visit. Very friendly guy it seems.
He listens and then acts accordingly. He does list all expensive tests needlessly
He is one of the best doctor's I've been to. Very nice, patient, and takes the time to understand.
Dr. Arons was very attentive and listened to all my concerns. I was able to get in and out and he was able to answer all my questions.
Dr. Arons is always on time, efficient and greatly concerned with his patients. Highly recommend!
Great Doc. Calm, Confident and Holistic.
He is thorough and staff is organized and professional
I went for a physical was seen right away by a nurse and then by a medical student. Dr. Arons saw me shortly after and was up to speed based on everything discussed. The only hang up was the ~30 minute wait for the blood draw which was kind of frustrating to wait that long but otherwise recommend.
Dr. Arons has a great "bedside" manner and is always professional and friendly as well.
Dr. Arons is not only a great listener, but cares about my wellness. What mattered to me was that he was very attentive to my needs, but also considerate enough to state "we want to make sure you get better, here are the steps we'll take for getting you there." That's the kind of dedication and care that I would hope and expect from my primary care doctor.
very nice & professional, love the doctor. I had visited his office about 14 years ago. he hasn't changed. wonderful doctor. now i am the 4th member of my family to go to Dr. Arons. we all love him. Annie M.
Fantastic service and handles all of my questions and concerns
Dr Aaron's had an emergency so Dr Lee saw me. He was great and efficient and easy to speak to
This was my first visit with Dr. Arons, and everything was great. His staff is friendly, and the initial paperwork was minimal. Within five minutes of finishing the paperwork, I was meeting with the nurse. Dr. Arons came in right after that. Dr. Arons is very knowledgeable and friendly. He took the time to discuss my various options. Additionally, although I saw him as a general practitioner, he also explained the other medical services offered at his clinic, and I am now considering going to his office for those services as well. Overall, I was very happy with my visit.
Dr. Arons is an excellent doctor. He takes his time with you, listens and provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your health and wellness.
He was friendly, asked appropriate questions and did not over react and order a million tests like most doctors. I feel that I know what caused the problem and am satisfied.
There was almost no wait at all, and all of the staff was incredibly gregarious and professional.
Dr. Arons is the best!!
He is personable, a good listener and is open to answer questions. I really like his style and am confident I am getting great treatment.
I like Dr. Arons. I made the appointment for June 30 and the doctors office called to say that my appointment was schedule for the 23. It worked out fine but I am not sure what happened. My confirmation said the 30th.