Dr. Hang Nguyen
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Montgomery Dental Associates

Dr. Hang Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is a 1996 graduate from the University of Maryland at Baltimore, Medical Technology where she received the Award of Excellence in Clinical Chemistry. From there she went on to complete her Dental Degree at the University of Maryland College of Dental Surgery in 2001. Before moving back to Maryland, Dr. Nguyen practiced in McLean Virginia for seven years. She completed a nine month Dental Implant Training program with Dr. Arun Garg, at the Implant Seminars Institute. She is fluent in both English and Vietnamese and enjoys hobbies such as racquetball, snorkeling and traveling.

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I think that Dr. Nguyen is excellent and exactly what I am looking for. However,I found two members of her staff to be less than professional. I expect to be treated with courtesy and respect..after all I am a paying customer which in terms helps to pay their salary. So still weighing if I want to deal with them in order to get her to do my dental work.
Dr. Nguyen is the most thorough dentist I have ever seen. She cleaned my teeth herself, rather than have an assistant do it, so she could familiarize herself with my teeth and some specific problems I am having. I am facing a lot of work to be done in the next few weeks, but I am confident that it will go well under her care. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a really good dentist.
Very pleasant experience!!
Very nice and personable!
overall a very nice experience, enjoyed the easy chit-chat during the exam and cleaning. The staff I interacted with was courteous and friendly as well.
Dr. Nguyen is very professional but still warm and friendly. Best of all, she's very honest. I've dealt with some shady dentists before who wanted to re-do my whole mouth for no reason, but Dr. Nguyen was honest with me about a particular issue which, after examination, she believed did not require action. Her staff is also friendly and professional and made my x-rays (which I despise) much more bearable. I was in and out of my cleaning appointment in 30 minutes and left asking myself why I don't go more often :) Can't recommend this Dr. enough.
Very friendly, very professional... she'll try to upsell you on cosmetic bleaching but other than that nothing to complain about.
Fantastic! Her Dental Hygenist, Maria, was excellent as well. I have recommended Dr. Nguyen to multiple people today at work. :)
I have a huge dental phobia and Dr. Hang Nguyen was wonderful. I still need a lot of work done on my teeth, but I feel much better about having the work done. I found her on Zocdoc and all the positive reviews are correct. Also her assistant Maria is great!
She is very professional and personable. Dr. Nguyen provided a comfortable trip to the dentist.
Extremely friendly, very thorough and professional, and excellent staff. Highly recommended!
Office equipment seemed modern. Staff was professional, prompt, and courteous.