Dr. Guram Yakobashvili

Dr. Guram Yakobashvili is a dentist practicing in the Bronx, New York. Dr. Yakobashvili attended New York University, and is fluent in English, Russian, Spanish, and Georgian. He is described by patients as an excellent dentist who they would recommend to friends and family. Dr. Yakobashvili is able to perform a variety of procedures, among them: crown, bridge, dentures, gum surgery, root canals, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, veneer, broken teeth, mouth guards, and many more!

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i loved it, I'm recommending him
I hadn't been to a dentist in 4 years. I do't know why. This was a breeze and I don't mean just a simple cleaning. We did three, maybe four, root canals and prepped for a bridge. No pain. The receptionist, the dental assistant and the consulting doctors where all friendly and very professional. This may sound crazy, but I can hardly wait to go back in a few weeks! I would recommend to anyone without a dentist, or looking for a new one.
Amazing experience. Never judge a doctor based on the neighborhood.
The doctor was very good. I was not convinced with the timing given to me but it could have been better. I will certainly make another appointment to make sure I get the comments right. Overall, i really liked how the dentist explained everything.
I can't say enough about the friendly professional attitude of this entire staff. And no pain!!!!
I will put it simple, never go to that place. The dental assistant is a horrible manner lady and with awful attitude. She was starting a prophylaxis and it was like she was smashing something, and not doing a dental work in a person, I nicely raised my hand to make a sign for her to stop because was stabbing my gums and it was without anesthesia, her answer was with an angry tone was " What you want me to do?", I smiled and answered, "maybe to put some anesthesia". She stopped and didnt do the prophylaxis. The Doctor was a bit nicer, when he finally came, but at the end showed his real face too and I walked out of there.
Very thorough! Explained my issues in detail and listed priorities regarding dental hygiene.
I didn't feel comfortable with this doctor because he complained how difficult (small) my mouth was. The office seemed so unsanitary and I questioned how clean the utensils and everything else is in there. :/
I have already made some recommendations. He took care of me and I can smile with no shame.
Clean,affective and helpful
Spent a long time waiting in the chair, but other than that great
I didn't have a great experience. He was a bit rude and insensitive. The procedures were roughly handled and he didn't care about whether or not i cried. I was crying and in pain which is normal and he was insensitive and more worried about me paying for my appointments.
My visit was great I got in everything was explained and had a pleasant conversion. I literally left feeling better than I has d in a week.
I was highly dissatisfied with the wait time. The clinic is co owned(I suppose) with a rehab center the waiting area is over crowded with patients who look like their on drugs. The waiting area is highly uncomfortable. Once seen by doctor he seemed very knowledgeable but try to sell me on getting a root canal and other pricey items.
The visit went well he's friendly and do a great job; however the waiting area wasn't too clean not was the bathroom...
The people there were friendly and brief. I am glad that I came here.
He was great! He makes you feel comfortable and explains everything that needs to be done, his recommendations but leaves it up to you.
He was very informative about the procedure I was getting done (Root canal), when i started to experience pain and informed him he told me to in other words "suck it up" because it needed to get done. Which I did not like at all, the staff was decent often slowed down by their personal conversations in between patients. Overall satisfactory!
I don't think I've seen Dr. Yakabashvili enough to really make a good judgment. He seems to have at least a little bit of a "let's try our best to avoid unnecessary surgery" attitude. I've had really bad unnecessary surgery that will probably end up destroying my teeth rather than saving them, so I find that important. He is patient enough to explain things to you, and I think he does a good job of that. The one weird thing is that the staff has tabloid talk shows going constantly. Sometimes it seems like the dental hygienist is watching the TV instead of what you're doing, which isn't great. The dentist always turns the TV off the moment he walks in though, and he always seems careful and focused.
Dr. Yakobashvili & Alex, are a dynamic team. They were amazing with me and I recommend them to everyone in need of dental care. The front desk representative went above and beyond to have me seen. Thank you guys! Only complaint, disgusting patient bathroom.
Very professional. Made me feel hope for my teeth. I appreciate that.
he was to ruff
Very nice and honest about what needed to be done.
I'm so happy that I went there they are so nice and they took good care of my daughter In and out less then an hour I got there at 5:59 pm and I got out at 5:42 I know because my parking meter was for 1 hour we left around 5:50
He was very nice n he treated me well
I felt as though this dentist was trying to pressure me into doing work on my teeth that unnecessary just so he could get my money. This is place is not clean and the other people working there are very rude. The tech came in to clean my teeth and she didn't even say hi. I will never go back or recommend anyone unless they want to feel pressured and taken advantage of.
equipment is outdated and seems unsanitary. Did not seem trustworthy.
Awesome He's friendly and sweet made me really comfortable
he came right to the point, took x-rays, saw the problem and refer me to the oral surgeon right away, which I went the same day and the problem was solved. I have the surgery i needed in my mouth and the oral surgeon was very professional as well.
As always the front office staff are attentive and professional. The office s clean. The dentist and dental assistant(s) provide detailed explanation of what is going on and have a pleasant and professional attitudinize.
The dental assistant who performed my x-rays was courteous, professional, and kind. That is the only good thing I have to say about this place, which I made the mistake of going to because it happens to be close to my home. I have agonized - I know that word might sound funny applied to the prospect of writing an online review, but it's true - agonized for the last few weeks over whether to write this review. It doesn't give me any pleasure to say negative things about people, even when they are true. In the end, I decided that other potential patients deserve to be spared the trauma of seeking treatment from Dr. Yakobashvili. I went to this dentist while in severe pain due to an infection in my back left molar. I had already seen an emergency dentist a few days earlier, and had been put on antibiotics, so the pain wasn't as bad as it had previously been, but it was still pretty bad. After my x-rays, which as I mentioned were conducted by a kind and competent professional, I was left alone for a few minutes to await the dentist. Dr. Yakobashvili stormed in a few minutes later, and without even shaking my hand or introducing myself, began yelling at me - I'm not joking here, literally yelling loudly enough for the patients in the waiting room to hear - because of the state of my teeth. Keep in mind that I am in pain while this is happening. He shouted that he wasn't even sure he wanted to care for me because he can tell that I'm the type of person who doesn't care about my health. Let me tell you something. I know my teeth are in bad shape. I grew up in a family that didn't even have the money to hold on to a home, let alone keep their kids' dental insurance current. I have worked my entire adult life, but for most of that time I have lived literally paycheck-to-paycheck. Even when I have had dental insurance, I've had to scrimp and save to afford the copays for the work that I have needed done. There were times when I went without meals because I was saving up for a dentist's visit. So don't tell me I don't care. I haven't always had the resources I wish I had, but I have worked harder to get dental care than plenty of people who have great teeth (and who also, not coincidentally, usually have a lot of money). Dr. Yakobashvili pointed out that I had had a root canal that hadn't been completed as evidence of my indifference - as if I enjoy being in pain on a regular basis and having to avoid smiling so people won't see my teeth. As if that's something anyone in their right mind wouldn't work to avoid if they possibly could. The truth is that I couldn't afford the second half of that treatment at the time, and so, as I have frequently had to do with many things throughout my life, I went without it. If I have to choose between paying the rent and getting a tooth fixed, I'm choosing to keep a roof over my head. It's not a choice anyone should ever have to make, but it's a reality of some people's existence. Understand this: I am in pain, all the time, because of my teeth. I am embarrassed, all the time, because of my teeth. If I had the money to fix this, at any time in my entire adult life, I would have done so. It's downright ridiculous to suggest I don't care. I understand that it's important for doctors to emphasize the importance of good self-care to their patients. I don't understand why this particular dentist felt it was necessary to scream and yell at me the first time he ever met me, without asking me any questions, and to humiliate me in front of an office full of people. I made up an excuse to leave his office without having any work done, despite the fact that I was in pain, and still am in pain. Since then, his office has not stopped calling, on an almost daily basis, insisting that I need to "reschedule" my appointment despite the fact that I have made clear to them that I am not interested in doing so. I will find another dentist to care for me. I recommend everyone reading this review do the same thing.
It was a very friendly environment and the dental service was top notch. There was a delay due to an emergency but other than that it went really well. Thank you for your time!!!
Nice clinic, super sweet attendants
He is a good Dentist. Would have him work on my teeth anytime.
I, Like most people, hate going to the Dentist. Add this to the extensive work I needed done and there is a recipe for disaster. The Dentist and staff were amazing! I was seen reasonably quickly and they addressed my issues. They even worked hard to get work done before my health insurance benefits expired for the year. IT felt as if they cared more for the patient versus trying to be paid. I will definitely be using this dentist for now on! I never write reviews but I was so happy with the work I received I felt compelled to do so!
both dentists are always kind and compassionate and friendly and so is their staff. they take their time to explain everything and will work with you as far as payment and try to make the process as pleasant as possible.
It was very good he was amazing
I believe the entire staff was great and nice. They are very determine to help.
I came here because the reviews were great, but front desk needs to be better checking insurance and checking who's a walk in or an actual appt. Doctor was nice but nothing stood out from this place.
I wasn't happy and was very confused with the waist of time provided and Dr guram doesn't give good recommendations because he recommended me to an another office when he's supposed to be a so called dentist himself at an other dentist office which is located at 297 Willis ave very unprofessional clinic made me uncomfortable makes me feel like its just becuz of my insurance lesson learned never again
Very warm experience in this office. Got a call beforehand to confirm appointment, front desk was super sweet. Doctor was funny and direct. He told me what I needed to do and didn't sugarcoat it which I liked but he wasn't pushy. Clear and concise about treatment options
Dr. Yakobashvili was a very nice doctor! He was informative and referred me to an oral surgeon and did do a cleaning. The dental assistant, Denise wasn't very polite but I'm understanding that everyone has their days. Hope you feel better Denise! The receptionists were all lovely girls. I would rate this place a 4/5
He was real good i think he'll be my son dentist
Very cool guy, great staff, excellent location. CLEAN WAITING, very good. TV was a little loud.
Doctor and assistant were very good with my child. They were very informative and patient. They explained every procedure they were going to perform in the level that my child understood.I will return to this clinic.
He explain everything in detail, give you the good and bad news and lay out your options. Very happy
It was definitely better and faster than I would have anticipated. The service was great!
Nightmare!!! I arrived at 4pm for a 4:40 appointment... the receptionist women were so uninterested, unbothered, and rude. They made a huge deal out of my insurance situation. It took them 45 minutes to get on the phone and speak to/deal with an insurance rep to confirm that I can get my teeth cleaned. During that time, they took many other patients and dealt with their complaints, signed them in, gave them forms to fill out. There seemed to be no order. 45 minutes later, at which time they were officially late to my appointment, they told me I COULDN'T BE SEEN because I don't have insurance. At this point I was already annoyed, so I got my stuff to leave. Then, she repeatedly calls some name (not mine) as I'm walking out the door, finally calls the correct name, and I come back over. Immediately she says I can be seen. Not sure what happened in the 60 seconds or less, but absolutely no professionalism or apology for her very irritating and very lengthy mistake. After sitting back down and completing the new patient forms, I waited another 45 MINUTES to be called. Got to the back, another 15 minutes of waiting on the chair before someone came for x-rays. I wouldn't be so upset if the service provided was good but it was just as cold, and somehow more annoying than the front. By this time I had a headache and they were blaring two different TVs in the weird back office. One was right in front of my face. I asked the technician to turn the TV off and she says no, because she was watching the weather... while tending to my teeth... She takes the x-rays, and then cleans my teeth in no kidding, less than 5 minutes. My teeth looked *the exact same* as they had when I walked in, and I've never left a cleaning not proud of my smile. She did the absolute bare minimum that would constitute a cleaning. Then, when the doctor came, he offered me no useful information and tried to persuade me to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed. My wisdom teeth are TOTALLY FINE, and my last doctor strongly advised me against a surgery like this which isn't necessary since my wisdom teeth grew in the normal direction of my teeth and are already past the surface. Avoid this place unless you've got a lot of time to kill, you don't mind listening to trashy daytime talk shows on repeat at super high volume, you like being talked down to by unfriendly receptionists, and you don't really care about your teeth.
The clerks were amazing,very accommodating to my work schedule (I went during work hours for my son)! The doctor was informative, dental with my son! Great experience....
One of the nurses was rude. When it comes to children you should be more patient. I will not go back again.