Dr. Flora Niderman
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Dr. Flora Niderman

Flora Niderman is a compassionate and detail-oriented periodontist serving the communities of Brooklyn and New York. She attended New York University, where she received her dental degree, and went on to complete her three year post-graduate training in periodontics at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Dr. Niderman sees patients for a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, including veneers, crowns, and fillings. She also performs periodontal surgical treatments, implants, Botox, and facial fillers. She prides herself on keeping her treatments and technology up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field and is involved with the American Academy of Periodontology. Outside of her dental practice, her hobbies include traveling, attending the theater, and watching movies. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, who is also a dentist, and her two daughters. Dr. Niderman's greatest goal is to ensure every patient's satisfaction, and she is committed to giving the best care and establishing long-lasting relationships with them.

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Dr Niderman is very professional and kind. Excellent dentist!
Great service! I was in and out of there in no time. The doctor did an excellent job filling in my cavities, I didn't feel a thing.
It was good
Dr. Flora was nice, but I only saw her about 5 minutes. An older gentleman came in. They had me take x-rays. This was one of the most painful x ray experiences of my life, and it should be a pretty painless event. The devices seemed unclean. After taking over an hour to confirm whether or not they took my insurance, I was told that they did not use my insurance and basically told to go. I asked him if he could just look at my filling and tell me if it appears damaged based on the x ray. He DID take out new equipment but I noticed he didn't have on gloves!!!! NEVER again.
Service was EXCELLENT! it's my 1st time going to an appointment by myself and it was a VERY PLEASANT EXPERIENCE! The doctor was very concerned about my comfort and assured I felt no pain. I highly recommend this dentist!
It was very satisfactory she answerd every question that I had she kept it real with me
very professional, will come again!
Waited a long time, got a perfunctory cleaning, Dr. Niderman looked at my mouth for less than a minute.
I strongly urge against using this dental practice, which is unprofessional, inept, unsanitary, incompetent, and an endangerment to your health!!! Two of the staff, and even the dentist I saw, did not introduce themselves to me or even explain what they were doing. They were extremely abrupt, rude, and condescending. An assistant, did not show me the x-rays of my teeth, but told me I need three small fillings and gave me anesthetic. I felt bullied and my requests denied when I asked to put off having the fillings until a later date and wanting to see my x-rays and have explained to me what was being done. The staff spoke in Russian to each other and ignored me. Their manner was apathetic, unfriendly, and unprofessional. While working on the filling, the dental drill was dropped on my lower lip, creating a large swelling wound and open gash, as well as purple bruising. Nothing was applied to the wound to prevent infection. No apology was offered or ownership taken for dropping a drill on my lip and hurting me. The assistant just swore very loudly in Russian and the dentist noted that I couldn’t feel anything anyways. I was given three fillings and a “cleaning,” in a half hour time! A half hour! The “cleaning,” consisted of brushing my four bottom teeth with a polisher, and nothing else! Part of one filling came out in the office. I was told that this was, “normal,” and “just extra.” The rest of the filling came out later that day, within a few hours! My other two adjoining teeth were badly damaged/chipped around on both sides of the tooth where the filling had fallen out, in the back. To compensate, they merely shortened one of my teeth, in the front! Still, bite was severely off after their fillings. Another filling came out several days later. The gum around the third was sore and swelled. The inside of the practice was dingy, dirty, and old. The staff bathroom didn’t contain any soap! I was waiting for an hour and 15 minutes before the doctor saw me. They did not respect my requests and lied to me repeatedly throughout the process. For your health and safety I strongly urge you to avoid this practice at all costs!
I absolutely love my experience. It was my first time. Very professional and talk me through the whole process.
she will give you her honest opinion, the doctors between there self speak only Russian so you have no clue what they are talking about you, I don't have insurance so she came in to the room and looked at me and said she needs to take a X-Ray and there is a charge which I agreed but wouldn't let the technician do the X-Ray before the receptionist came up and had me pay so she can take the X-Ray and this is totally unaccepted
Horrible I waited four hours to see the dentist! The dentist had the audacity to have an attitude and drill horribly into my teeth! Never will I go back not even one star negative five stars!!
Where do I begin! First & foremost I waited almost 3 hrs to be seen for a dental emergency. When I was finally 'called in' it was another process ; I was given a sheet (HIPPA form) and was told to go upstairs. This was my first visit to the office so I had no idea what "go upstairs" meant. "Upstairs" is where the examination rooms were. When I reached 'upstairs' I wasn't greeted by anyone. I saw a few hygentists ushering around. I had to ask someone where to go and what to do. I was escorted into a dingy and unmodern room with no privacy. There were shutters (that were open at the time) in that room that allowed me to see into that examination room. Eventually the shutters were closed by my request. I was eventually greeted by a hygentist ; who was more courteious than anyone at that office. He explained to be that a dentist will be right with me and he was sorry for the long wait. Twenty minutes later I was approached by a guy who spoke no English whom took my X-rays. He of course exited the room when he was done and I was left there again for another 15-20 min until a dentist came in to talk to me. This person who wasn't Dr. Niderman but an associate whom advised me that I need root canal therapy and some other "stuff" done. Instead of taking the time to explain to me what "stuff" needed to be done, he ushered himself out and told me the Dr. Niderman will be right with me. 20 minutes later I was greeted by her and she explained to me that I needed root canal therapy; I agreed to the treatment. 15-20 minutes later (again) the guy who said I needed "stuff" done advised me that he was going to numb me with novacane and that work will be done shortly thereafter. Surprisingly less than 10 min later Dr. Fisherman came in asked if I was numb yet; I told her no but she began the work anyway and assured me that it would "kick in" and if I feel anything she'll apply more novacane. As she began I was in complete discomfort and she realized that she applied more novacane only to hit a nerve that not so my made me literally jump out the dental chair but brought tears to my eyes. I explained to her that I still felt her drilling and she again applied more novacane; I thought protocol was to wait until it kicked in before actually doing any dental work. Dr. Niderman of course didn't. I was in complete agony with tears streaming down my face the whole time. 30 min later I was done with this torture. With numerous dental appts and work done in the 30 years I've been going to the dentist I have never, ever experienced such discomfort and/or pain. I've gotten two root canals in the past and Ive never been in so much agony during the process. When done, the Dr. Fiderman left the office only to be outside of the examination room. I wasn't given anything to rinse or explain what my next steps were. Being through this pricess before I knew that I needed a prescription and pain killers - which of course I rewuested. Dr Fiderman handed me my prescriptions and said nothing else. She didn't tell me when to return or what my next steps were. Flustered and in pain I left that hell hole only to find out my prescriptions weren't even filled out properly as advised by my pharmacist! Dr Fiderman failed to indicate how much was to be dispensed. Please save yourself from going to this place; Save yourself the time and agony!
Very nice woman- made me feel really comfortable!
This place is a total disaster. It is dirty, poorly run, and should be shut down. I had two dental appointments a week apart to deal with small cavities. The first appointment I had to wait over an hour in a room that had an opening in the wall onto another room where there was another patient. When the dentist eventually did arrive, he was perfectly nice and very considerate, but the drilling he did has left me with pain in my teeth that wasn't there before - like, he actually made my teeth worse. The following week, I waited almost two hours and the dentist who did arrive was really terrible. He surprised me with the oral anesthetic needle and ended up sticking me so poorly that I was actually bruised and couldn't open my mouth for two days. He ended up bruising the inside of my cheek so badly that I couldn't open my mouth for two days. It was the worst experience I have ever had in any doctor's office anywhere, and I will never ever ever go back. DO NOT GO HERE. RUN AWAY.
Went in for a cleaning, received great advice and excellent care. Dr. Niderman and her assistant were very accommodating and made sure I was comfortable. The appointment was quick and painless - needless to say I'll be going there from now on.
I was very comfortable and they were very caring and considerate to me and we'll being.
Never again. Went in for a consultation, came out with pain on the left side of my mouth. To this day I can't chew on the left, TOO painful.
Just awful
It was my 5 year old son's first visit and they were very patient, and caring.
I had the roughest teeth cleaning on my entire life at this dentist. It was very uncomfortable and it caused a lot of bleeding. The office was very chaotic and seemed to have a lot of old equipment.
Didn't numb me totally and I experience a lot of pain because of it other than that it was ok
Dr Niederman said I needed fillings, but was too busy and impatient to answer my basic questions like how many cavities, what type of fillings. She left the room in order to take a phone call on her cellphone, and I did not feel comfortable to continue with drilling and filling.
Never been so happy with a dentist...or any doctor for that matter! Extremely professional, nice, explains why and what she is doing. Office is clean and tidy. I got several fillings done today, and Dr.Flora started working on a crown for me. Can't wait to come back and get it put in! HIGHLY reccomend :)
She was very gentle and calming
Great dentist. Explains what must be done very clearly. Just extremely professional and approachable. Would come back in a heartbeat!
I am very pleased with my visit and the work done. Everything was done swiftly, precisely, and professionally. Two thumbs up!
Honestly, I was really surprised after reading all of the good reviews before booking my appointment. 1st, there's no mention of the fact that both the preliminary waiting room and then the dental offices are all walk-ups, which can be difficult for someone using a cane to get around. When I did get up there, the receptionists were friendly and helpful. I did also find it interesting that there's a shared office with podiatrists, so they treat both ends of the body. As I was sitting there I saw things I've never seen in a doctor's waiting room before; a man bringing a bicycle out of the office while wearing his gloves and scrubs, returning shortly after without the bike, and a woman arriving (presumably who worked there) with her cat in tow. I have no opinion on these things except that they were strange. When I finally was sent up the next flight of stairs to find my office (no one is sent down to escort patients), a rather cold man put a bib on me, took the sheet I was sent in with, and asked if I'd been there before. Then he presented me with some laminated consent forms (typos included) that I would electronically sign, before I got x-rays, even though I had said in my booking notes that my dentist could send x-rays over, clearly I should have followed up. There was some confusion, so the doctor came in, then left and then another dental assistant came in and did the x-rays. When the doctor finally gave me the evaluation, she said I should meet with their orthodontist who comes into that office once a month. I don't live anywhere near this office, and after this experience I have no intention of going back. No one was awful to me, or seemingly incompetent, but the bathroom didn't have soap in it, there was a light layer of dust in the actual office and on the equipment, which is slightly concerning and in a profession where your clients are consistently opening their mouths that's discomforting. I'll be seeking another opinion from a doctor that's closer, since whatever I need probably won't be covered by my insurance anyway. It wasn't a horrible experience, but I was there for an hour and a half and I feel like nothing was accomplished, aside from further x-rays, which I probably didn't need to travel to Brooklyn for.
I will not return to this facility! felt very rushed by staff. dr drilled my teeth so much that I still have so much sensitivity on that one side of my mouth and its almost been a year since my visit! very disappointed with the results for my daughter and myself.
I'm terrified of the dentist...but Dr.Flora is AMAZING! 10 stars for her. Gentle, compassionate, professional and thorough.. Will definitely recommend.
I had to wait more than an hour to be seen. The equipment seemed not too clear and sanitized. I did not get answers to my concerns and issues.
She was very graceful, informative, and compassionate.
This is my first time and I was sceptic because of a few reviews I read before I got there, but when I got there I had a different experience. The staff was helpful and cooperative. I would recommend this dentist for sure.
I was impressed...not like other dentist..she actually fixed everything that was wrong...I'm delighted and I told my husband that I'm h going to schedule an appointment for him also.
I'll definitly go back for my future checkup. Highly recommended excellnet service. Office is very clean and nice. Great experience.
It was great! Despite my fear of needles and Dr. Niderman and her assistant handled it very well. They are very kind and caring.
Unprofessional, incompetent, amateur! Had one of the worst experiences with any doctor that I had in 3 three continents! Two fillings and x-rays took 3.5 hours not because of the work; she attended other tasks/ patients every 7 -10 minutes of attending me. She seemed preoccupied, rough, uncommunicative. She did not address the issues for which I went there in the first place, no advises or any info about what to expect after the "filling" procedure. When I reached home I was shocked to see a huge crater in my tooth! The filling had fallen off within 45 minutes of the procedure. I called the office and there was no system to take in a complain so just had to make another appointment. Next day I went in first thing in the morning as it was an emergency but still had to wait for an hour to see the doctor then explain the entire thing, Thank god I had the option to choose someone other than Dr. Flora!!.
I did not work with Dr. Flora Niederman directly. Her front desk staff, technicians and hygienists were lovely. It's apparent they have fun working together, the sense of warmth and professional camaraderie of this office put me at ease. An ENJOYABLE visit.
Fast and very well done . A bit rough but it's the dentist not a spa. Be ready to hear a lot of Russian
The worst doctor' office experience ever
Dr. Niderman was very nice and took good care of me. I recommend her warmly!
Great dentist! Would recommend her to anyone! Wait time was a little long but the service was great. She was very personable and kind while doing her work. I will be back!
The space is dirty and nearly everything is broken. Overall incredibly unpleasant experience. Would never return or recommend.
I was hoping Dr. Niderman would be my new dentist, but I have doubts about her practice. The office itself has old equipment and tools. At first she seemed very nice and approachable, but when I asked her questions she became impatient and brusque. She was interrupted frequently during my appointment (not the end of the world), but she only spent a short amount of time actually cleaning my teeth compared to other dentists I've had. I decided not to let her fill my cavities, because I was worried she would rush and botch it.
Didnt get work done, got a diagnosis will be back fro treatment and update you
Great doctor!!! My appointment went really well and their team is very professional.
She only works on patience that need a lot of work. Replacements do everything else.
My first appointment with this dentist was great. But the second time was a disaster. People in the waiting room were complaining that they had been waiting for two and a half hours. The receptionists were very unprofessional and loudly talking about their personal lives and several people left from frustration before seeing the dentist.
She seemed really occupied while attending me, but I do think she did a good job. She knows what she's doing. The equipment is old and it's not the cleanest place.
The reception staff was the best part of the visit. The hygienist didn't introduce herself or what she was getting ready to do. She wasn't gentle with the instrument used to take the X-rays. The doctor who came in kinda forced me to get a root canal (granted I needed one but I wanted time to contemplate it). Was very rough when applying whatever it was to numb my gums. Then another dentist came in, didn't introduce himself and said he was doing my filling. He didn't explain what the process was and nothing else afterwards. Literally the worst dental experience I've had.
She is professional, patient & has a gentle touch
The waiting room is shared with a podiatrist and law firm. Very weird. Two flights of stairs to waiting room. I had to help a woman with a carriage and baby who wasn't aware of all the steps. The actual dental office was a bit better, however still not the cleanest. No mini floss when you leave!!
I was cut during a cleaning ! Two huge bruises on my gums