Dr. Eric Noser

Committed to providing one on one care and exceptional results, native Houstonian Dr. Eric Noser aims to build long-term relationships with his patients by focusing on a wide range of dental concerns - from preventative teeth-cleanings to the treatment of periodontal disease. "I focus on each patient as a whole," he explains. "I try to complete the necessary dental work at my office, instead of having patients go from one office to another." Emphasizing the importance of communication, Dr. Noser always encourages his patients to voice their expectations and concerns for the appearance and health of their teeth, while assuring them that he will always consider their personal health and comfort above all else. Winning loyal patients from throughout the Greater Houston area, Dr. Noser's warm office interior and friendly staff creates a comfortable ambiance for those who dislike the sterile environment often associated with visiting the dentist. Focusing his efforts on placing crowns and bridges, performing root canals and restoring implants, Dr. Noser provides his patients with restorative work that produces the results they have always wanted. "The most rewarding feeling you can have as a dentist is when you see that you make a person's smile bigger and brighter."

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Friendly and nice, very maticulous and detailed. Professional work ethics. I have been under his dental care for over 4 years and never experienced anything different! Same has been true for his office staff.
I have been a patient of Dr. Noser for several years. He and his staff are slways very professional and thorough in my dental care.
Dr. Noser is always very plesant. He always makes sure I am comfortable before starting to work on my teeth. The best part about him is that you can ask him as many questions you want related to your dental health....he always takes the time to answer them in great detail. I have had my wisdom tooth removed, fillings done and cleaning at his office and I don't have a single complaint. The dental hygienists at his office (especially Jamie) is also very plesant and helpful. I can not imagine going to any other dentist as long as Dr. Noser is part of my insurance.
My husband and I have been Dr. Nosers patients for 5 yrs. He works with his patients to help them achieve their needs and he helps them with the best care he can give. He does all that for us
Dr. Noser took time to explain everything before treatment as well as double check that the treatment matches what is needed.
The doctor was professional and courteous.
I have been going to Dr. Noser for about a year now. I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Noser to anyone looking for a top of the line dentist. Great service all around, top notch and friendly staff. Thank you for all you do Dr. Noser. Keep up the great work.
Dr. Noser and his staff are consistently responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. I travel from Ft Bend for dental care because I trust Dr. Noser's expertise!
As far as dentist appointments go, this was a great experience!! Professional and efficient!
I love Dr. Noser! I have been seeing him since 2011 and have referred him to my friends and family. He does great work and his staff is very friendly and helpful. If you're looking for a great dentist, he's your guy!
Great Dentist! I highly recommend.
It was great! He made sure that the work done was correct and comfortable. He made sure that I was satisfied with the results.
As always Dr. Noser is great! Visits are as good as one can expect when you need to see a dentist, which is the last place I want to be.
Not only do I go to Dr. Noser, but I take my 93 year old mother. His and his staff are warm and wonderful, considerate and professional with both of us. I was struggling to get Mom into my car from her wheelchair today and Patricia saw me through the window and came to our rescue. I love all of the staff.
Dr. Noser is very gentle and attentive. I have seen him for a number of years. He makes you feel comfortable.
Dr. Noser was friendly and took the time to do a initial exam before my cleaning. His staff was nice and professional. Overall a good experience.
Dr. Noser and his staff lived up to the reviews I read online. Courteous, friendly,professional team and excellent customer service. I am relieved as a new Houston resident that I have found a dentist that makes me feel like I'm back in the comforts of my home town.
Best dental appointment I've ever had. I was a little worried going in because I know I need a lot of work and it's always a little frightening to think of that but Dr. Noser made me feel very comfortable. He explained everything that needs to be done and how immediate each need is and then let me decide how quickly to proceed. Dr. Noser and his staff are wonderful. I highly recommend their practice to anyone who is looking for a great dentist, in a convenient location with a friendly, kind and knowledgeable staff
Extremely friendly staff & very helpful/informative!
As always, professional and thorough treatment by quality professionals. I have been going to Dr. Noser for a number of years and rate him and his staff highly.
He's simply the best.
Dr. Noser is the perfect combination of professional as well as personal. He not only takes the time to explain everything in a way that almost anyone could understand, he is also so personal that you know this man of integrity that cares about the quality of his work. He is not only confident but rightfully proud of his abilities to not hide behind a wall of over zealous egotism to parlay a sense of inferiority to the patient so as to not question his work.
I received immediate attention and Dr. Noser explained very clearly the issue that I'm having and the proper course of action to address my dental issue.
Great as usual, and very friendly staff. I've recommended him to others before.
Dr. Noser is professional and very personable, which makes appointments with him as relaxed as possible when seeing a dentist. His bedside manner is attentive and caring, which was very helpful to me during my visit. I am very pleased with the results from the services I received from Dr. Noser and will be returning to him for future dental needs. I highly recommend Dr. Noser.
Dr. Noser addressed problem efficiently.
Nice clean office. Good checkup
Very nice and professional!
I've been going to Dr Noser's office for about 5 years now. I've had just about everything done here - from a regular cleaning to a root canal. Dr. Noser and his team is the reason I come back for all my dental work. I can't imagine going anywhere else to have anything done. Dr Noser always takes his time explaining everything and does a great job making you feel at ease and comfortable. Janice, the office manager, is also very helpful and patient. No matter how busy she gets, she always answers all my questions in a timely manner. Dr Noser and his staff really go above and beyond to make your experience a positive one! They are truly an amazing bunch!!
The staff was great the doctor was really straight & kind ! I will be making this my primary dentist office
This was one of the worst experiences of my life. This doctor, as well as the staff had been highly recommended by a family member and I thought there was no way to go wrong with it. The receptionist, as well as the hygienist were very professional and I had no problems with them. The assistant, though, should not be allowed to work with the public, mostly patients. Most of the times, patients visit a doctor because they have a problem. They need help. The least thing they need is a rude, patronizing and insensitive person to "assist" them. She handled my X-rays in the worst manner possible. Sticking a huge piece of metal in a person's mouth, with the person informing her that it is hurting and trying to adjust it, and this assistant doing nothing to minimize the problem, just patronizing and telling the person to not remove it, to me, is just unacceptable. For a week after my appointment, the roof of my mouth was swollen and sore. But things get worse with Dr. Eric Noser. He came into the room after the horrible experience with his assistant and asked me what seemed to be the problem. I explained the symptoms to him as best as I could, he took a quick (20 seconds) and said he was recommending someone else. That's all. No explanation whatsoever. I tried to "extract" some information from him - things that he should have told me but didn't; for example: what's really going on? What are my options? Is there any medicine that you can prescribe, at this point in time, for the pain? Why are you sending me somewhere else? Don't you handle this sort of procedure? Everything was just very pathetic. In less than 5 minutes the appointment was over. And I saw myself begging for any extra information from him; and clearly, he didn't want to engage in any sort of conversation with me. He said goodbye (he was already seeing someone else in the other room!!) and I had to call him back in the corridor - under the disapproving look of the assistant - to ask if I could, at least, have a painkiller. After the appointment I sat in the car and cried for 15 minutes, feeling humiliated and disrespected. I just wanted the basic things a patient expects from a doctor: respect, consideration and a few clarifications. That's all. I don't think that's too much to ask. Regardless, I was given much less than that. I am certainly not going back there ever again. And I am certainly not recommending him to anyone.
I was very scared upon my visit to the dentist, but I was treated very well and felt very comfortable. He is a great dentist with a great sense of humor.
Dr Noser is the best dentist I have ever gone to. He is extremely professional yet friendly. I especially like that he keeps me informed what is going on during the procedures. I also like that he maps out a treatment plan complete with procedures he will do and the estimated expense. My trestments have been effective and painless. Dr Noser also takes time to answer any questions I have. His office staff, especially Janice, are efficient and friendly.
Very courteous to me. Spent time to explain procedure and also was able to work with me on specific tooth issues while agreeing to a treatment plan that managed premiums while still keeping the most urgent problems first.
The nurse was the best. She taught me so much as she was taking X-rays and cleaning my teeth. The doc came in with a smile and picked up where the nurse finished and was awesome as well. Thanks y'all for cleaning my teeth and giving me advice and references to get my wisdom teeth pulled.
Excellent service and great work done. Very pleased
Friendly staff and professional shown by all.
LOVED IT!! Always very polite, attentive and feel as if I'm the only patient.
Excellent. I actually want to go back to the dentist office now. Imagine that
He was great. Explained everything, and was comfortable with him. Thanks Dr. Noser!!!!!
Dr. Nosed was very kind and caring. He made you feel very relaxed and solved my issue.
It was my first time there and I loved it. The hygenist was very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of tips. The Dr. was also very kind. I really appreciated the fact that I didn't have to wait a long time for them to take me in. Nor did they try to up sale me on anything. My past dentist would have me waiting for an hour and then would try to convince me to let him take out my wisdom teeth, EVERY TIME, and they'd charge me $20 for fluoride. Dr. Noser's office was the opposite, so I'm very happy I chose them.
Clean office, doesn't try to push extra procedures, very kind people, great overall experience
I felt very satisfied that I received the very best care.
Both Dr. Noser and his staff were friendly and wonderful. Office is clean, tidy and pleasant. My hygienist, Donna was sweet and gentle. Enjoyed my experience.
I've gone to him a few years now. He and his staff are friendly and very professional.
I've had two visits so far and am very pleased. I was a little surprise on my last visit when the X-ray tech took 16 X-rays without the padding on the mouth bites and only after much complaining about it hurting she said they had forgotten to order them.
Dr. Noser makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed.
Amazing Doctor!
The staff was very professional and friendly. Office was clean and well kept. Good experience I will be back.
Dr. Noser and staff were amazing! I have horrible anxiety and my visit was made very comfortable and throughly done. Thank you to each of you.
I've been a patient of Dr. Noser's for several years, and would not think of going anywhere else!
To put it very simply .. if I was the worst patient .. Dr Noser was the best doctor. I was having a terrible toothache and Dr Noser and his staff were very attentive and caring. For a person who is absolutely paranoid about injections , Dr Noser put me at ease and explained in detail about the diagnosis. If I have to visit a dentist again, Dr Noser would be my choice. Thank you Doctor !
Dr Noser is a exceptional dentist. Great care taken when replacing my worn fillings.
Dr. Noser is a great dentist. He takes very good care of my teeth ;-)
Professional, compassionate, worked me in with a broken cap and tooth as a new patient. Explained in detail his strategy to try and save the remaining tooth. Effectively repaired my problem and fitted/ordered a permanent crown all within 2 hours. He is amazing!
Dr. Noser took the time to talk with me and actually listen to what I had to say. His staff is very friendly and professional.
Pleasant, professional. to the point. He is GREAT!
I was really worried before my root canal appointment because I had a bad experience in the past. However, Dr Noser and his super friendly team made my experience a great one. Everyone in the clinic including the receptionist, dental assistant...etc was very nice and friendly. Dr. Noser is officially my dentist in the Houston area and I will be coming here for all of my future treatments. It is also worth mentioning that Dr. Noser charges way less than other dentists in the area. Therefore, he would give great value for your buck.
I was seen promptly for my appointment. The work environment is professional and courteous. I am very satisfied with the work done on my teeth.
The visit was informative, professional, and pleasant.
Another great experience with Dr.Noser and his great team. If you are afraid to see a dentist, you need to see Dr. Noser because his magical team will give you the best experience with no pain at all.
I've renewed my trust in dentists! My appointment was setup two weeks in advance. At the time of my appointment I walked into an elegant office and an attentive receptionist. After filling out my paperwork I was called in to the room right away. Dr. Noser and assistant (w/o exaggeration) have a feather touch I did not suffer during a few wisdom tooth extractions. Very happy and thankful!
Great professional and very very friendly and cool staff!
I started going to Dr. Noser because he was recommended by my mother. My mother was also recommended by a coworker. I love going here because you can tell he really has a passion for what he does. The 30 min drive is well worth it and for those that live close to beltway 8 and Westheimer...well your really close by! My very first appointment I had a root canal and he was extremely interested in my tooth because it had 3 roots? I think was the comment he made and he worked thru his lunch to get it done. Unfortunately I had another root canal and again he seemed very interested in the tooth. I think it was its roundness or something like that. When I told him I flossed and brushed, why another root canal and was it because of the sweets? He informed me that it was as simple as eating sugars like those found in bread which I did not know would do this to my poor tooth (well the bread part anyways I knew about sugar being bad, but I also eat a lot of bread.) He worked the root canal in his schedule the same day because I was in a lot of pain. He answered any questions I had and told me to stop him at any time to ask questions. When he put that shot in my mouth to numb the area I was so nervous I started laughing which made him laugh and it ended up just being a good time at the dentist. To top it off country is not my preferred music, but I do listen to it and it was calming to hear it play over the sound of the drill. Lastly and most importantly he gave me antiobiotics and pain meds. When I told him I was breastfeeding he told me what to do so it wouldn't affect my baby. They also accept credit/debit cards because Lord knows I did not have that type of cash on hand. Well I can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks to get my crown...
Went to get my crown in and the visit was super quick. I love my crown and the music they play really relaxes you ? His assistant is awesome. She is relatable and both her and Dr. Noser really make you feel welcomed and comfortable. They also don't make you feel like it's your fault that you have problems with your teeth. Which I appreciate because I floss, mouth wash and brush my teeth multiple times throughout the day, but I still end up having something wrong with my teeth ?? Well I can't wait until my next visit to get these teeth cleaned!
Only regret was not finding him earlier - great experience.
He is friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional!
Very good doctor and cared about my bad tooth. I will always go there when I can!
Very professional and compassionate staff. Always take that extra step to take care of me as a patient.
Knowledgeable Doctor. Great to speak with. Patient.
It was great! Dr. Noser delivers fantastic dental care. He makes sure that you are comfortable before, during and after the procedure.
Very professional staff. Highly recommend Dr. Noser.
I have been Dr. Noser's patient since 2015. He is an excellent dentist. I would highly recommend him to everyone.
Very pleasant staff. Dr Noser is very professiona and friendly. The office is very nice and modern. I am very pleased!
I would highly recommend Dr.Noser to friends and family.
My visit was great! Dr. Noser has always given me his very best in caring for me and my well being as his patient.
My experiences with Dr. Noser have been great! He is tentative, explains everything well, and treated me with care. After a few bit so good dental experiences elsewhere, I was apprehensive on trying him despite the good reviews but I'm glad I did and will be continuing to be his patient. The costs are also reasonable with my insurance.