Dr. Eric Aigbedion

Dr. Eric Oseikhuemen Aigbedion MD, MBBS, and BS. He has 22 years of experience and practices in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Aigbedion attended medical school at University of Lagos College of Medicine and graduated in 1987 having 26 years experience. Additional Internal Medicine training was conducted at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center. He is licensed to practice in Virginia and Maryland. Dr. Aigbedion is affiliated with 25 hospitals including Northern Virginia Community Hospital, Riverside Walter Reed Hospital, and Lewis-Gale Medical Center. He and his warm, friendly staff are excited to meet their new patients!

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Excellent & Meticulous physician.
He makes me feel good with a professional matter.
Professional, timely and friendly! I was able to make an appointment as a new patient the day before with no issues. I will likely continue to use Dr. Eric as my general physician.
Excellent visit. I'm new to the area (about 4 months before seeing Dr. Aigbedion) and was looking for a new primary care doctor. I absolutely hated my last primary care doctor, so I was really looking for a doctor who knew what they were doing, I felt comfortable around, was professional, and could have good/natural dialog with their patients (to lessen the sometimes awkwardness). I found all of this at Dr. Aigbedion's office. He was polite, professional, seemed very caring and concerned about his patients. Quick example: After our appointment he sent me to get an xray of my lungs, but due to the radiology office, he did not recieve the results when he thought he would. So instead of leaving me worried for who knows how many days, he actually sought out the results from the radiology office and personally followed up with me even though his office was closed at that point. That experience really made me feel like he cared about what he's doing as a doctor. As far as the wait time.. I wasn't seen right away, but I didn't wait too long either. When I arrived I was the only patient in the office.. I filled out some paperwork, gave them my insurance card.. the usual. After that I probably waited 20.. no more than 30 mins to get started with the nurse. After the nurse took my blood pressure and all of that it was about 5 minute wait for the doctor to see me. I will say I wish the staff had been more professional.. they seemed like they had all just gotten in for the day and were not settled in yet.. so maybe that was the case. But all-in-all, I would most definitely recommend Dr Aigbedion as your next primary care physician :).
My visit went very well. The staff was very professional and friendly. Dr. Aigbedion is an awesome doctor.
He was very patient and kind. Very knowledgeable and explained everything throughly. Staff was professional and efficient. Would recommend His office to anyone! He is now my Primary Care Physician.
He is really great Doc!!!!!
Very nice and professional Doctor and staff!
I am a new patient, so my wait time being longer is to be expected, but they have a nice, new office just this week and the staff seems great as well.
Great team who makes you feel very comfortable. Dr. Eric was a great listener and made sure all my questions were answered.
I had a great experience with Dr Aigbedion. My experience was exceptional from my initial contact with the front office staff to the doctor. My visit was quick with reasonable wait times and he was very personable and responsive to my concerns. He addressed all my issues in a timely manner, had all the resources at the practice that was needed and he provided prompt and convenient referrals. My only gripe with my visit is the location of the practice.
LOVED everything about my visit. The Ladies that run the front office were very sweet and welcoming. The office was very clean and very comfortable seats. My wait was under 5 minutes and my office visit was very pleasant. The nurse was very engaging and made me feel like she genuinely cared for me as we went through my history. Very sweet. Dr. Aigbedion was well dressed and professional as he introduced himself and extended a hand eager to assist me. My exam was awesome and thorough. It's been a long time since I really enjoyed a doctor's visit and it was very refreshing. Thanks Dr. Aigbedion and staff! You guys get 5 stars from me!!! :)
Simply SUPERB! Dr. Aigbedion is very knowledgeable and patient! He allows you to explain in full detail your concerns and then he makes a very educated conclusion before sending you for necessary tests. I was very comfortable with his prognosis as well as his concerns. May God continue to bless this Dr. Of Valor!
Good doctor and great treatment.
While the doctor was nice and friendly, the nurses were miserable. Had a tempature of 101 and they did everything they could to drag out my visit and make my time there excruciating with their incompetence, unprofessionalism, and insensitivity. Had a 1:45pm appointment, was there by 1:40 and didn't leave until 3. Meanwhile there were only 3 patients there and all of our exhausting waiting around and moving from room to room and reminding them of their jobs (ie can you take my blood work now? Is that doctors note that's sitting on your desk for the past 15 minutes for me?) could have been avoided. To top it off, they called my perscriptions into the wrong pharmacy so had to now wait at the pharmacy to get that corrected AND they spelled my last name wrong! Horrible. Never going back.
He was great!!
He is absolutely awesome. He took the time to listen to me and he was very attentive.
Doctor is very nice understand his patient, cares about them.
The doctor is fine it's the people at the front desk that rubbed me the wrong way. Unprofessional.. the medical assistant was very pleasant however.
Very professional and knowledgable. He was able to help me with a condition that most would go to specialists for. He allowed me to participate in the course of action for my treatment.
Me gusto mucho visitar esta oficina rapido y eficiente, todo el personal Muy amable y Profesional
First I would like to mention that the staff were extremely nice and provided great hospitality. I was not expected to be seen right away, but I was. Dr. Aigbedion was awesome, very kind and explain the process of my appointment. I am definitely coming back for a physical.
Great visit. Staff was very professional and the Doctor was very good. Highly recommend.
A terrible experience. the front desk girls, did not realize that i speak spanish. They did not hesitate to talk about me right in front of my face, and where doing ALOT of whispering So unprofessional!!! I came to the DR, i had a job interview the next day. I suffer chronic insomnia. I asked for help sleeping say with a sleeping pill prescription. I had a very important job interview the next day, i really needed some help sleeping. I ended up not doing well because my lack of sleep caused me to not be able to finish complete sentences during the interview, as well as hyperventilating. He does not believe in them, however, after saying I could REALLY benefit from it, he gave STERN no. I just don't understand how a Dr can say no to a medicine, that will solve a problem. I feel like it was a power trip for him. i would not recommend this doctor for anything internal. A terrible experience!
I was able to get an appointment right away which was great. Very nice doctor who had a kind gentle bedside manner. The nurses can draw your blood in the office which is very convenient.
Very spacious and clean office. Professional staff and was seen in a timely fashion.
Ratings I read prior to going were spot on! Great guy, quick physical. Great overall experience.
Dr Eric was excellent, attentive and thorough. His nurse and laboratory tech/phlebotomist were excellent and genuinely concerned as well. Sadly, his front desk staff was unprofessional and rude. They really didn't seem to have a clue what was going on. They called an hour before my appt and told me to be there a half an hour early to fill out paperwork that I already filled out online. Normally, I don't pay any attention to the front desk staff's abilities as long as they are considerate, but these women were exceptionally horrific.
Dr.Eric Aigbedion was very friendly and informative.
Excellent bedside manner and thorough.
Very Helpful and attentive to every detail of my visit to the Doctors. This will definitely be my primary care physician. Will recommend to any one seeking a primary care physician.
Staff was courteous, doctor was patience and explained follow on steps. He was very approachable. We had a wheel chair and rooms were very small that made navigating very challenging.
Nice and attentive, would recommend based off my appointment.
it was my first time seeing him. He was nice, and his office was clean. His staff was nice too. i had to wait a while but i brought a good book so it wasn't so bad
Office staff was friendly, Dr. Eric took time to speak with me about any of my concerns and was professional. Overall, this was a good experience (for going to the doctor's office).
This is a very well run office and the doctor and his staff were very friendly! I look forward to visiting them again!
So he is nice in personality. He listens while in the office and is patient. But he didn't listen to me at my last visit when I told him I'd been sick for over a week and I had a fever. He went into his database and looked at my profile and stated "your temperature is normal." I explained his medical assistant never took it. That had to be from my last visit. He left to see another patient and I asked the MA to take my temp. She said oh my, I'm a get the Dr. You have a high fever and your pulse is low. Long story short he sent me to urgent care. Didn't treat me for anything. And they referred me to ER. I was still sick an additional week and at this point has 3 ER visits. Finally, went to Hopkins and they diagnosed me with a hernia saying I needed surgery. Smh
I loved Dr. Eric, but the billing department struggled to keep records straight. They often said I owed amounts that I did not and when asked to explain could not, or would not return my phone calls. I will not return to this Dr. because of that. I felt I could not trust them.
Awesome doctor. He knows his job and ask questions. And he is very friendly.
doctor was wonderfull desk latin girl no so friendly she should show at least be happy working there we don't looking for friendship.
This is the best doctor ever, thank. I got to know him. Very knowledgeable.. Highly recommended My PCP .
Very professional and timely. Was very pleased
Wait time was short, staff nice and respectful. Dr. Eric is professional, caring, and funny!
As soon as I walked in the office, before even making it to the front desk, the receptionist told me I was late for my appointment! I showed her my ZocDoc confirmation (and that I was on time) and she said the doctor was leaving for the day. The doctor eventually agreed to see me but the staff were so rude I won't be going back.
This is great Dr. He takes time to listen et answer all his petient's questions with clear explanation. Dr. Eric is very professional person!
Very professional and affable.
I'll definitely be back!
He was understanding. I felt comfortable with talking to him about my concerns
I came in with a sore throat and white spots all over, and it was extremely painful to swallow. It's just hours later and after picking up the meds he prescribed and I feel great. He knows his stuff!
He came in smiling which immediately made me smile. He jumped right into the exam, asking about my life and how I ended up in the DC area. His exam was quick but thorough and I got the diagnosis and treatment plan within 30 minutes of my visit. I scheduled my physical with him because I want him to be my PCP.
He is very friendly and professional and made me feel so comfortable
Doc was great! Very nice, open and professional. Front desk worker seemed new and still figuring things out.
Awesome Doctor!!! Am so happy that he is my primary doctor . he is so knowledgeable and listen when you talk. Highly recommended.
Dr. Aigbedion figured out what was wrong with me. His first appointment is at 7:30am which was perfect for me to shoot across to work and not be late. He is very professional, thorough, and a great listener. By far one of my favorite doctors.
The front office staff, medical assistants and Dr. Aigbedion were all very courteous, thorough, and informative. The initial delay was caused by the need verify our coverage with the insurance company whose office wasn't open yet so it was out of A Plus Medical's control.
They are really friendly an they are really helpfully they made sure I ad a obgyn doctor before I left the office
Dr. Eric is a great physician. Super nice and very responsive. Very good staff as well. I needed an ultrasound which I got the next day at a separate location after seeing Dr. Eric. He called me to go over the results less than an hour after I received the ultrasound. Highly recommend. Thank you.
I have been without a PCP for many many years. My reason for the visit initially was to follow up an ER visit only. I was very impressed with the entire staff. All were professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Aigbedion helped me feel comfortable. He is geniune. The real deal. A professional. I did not feel rushed. He gave me a very good exam. He ask the right questions. I'm still sick but it makes me feel better mentally knowing the doctor cares about my getting back to being well. I love that the lab is on site. It also helps that parking is free. Thank you Dr.Aigbedion and staff. And thanks Zocdoc
Dr. AIgbedion listens to every concern, and did not make me feel self-conscious for rattling off a list of symptoms that were concerning me. In addition, he took the time to address each concern and educate me on what they could mean or how to relieve them. I didn't feel rushed for one moment.
I was extremely disappointed that I had to wait over an hour for a scheduled appointment. My meeting with the doctor was less than ten minutes. And instead of handing me a written prescription they said they would send it directly to my pharmacist within the next hour. I still do not have my prescription and when I called back they said that they would send it tomorrow. Probably will not be returning to this office.
He was swift but professional. He makes a patient feel comfortable and worthy. Bedside manner was great. Will return as I've found my new PCP. The staff was also very helpful, fun, and patient. HINT: if you need forms filled out, note there is a charge ! Hope that helps.
Good visit overall. Staff were professional and civil throughout.
Dr. Aigbedion is wonderful. He expressed a true interest in my past and present health. He presented a real action plan to make sure that he fully examines all aspects of my health.
Dr. A is the best at what he do!!!
Great physician
Excellent bedside manner. Competent and forthright. Made me feel comfortable.
Dr. Aigbedion is a very pleasant soul. He seems , sincerely, interested in my health and in finding ways to improve it.
Definitely would recommend Dr. Aigbedion! Very nice and will definitely recommend others to visit his practice.
It was very professional and speedy
I could not ask for a more caring, thorough, responsive doctor. I am very thankful I found him. The staff was very good as well.
Reception staff was a little disorganized. There was some confusion involving my intake process (might've just been a new staff member who was unaware). Aside from that, the doctor was very knowledgeable and professional. I'd recommend.
The doctor and whole staff was very kind and approachable. The doctor listened to all my concerns and took a lot of time with me. Very personable.
As usual, Dr. Aigbedion appropriately addressed all of my questions and concerns. He came with a big smile.
One of the best and most personable doctors I've had in the past 25 years!
This the worst clinic ever
Awsome staff and blood draw was peerfect
Very warm and a great listener, awesome staff