Dr. Elochukwu Adibe

**PLEASE NOTE THIS PRACTICE HAS A 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY** I hope to improve the quality of life for my patients by first bringing their mouths to a state of health, then providing the desired cosmetic or functional reconstruction. I enjoy the patient interaction. I come in contact with so many different people with different backgrounds and experiences. I am placed in a fortunate position to be able to listen and draw from the many different perspectives my patients have to offer. I make it a point to listen carefully to the patient, gather as much information about their past dental experiences, their expectations and what they hope to accomplish with dental treatment to formulate a customized treatment plan, tailor-made for them and them alone. My best quality is my ability to listen.

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I went for a cleaning and had a great experience. Dr Adibe and his staff were friendly and I felt at ease. I would definitely recommend this office!
Great and polite service. He knows how to clean teeth and fill cavities effectively, asks questions to ensure comfort, and maintains a friendly disposition. Nothing more, nothing less, which is exactly what I want out of a healthcare professional.
Today was my first time visiting this office. Both Dr. Adibe and his assistant, Marlene, were wonderful. They were personable, thorough, and efficient. I highly recommend this place!
Very personable. He and his staff were very knowledgeable and funny. Just moved to this area and im glad to find a dentist of his stature.
He made me Feel comfortable
First impressions matter! Clean office! Friendly staff! And Dr Adibe is attentive to your needs with realistic, sincere feedback.
It was great! The staff were very friendly and accommodating.