Dr. Elena Meyliker, DDS

PLEASE NOTE: We require 48-hours notice for any rescheduled or cancelled appointments. Failure to do so may result in a $50 fee. Prior to your appointment, please go to our website and fill out all four new-patient forms and submit each one of them. Dr. Meyliker has enjoyed practicing dentistry for the past 10 years. A graduate of UCSF School of Dentistry, she achieved her Doctorate in Dental Surgery in 2004. She has always practiced in San Francisco and is skilled in technical procedures with demonstrated success in oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and implantology. Dr. Meyliker’s desire to provide patients with the highest quality of care led to the construction of a new facility, Allure Dental. Completed in 2014, this state-of-the-art office is equipped with the latest in technological advancements necessary to provide excellence in dentistry and, of course, patient comfort. Dr. Meyliker successfully completed Misch International Implant Institute and she regularly attends seminars and classes featuring the latest in dental technology and procedures. Dr. Elena resides in San Francisco with her husband and three beautiful children. In her spare time she enjoys playing tennis with her older son and skiing in winter. As a family they enjoy traveling together.

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Very nice dentist office for kids. Dr. Meyliker is very patient and polite. Staff was very sweet and professional
Super friendly, really nice office, discussed all problems in detail, and she is really personable making it easier to ask questions.
I have always been scared of going to the dentist. She made my fear completely vanish. Aside from being super nice, she explained everything very efficiently and was so delicate, i didn't feel a thing! Definitely recommend!
Dr. Elena and her stuff were wonderful and skillful, the surgery is really nice and modern. Highly recommended!
My cleaning was totallypainless - latest texhnology and a light tough made for an easy appontment
Very good, clean and professional
Dr. Elena has been a fantastic Dentist. She is always making sure I'm comfortable with each cleaning and filling. Additionally she is straightforward about necessary operation vs option. I would highly recommend Dr. Elena.
The office is very clean and stylish, reminded me more of a spa than the typical drab dentist office. The staff was super nice and friendly, and Dr. Meyliker did a great job on my first visit. Although she didn't have the best news for me (i need a lot of work done!), I'm glad that I will be returning to her practice rather than somewhere else!
Glad to be a returning client! Missed her for the last year.
Honestly, probably the best dentist office I've ever been to. An amazing modernly designed office. Its clean, spacious, and well lit. The entire staff is professional and warm. Its obvious all of them love what they do. Dr. Meyliker was a delight and I can't wait to go back!
such a nice staff!! :)
I am so happy with my experience. I will definitely be going back.
Everyone in her office was very friendly and accommodating. Very detailed and helpful in assessing any current or possible issues. Design of the offices were beautiful and comfortable as well as state of the art equipment. She is a very professional and pleasant person to be around as well as her staff.
Just had my first appointment at Allure Dental, and I really like Dr. Meyliker and her staff. Everyone there was kind and efficient. Dr. Meyliker is very knowledgeable, and she was very meticulous when cleaning my teeth. I appreciate that she is honest and direct with her diagnosis and recommendations. I do not like it when doctors try so hard to be warm and fuzzy, that they don't tell you what you need to hear, and sometimes you need to hear hard truths. She did not sugarcoat anything, but was kind and compassionate at the same time. She was also clear about what work absolutely needed to be done, and which work was highly recommended but not emergent. Her staff is very good about communicating with insurance companies to get accurate information about what will be covered.
It was great! Professional, efficient, and to the point with my teeth cleaning.
Really nice and professional
She was very knowledgeable and accommodating. Her office is beautiful and the staff is very helpful. I came in after work, and my insurance company was closed for the night. I paid out of pocket (a very reasonable amount considered what I was having done) and the receptionist called them the next day and directly refunded my card. Highly recommend!
Just got a few fillings done with Dr. Meyliker, and it was one of the more pain free dental experiences that I've ever had. The doc also did a great job making sure my bite wasn't changed by the fillings
Service was fabulous from the moment I came in. The office is very cute and chic, the receptionist was super helpful and friendly. She talked me through my insurance and what charges I could expect. My appointment started exactly on time and the assistant was great. We took a couple xrays, did a cleaning and I was out in 45 minutes. Dr Meyliker was very gentle and kind. Would absolutely recommend!
Really great dentist.
I enjoyed my visit to see Doctor Meyliker. They actually got me in earlier than my scheduled time, and were very friendly and professional.
Dr. Meyliker is so kind and caring for her patients and I was extremely pleased with my visit! The office is clean, bright and beautiful, and everyone I met working there was incredibly kind and gracious. I would reccommend this dentist to anyone!
Everyone I met was welcoming and kind, Dr. Elena was clear with what she was doing and explained what she saw on the x-ray's and from her examination. This was by far my best experience with a dentist.
Dr. Meyliker tried to tell me that one of my fillings needed to be replaced. No pain, and no significant deterioration showing in the photograph. Might be a good idea (the filling is silver and about 8yrs old), but not necessary! She was also sloppy with tools during my cleaning and made my gums bleed unnecessarily several times.
The office was beautiful and welcoming, staff was nice and professional, and check-in process was smooth. I was surprised with the level of detail and transparency.
Super great service! Transparent about cost - so you always know how much you're paying. Always a quick trip, and leave with a smile!
Go to a specialist for a endodontic therapy!!!
It was great as usual.
This was by far the best dentist visit I have ever had! To start the decor is beautiful and the front desk lady was very, very kind. The hygienist was super friendly as well and did a great job at making me feel welcome and kept me informed the whole way. I told her I get a little nauseous from the x-ray bar that is used - and she literally RAN back in forth while taking the x-rays in order to make me comfortable. The Dr. was just lovely too. She asked me questions about my history and really took everything I said into consideration. While getting my cleaning, it was quick, thorough and painless! Normally I bleed like crazy but she was so gently it was a smooth process. At the end, I inquired about possibly getting my teeth whitened and they said I could use whitening strips and be fine. Finally, a dentist that won't rip you off!! I could not recommend this place more! I've officially found my forever dentist in the city :)
She is very friendly and takes the time to talk to you about things other than dental work.
Elena and staff are exceptional. They are thoughtful, thorough, and kind which makes for exceptional quality work and experience.
I really like Elena. She explained my condition and necessary treatment in a way that didn't make me feel like I was being ripped off; I trust her. She had to extract a tooth, and although there was pressure, it was not painful. I had a very pleasant experience, under the circumstances.
Love the office and my dentist. Office is super modern and is a great location. I got a routine clean and check up and it all went smoothly. I'm also super picky with dentists and was nervous to try a new one but happy i did. Will be back in 6 months! Highly recommend.
I really like her. The ambience of the office is beautiful and has good attention to detail
The professional staff was very helpful. I was recently mugged and lost my front tooth. They worked with me and my insurance to get replacement teeth ASAP. Dr. even went out of her way to get my medication delivered. Normally my replacement teeth is 5 business days but I am going back in 48 hours. I highly recommend.
My visit with Dr. Netlike was excellent. Very nice, clean office. Super friendly staff. I was seen immediately. Will definitely recommend.
Dr Elena Meyliker was very prompt, careful, and nice as always. She removed my last two teeth of wisdom quickly and easily.
The deep cleaning procedure was not painful at all.
No wait, modern office, very friendly staff. Didn't oversell. Good service and experience.
Today was my first time at Azure, and it was an amazing experience to say the least. The location was easy to find and there was parking available. As I entered the lobby I was breathless by the chic mode decorations. I truly felt like I was in a fancy lounge or day spa. The receptionist then greeted me by name and assured me that I was at the right spot. There was no paper work handed to me, everything was done digital and seamless. I was offered water, feeling like a princess sitting in murdered-out ghost chairs. I then was shown back and there were X-RAYS taken of my teeth. I was able to be in the cozy chair while this was happening as opposed to standing in an awkward room (my only other experience at the dentist lol). The ladies were so nice and easy to talk to. Dr. Elena Meyliker then came in to look at the X-RAYS and perform the cleaning. She was darling. So precise and knowledgable- she literally made me question my career choice because she made being a dentist look so desirable and effortless. I had to get two minor fillings that they were able to accommodate right then and there. All in all I am obsessed with my experience- part of me wants to keep this place a secret because I want it all to myself. But it would be unfair of me not to share my incredible experience with you all.
Dr Meyliker was kind, gentle, and professional and her staff was helpful and informative. I had a great experience there.
Does not look like a dentist's office! Really cared about creating a stylish setting. Additionally, each staffer was very welcoming and made sure that I was comfortable and knowledgeable about each step of the appointment. Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised that the dentist cleaned my teeth herself - usually just the hygienist.
Dr. Meyliker is very nice and professional; she really cares about her patients. Her assistant, Olga, is also very kind; she even checked with me about my wife's tooth pain.
Great staff, location, and the office is beautiful. It's like stepping into a high class spa. Quick service and everyone was very friendly.
Really easy to get in and out, professional and efficient dentisit!
Love love love those ladies. They helped me overcome my fear of dentist and laughed about my lame jokes! Facilities are modern, clean and efficient. Would go again (and probably will)
Staff and facilities were fantastic.
she is nothing short of excellent!
Dr. Meyliker and her staff were very friendly and accommodating. They had me in and out in a flash without feeling rushed. The office is absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend Azure Dental
Even though their receptionist was out due to an emergency with her baby, Elena was so helpful in letting me know the situation and thanking me for waiting. I ended up only waiting for a few minutes anyways, much less than I ever experienced at other offices! The office was clean and beautiful. Elena was amazing in helping me feel at ease and letting me know all about my teeth. I usually hate going to the dentist and have switched many times due to moving around. I'm happy to say this was my first visit and I've found my dentist in San Francisco!
The nurse attendant was friendly. Dr. Cleaning nature was gentle. Good experience ever though, I had little pains due to nature of cleaning. One thing, I didn't know that the dental parking lot was a paid one. Supposed to have frew parking for customers but I know San Francisco is about space and money. :)
Wonderful service and very friendly staff
My experience at Dr. Meyliker's office was great from start (easy online appointment booking) to checkout (my insurance covered everything related to cleaning and x-rays). The pre-appointment paperwork was incredibly simple and took less than 5 minutes online. For my actual appointment, I was seen within 5 minutes of arrival and was pleasantly surprised by a completely painless cleaning by Dr. Meyliker herself. I'll be going back in 6 months!
Very professional and kind doctor, and great practice staff. I highly recommend Dr. Meyliker!
Great people, great visit!
The staff is so nice and the place is super clean and relaxing. I enjoyed been in dental office for first time
Dr. Meyliker was gentle, approachable, and communicative. Excellent first experience, highly recommend.
Seemed unhappy everytime I saw her. Not the friendliest of people.
She's great! Dr. Meyliker is always really helpful and thorough, and her office is lovely. I highly recommend!
Very nice. Understood my dentist anxiety and tried to go slow and fully explain everything so I don’t panic.
Well equipped office, super-clean (very very white!).

Dr. Meyliker is a great dentist and her staff is awesome! I've been going to Dr. Meyliker for about 2 years now. Although I've moved out of the area, I still have her as my dentist. Previous to Dr. Meyliker, I saw another dentist in the East Bay. I knew something wasn't right in the care the dentist was providing me in the East Bay (although their dental office had 4.5 stars). I then found Dr. Meyliker. I will say, I see the difference in her work and the care she provides for my teeth than any other dentist that I've seen. I would highly recommend Dr. Meyliker to anyone.

To my favorite dentist Dr. Meyliker. Thanks a lot for my
Beautiful smile. This is the best dental office I've been to.
Dr Meyliker is very gentle and professional, she is very pretty too :). The whole staff is very friendly and helpful.
I will definitely recommend this office to my family and friends.

I can't say enough great things about this dental practice!  The entire staff is so helpful and friendly and really make you feel comfortable.  The office is beautifully designed and I am glad to have found them since I am new to SF. HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.  

Dr Meuliker is amazing! My mother had some serious dental needs that we're addressed promptly and delicately. My mother is extremely pleased with the work performed. The front desk staff and the dental assistant Olya were great as well not to mention hilarious. Will be coming back and would highly recommend!

Beautiful office with an even better staff! Dr. Meyliker took out my daughter's wisdom tooth painlessly, quickly, and easily. The business is obviously handled with care as are the patients. Olya and Tanya were very professional, from assisting to scheduling follow-up appointments as often as needed. Dr. Meyliker even personally followed up multiple times to make sure my daughter was feeling better and healing quickly. Definitely one of the best dentists in the city, and definitely recommended to all!

Dr. Meyliker and her staff are amazing. My teeth felt the cleanest they've felt in years. Would definitely go back!

Amazing dentist - beautiful office with a strong team (front desk). Not pushy and have stellar tools. If you have a gag reflex like me, be upfront and they will accommodate quickly and easily!

I've been going here since 2013 and still make the cross city drive for my regular cleanings.  Very prompt service, clean facilities, and flexible in rescheduling.  Looking forward to trying their zoom bleaching soon!

Had my first appointment here yesterday. Very, very cute place. The ladies were so nice and made everything so smooth. Best dentist I've ever been too!

Clean modern office, friendly dentist office (they are not just implants). Really easy/friendly process to schedule appointments, highly recommended.

Great and wonderful service. Truly professional. Appointment on time I didn't have to wait for long you get service. Office is new and well design. Modern equipment no more that small films for the X-ray everything computerized. Good ventilation so doesn't stink that like some other Dental medical facilities. Stuff is very polite and friendly. Doctor is perfectionist and explaining everything what is happening with teeth.
Pricing are similar to the rest of the dentist's office but get better service and better feeling.
This is going to be my dental office from now on
Thank you Doctor Lena
Thank you

This is the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Meuliker and her staff are so attentive. It feels more like going to the Spa than the Dentist! I never feel like I am being "sold" a procedure and have full confidence in their care. The facility is immaculate and technology is state-of-the-art. I am so happy and grateful to be their patient.

I have visited several dentists around the city in the past, and I finally settled up with
Dr. Meyliker. She is very professional, friendly, and most importantly carrying. Her staff are also friendly and super nice, everyone there make the whole experience comfortable, they joke around all the time, I almost forget I'm at the dental office. Her office is extremely nice and clean (looks almost like boutique) it's not crowded, unlike other offices I've been to where there is several Dentist working, there is always people sitting and waiting, which to me, is very unprofessional. There is always parking available, which is a big plus. Overall, I'm happy with the job Dr. Mayliker performed on me, very accurate and clean. Thank you Dr. and a beautiful Staff...!!!!

I've been going to Dr. Meyliker for the past two years and I am always pleasantly surprised. Her entire staff is always incredibly nice and accommodating to my schedule. Their office has state of the art equipment and is spotless.

I've recommended Azure Dental to many of my friends and all have loved their experience.

Thank you!

The entire staff here is wonderful! Tania handles office operations and always is super prompt via email when scheduling and getting back to me with rates of what my insurance will cover/out of pocket costs. Dr. Meyliker is friendly and personable, taking the time to explain what's going on with my teeth. She even offered me free teeth whitening! Lastly, the office itself is beautiful.

Highly recommend.

Great experience. Their staff is friendly and professional! They squeezed us in earlier than our original appointment (for two people)! The doctor was nice and we both had a great cleaning. The staff also squeezed us in for additional services without having to come back for another appointment. Very happy that we found these guys!

This place is amazing!  For someone who typically doesn't like going to the dentist, I look forward to coming here.  The cleanings are very well done and are done with care.  The products they use don't over power your mouth and leave you feeling like you e been to the dentist for 3 days yet, I still feel like never had cleaner teeth.  The staff is absolutely amazing and they make you feel right at home!

True 5 star spot.

Couldn't be happier! Having a severe phobia of all things dental this trip was hard for me to make. After contacting them and discussing my fears and situation they responded and treated me with genuine kindness and thoughtfulness. Throughout the procedure they were professional and had my comfort foremost in mind. I am happy to have found them on Yelp and would happily recommend them to anyone!

Dr. Meyliker is by far the best dentist I've ever had. I've always been terrified of going to the dentist but Azure Dental makes it painless and so easy. Olya and Tanya are also both professional and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Great place, they make you feel very much at ease as soon as you walk in the door. I had a chip on a front tooth that was very sensitive. They did a really cool digital x-ray in a few minutes no film required. Then I got a bonding in another 20 minutes and I was out the door feeling no pain- love this place.