Dr. Dercy Arañador

NEW PATIENTS NEED TO FILL UP PATIENT REGISTRATION FORMS ONLINE AT ZOC DOC. As a primary care physician I try my best to help patients navigate their way thru their health plan, give the best advise for preventive care and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, following current guidelines as backed by medical evidence _ and offer empathy. I am a provider of many insurance plans and can refer the patient to their preferred choices. Our office provides easy access and continuity of care with operator assisted urgent calls, cellphone, email, and website services. We are located immediately adjacent to Presence St. Joseph Hospital. We are in the Lincoln Park/Lakeview neighborhoods with easy access to Public Transportation via Buses #77,143,145,151_get off at Sheridan and Surf. There is street and attached parking (self park or valet).

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An extremely thorough physician.
I love her. She is a great doctor!
Best doctor ever!
My health has improved. I love her.
She's a good Dr..I like her
She is very compassionate and thorough. Excellent doctor.
I'm very disappointed in this visit. There was no compassion for an obviously sensitive reason for my visit. I cried multiple times and I found her manner harsh. I left early. I will search for another doctor.
Dr. Aranador was extremely curt during my visit. She did not seem to take my cause of visit (migraine headaches) very seriously and, in fact, completely switched her focus to my sex life when I disclosed to her that I'm a homosexual male, after which she insisted on doing a full STI screening. She spoke over me multiple times throughout my appointment and sent me out with a recommendation for pain killers. I do not recommend her at all.
Impressive and pleasant experience. Professional and amiable. Will highly recommend her to family and friends.
Very thorough, very focused on what I can do to improve health without being judgmental. Cheerful, technically more astute than most doctors.
I came in an hour early so I have to wait a little.
I'm the luckiest patient in the whole wide world. I couldnt dream of having any other doctor.
Always gives me a peace pf mind. My issues are always covered.
She was very attentive and asked a lot of followups. Her personality was very straightforward and professional, very blunt, but she also took the time to call my insurance and make sure tests would be covered. She clearly cares about her patients.
It was a great visit. All my concerns were addressed. My wait was longer than usual but she was very apologetic and explained the wait was due to a difficult pt. I know dealing with ill people with multiple diseases you can not always time.
Dr. Aranador was good but she did not take much time to listen to what I had to say. She rushed through the annual physical.
Seemed distracted and I had to repeat stuff a lot. She did seem to know what she was talking about though.
Great as always. Tells it like it is. All doctors should be this way
Very professional and caring. Does everything in her power to help.
She did not listen what I had to say and does not care about her patients.
Too pushy when it comes to medicine
Dr. Aranador is an great doctor. She shows her concerns about her patients . Best doctor I have ever had.
She is very knowledgeable and spends and inordinate amount of time With her patience. She listens to your complaints and answers all your questions. Her examinations arr very thorough and productive. Furthermore she follows up with her patients after the visit which is greatly appreciated.
I felt incredibly rushed. I went in for back pain and to get to know a new GP and she barely let me speak or explain my symptoms. Her followup was equally difficult, insisting that to ease my back pain (which after an MRI was diagnosed as a bulging disc) she recommended I look for exercises on the internet...
I have been going to her for 6 years and I feel completely comfortable and safe with her.
She was thorough in doing physicals, so she could rule out unnecessary diagnostics.
Excellent very prompt compassion
Dr is the best
I was in your office several times and while I was there, I was helped by Dr. Aranador. She was fantastic helped me to understand all my questions result in Medical report and treatment.
She will be my regular doctor. She made me feel very comfortable in her care. She didn't use medicine as a solution to everything and made sure every issue I came in with was addressed.
She don't listen she over talk you..she don't give u no type of examination! When u have a appt. She will call another patient in the room while. Your in the other roo . No type of privacy. I will find another primary Dr. She's. Not. For me
Very satisfied! I need not look for any other doctor.
I came in worried if my toe was broken. She barely looked at it and rushed me out of there. She didn't even want me to get xrayed at the hospital but I convinced her I wanted to get my foot looked at right away. She rushed me out of the office after very briefly showing me how to splint my toe (which I repeatedly told her I would be more comfortable if she did it for me for the first time after my x Ray so I could keep it on). She told me to walk across the street to the x Ray building and didn't offer any help in getting there (I was limping). I was in tears at the end of this visit.
NEVER go to this doctor. She rushed through my appointment, took calls during it, accused me of being a drug seeker instead of addressing the concerns I brought up, did not do a complete physical (I has asthma and listed it in my history and did not even listen to my lungs), and her scale was off by 15lbs (which i confirmed by using my personal scale as well as the one in my gym). The entire experience made me VERY uncomfortable, and is absolutely not the quality of care I expect out of a facility like St. Joseph's.
Dr. A. DOES ask a lot of questions, and she is methodical and thorough. She takes any amount of time needed to ensure you are getting the right care, treatment, referrals, whatever you need. She totally encourages self-responsibility, and I think some patients have a tough time with that. I would take Dr. A. anywhere over any other Dr. and know that she leaves no stone unturned to help me with some pretty complex medical conditions.
Dr. Aranador is always thorough and professional in addition to being very knowledgeable and personable. I recommend her very highly.
Dr. Aranador has been a blessing to me. She is knowledgeable, kind, and understanding. There has been reviews about her being a bit scattered in her mannerisms but that is only and initial judgement. She took so much time and care to understand my medical problems and has so much insight! I would recommend anyone to Dr. Aranador! She has helped me so much since I've been meeting with her and proud and so glad to call her my primary care doctor!
Dr Aranador has been my primary care physician for the past 10 years. Even though I moved away from Chicago in 2010, I did not consider switching to someone nearer because Dr Aranador has always made me feel that she cares about my situation.
My favorite doctor!
She is direct, kind, professional and a very good doctor.
Efficient and thorough
She is very good especially with the elderly. She is thorough and almost always gives patients what ever time they need. Even though she is fast moving she is very thourogh. Very willing to accommodate her patients.
Very good doctor.
First of all, the doctor was hectic, too hectic I didn't even hear her when she told me, with her back turned, her name. So for the first 15 minutes I didn't even know she was my doctor, I thought she was her secretary or nurse. So that tells you of how good she introduced herself. She then started taking history. Then we both faced her computer screen as she read to me from UpToDate about my illness, and printed the whole thing for me. I could "read" about my illness, I didn't come to her to "read" off a screen. Then she took my BP,and did a quick physical. She then started to draw my blood. First of all, I'm not sure office rooms are the place to do so, on a desk. That's definitely not the proper area. Secondly, there was no holder for the tubes, so what she did was, she drew blood into one container, and she started to DIVIDE that blood into two other containers, all this using only her hands, tilting tubes and balancing and so. Of course, she spilled my blood on the table. She really did. Not all of it, though, thankfully, or she would have had to do that all over again. Very unprofessional to say the least. She then wiped off my blood, I told her there was still more unwiped, then she wiped more. ..... So yeah..that was my appointment.
Dr. Aranador is an excellent doctor! She always tries to squeeze me in every time I need a consultation. She always do her best to help me get the right treatment. It is good to know that there doctors who are very sincere and dedicated to their profession!
Excellent care based on medical evidence and empathy for the patient with clear presentation of problems using literature and up to date materials for better understanding of diseases. Dr. Aranador has been my guide and life line and I'm so grateful for her dedicated service and long experience.
My husband & I have been seeing Dr. Aranador for many years and absolutely love her! We feel lucky to have her for a doctor. She's one of the best! Marge F.
never , ever again. we spend 4 hours with this doctor for the worse incomplete job , she don't explain to you nothing, don't let you to talk also her office it's a mess , absolutely horrible. she gave fly shot in my family , include a 5 years old like we are a horse.We come to her to do immigration doctors exam, and we decide afteer left her office to find another professional, because her it's the worse ever. DONT' LET YOU TALK NO HYGIENE FOR FLY SHOT PSYCHICAL EXAMES IT'S RIDICULOUS,SHE DON'T CHECK ANYTHING NO PEN FOR YOU TO SIGN NO FORMS ,IN MY CASE IMMIGRATION FORMS 4 HOURS WITH HER FOR NOTHING, AND SHE ALSO ASK US TO FILL OUT THE FORMS SHE IS SUPPOSE TO DO FOR IMMIGRATION
Excellent doctor.
Great doctor.
What a mess...gross office, not big enough room for a patient visit, she was rushed and asking a million questions a minute and then not listening/interrupting. Ignored my concerns and tried for an hour to figure out how to work the computer, calling IT guys about her password, and being flat-out rude to me. I literally got up and walked out an hour in, something I have never come close to doing, and I have been through the ringer before with bad doctors...
Dr. Aranador is a great doctor. She is very concerned about her patient's health.
Dr Arañador is intelligent and sensitive - two things which are rarely seen together in a medical professional (imo). It takes patience to understand her bedside manner, but that is paid back when you realize that she is a doctor that listens to everyhing you say and is able to look deeper into your problems.
Dr. Aranador is extremely professional, helpful and thorough. I would recommend her to everyone.
Excellent , accommodating and gave information about exercise and diet.
I always enjoy seeing Dr. Aranador. She's very personable!
I have seen this doctor twice and I tried not to get scared off the first time but she has the worst bedside manner I've ever encountered. The first time, she scolded me for my career choice of becoming a medical professional throughout the whole appointment.This second time she had me come into the room with someone still there as she brushed off his questions and told him to go. She literally yelled at me for not having an immunization record printed even though I had showed it to her in my first visit. She was with a medical student who was kind, but she would not let go or lower her voice over how I didn't think through coming to an appointment without a printed copy of my immunizations. I will be finding a new doctor. People have bad days, I understand that, but talking over someone and literally yelling at them throughout 2 appointments is too much for even me.
Today I was seen right away,but normally the wait is short.
Knowledgeable doctor but her students are a distraction. Did give advice on getting cheaper care, seems to understand how expensive things are. I went to an independent MRI clinic that would cost less than ordering the tests from her associated hospital. Works quickly.
Very helpful.
Very thorough. Very competent. I feel like she cares very much about my overall well-being.
I have never seen such a disorganized office. I was seen in a break room without any kind of exam table or equipment. No vitals were taken. The doctor was in and out dealing with other things about 7 different times, and then passed me off on another doctor who encouraged me not to take medications, and asked me extremely personal (psychiatric) questions in a room of about 6 strangers. There had to have been at least 3 HIPAA violations just in the time I was there, and I wouldn't be surprised if this clinic was shut down. I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere especially if your health issue is pressing- as it will not be addressed or treated at this office.
Great doctor! Very friendly and helpful.
I feel so comfortable with my new doctor Very thorough examination.
Doctor Arañador has been my father's, mother's, and my doctor for many years. She is excellent ! We find her very easy to get a hold of. And I credit her for saving my father's life and keeping him alive. She is wonderful, and we feel lucky to have had her.
She cares about her patients.
My visit was thorough. Stayed almost an hour to explain results of my tests. Immunization completed and made me feel safer. I recommend her to new patients. R
Im always glad to see her. She brighten my day when i visit her.
It was great I will be going back
Good explanation of blood test results; reiterated a plan to follow to deal with specific issues in the report
Attentive and caring regarding my recent illness
Dr.Aranador has been my husband's and my doctor for years. We like her very much, and find her very thorough. She is knowledgeable and keeps up with the latest medical research; She will recommend things if she thinks they will help us. She also has a good sense of humor.
She has been my PCP for 3 years. Always excellent, thorough care, easy to get an appointment and she is very knowledgeable.
I am so pleased with Dr. Aranador. My children loved her too. She went through with my medical results in detail, and the reasons why she ordered/prescribed the medication. She ordered vaccination for my safety, especially I taking my trip outside USA. i WILL RECOMMEND HER to my family and friends.
I was so pleased with her care! She truly has the patients' best interest at heart. And very knowledgeable.
Great bed side attention she listens to why your there and take care of your needs she has been my Dr for over 25 years
Was incredibly rude and imoatient, cut me off when I answered her questions. I respect English as a second language for folks, but her general disorganized manner coupled with her consistently mixing up my responses (with similar sounding words) was worrisome--I wasn't sure if she was hearing me correctly. I worried about her being homophobic based on her reaction to my question regarding a partner. Also, she talked about other patients, in comparison to me, in an unfavorable manner, which made me worry what she would say about me.
Extremely dedicated to the health and welfare of her patientd
Dr. Aranador is wonderful. She is etremely thoughtful, and incrediblt efficient. I am truly happy to have her as my doctor. I recommend her most highly.
She was rude, unprofessional, and condesending.