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I have two kids under Dr. Boschken's care.  He was very careful to explain the options and pro's and con's before prescribing a course of action.  

Every other orthodontist we visited wanted to immediately extract teeth before orthodontic treatment!!  Dr. B stresses keeping teeth and only extracting teeth if absolutely necessary.

The office staff are very friendly and professional.  All the orthodontic assistants are very personable and capable as well.  In the two years we've been with Dr. B, there has been zero turnover in his assistant staff which say's all you need to know about the quality of care you'll receive here.

P.S.  Contrary to an out-dated review, this office serves a diverse clientele spanning virtually every ethnic and racial group you'll commonly find in the Bay Area.  They treat everyone with the same friendly, courtesy and kindness, regardless of race, creed, color or economic status.

I got my Invisalign series completed here a couple years ago.

Scheduling appointments was a breeze.  The reception staff and dental assistants were all friendly.  Dr. Boshken was professional, although I wouldn't go so far as to say friendly or personable.  Appointments also felt rushed at times, possibly as a result of overbooking patients.

However, I am satisfied with my experience here.  I will continue to go back to Dr. Boschken for my future retainer needs!

The location (right across from Santa Teresa Kaiser) was great and finding parking was always quick and painless.  And bonus points for giving me a 10% discount for paying cash upfront.  That is quite a substantial discount on a $4,800 service!

This is the third orthodontist we've used (third kid to need work) and Dr. Boschken is far and away the best.  When we were getting consults for kid #3 the "old school" orthodontists wanted to pull teeth to make room in her mouth.  Dr. Boschken used expanders and retainers to make the room and not pull any teeth.  We're now at the first set of braces and that has gone well.

His office is professional, immaculate, and smooth running.  Everyone is friendly and courteous.

Dr. Boschken used to be my orthodontist maybe 8 years ago, back when the location was on Santa Teresa across from the hospital.  I remember he took over an office from Dr. Tillman (sp?) and then he hired a bunch of foxy looking techs, aides, receptionists.  He is patient and easy to talk to.  I have been wearing my retainer ever since I have had it and I came in a for a checkup 2 years ago and I wasn't even in the record anymore.  Dr. was shocked that my retainer was still in good use and good shape.  Quality stuff!

I've always had anxiety when visiting the dentist because my teeth are in very bad shape. I have severely crooked teeth which makes it difficult to thoroughly clean in between each tooth. My dentist suggested braces and referred me to 3 different orthodontists. Dr. Boschken was the only doctor whose treatment plan did not include extraction of 4 teeth. Instead of extracting teeth, Dr. Boschken is using a bracket system called Damon that can correct my smile without removing any of my permanent teeth.  If this option was not presented to me, I would not have moved forward with braces because I did not want to have my permanent teeth removed.

Dr. Boschken and his staff are always extremely courteous and cheerful. The girls take the time to explain each step of the process and make me feel good about being a patient in their office.  My schedule is very busy so it's nice to know that I only have to see Dr. Boschken every 8 weeks. When I arrive at the office, there is never a wait to see the doctor and my appointments are only 5-10 minutes long. I am extremely happy with the service and treatment I've received from Dr. Boschken and his staff. I feel confident in referring my friends and family to this office.

My experience with Dr. Boschken has really improved over the last four months. His staff is still wonderfully helpful and responsive and I feel like they've been able to help Dr. Boschken improve too :)

He now reads my chart and asks about the complaints that I had during the previous appointments. I appreciate the follow up a lot.

He is less rushed. He asks if I have any questions and he takes the time to answer them.  I'm much happier with my experience.

I would recommend Dr. Boschken, especially to those individuals who can stand up for themselves. (I took the passive approach and just wrote a still worked )

I recently moved to California and needed to have my braces removed.

I went in for an initial visit with a very well-hyped orthodontist, and although the office was nice and the staff friendly, the price was ridiculous. Plus, he tried to steer me to one of his friends to have my teeth cleaned BEFORE taking off my braces!

So I came on Yelp and looked at some reviews, then emailed 6 different orthos asking for a ballpark figure on price. Lindsey at Dr. Boschken was the first to respond with a phone call. She was very friendly and easy-going on the phone, and scheduled me for a complimentary appointment right away.

I loved the feel of Dr. Boschken's office right away. I read on here where someone felt he wasn't used to brown people, and that they seemed to cater to only one ethnic group. Well, I'm as brown as can be and I have a built in radar for that type of thing, but I didn't detect a single drop of it at this office.

The staff were very friendly and welcoming. Lindsey was very personable and she made my husband and I feel very comfortable. Dr. Boschken came in to talk to us and I was surprised by how outgoing and vibrant he is. He did not seemed rushed at all, and listened to my many concerns about the removal (I had a traumatized tooth from my last ortho visit) and came up with a plan to get the braces off with minimal discomfort to me.

His office was very clean and modern (I am germ phobic) and there are 4 nice chairs and a very nice set up. Dr. Boschken was very busy, all the chairs were full, but he spent a lot of time with me.

For those who say he is rushed, well, he is. He is the lone dentist and has to supervise his staff. There were a few times that he had to leave me to check on some children, but I didn't mind at all.

He spent a lot of time getting my braces out and it was painful to an extent because of my mouth issues. I stopped him when I needed to, and he made the necessary adjustments to ensure my comfort. My previous ortho had the softest touch in the world, so I was spoiled. Dr. Boschken's touch is moderate.

All in all, I was very satisfied. The price was right, the treatment was great, the staff was superb. I would highly recommend Dr. Boschken.

This is how an office should be.

I took my little brother here to get his braces fixed. He's had his on for about 6 years now and his ortho moved on him. So his teeth are all sorts of messed up!

Upon entering the office, I noticed just how clean everything was. It was state-of-the-art and beautiful. We were greeted right away by the staff who agreed to seeing us earlier than was expected. Everyone here was very nice and offered us coffee (with different types of syrups too!?). I even noticed the little welcome paper that they framed on the desk for my brother and other new clients. These people reallly try to make you feel welcome. I appreciate that a lot.

We didn't wait for long before we were given a tour around the whole office. They have a mini-arcade where kids can wait and play and a beautiful salt water aquarium. The assistants also wasted no time to get my brothers x-rays done and pictures taken.

We also met Dr. Boschken, who is very friendly and nice. He got straight to the point about my brother's teeth, what he recommends, and how long it would take.

I don't think they're money-hungry here because my brother wanted invisalign but bc the way his teeth were, he wouldn't be eligible until after some extractions. It would take a while and cost more money. Dr. Boschken said we could do it if he really wanted to but he doesn't recommend it because it's a waste of time and our money. Well thanks for being so considerate!

The pricing of the braces and the amount of time he would be done with everything is not bad either. Trust me, I've seen worse. And they've got great payment options that can accommodate to anyone's needs.

Sometimes, I wish they did regular dental work here so I can come in as well. haha but they did offer to make me retainers since I lost mine 10 years ago!

Dr Boschken has helped make my daughter, Brynne's, smile more beautiful.  He's now working with Meaghan to perfect her smile.

Each and every time we've been to visit Dr Boschken, he and his staff have been extremely accommodating.  They are always courteous and kind.  During the school year, we appreciate the fact that we can get in and out quickly and back to school.

My kids love visiting Dr Boschken's office.  It's fun for them.

We seriously wouldn't consider another orthodontist!  This place is the best!!!

I agree with one of the postings: this is how an office should be!
My both kids are well taken care of. Very professional service. Appointments are 99% are on time and EVERY question answered. We love Dr. Boshken and his well trained team of professionals. Happy office, happy team, happy doctor and happy clients!
We would  highly recommend Dr. Boshken .

My mom gave me the "straight" talk 30 years ago: Wear your braces or live with the gaps between your teeth. Well, I did not listen until Dr. Boschken gave me the second session....

I have been in treatment for months now due to the extraordinary nature of my treatment. Let's be honest, it is hard to live with attachments in your mouth which you were not born with, but Dr. Boschken and his angels make the treatment a nice experience -as good as it gets. Dr. Boschken gave me the reality check in my first visit, no false promises, the courses the treatment might take and the options moving forward, he charted out a plan. A plan is a plan and the plan can change but not the ultimate goal: Straighten the teeth... He told me based on experience the milestones we will hit, the decision points, courses we might take, the what-if scenarios.

I have good orthodontist friends all over the world who can not conduct my treatment due to location and the frequent visits required. I have listened to them and listened to what they had to say. Only Dr. Boschken's recommendations and plan matched with these professionals' and true friends' stories...

We are on our track to success and I can not wait to have the big smile which I see coming down the road, approaching day by day...

Thanks Dr.Boschken!


This review is for my first appointment: the Impressions for Invisalign. I was very nervous about the impressions because I had read some blogs where people had bad experiences. This is definitely NOT the case here!

First, I went in the office and they already knew who I was by name and welcomed me. They even accommodated my busy schedule and were there during their lunch. Next, I went into the office where the financing is discussed. They were so very professional and completely explained everything, asking if I had any questions throughout. Once the contract/waivers were signed, she gave me a folder with all of the copies of the documents and even the payment plan schedule. Then, she escorted me over to their "Wheel of Fortune"...which is a wheel that has a bunch of different stores & restaurants on it and you spin the wheel...whichever one it lands on you get a $25 gift card. woo hoo! It's only for newbies though.

Ok, now for the "tough part"...sitting in the chair for the impressions. The assistant was very sweet and it only took about 2 minutes each (top & bottom). I was really hoping I wasn't going to gag or worse (since that's what I had read from others). It wasn't bad at all...and I didn't even have to lie back like you're used to in a dentist office :o). She put the "putty-like" stuff in the trays and pressed them into my mouth-the top first & then the bottom. It kinda smelled like berry flavor, but no real taste. After they were hardened, she carefully took them out---it was like a suction coming off of my teeth, but it didn't hurt.

Anyway, I had gone to 3 places before settling down here with Boshken Orthodontics and I am so happy I made the right choice! I'm looking forward to receiving my impressions within the next 3-4 weeks.

Office Environment = 5 Stars
Staff = 5 Stars

This is going to be a lengthy review given that the treatment and service duration was years. I'm glad that I came upon Boschken Orthodontics to get my braces. I found Dr. David Boschken from his offer on Groupon so I made the purchased and felt confident after doing my research for an orthodontist.

Treatment Time: 2 years, 2 months.

Office: Boschken Orthodontics is across the street from Kaiser Permanente Hospital near Cottle Rd and Highway 85. The office is clean, simple, and modern. There's a waiting area for guests and a seating area for patients after manually checking into the computer upon arrival. There's a small gaming area for children and a beverage spot for espresso and mini water bottles which I love.

Consultation: At first, I was a bit embarrassed since many people get braces during their childhood and teenage years and I am a college student finally getting braces. During my consultation appointment, I had my x-ray taken and Dr. Boschken sat down to discuss with me how he can help with braces. He showed me that I had crowding with my teeth that I can either get Invisalign or traditional braces. Over time, I felt comfortable and nothing to be ashamed about getting braces since Dr. Boschken treat patients from different age ranges. It was inviting how they have a spinning wheel as a welcoming gift where I received an iTunes gift card.

Braces: Initially, I thought I could only settle with traditional braces due to crowding. For the same price, I had many options which is fantastic compared to other dental offices and having to choose one or the other. Boschken Orthodontics offers traditional old-fashion braces, Invisalign, and the newly advanced form of braces known as the Damon Braces. I knew I couldn't settle with Invisalign if I knew I could take it out the pain of the alignment process, so I settled with Damon Braces. The difference of Damon Braces and traditional braces is that Damon Braces is simply just brackets and wire without having the need of placing colored rubber bands on each bracket like the old-fashion braces. Damon Braces are actually a lot more flexible and lesser pain. The Damon Braces is much better to maintain in hygiene than the traditional braces with the rubber bands. The clear Damon Braces is just the center 5 teeth of the top row as ceramics and throughout my treatment, hardly anyone notice my braces unless I have a huge smile.

Tip: If you're considering Invisalign, Dr. Boschken is recognized as one of the Top Elite Invisalign Provider nationwide.

Payment Plan: Dr. Boschken offers flexible payment plans where you can finance or pay installments. Prices varies each individual's cases in addition to insurance eligibility, so there's not much to elaborate on prices, but it's worth it!

Service: Dr. Boschken is very professional when it comes to his service. He would take the time to greet you and have a quick friendly conversation before checking up on your progress. It was overwhelming to me from counting down when he would tell me that I would be done from Summer to Fall to the End of the Year, to Next Month... but I didn't mind at all. I was confident that as his career as a professional, he wants to deliver the best he could with perfection. Even if I have a single tooth that was close to completion, he made sure that the tooth was correctly aligned the way it should be.

There is so many perks of having Dr. David Boschken as an orthodontist. His office is very up to date by having self-check in when patient arrives, and an account set up for you on his web-site to schedule appointments or to make payments. He would have newly released children's movies to keep you entertained which makes it awesome. Anyways, I can go on about how delighted I am from my experience.

Team: Boschken Orthodontics consist of a wonderful, awesome, friendly team that I felt like a monthly visit rather than an appointment. It's bittersweet that I have completed my treatment, but I'm very satisfied with Boschken Orthodontics for their superior and professional service. I can now smile with confidence and I have been referring my friends and family to him. Thank You card is on its way!

Stay away from them unless you are comfortable paying them up front and dont worry about getting money from insurance. They put a lot of pressure to pay money upfront and act as if they are doing you a favor when you ask for billing details and help with insurance.I got the feeling that they are just interested in getting money and didnt particularly care for the customer.

The best customer service, the nicest staff, professional and quality services. I cannot rave enough and am recommending everyone I know. I live in burlingame but would drive to Los altos because it was that imperative to me that I make it to their offices.

Try Dr. Boschken- you won't regret it!

PS - Jenny worked on me most visits and she is A-amazing!!

I cant express how difficult it was to find an orthodontist that would take me in without jaw surgery. I had the worst overbite; couldn't eat correctly. I had struggled with horrible jaw pain that would constantly crack because I depended so much on my back teeth to chew (sorry for the gross detail). Every orthodontist I had seen had told me that I would need to get jaw surgery  wear a metal brace connected to my teeth and around my head (horrible!)  then finally metal braces for another 3-4 years. That's a total of 5 years of torture! Luckily, I came across Dr. Boschken 2 years ago and he guaranteed that I would have the perfect smile in 2 YEARS with NO METAL BRACES AND NO JAW SURGERY. I was so happy I didn't have to get the surgery or wear metal braces.

Two years has past and my teeth look AMAZING!! Overbite completely closed and my teeth are lined up perfectly just as he had guaranteed. I am so lucky and glad I waited 6 years to find the perfect doctor. He is worth the wait! Thank you for giving me the perfect smile I never thought I would have! The staff was always friendly, eager to explain and very patient. Boschken Orthodontics has a wonderful practice, caring staff, and a terrific doctor. This place is also super clean and comforting, makes you feel right at home as soon as you step in. Excellent practice for all ages. I LOVE my smile; couldn't be any happier! They truly are the greatest!

Treatment: invisalign for 2 years

I feel like the service was OK. It seemed to me they were A little fake and more interested about taking my money than fixing my children's teeth. I was called almost every day about payment. As a single mother of 4 children and two kids needing braces ASAP they are extremely expensive and very unaffordable. I am definitely looking into other places. Who care more about my children than my wallet

I spent a lot of money for the Invisalign treatment every time the doctor only sees me for a couple minutes once a month. The total process lasted almost 2 years and my teeth became loose.  the retainer didn't fit perfectly but they only changed it after strong protest. Even the end result is not my teeth don't align perfectly. The doctor was not the most polite. Overall a disappointing experience.

I started going here in 2013. So far Dr. Boschken's staff have been pretty amazing, but Dr. Boschken himself is a little rude. I understand he may be tough on me because I'm only a teenager, but seriously! When I got my braces and rubber bands (I have an underbite) I'll admit I hated both of them. I wouldn't wear them for more than 3 hours at a time, which was my fault. The next 4 times I went in Dr. Boschken told me that he would HAVE TO BREAK MY JAW and take me into surgery if I didn't wear my rubber bands. I knew that this wasn't true because nobody has died before because their teeth weren't straight.

Another thing, I would only see Dr. Boschken for about 30-45 seconds each visit.

The only reason I'm giving them two stars is because his staff are awesome.

I had a great experience at Boschken Orthodontics and as a result have referred many friends and family members. The doctor and entire staff are great and quite possibly my favorite thing is that they stay on schedule and don't keep you waiting in the lobby like most other doctor offices. Love the quick and efficient appointments.

Looking to get your grill fixed? Call Dr. B and his team. You'll be smiling a bit bigger and brighter in no time!