Dr. David Nusblatt

Dr. David Nusblatt has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Lehigh University in 1976 and then went on to receive his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 1980 from University of Pennsylvania. The practice that he and his son work at has been a part of the community since 1955. Dr. Nusblatt purchased the practice in 1984 and in 2010 completed renovations that allow each room to have state of the art technology, such as digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, and computers. For the past five years, he has been recognized in the Guide to America’s Top Dentists, published by the Consumers’ Research Council of America. In 2011 he was awarded by Top Doc NY as one of the best dentists in NYC. As a leading industry expert, Dr. Nusblatt has been featured on the Dr. Oz show, the Montel Williams Show, and News 2 Chicago. He is committed to staying up to date on industry trends and is a member of the American Dental Association, New York State Dental Association, and New York County Dental Society. In his free time, Dr. Nusblatt enjoys traveling with his wife.

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I visited Dr. Nusblatt's office for a routine exam and cleaning upon seeing his profile on Zodoc. However, I was very disappointed with his office and cannot recommend it to anyone seeking honest dental advice. I was quickly ushered into a chair to be seen upon arriving at the office. After a quick dental exam, the hygenist and Doctor explained to me that I had permanently damaged my gums and that very expensive tooth antibiotics were required for nearly every tooth in my mouth. They also claimed that I required an expensive "deep cleaning," that was convenientaly not covered by insurance. Initially, the hygenist gave me a long spiel about how I needed this work. After that conversation, the dentist came in, took a 30 second look in my mouth, then asked if the hygenist had explained the treatment plan. In retrospect, these encounters seemed very choreographed. They wanted to charge me a very large price for the recommended dental work. Their lack of care upon seeing that I was hesitant about this costly treatment led me to believe that I was being hustled. Thus, I decided that getting other opinions before moving forward with treatment was the best course of action. I was examined by several other dentists, and after hearing their assessments, I decided to not proceed with Dr. Nusblatt's treatment plan because his treatment seemed to be very unnecessary to me. However, I won't forgive Dr. Nusblatt's office for wasting my time and money. Do NOT go here if you want an honest opinion.
I had a similar bad experience as many people who left reviews below. The hygienist told me I required a deep cleaning that was not covered by insurance. The procedure seemed unnecessary, as I was not experiencing any issues, and it ultimately convinced me to switch dentists.
The office is in a great location, the waiting room is lovely, but didn't wait more than 5 minutes to go in to my appointment! Office is clean, state of the art equipment, and Dr. Nusblatt is professional, friendly, and does a great job!
I found Dr. Nusblatt and his staff to be professional and kind. I was a little nervous about my exam, but they made me feel comfortable and at ease with my dental procedure. Dr. Nusblatt spent time with me helping me understand my dental care needs and options. I trust his evaluation and expertise. Their office is extremely clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend him.
I've seen Dr Nusblatt a few times in the past couple months for crowns due to shoddy dental work I've had over the years. After expressing my reluctance to do any more work than absolutely necessary, he reassured me that he'd be conservative with any procedures he'd recommend. I appreciate this approach and his acknowledgement of my concerns. The only shortfall I have found is that when being treated, it can feel a little "messy." What I mean by this is I am often left with "debris" from old fillings just hanging around in my mouth for multi-minute stretches before being allowed to rinse or until I manually reach into my mouth to remove the massive 'crumbs' when he's not looking, or the molding paste overflowing into my throat making me gag or my eyes tear, or finding smears of it on my face or clothing later on at the end of the appointment, and lots of material from the temporary crowns just filed off onto the ground or winding up on me. I am sure his numerous accolades are well-earned, so I can't dispute any of that, but it's just my observation so far and part of me expects my dentist to be mindful of those elements of a visit, too.
This was one of the most professional and knowledgeable dental offices I have ever been to. The whole staff was very attentive. Dr Nusblatt and the hygienist both took time to discuss my concerns while showing me on my x-rays exactly where the problems were. My broken tooth is finally fixed and looks like nothing ever happened. The cleaning was also very thorough, she was able to remove some spots that other hygienists have left behind. Im finally not ripping through several pieces of floss every time i floss. Im so happy I found this office.
Best dentist ever
I went in for a tooth that lost a filling. He discovered a more serious problem with another tooth. I'm very grateful.
Dr. Nusblatt and his office staff were incredibly friendly, professional, efficient, and put me at ease almost immediately after the appointment started (which I really appreciated as someone who is usually a total wuss about the dentist). Highly recommend!
They smile and try to upsell you additional service & prodocts regardless of your preference. Was forced to be assertive and refused the offers proactively, which was awkward and uncomfortable.
I was so pleased to find a dentist after my move to NYC, that truly cared about my teeth and my time! Angela, the hygienist, was so thorough and gave me an extra 'deep' cleaning bc I was so overdue and was starting to have some redness and soreness in my gums.... We talked about future treatments and I received a really nice baggie at the end chock FULL of toothpaste, floss, etc... Normally, I just get a crappy toothbrush and a travel size toothpaste from my old dentist and then call it a day, haha! The doctor was wonderful, kind and very sweet! Thanks so much!!
Listens to the patient. Tries to assist with the easiest and most affordable option.
Waited over 30 minutes for the appointment, and when I was finally taken in Dr. Nusblatt actually left in the middle of drilling to deal with another patient for 15 minutes. He was incredibly distracted during the entire appointment, kept disappearing, and even dropped the crown he was polishing on the floor. Very disappointing as my prior visits were totally fine!
I am very happy I found this office, the staff was very friendly and professional. Dr Nusblatt was marvelous!!!
Visiting their office was a pleasure. I've never used this before to book an appointment and it's been as easy as pie! (Don't tell the Dr. I'm eating a lot of pie)
Great ,excellent setvice.
I have never had such a cursory cleaning or exam in my life. 10 minutes. I guess I was lucky because I left bleeding. Angela told me I needed a 'deep cleaning" more money, more money. When I refused she gave me a cursory swipe. She did not even floss. She told me the dentist would do a deep cleaning. I said no deep cleaning. 4 xrays that were terrible they did not show roots I saw them. A 30 second dental exam. I need a crown but he said no go see my colleague for other work. I guess it's because I have bad insurance or something and refused the deep cleaning I am complaining to my insurance company.
this doctor was amazing and very nice and friendly. he was very welcoming and kind. He made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I would definitely recommend this doctor to another person and will definitely go again.
Super cool guy. The office was kind of busy and they still somehow saw me on time...I thought it was impossible for Doctor's to actually see you at the time you scheduled. I've went to the same dentist for a decade until I moved to the city so I was worried...But he was even better than my old family Dentist. Definitely recommend.
I would never go back here after being completely ripped off. I was told I needed a scaling and rooting procedure. They said dental insurance does not typically cover these deep cleanings (wrong, most will cover at least 50% of the cost). They also tried to up charge me a ridiculous amount per antibiotic per tooth. The pain after the procedure was high. I am now seeing a periodontist (my insurance covers half the cleaning) and I don't need antibiotics. Also, after the deep cleaning I had zero pain even after numbing wore off. The experience was night and day. I would warn anyone from coming here (and I never usually write reviews).
Such a great dentist, so happy I found him in NY. Listens well, caring, very careful and clean. I had a tooth knocked out and needed an implant in the front and he was very patient and thorough in getting a replacement and listened to my concerns. He fit me in right away and when my temporary came loose (dang apple), he saw me within an hour to fix. He did a terrific job and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. I was quite picky with the implant and it looks nearly perfect, very impressive. I will go back to him as long as I am in NY
Very thorough and accommodating.
Doctor was really nice and knowledgeable! Recommend