Dr. Daniel Noor
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Dr. Daniel Noor

*Smile Cafe has 48-hour cancellation policy Smile Café has a Unique approach to treatment: They believe not only in comprehensive dentistry but a modern conservative approach to prevention. Unlike most offices, additional diagnostic records such as photos and scans are taken at no cost in addition to x-rays to diagnose and prevent 50+ different future medical and dental conditions! Based on modern research & philosophy, better form leads to better function: Teeth that fit together correctly from all spatial views; function better, last longer and prevent 50+ dental and medical conditions such as TMJ, headaches, gingivitis, periodontitis, cracks, wear and tear, earache, breathing issues, root canals, cavities, and many other dental problems! These doctors have appeared in the media such as CNBC, etc. Dr. Daniel Noor has won 1st place in the world treating some of the most complex orthodontics cases even eliminating the need for surgery! Smile Café strives to educate the patients unlike any other office! However, they do ask you to take your time and do your research before committing to any treatment so there is absolutely no pressure especially since the team is already so busy. This office is NOT affiliated with any outside organization such as Invisalign and in fact prefers braces due to its lower overhead and less requirement for patient compliance. Some of the reviews here speak for themselves but here is the summary of what experts and patients say about Smile Café Dental Spa: 1- “Oh my gosh this place is awesome!” 2- “Smile Café is so high tech, I felt I was in Star Trek! I own a technology company so I really appreciated technology they had such as Lasers, 3D CAD/CAM, Digital PAN but best of all getting me numb without any needles! I keep telling everyone!

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It was great treatment, he made me feel special and promptly provided a referral.
Such a friendly, welcoming staff! I've never felt so comfortable at the dentist. Everyone took the time to greet me and explain everything that was happening - I felt totally taken care of.
I received a 10/10 service from Dr. Noor and his very vibrant, welcoming and efficient team! Highly recommended.
The office was really nice and the staff so friendly. They really too care of my son!
It was a very welcoming environment and everyone is very nice and patient with you, the doctor didn't make it feel like you're just another patient, rushing through your visit. He made sure I had my questions answered before leaving his office.
They are very misleading. Not to mention dishonest, and lacking sincerity & integrity!
Let me be clear, this review isn't for Dr. Noor, it's for his horrible hygienist, Ingrid who did the cleaning. Dr. Noor came to consult with me after the cleaning and he truly is an amazing and caring guy, A+. Now for his hygienist, Ingrid, she truly is horrible. I went in there and told her how I haven't seen the dentist in a long time due to insurance issues and I have some pain in my front teeth.I told her I'm on ADD meds and from that moment, she decided to be my psychiatrist and not an oral hygienist. Basically, telling me how I need to seek therapy and get off the medication. She also accused my PCP of writing me prescriptions because he's in it to make the big bucks (Not true). She told me to come back in 6 months and let her know if I took her advice and changed to therapy. As an ORAL HYGIENIST she had absolutely no right to consult me on my psychological health. Hopefully, the next time I do see her I'm going to file a complaint.
Amazing customer service and professionalism. Everyone in this office make such an effort to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I love my teeth and smile!
I absolutely like this dental office I can highly recommend it,very friendly everyone in the office makes you feel comfortable and at home, very well mannered staff I look forward to my next visit!??
I felt very comfortable my experience was great!
Literally the best experience at any doctor's office in my entire life. An extremely professional and gregarious staff, led by Dr. Noor who is so eager to share information and provide the best possible service in all ways. This should be the standard for all medical practices!
If you're like me where you've been afraid to go to the dentist because it can be uncomfortable or painful, Dr. Noor will change that perspective. The service was rather fast - I only waiting five minutes. The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Noor is knowledgeable and explained how important your teeth are. He made me feel so comfortable and was empathetic to my situation. I highly recommend him :)
Doctor and his assistant are fantastic!
Dr. Noor and the rest of the staff are very friendly but it seemed as though they cared a lot more about money instead of patient care. For cavities they wanted me to pay out of pocket even though my insurance covers it.
He took his time explaining the pictures and xrays and what my best options would be. Great bedside manner!
It's was great just to much going on send you too many people for something 1 person can finish for u
Having read a lot of reviews, I was on high alert because while a lot of people seemed very pleased with their visit, a lot of people shared concerns about this place being kind of scammy. It was still the highest rated dentist office covered my insurance, though, so I figured I'd just go and stay aware. Everyone was really friendly (although the hygienist was pretty stern, but, I kind of deserved it) and the office was clean and comfortable. The cleaning was amazing and I left feeling like a whole new person. The appointment was very efficient and I felt very informed. Overall, despite dentist visits making me very anxious, I had a perfectly easygoing and satisfying appointment. As for the scamminess, I will say that I have never felt more aware that healthcare is a business. As others have mentioned, it's very clear they're heavily supported by Invisalign and I wouldn't be surprised if they're required to fill out evaluations checking off whether or not each patient was recommended for orthodontics and why, and that there's trouble if there are too many no's per month. It was totally unnecessary for me but I was still asked to sit through some videos and sales pitches reminiscent of a timeshare presentation. I was also recommended another procedure with a good amount of scare tactics, and the optimistic side thinks they were genuinely concerned about my health while the cynical side thinks they were just trying to squeeze more money out of me. So, I get where people were coming from, but they were upfront about finances and options and it's not like they force you. I'm still unsure whether I'll continue seeing them or seek out the procedure. Note: They do offer a discount on future services with them if you write a review that seems to get automatically posted to review sites. They obviously don't specify that it needs to be positive, but it's good to keep in mind when sifting through their reviews.
My dentist and dental assistant were so funny and it made me feel comfortable :)
Professional. Timely. Friendly. Helpful. Excellent experience.
Very Polite. Explained everything that he was about to do. will recommend him with no problem.
Great appointment, Was seen in less than 10 minutes of being there, everything was explained thoroughly by the hygienist and the Dr. He asks many questions and answers them all. Great experience so far, and i'm not a fan of Dentists, but looking forward to returning!
It was a good visit , he was very thorough and gave me hope that he could fix the pain I was in. I left the office feeling great. I was suppose to receive a call from the office manger about my insurance and what I would have to pay out of pocket on the following Saturday because my job is very busy and I wouldn't be able to answer during the day, he end up calling on Thursday. I called on Saturday and asked for him to call me back when the rude secretary told me what I was suppose to be getting( which I never discussed with the doctor) and she gave me a ridiculous price. I let her know that's not what I discussed with the doctor and I was wasn't looking for cosmetic surgery but I was looking to be out of pain. I told her I would look for another doctor because obviously couldn't help me. Two weeks later the office manger finally calls me to discuss treatment and I let him know I wasn't looking to be seen by this doctor anymore.
It was great!
He is a gift to dentistry on earth.
Summary: Waited for 1 hr in the waiting room in PAIN. 4 patients seen before me who walked in after me. Never greeted upon entering(nor at the sign in desk) 2 persons were greeter. Appointment was a dental emergency. 1 hr later when called in the Dr. who saw me went over my x ray film. He went on to explained all the procedures about what he can do for teeth cosmetically for a large sum of money(I have dental insurance). Apparently, my Union was not upscale enough to be seen within an hour of my arrival. I felt like I was being upsold for a purchase. Closing: Never offered any resolution for my pain. Dr. was not sympathetic to the nature of my visit instead referred me out to another dentist that offered free services(again I have dental insurance). I left in excruciating pain. I would have opted for so much as a Tylenol or even a tooth extraction. None were offered. Will not recommend!!
So nice and so informative. His male dental hygienist/x-ray tech whose name I forget (sorry) was also very professional and knowledgeable. I wasn't expecting to be treated the same day like most initial consultations, but I was treated same day. Facilities were very clean, staff is super friendly and Dr. Noor was so interested and concerned with my dental issue and very attentive. I felt comfortable and confident in my care upon leaving the office. So glad that I chose him as my dentist.
Excellent doctor. For my first appointment, I had a really great experience. I got admitted right away. The assistant was really nice. His staffs were amazing, the process of X-ray and teeth cleaning was very smooth, quick and very professional. Dr. Daniel Noor took one look at my situation and he already had everything planned out for me. The office environment is gorgeous, clean, bright and very friendly. Will be returning for sure and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Everybody was incredibly polite and friendly, from the assistant who took my x-rays to the dentist who did my examination, as well as the front desk staff. It turns out that the oral surgeon at this practice doesn't accept my insurance to have a wisdom tooth removed, which is too bad, but the dentist who examined me took me to the front desk and gave me a list of providers who would accept it, and made a personal recommendation, which I greatly appreciated. I was able to complete my medical history and submit my insurance card online, so I did not have a wait before my appointment, which was very impressive to me.
Excellent, kind, and efficient! Really cares about his patients.
I've only heard great things from friends and people I work with. I was pleased that my experience was also very professional and pleasant. I'm definitely calling the dental office home! Highly recommend.
After a few minutes of waiting, I was brought into the office by a friendly staff member who was kind and patient as he explained every step of the process. Dr. Noor was also incredible nice, guiding me along and answering all of the questions that I did and didn't ask. This was my first "adult" dental visit and he was very supportive. The whole office has very good vibes. There's nice music playing, and a few other dentists walked in and out during my visit and were all very friendly. After my visit with Dr. Noor, I sat down with someone to schedule out my next appointment. She was very helpful, and did her best to make things even though there were some complications with my insurance (not at all their fault). They also sent me a follow up email the next day.
Dr Noor and his entire staff is amazing. Friendly, accommodating, and caring. The offices are super clean and design conscious with all the dental machines hidden so as not to intimidate patients but rather put them right at ease in a soothing environment. Both Dr Noor and Dr Letterman are wonderful - knowledgeable, compassionate, with stellar bedside manners. Even down to their receptionist Tanya, dental assistants Luis and Elvin - warm, welcoming, and smiles. I'm am thrilled to have Smile Cafe for my dental care and will certainly continue my dental care with them (so long as they continue to accept my insurance) I highly recommend them for all around dentistry and for treating their patients with kindness and respect.
The office fit me in for a last minute dental emergency. I checked in online and they were ready to see me as soon as I arrived. Dr Noor and his staff were friendly and knowledgeable and treated me extremely well. I am switching to his office for all of my dental care. I would highly recommend.
Is always a pressure to go to smile cafe, from the receptionist to the assistants and the doctors they all treat you in such a pleasant way it takes the fear of going to the dentist away
Great appointment. This was my first time a dentist had ever sat me down in a separate "consultation room" to review my x-rays and photos (yes, digital photos of my teeth and gums) and discussed the results in great detail.
Highly professional office and very welcoming. The use of cutting edge machines and techniques lets you view your individual issues and the consultation is very informative and your concerns can be easily relayed and addressed.
They were great , love they way everything was broken down step by step to about each thing that was happening
This place is great. Very professional staff. Dr Daniel Noor himself is great and very informative. He answered all my questions and gives great advice. Unfortunately I was referred else where to have my actual surgery, I would have loved to have all my work done there but after the surgery I will definitely be returning to have my cleanings and whatever else I need to be done. 5 stars all the way for this place.
Overall great experience and sincere. Greatly Recommended!
Very informative. Dr. Noor embodies a doctor who wants to help patients find the cause of the problem rather than just fix the symptoms.
Extremely friendly and professional staff and Dr. Will definitely go again!!
Dentist Daniel Noor and his staff was very professional ! I can say that I did not feel like I was in a dentist office, but rather it felt like I was in a spa...the office is beautiful and has a calming atmosphere. I would recommend this office because they were very professional and give you the right advice and care for your teeth AMAZING !
This was basically a joke of an appointment. Everything about it felt like a used car salesman pitch. Fast talking dentist who explained nothing and confused me and tried to sell me every upgrade. The blasting BLASTING back street boys music playing. The sketchy finance office. Awful
Doesn't accept insurance as indicated. I would have not gone there if I knew this in advance.
They ONLY EXCEPTED my insurance for cleanings. when it came time to fill in my cavities they told me I would have to pay out of pocket. Going here was a complete waste of time. I reschedule another dental appointment at a later date at a different place.
Very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to your concerns and address any questions you may have. The staff is respectful, courteous and know their job duties well.
They are very thorough with details. Very nice and Doctor Noor was very friendly and funny. I recommend him to people everywhere.
Dr Daniel Noor and his staff are excellent professionals with amazing people skills. I am very happy to have found Dr. Noor.
This is the best dentist office! Friendly, clean, insanely nice and very professional. It was an A+ experience!
All staff was amazing and helpful!
Friendly and informative staff. It was a pleasure!
I'm very apprehensive when it comes to the dentist and Dr. Noor and staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. They accepted my insurance and there was no hassle at all. I highly recommend this practice and look forward to my next visit! Thank you Dr. Noor!
awesome staff
I loved the atmosphere and how the denstist and his team acted in very good manners. I would definitiy recommend this place. Simply awesome.
Somehow through charm and magic I was talked into signing multiple forms in order to start a new credit line with some credit company they work with, I wound up taking out a large amount of credit to pay for work my insurance did not cover, and which I could not nearly afford. their guy even encouraged me to lie on my credit application so as to make this possible. I woke up feeling like I had been hypnotized and promptly canceled. but he's probably an excellent dentist.
Nice guy, personable with corny yet funny "dad" jokes..
Very kind and understanding.
All of the people over there were really nice and helped me a lot. They were professional and took care of me well.
The place was great, it was clean, the staff were wonderful, and the doctor was knowledgable. The wait was EXTREMEMLY long, I mean it was about an hr and a half before I saw the actual dentist, but with all the other factors considered, it was worth it for the in depth sit down we had when I finally did get to speak with him. And I mean, this is my teeth we're talking about, they're worth the time. Also, it's worth noting the equipment was up to date and the place had a GREAT soundtrack that included everything from Marvin Gaye to Boy George. Coming back this week for my teeth cleaning, and will def be a repeat customer!
Dr. Noor is able to achieve the results other cosmetic dentists consider impossible.
Had to go in a total of 4 times. Once for Xrays, once for cleaning, and then twice for 2 cavities. Good experiences each time, but maybe bundle that all into one or at most 2 visits.
Dr Noor is the best. Very engaging and listens well. Totally worth the wait.
Straightforward dental visit. Wish their scheduling team was more prompt but the doctor's bedside manner was great.
One of the best dentist I ever been too. I love this place and the Staff is AMAZING!!
I think those with bad reviews were probably having a bad day! This office is the best by far! The staff were so nice I felt weird because in New York its very rare. The doctor was very detailed and caring and really seems genuine. Amazing experience honestly!
Great office, Great team, Very professional and extremely friendly. HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend.
Efficient professional Great doctor Lovely manner Very clear explanation
I really like Melanie (hygenist)
My experience was incredible! The entire staff was extremely polite and catered to me in every way concieveable. They're attention to detail and professionalism is top notch me I'm so glad I found Dr. Noor.
Very efficient and through, plus friendly staff
Dental cleaning was amazing! Didnt hurt or bother me at all!
The staff and the doctor was amazing. I was walked through the procedure before it occurred and we discussed the best course of action. I would highly recommend any in need of a dentist to go to here!
Very professional and fast!
Everytime that I come to this office I feel welcomed. The staff is super friendly and professional. I would highly reccomend this office, you will have a great dental experience!
very knowledgeable and friendly. Gave me great options and knows what's best for the patient.
Awesome doctor! Very friendly and informative!
very good the whole staff was helpful and had email contact before visit to fill out forms
He was very helpful in explaining treatment options and reasons for each. He has a friendly and compassionate demeanor and very reassuring!
The absolute best experience with a dentist I have ever had. The staff was extremely professional and personable and the made me feel very comfortable