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I think I might well be a dentist's worse nightmare.  I have a gag reflex that won't quit and start sweating bullets as soon as I see the white coats.  I was referred to Dr. Manoukian by my dentist in SF..  She was quite concerned that my infected tooth be looked at right away, as I was already starting to have some trouble swallowing.  My dentist loaded me up on antibiotics and sent me on my way.  Dr. Manoukian was kind enough to fit me in his schedule.  By the time my wife got me to Greenbrae, my jaw had locked up.  I could barely fit the width of my thumb in my mouth.
The first thing I noted about the Dr. Was his calm presence.  He explained the nature of my lockjaw and that he would have to wait to do the procedure.  He verified my antibiotic regimine and that it would ease the swelling and in time my jaw.  He was very patient as I had a lot of questions, all of which he answered.
It took about four weeks for my jaw to come around.  The ladies in his office fielded my calls and questions very professionally and with a great sense of humor.
When the day came, I took my oral sedation and awoke feeling fine.
I would unhesitatingly return to Dr. Manoukian for his knowledge, patience and skill!

Mark Manoukian gave my 10 year old daughter a root canal. His kindness, patience, and skill were amazing. The staff are very competent and kind, and they never kept us waiting! I am so happy that our family discovered Dr. Manoukian!

Dr. Manoukian is a fantastic endodontist.  I had to go in for a sudden route canal and he was great at his job and made it the most gentle experience it could have been.  He was very thourough in explaining everything and did a great job.  Thank you Dr. Manoukian!

My little nine year old daughter had a swimming accident at the neighbors pool.  The damage: her front tooth needed a ton of work. (Rebuilding of root canal, an actual root canal and medicine inside to prevent a dying tooth).  We were all so scared for a little girl to have so much trauma and especially being such a visible tooth.  She began to hide her smile and refused smiling for a year because of some kids making fun of her at school and she hates her smile.  After an appt with Dr. Mark we found that the tooth didn't finish growing, we needed very specific and special treatments which would take  a year to complete  & then the final appointment would be an actual root canal! All I can say is that Dr. Mark made my little girl feel like a queen with no pain, no mental drama and no unnecessary emotional issues related to her self image, dentistry overall and we just walked out of his office at our last appointment with big happy smiles from ear to ear.  Dr. Mark and his staff are top notch.  My little angel has secretly told me that she wants to be Dr. Mark when she grows up.  Thank you Mark and staff for giving me my little
Angel and her smile back.

Love this Endodontist! I had to have a dreaded root canal and this guy was amazing.
He immeditalty makes you feel comfortable and answers all your questions. He has a fantastic personality. He is so down to earth and funny. You can just tell right off the bat he is 100% genuine. This was my third root canal and the first time it was pain free. He really took time to make sure I couldn't feel a thing. He was kind enough to fit me in at the end of the day, and even though my appointment went way into the dinner hour, he never rushed. He actually made a root canal appt. a pleasant experience! If I ever need another root canal I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Mark was kind, gentle and most importantly (for me) he took the time to educate me on what was happening to create the pain, my options and his suggested treatment approach.

I felt very safe/secure knowing he was being conservative, thoughtful and walking me through everything without being pedantic.

His staff is wonderful, so sweet and helpful.

Despite the circumstances, it's one of the best experiences I've had with a doctor.

He was recommended to me by another dentist in San Anselmo who I think is the best dentist I've ever been to in my entire life and I found him on Yelp:  Dr. Noah Dehlinger.

These folks have figured out how to make dentistry as painless of a process as possible.

Highly, highly recommend.

If you can have a great experience while getting a root canal,  Dr Manoukian's office is where you can! I am an adult male who recently had root canal that was very challenging in that it was my last lower tooth and I have an extremely small jaw.   The mouth prop (what is used to keep your mouth open) he has to use on me was an infant/baby size.  Modern day powered instruments could not fit in my mouth and Dr Manoukian had to do the entire procedure with  hand instruments.   I did not feel rushed in any way, he took the time to explain everything to me and made sure he gave me the dental anesthesia in such a way I only felt the first shots and he made sure that I was truly numb before working on me.
Because of my jaw situation, almost any other oral surgeon would have opted to pull the tooth and make me get an implant.   Dr Manoukian saw it as a challenge and took the time so save the tooth.
He then took the time to follow up to see how I was doing.  I am thrilled to say I felt great  right away and was able to go to a charity event the next night.
While I hope not to visit his office again soon. If I have a dental issue that would warrant an Oral Surgeon, is who I and any member of my family will immediately go see Dr Manoukian.

Dr. Manoukian is incredibly nice, clear, and skilled--so that the procedure was virtually painless! I didn't even have pain afterwards.

He's got a great chair-side manner, explains everything, and made what could have been an awful experience not bad at all.

His staff was also super-nice and accommodating about splitting the cost into three payments.

At $1,800, it's not cheap--but it also could not have been a better experience--so you clearly get what you pay for!

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Manoukian if you need a root canal procedure.

Not surprised to see all the other positive reviews. If there were six stars, I would give them. I'm one of those people who have a hard time getting numb AND who have dental anxiety. He "got it" and I could tell that making my experience positive was his top which he succeeded. He treated me with respect, kindness, and empathy, not like a job to get done and billed. At no point did he show impatience, only graciousness.

Clinically, I trust him. He explained everything to me in a way that was non-jargon filled and understandable. I was also very happy to learn that dental anesthesia is a specialty of his; in fact, he teaches it. Not surprisingly, I couldn't even feel the shots. And he made sure that I was truly numb before working on me, which unfortunately has not always been a successful endeavor for me.

Lastly, the playful bantering between his administrative assistant, dental assistant, and Dr. Manoukian kept the atmosphere light and joyful. His entire staff were beacons of positivity and competence. I highly recommend Dr. Manoukian!

Dr. Mark Manoukian and Receptionist Jamie were outstanding in handling my emergency situation.  Old Root canal got infected and blew up over weekend and I wasn't "home", but on business in Marin.   They fit me in as soon as I called for help Monday morn.  Jamie was extremely understanding and sympathetic and Dr. Mark's chairside manner was not only comforting, but  relatable.  He listened to me and he explained options well.  Considering my face was a puff ball, he prescribed a specific strong antibiotic to my area of infection,  advised the need to wait let infection subside ( novalcaine would be fairly useless because it's  neutralized by the acidic ph of the bacteria...who knew?), and ensured I'd be comfortable getting home with prescription painkiller.   They charged a nominal amount to get me seen, xrayed, and diagnosed.  I only wish I could have stayed in Marin long enough to do the actual procedure necessary to revamp the root canal.  Since I didn't have an endodontist in Irvine, he went the extra mile to give me two of his endodontic classmates names who both practice in my area, and from reviews, he pointed me in the right direction.  Thank you to the Greenbrae office and Dr. Mark and Jamie.
C. Wilson visit 9/26/16

I read several of the reviews before beginning mine. Seems it's all been said before; Dr Manoukian is SKILLED. My experience was nearly painless due to his method--today's root canal procedure was practically a delight. Such an interesting guy, very personable, capable of taking your mind off your failing tooth, yet able to explain what he's doing, and why, in laymen's terms. He treats your aching tooth like it's a piece of art that needs careful restoration (which it is, and does). If you need root canal work, stop looking and book your appointment

This is simply one of the best health care providers ever. He is smart, respectful, easy-going and gentle. He has done fantastic work, quickly and with no pain. This is a very humanistic practice and I wish I could see him for everything!

Dr. Manoukian is, by any measure, tops in his field. He handled a root canal for me with skill, precision, good humor, and enlightening explanations every step of the way. He came highly recommended by my regular dentist, and I quickly saw why. I have had other major dental procedures done in the Bay Area but none were done as competently or as enjoyably. Yes, Dr. Manoukian actually made a root canal enjoyable. How can you beat that?

I was referred to Dr. Manoukian by my regular dentist for consultation on a possible root canal. Dr. Manoukian got started on my tooth and then decided he could not complete the procedure.  I was dumbed up with medication and that's about it.  Charged me and my insurance company and then I had to go on to another dentist to have an expensive extraction...without insurance.  I believe it was obvious the tooth could not be saved and Dr. Manoukian should have just sent me on to have it taken out.  But, he got his money first.

Dr. Manoukian  asked the right questions! I think you have to be in my shoes for nearly three years of trying to get to the root of my problems. Finally although my other specialists were excellent they were unable to make me forget  my teeth! He is awesome and my two root canals were completely pain free and fast.  I am so incredibly thankful to be pain free every day after 3 years of trying to get my pain taken care of. Excellent service! Thank you Mark! (He prefers his given name) a very grateful patient.

I've been to see Mark three times, and my visits are as pleasant as could possibly be considering the purpose. The staff is friendly and helpful, and Mark is extraordinarily knowledgeable, considerate, and patient. I saw him three times, and his work was perfect. One time he felt no work was needed, and he charged me only half price for the consultation. When work was needed, he called me a few days after completion, to ensure everything was still okay. He even played the music of my choice when he was doing the work. I recommended him to my wife when she needed root canal and she concurred with my opinion. I recommend him to you too.

Dr. Manoukian and his staff are very friendly and educated . He explained everything in details and is extremity professional . I had two root canals as to date without any issues . I highly recommend Dr. Manoukian . We are fortunate to have him in Marin county.

Dr Manoukian took my son in for an Emergency Root Canal over the Holiday.  He was Professional, kind, explained everything to my son and even asked what music he would like to hear during the surgery!  What is most impressive (besides his excellent work) was that he took the time to call us the next day to follow up on my son. I can't recommend Dr. Manoukian enough!!

He is a very sweet man, genuinely cares about his patients, and did an excellent job on my root canal. This was my 3rd and by far the best experience. I would highly recommend him!

Dr Manoukian is a Dental Ninja.  

I walked into his office in agony, and walked out a "fee man" again, free of pain.  

Mark is very personable, professional, and competent. He mentioned that he had just performed his 25,000th root canal, and it shows.  I was totally comfortable the whole time, it was really not a lot different than getting a cavity filled, only it takes longer.

That is one thing to note - Mark is a bit old school in that he gives every patient his undivided attention, instead of the new breed of doctors that rush in and out, and leave other staff to answer questions.  But what this means is that he might spend an extra 10 minutes with the patient before you, and you will have to wait a little longer.  The good news, is that he will do the same for you, and you will get his undivided attention.  I much prefer this.  You never get the feeling of being rushed when he is treating you.