Dr. Cecile Nguyen
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Dr. Cecile Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen received her doctorate of dental surgery from Louisiana State University. She Served in the National Health Service Corporation to provide dental needs for the under-served. Dr. Nguyen has been in practice for more than 10 years. Dr. Nguyen is experienced, personable and a “patient-centered” dentist who looks to serve you with the utmost care and kindness.

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Dr. Nguyen is very professional and qualified. She is easy to talk to and explains things effectively. She is reasonably priced as we do not have dental insurance and I do not think that she tries to talk you into unnecessary procedures.
This was an awesome experience. We have no insurance and my 7 year old grandson was crying about a tooth ache. He had never been to a dentist and I really wanted this to be a positive experience. The staff was so courteous and understanding. They gave me a treatment plan break down and allowed me to choose what I could afford today. He got his teeth cleaned and the miserable tooth pulled out. The dentist even gave him permission to eat ice pops until the numbing went away. He loved Dr. Nguyen.
She gave me her honest diagnoses that I needed a tooth filled, that it did not at this time need a crown. Which two other dentists said I needed a crown. I saved quite a bit.
Wonderful doctor. Great with my two boys. Very respectful and encouraging. Loved the visit. Gladly making her our primary dentist.
She is the sweetest doctor ever and my son loves her!
Amazing very caring and dedicated to their work. I have gag reflux terrified to go and they took such good care of me and gagged 2 times only .....far cry from my last dentist
Amazing Dr. Made sure I was very comfortable and kept me informed about what she was doing and what to expect
Very professional and she did care about how I was feeling during my process of getting my wisdom teeth removed.
They saw all 4 of my kids in 45 minutes. That included xrays and cleaning included.
It was Great :)
It was great, Love the staff, the Environment and Dr! ????
The Dr and staff were prompt and professional. They care about their patients. All of the staff are sweet with big hearts!
Professional and attentive, and she made sure my partial fitted comfortably, she told me the plan as she went along.
She is an excellent dentist very professional
The quality of dentistry and patient care is very poor. Gouging the insurance company is the priority in this office. Sealants were completed on my son and daughter and in less than 1 day they have came out. It goes to show the quality of care that is given to the patients in this office. Along with the 5-10 minute cleanings. That doesn't if include polishing or flossing the teeth during the cleaning. I wouldn't recommend this office to anyone.
No wait. Patient and understand staff. my fiance and son has been there plenty of times and recommended me to go. Will definitely go back.
Dr NYGUEN is one of the smartest, most articulate and intuitive to patient needs that I have met. I have high anxiety ( white coat syndrome lol)-- Dr NYGUEN respects my wishes for sedation; and NEVER makes light of my requests. She addresses each patients individual concerns, and adjusts her protocol to help the patient feel at ease.
She did a great job and all the staff was very caring. I felt well cared for.
They are all very professional and sweet. They got my daughter to have work done that she needed, a difficult task.