Dr. Brynne Anderson
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Dr. Brynne Anderson

At In the Loop Dental, we are dedicated to providing excellent, gentle dental care in a friendly and caring environment. We will treat each patient’s individual needs with comprehensive treatment plans, patient education and open communication regarding all aspects of his or her oral health, function and appearance. We also have a strong commitment to continuing our own education, ensuring that the care we provide is the most advanced and technologically up to date.

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She is the best dentist I've ever been to!
A good experience from the time I walked in the door until I left.
It was a pleasure to have two fillings and a deep cleaning with Dr. Anderson and Hygienist, Leslie Cunningham. Yes, you read that correctly. I came to In The Loop Dental a few weeks earlier with a cracked tooth and a lot of years and miles since my last dental visit (Part of the lapse of visit was a terrible experience with other dentists). I was terrified and in pain and Dr. Anderson put me at ease; talking me through my fear and everything that needed to be done. After my cracked-tooth issue was resolved and I was allowed to heal, I had an appointment to come back to take care of the rest of my mouth. Still being hesitant about any dental experience, Dr. Anderson made me feel at ease, talking to me rather than at me, through the whole procedure. Not only is Dr. Anderson's personality very soothing and relaxing, but her skills are incredible because I literally had no pain during the procedure. The office is great, her staff is awesome, and I dare to say that I look forward to coming back next week to get the other side of my mouth fixed. No, I'm not on happy pills and yes, I am of sound mind. If your opinion of going to the dentist is less than enthusiastic and you’d rather donate bone marrow, then you should make it a point to come to In The Loop Dental. No one likes to go to the dentist, but Dr. Anderson and her staff make this necessary health maintenance a welcoming, soothing, and minimally painful experience. Thanks!
Went in for a run of the mill teeth cleaning. Turned out to be a great experience. Great because Dr. Anderson and her staff were amazing. Turns out I had a small cavity (my first, I was p*ssed) but she stayed and took care of it for me with great care. Couldn't have been happier. Oh and the photographs in the waiting room were pretty sweet too.
Very good!
I am usually highly anxious when I visit the dentist but Dr Anderson was great and put me at ease. She didn't make me feel bad about being as faithful with my dental care as I should have been. I would recommend her to anyone.
Dr. Anderson was fantastic! She helped me feel very comfortable and was great at explaining what was happening throughout. I highly recommend her!
Brynne was fantastic and explained everything thoroughly. Will defintely be returning!
I had had the same dentist for 20+ years since I was a kid, and he recently retired, so I was very nervous about seeing someone new. I had a really good experience with Dr. Anderson and I will be coming back.
She was very friendly and a great doctor. I'm so happy I went to her.
She and her office are the best. Highly recommend them.
Dr. Anderson was so helpful! I really felt like she cared about all of the concerns I had, and she explained all of the procedures to me in a manner that made me feel extremely comfortable. She also gave me a lot of useful tips for taking care of my teeth in the future!
Dr. Anderson is my new dentist, and she is excellent! I feel really fortunate to have found her.
I really enjoyed my visit to Dr. Anderson. She explained everything that she was doing, and it was a painless process. I really appreciate how transparent she was and that she gave great recommendations, too (recommended a special toothbrush)
This was by far the experience I've ever had with a dentist. Dr Anderson is exceptionally knowledgable and and really puts you at ease. I can't say enough about what a great experience I had with everyone in her office.
This is a great dental office. Dr. Anderson, her assistants, and receptionists are all very friendly and professional. They make you feel very comfortable and welcome. I've never waited more than 5 minutes before being helped, and Dr. Anderson is the first dentist where I actually feel comfortable with and not nervous when getting dental work done. I would highly recommend her.
Let me first start by saying that going to get my teeth checked is my least favorite activity. Brynne put me at ease right away and assured me that we would work together to prevent unnecessary expenses/visits. Very encouraging and positive. The other ladies in the office were polite, professional and personable. I very much enjoyed the experience as much as a person like myself dreads these places like the plague.
Dr. Anderson and staff are simply the best. I always look forward to my visits.
Excellent. Everyone was very nice and professional and the office is lovely.
Dr. Anderson is the best dentist I've ever had. Her staff is attentive and unbelievably friendly. The office is conveniently located in the Loop, a few steps from the L.
Visit was great. Minimal wait time. Everybody was very friendly from the receptionist to the Brynne herself. I knew what I wanted before coming in and Brynne was very accomodating. Bryanne gave me some tips and suggestions for oral hygine improvement I have not heard from others. Keep up the good work. -Chris S.
Dr. Anderson was AMAZING! I'm thrilled to finally find a dentist that doesn't scare me. Totally painless appointment.
Dr. Andersen is a truly charismatic and excellent doctor. I would highly recommend her.
Dr. Anderson is extremely professional and friendly. She did an excellent job of explaining what work needed to be performed and what portions would be covered by my insurance. Her office staff is also pleasant, friendly and easy to deal with and the offices are warm and inviting.
My appointment was great. She explained everything that was happening and was fun while remaining professional.
Dr. Brynne Anderson is the first dentist to have ever taken the time to explain my oral health!! She is patient and a very caring doctor! She eased my mind and laid out a great plan for my minor teeth issues :) I don't have a reason now to delay my dental visits!
Dr. Anderson was very helpful with everything! She knows what she is talking about and is very friendly. I cannot wait to go back and send her many more clients. If you want great advice then you must go see Dr. Anderson.
She was very professional, caring, and friendly.
The Dr. and staff were great! Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Really great.
I went to Dr. Anderson this morning for a routine check up; however "routine" is a bit of a stretch, given that I hadn't seen a dentist in about 4 years. With some unfortunate dental experiences under my belt, I was so anxious to have my teeth looked at. Dr. Anderson was amazing-- so friendly, explained every step of the process along the way, and made my entire experience pleasant. Most importantly, she was patient with me and made sure I was comfortable throughout the cleaning. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a new dentist, especially if you have had dental trauma/anxiety in the past!
Everyone hates going to the dentist, but Dr. Anderson was great. She explained everything very well and kept friendly conversation going to keep everyone comfortable
I would highly recommend Dr Anderson! She was very polite and professional, as was her staff. Clean office, new equipment, and I never felt she was trying to "up sell" me on anything I needed.
he is the best dentist, I highly recommend her.
She was all around great! Very knowledgeable and did an amazing job! Will absolutely be coming back !
Very professional office!! Dr. Anderson was very thorough and explained every aspect of what she was doing. I only had an exam and cleaning but I walked away extremely informed. Very happy I made a switch for my dental needs.
The doctor and her staff were all very pleasant and welcoming. Dr. Anderson was very thorough in her explanation of what she was doing, and in recommending a treatment plan. I appreciated that I was able to leave with an estimate of what future dental work would cost.
Excellent visit! First time at the dentist since moving to Chicago! Such friendly staff and great care! Highly recommended.
I was extremely happy with the service of Dr. Anderson and I am actually looking forward to going back to see her....and that's a first for me to say that I'm happy about seeing my dentist again :-)
I highly recommend Dr. Anderson if you have teeth. Everything you would expect from a professional dentist. Nice office, nice staff.
Dr. Anderson was great in providing options on what needs to be done. I'd definitely go back to get her expert opinion on things
Dr. Anderson was very nice and easy to talk to. I will definitely go back to her.
I have always found Dr. Anderson to have the utmost professional manner combined with an unsurpassed concern for quality patient care and education. She always treats each patient with a personal one on one approach and we never feel like we are being hurried out of the chair.
She explained everything to me and also was patient to explain in very details since I dd not know a lot about what is going on. She also recommends so of the daily activities to take care of my teeth, like kind of food that causes cavity and other. She was happy to help and inform me with details. Also, her assistance was very professional and explaining what she was doing. Overall, one of the best since I had a bad experience with other dentists. I recommend her to everyone cares about their teeth.
Dr. Anderson is great! She was gentle and sensitive to my fears about going to the dentist. She was also very knowledgable and explained what she was going to do and how she was going to do. Overall, a great visit. First time I've ever smiled or laughed at the dentist!
Everyone was very courteous in the office from the start right when i walked in. I got in right away, I was probably the first appointment after lunch. Dr. Anderson made sure I didn't have any questions unanswered or an concerns.
Dr. Anderson and her staff were great - professional but very friendly. She was very thorough going over my dental history with me and explaining all the procedures at her office which was comforting since she's the first dentist to touch my teeth since going to the same dentist for years. I definitely felt like I was in good hands.
was so very happy to have a new dentist!!
She is a FANTASTIC doctor and I actually really enjoyed dental visits with her!
She was very informative and laid out an entire road map to a for me to have a healthier mouth.
My first visit to Dr. Anderson office was a great experience. She has a pleasant personality, was extremely informative & I loved the way she took her time when I am in the chair to make me feel comfortable. Yep, I've found a keeper.
extremely professional, courteous and one of the best doctors in the City.very informative and Explains the reasons behind the Issues.
Dr. Anderson is the best dentist I have ever been to and I highly recommend her to everyone. Professional office, everyone is very friendly and she is fast, efficient and pain free during procedures.
It was an excellent visit. Being new to Chicago and looking to establish a patient relationship was important. My family will have that with Dr. Anderson.
She always does an amazing job, and I always enjoy seeing her.
Nicest, most professional staff in Chicago.
I went for cleaning & check up. Dr. Anderson was very professional & knowledgeable. I had one of the best cleaning from the dental hygienist.
Very happy with the care I received.
Dr. Brynne Anderson -- highly recommended! Extremely friendly office. I enjoy visiting :-)
She is an angel!
Very attentive; put me at ease. Did push a toothbrush brand, but kept suggested work to what I think was just the essential. Since this was just a consultation, I'm not able to comment on the work, but the screening, to me, was excellent.
Great experience!! The girls at the front desk are very friendly and warm. Dr. Anderson was wonderful and very kind. Most importantly, my teeth feel great. I've switched dentists my last 3 appointments due to dissapointing experiences-- FINALLY I have found one that I am looking forward to returning to!
Great experience.
These ladies are great. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson.
Dr. Anderson was wonderfully communicative and sweet. A keeper!
I live this office. Everyone is so nice!
Dr. Brynne and her staff team are exactly what I had hoped for--> knowledgable, compassionate, patient centered, organized, and efficient! I no longer fear the dentist! Faith
Dr. Anderson is an awesome dentist! I highly recommend her and her staff!
I'm so sad my insurance doesn't cover her anymore. She is very sweet and gentle, and empathetic towards people like me who freak out at the dentist. She's very trustworthy and just a good person in general. Her office location is the only downside- she's so close to many tourist attractions in the loop that you can't really drive there unless you want to pay quite a bit for parking. However, the L stops right by the office.
Excellent, skilled and caring!
Dr. Anderson is thorough, professional and caring. She and her staff are very helpful. Easy process for making appointments. Location is convenient if one is driving since there is a valet parking service out front of the building. Dr. Anderson makes going to the dentist less stressful!!
Theyreally the best!
AMAZING. Both of the docs at this office are fantastic. No anxiety, no pain, and I have FUN while I'm there! Cannot sing their praises highly enough.
Every body was really nice. I felt very comfortable and taken care of.
Dr. Anderson is the best dentist I've ever had. She is kind and attentive and explains everything very thoroughly. She never sounds judgmental and I never feel like she is rushing the appointment. She made me feel at ease when I told her I had bad experiences with fillings in the past. She has totally changed my view of going to the dentist! The rest of her staff is great as well - wait times are always under 5 minutes and the hygienist is knowledgeable and friendly. On top of that, the front desk staff provides insurance estimates before asking if I want a procedure. All around A+ establishment!
She is terrific! She is calm and makes you feel more relaxed and less stressed!
Dr. Anderson is amazing. I keep coming back to her, because she makes the experience pleasant. She takes time and effort to build a rapport and make you feel at ease. I have no other words to describe her other than she is the best dentist I have ever been to. I actually look forward to the text visits!
I have just moved to the U.S. and was scared about seeing a new dentist, but Dr. Anderson did a great job. It did not hurt at all and she was very nice!
Very pleased with the information I received. I saw Dr Andersons associate. All staff were helpful and courteous.
Everyone was very informative, direct and friendly.