Dr. Bijan Afar

Dr. Bijan Afar, Los Angeles dentist, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology degree from UCLA, and went on to receive his Master of Science in Oral Biology and Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree from the UCLA School of Dentistry. He was the among the top 5% of graduating dental students in the nation to receive the Dentist-Scientist Fellowship from The National Institute of Health to continue his dental education and research in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry at the University of Washington, in Seattle. Dr. Afar, Los Angeles periodontist, has decades of experience in periodontics and is an active member of many professional dentistry organizations. He is highly-skilled in all phases of implant dentistry and a former UCLA School of Dentistry Clinical Faculty and Research Associate. Dr. Afar is an internationally-recognized expert and lecturer in the field of oral implants.

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He is a cool guy. His office seems very busy which can sometimes lead to long visiting time, but when he finally sits down to see you he is nice and professional. Would recommend.
I found him very professional and made me feel comfortable. I felt comfortable enough for him to work on my teeth. I am a new patient and need to build up my confidence since I left another dentist office for making me feel uncomfortable.
Staff is not friendly.
Dr. Afar was very professional and only told me what I needed. I appreciate that he didn't try to "sell" me anything I didn't need.
Excellent doctor...excellent staff...and excellent experience.
Best dental visit I've had, ever! At other offices I have had to wait forever or come back multiple times to get something done (I once had a dentist who needed three separate appointments just to get my teeth cleaned). Most efficient office and v. nice as well-- everyone there seemed to truly care whether or not I was doing okay and understood what was going on. They were also totally cognizant of my income and didn't push any unnecessary procedures beyonf what I was capable of paying for.
I was really happy with everything. Nice doctor and nice facility.
The office had good knowledge of foreing insurance affairs.
Generally felt uncomfortable. My mouth didn't have that "clean" feeling you expect after a dental cleaning.
My friend required a simple extraction for a weak, decayed tooth. The day before, my friend provided his Denti-Cal insurance information and the manager Maricellia assured him the process and transactions would be fine and agreeable by the office. My friend also provided them with typed paperwork as he entered the office ten minutes early. He was not seen or spoken to for 15m after his APPOINTMENT. Dr. Afar was concerned and did not want to extract the tooth initially despite the fact his Denti-Cal covered the surgery. He was worried my friend would sue him because after the hypothetical extraction he would not treat the infection because Denti-Cal did not cover "the materials". Yes, his demeanor was nice as he explained all the many things my insurance did not provide and his expensive costs. He was nice about it. My friend signed papers stating he would not sue and that he was in extreme oral pain from the tooth. My friend finally had to depart with no surgery attempted or completed after 1hr and 50m. They took x-rays compiling a total of one minute. The young girl did not do it correctly and attempted x-rays twice. Gee, thanks for the double exposure. It was obvious they would not be done within the next hour also. How does he know? He got up and watched him work on two other patients simultaneously. My friend grew weary of waiting with no information provided. He allowed 2hrs and 40m for the one extraction. The car he borrowed had to be returned; his word is his bond. We are poor and can not afford to be fired.
Informative, knowledgeable and polite! Highly recommend Dr. Afar.
I have never really been to a dentist's office where they treat their patients with such consideration. I'm very familiar with dentistry and consider myself kind of a snob when i comes to service and treatments and the team at Dr Afar's office far surpassed any expectations I had. I couldn't recommend an office more. On top of that I used insurance and that seemed to have NO affect on how they treated me.
A+. It's was all things great. No issues . The Dr. and his staff were fabulous! Thank you for treating me with compassion and respect.
It was my first visit for a cleaning and it was not with Bijan Afar but I was extremely impressed. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. The ladies cleaning my teeth kept making me laugh and I felt totally at ease. I even got a goody bag when I left. Highly recommend!!
Dr. Afar had a lovely bedside manner when he examined my teeth. But most of my time in the office was spent with one of his hygenists, who took X-Rays and prepped me. She was friendly, but I spent quite a few minutes sitting alone in the exam area waiting for her to return with equipment, etc. The office may have been busy--it was the end of the day. That aside, I thought the experience was good, Dr. Afar was knowledgeable and all the staff were attentive.
He is such a great and meticulous doctor. Very warm and helpful, and really takes his time talking to you about your dental health. I was really pleased with my experience and treatment here and will definitely be back.