Dr. Arthur Abdiyev
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Ariyana Dental Spa

Dr. Arthur Abdiyev

Smile! You're in good hands. We would like to welcome you to our office. We take great satisfaction in helping you maintain optimal oral health. Our practice is devoted to comprehensive and preventive patient care. Our patients are our most important asset, and we strive to develop long-lasting, trusting relationships with all of our patients. Your referrals are welcome and appreciated. We look forward to seeing you! **PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE INSURANCE INFORMATION ESPECIALLY FOR SUNDAY APPOINTMENTS. IT WOULD HELP TO CHECK INSURANCE BECAUSE WE AREN'T ABLE TO CHECK IT ON SUNDAYS.

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My visit was great I was greeted nicely. The wait was not long at all. The dentist were nice patient and explain everything they were doing. While they were doing the procedure they were gentle. My experience was overall great
He was very nice to me, made me feel comfortable and even joke around with me, I will definitely recommend him.
It was perfect
I was very pleased. It was my daughter's first dentist appointment. The hygienist was so warm and took her to the back to eat pizza while I had my teeth cleaned. I was impressed with the dentist. I've had a lot of work done and I'm very suspicious of dentists overselling unnecessary procedures. Dr. Abidyev didn't do this and his emphasis was on prevention.
Great bedside manner, knowledgeable, and overall great healthcare professional! I will highly recommend him, his colleagues, and Ariyana Dental Spa to those I know. It was the best experience I've ever had at a dentist's office.
Was a very accommodating experience. I ended up needing more work and he was able to do it all in one visit. The whole staff there was friendly and accommodating to a busy schedule. they even charged my phone for me witch was very helpful. There were 2 Doctors on staff who helped me and both get a 5 star rating from me. I am so glad I used zoc doc to book my appointment. I had been on a waiting list to see my usual dentist but I needed to get in early so I logged on to zoc doc and said I will give this office a try. I am glad I did this will be my new dentist office.
It seemed thorough.
Professional and knowledgeable.
It was my first time and he was great! He's the first to show me what he detected and not just on an x-ray. When he was preparing my mouth for fillings he gave me a mirror so I could see what he was doing. The dental assistants were pleasant as well. The female dentist that actually put my fillings in was ok she was a little more aggressive and her and her assistant wasn't as pleasant. They weren't bad it's just that Dr. A set a high standard so I was a little thrown a back when they came in. The receptionist was great and informative. I will definitely be going back.
It was excellent! They were so patient with me the entire time. They even let me stop when I felt uncomfortable and I could play my music to help keep me calm. As long as you are considerate of their business they will meet you half way to make sure you are comfortable. Thank you!
This guy is awesome.
This office is only 3 blocks from my home. I love the modern office and updated equipment. The staff is wonderful and professional. Dr. A is a skilled dentist with a great sense of humor.
Staff was courteous and professional. Offices were clean and nicely maintained. I did have a bad experience with the dentist; however. I made an early appt so that I can go to work with my workday mostly intact. After cleaning and X-rays, I waited 20 minutes for the doctor whim introduced himself and stated what my condition was and said he would get started right away, applied a numbing agent; left an never returned. I waited 30 minutes and I had to leave because I had to leave for work. Unfortunately no work was preformed and my face was numb for most of the day. Needless to say I am not happy.
He was more the accommodating and the front desk was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone. He is worth the trip even if it's out of your neighborhood.
I'm so very happy. Dr.Abdiyev and Dr.Lampa were amazing. -comfortable setting - very clean -Great STAFF
Dr. Abdiyev does a great job with dental work. Sometimes his jokes are a little weird and the wait -- especially if you have any substantial work needed -- can be long. But a solid neighborhood dentist. I will go back.
Fast simple and excellent experience doctor was very professional and polite
This visit was horrible ! No respect at the fact that I was in pain. At one point I was told "no need for dramatics". I am pretty sure this man is conducting malpractice.
As a new patient, it was a very good visit. Dr. Abdiyev was very easy to talk to and his explanations were very clear. I like that fact that I was given information about the work that needs to be done and I can decide on what I want done and when. I wasn't forced to start work that would cost me out of pocket right away. One thing I realize is that, even though you make an appointment for a certain time, it is on a first come, first serve basis. Besides that, my visit was great. The facility is extremely clean and his assistant was very nice and welcoming.
I loved my visit, I was in so much pain coming in and the staff was very warm and helpful they got me in so quickly and Dr Abdiyev was very caring and extracted my tooth in less than 5 mn I was so happy. Will be back!
It was great. Very clean office. They made sure you were knowledgeable about each step they were going to take. Gave clear insight on what needs to be done and provided options. Very friendly. My first experience at another dentist office was horrible. So happy that I found a dentist I can stick with!
I think doctor Arthur and his staff was very perfect. The make me fell comfortable and the service was A1.
I don't reccomend this dentist. The hygenist got a huge chunk of toothpaste in my eye as he was rushing as they were oversheduled. I will not return to this dentist.
This is by far the best dentist office in Brooklyn!
the highest level of service, the atmosphere is friendly, professional approach, the entire structure of workers professionals
Excellent Dr and staff. Explain everything step by step
Professional and friendly
Awesome team
Definitely plan to come back often.
Probably the fastest and most thorough dental visit I've had.
He was nice and informative
It was great. Very informative and honest.
Very professional and still makes you feel at home.
fast painless good staff and cool doctor had two extraction he said it would take two minutes I figured that was a lie and in 2 minutes he really did 2 extractions ... If your busy like me and don't have the patients to wait around this is the perfect place for you and the work is done right and dr abdiyev is totally hot but that's not important just a plus !
It was an amazing experience. All the staff were friendly and the dental specialists were very knowledgable , and thorough. They explained everything as they were doing it and provided great tips and demonstrations for keeping teeth clean and healthy .
He is "The Greatest" ! My 3 daughters and myself goes to him. He tells you the best choice to make about your teeth.
Always does a great Job , and is patient . He also makes you feel comfortable .. Can't go wrong !
Dr. Abdiyev is both charming and realistic. I needed a ton of work and he kept it quite frank. At the same time, I laughed throughout the entire consultation and we even became Facebook friends. He took time to talk to me as a person and not only a patient. I would definitely go back if only he took my insurance for all of my needed procedures!
Excellent dentist and staff. Very professional and thorough.
He has a great practice with state of the art equipment. The offices were clean and all staff was very helpful.
Amazing. He extracted my tooth with no pain or additional bleeding
The wait was pretty awful, but all of the staff were great!
Wait was extremely long but staff was worth it except the cosmetic dentist she was a bit Nasty.
The experience was great and that says a lot for me because of my phobia about dentists. The dentist was so easy to talk to and took her time to explain everything to me. It was a really comfortable experience. I would recommend this dentist to anyone. She was great.
Very professional service,friendly staff. And very good advice from the doctor.
This is an excellent facility, and Dr. A and his staff are beyond capable-- they're great. I've been here a number of times over the past few years, and have always gotten excellent care in ttheir MODERN facility. Be smart about dental care, and check this place out. Highky recommended.
So far so good!
Had a appointment today for my son an my self I must say that it was the best they were professional and caring they took there time with both my son an myself which made me feel safe an reassured me that they knew wat they are doing thanks again.
I came in for a dental cleaning (I had already had a recent checkup and didn't need x-rays), and the office staff still tried to tell me I needed those things and gave me paperwork to sign authorizing it, without telling me that's what it was, despite me only booking a teeth cleaning. Then when I refused to sign those parts they made a big deal about it and I had to talk to the dentist to get approval to only have a teeth cleaning. Then, they STILL tried to bill me for more work than was done. Shady. The actual cleaning and chat with dentist was good, but I don't think I'll be going back.
Dr was very informative and straight forward seems to care and believe in what he does
Everyone was very nice. There was a complication with my insurance but it was taken care of. It was the first time my son got a cleaning and he loved it, the entire team made him feel very comfortable and shared good info with us on keeping his teeth in A+ shape. Great experience all around
Everyone was very nice. There was a complication with my insurance but it was taken care of. It was the first time my son got a cleaning and he loved it, the entire team made him feel very comfortable and shared good info with us on keeping his teeth in A+ shape. Great experience all around
The visit was great and Dr Arthur was very friendly.They took great care of my issue. I am really pleased and would recommend this facility. The dentist that attended to me was a female and she was really great .
They very nice n good. The doctor was very patient
I was a great experience
Very informative and was very pleasant explaining the procedures needed
He was professional tell you how is it
Well done as always. Great, professional, courteous staff.
The service was great - but i was disappointed with the wait time.
He is professional, well spoken, and highly effective. All the staff were wonderful.
Doc Abdiyev is a fantastic person and a great DDS. Highly recommended.!! The wait was not bad seeing how the office was short staffed due to the upcoming holiday, not a problem because the results are good.
This was the most wonderful dentist I've ever been to. And I've sees too many!
Dr. A was very attentive and compassionate.
Great appointment. Nice dentist. Put me at ease and was very clear on next steps
Wait time wasn't bad at all. Dr. Abdiyev and staff were helpful in explaining their assessments. I felt this cleaning was a little better than the last dentist I visited. Was able to get fillings done in the same appointment as they were prescribed, without having to reschedule.
efficient and skilled and thorough. i am so happy to have found him
Very knowledgeable dentist. Also very friendly staff. Special thanx to Samet.
Good with kids. I will go back.
Very helpful and caring!
He was very nice but very professional.
Such a nice and caring doctor!
Very happy to have found a new dental office for my family and I.
Overall, this was the most enjoyable dental experience I've had. The staff are extremely kind, patient and understanding. When I first arrived, there was a bit of a mixup regarding my insurance, but the staff quickly sussed it out and I was able to be seen for my cleaning. Both the hygienist and doctor were professional and personable with patience to spare. Wait time was about 30 mins in the lobby but once I got in the back, everything moved VERY quickly. Almost no waiting between people.
Waited a little longer than expected, but very appreciative to have a dentist see me on a Saturday so I don't have to take off work for routine dental check ups!
As someone who gets very anxious to go to the dentist, I always feel at ease in the chair. The staff are very nice and reassuring – from the front desk staff all the way back to the dentists. I appreciate how the dentists and hygienists explain what they're doing, so I never have to sit and worry and wonder about what's going on. Can't recommend this practice enough!
It was an odd visit. I got there early but waited for half an hour before being seen. The receptionist was a bit snippy, but I guess that's from being busy. The x-rays and cleaning went well, but when the dentist came in it was clear he was rushing. Instead of asking me about my dental history he started making random statements about plaque build up because I didn't brush well when I had braces. I told him I had braces over 10 years ago. Then he said it was because I wasn't brushing or flossing. I told him I do both of these things. Then he said that I must drink a lot of coffee/eat a lot of snacks. Which is finally the truth. He kept repeating, "you don't take care of yourself. You gotta take care of yourself, ma." It was uncomfortable. He gave me a small toothbrush for cleaning in between my back teeth. When I asked how to use it, he jammed it in and walked away saying he'd prescribe me a special fluoride toothpaste to use with it. When I removed the toothbrush my gums started bleeding. I never got the prescription for the toothpaste. I need to have fillings, and am considering going somewhere else to do so. Sundays are busy for them. If you visit this office on the weekend, choose an earlier time or you might get the rushed, I'm-ready-for-my-day-to-be-over treatment.
excellent dentist would highly recommend to family and friends.Great bedside mannor
The visit was great. I had a small wait time only because I needed to have my insurance verified. However, I am happy that Dr. Abdiyev saught alternative methods to address my concerns as opposed to going directly to oral surgery.
The dental hygienist and the doctor are great. The experience was a little rough. I had an appointment at 11 am for a cleaning and check and left at 2 pm.I spent 3 hours there. Most of the time was spent in waiting. I waited over one hour and a half. The doctors are very good. But I do not suggest you to go there on a Sunday when they have too many patients and the wait is extremely long. The manager was very kind in making it up after having to wait so long.
Terrible bedside manner. Abrupt, rude and overall terrible approach. I walked out immediately. He may have given sound advice but his approach was terrible. I was looking for a quick filling because my normal dentist was booked. Without even listening to what I had to say he assumed I sought orthodontic care without clearance from my dentist and without an orthodontic consult which was insulting to my intelligence and knowledge of basic care. If he'd given me a moment to speak he would have known that I lost a filling not that it'd been overlooked completely. If you're looking for patient and polite bedside manner don't come here.