Dr. Annie Yu
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Dr. Annie Yu

Dr. Yu is highly regarded for excellence in all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry, including crowns, veneers, Invisalign, implants and exquisite bonding. She is also known for her expertise in root canal therapy, extractions (including wisdom teeth), TMJ therapy, and sleep apnea appliances. In addition, patients particularly enjoy her gentle touch and caring approach to patient care of establishing an instant rapport while putting patients at ease! Dr. Yu received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 2006. She then pursued an intensive postgraduate residency program at the University of Florida College of Dentistry, where she graduated from the Advanced Education in General Dentistry Fellowship in 2007. During this time, Dr. Yu studied and trained with some of the nation's leading dental practitioners, including Dr. Peter Dawson of the Dawson Center for the Advancement of Dentistry. Working to stay at the forefront of today's cutting-edge techniques in dentistry, Dr. Yu maintains an extensive schedule of continuing education courses and training; she is a frequent student at the Dawson Center for the Advancement of Dentistry, in St. Petersburg, Florida; The Pankey Institute for the Advanced Dental Education, in Key Biscayne, Florida; The Spear Institute of Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona; and the Pikos Implant Institute, in Palm Harbor, Florida. In 2013 Dr. Yu was awarded her Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD), something less than 7% of all dentists every achieve. Not only does this induct her into an elite assembly of practitioners, but also shows her dedication & commitment to dental excellence so as to better serve her patients!

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Very professional but gentle. Explains what she is doing. Friendly
Any awards and recognition for this dentist and her office in general are well-deserved. In fact, I hope to see her recognized by the community even further. It is a rare thing to find a well educated and efficient dentist. It is my good fortune that I found Dr. Yu through her equally impressive colleague. I cannot compliment this place enough- fantastic and sensible service, consultation, advice, and treatment plans.
Very informative, one of the best dental experiences I have ever had. I will definetely reccomend her to friends and family
she is very professional
dr. yu spent a lot of time looking at my x rays and explaining what was going on with my teeth.
I've never had a dental appointment that was so thorough and comprehensive before. Dr. Yu goes over every aspect of her assessment and treatment (if necessary) and makes sure you leave with no questions. She and her staff really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. You sit in a massage chair, use sunglasses during the appointment so the glare of the exam light doesn't bother you and after your cleaning, you receive a hot towel. If it sounds fancy, it's not - she's also very friendly and approachable. She discusses everything with you instead of talking at you. Very impressed!
Easily the best dentist appointment I have ever had. Annie Yu was friendly, answered all my questions and did a really thorough examination of my teeth and the x-rays that were done. I have never had major dental issues but Annie Yu explained how I should floss, brush my teeth, and consider a night guard to prevent any future damage as I get older. The office is clean, new and quite high tech. I was so impressed!
Dr. Yu is the best dentist that I have ever had (I've had 3 others!). She is so personable and professional. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. She really cares about her patients. Highly Recommended.
she is professional and cut ..
Dr. Yu's care is excellent and caring. Dr. Yu ensures that you understand the procedures that may be involved and explains any alternatives that may be considered and their potential benefits and drawbacks if any apply. Having had significant experience with dental services providers over many years, I am glad I chose Dr. Yu to be my dentist and I would highly recommend her.
As a busy professional who likes informative, professional, personal service, i can attest that Dr. Annie Yu is hands down one of the best doctor i have EVER visited. Period! Yes, that includes all doctors. Why is she so great? In this day of impersonalized, high volume medical services that often make us feel like cattle, the experience at Avant Dentistry is the complete opposite - an oasis of patient focused service from beginning to end. It starts with pleasant welcome and the offer of water or juice while waiting and continues with clear explanation of all the step and all finances. Nobody likes going to the dentist, but everyone likes getting professional services delivered with a super pleasant demeanor. So for me what stood out were the following: Excellent Technical Skills - She took the time to do an comprehensive initial visit including photos and exrays and history. She discovered things that no other doctor had informed me about (like grinding). Excellent Communicator - Each step of the process she explained what she was doing and what she was finding and how i could improve. She's funny, smart and confident, the type that can connect and communicate with many types of people. The staff also sat down and explained the finances and insurance to me so that there were no surprises. State of Art Technology - She has a plasma mounted above the chair so she can show you the areas you need to focus on. In addition, the on the second visit she remembered all the details we covered in the initial visit even the detail that i was supposed to cut down my coffee intake (but i didn't!) Super Pleasant Demeanor - During the appointment Dr. Yu is always pleasant and ensuring that you are comfortable and if something is going to hurt or be uncomfortable, she is tells you first and coaches you through it. The staff is also always making sure you are taken care of including taking my coat and offering beverages. In sum, she has built an ethos of quality and pleasant premium service at her modern practice. it is clear that Annie is passionate about her practice and driven to deliver the best service. I highly recommend her service.
Dr Yu and her staff are always professional and courteous. Dr Yu is awesome!! I highly recommend going to this practice!
Professional! Thorough! and just plain nice.
She's Great as well as the staff. Would Definitely recommend her!
My first visit, but so far so good...
Dr. Yu was amazing. She paid so much attention to the littlest details. I am so happy I choose to have her replace my crown. No one can tell which tooth is fake and if I didn't know better I would not be able to pick it out either. She even made sure I would not have a black line above the tooth. She is very much like a artist that loves dentistry. I will continue to use her from here on out. And recommend her to anyone that needs dental work.
Excellent dentist, very thorough and personable. I would highly recommend her!
The most thorough dental exam I've ever had. This is a person who takes her work very seriously.
Dr. Annie was outstanding! Extremely thorough, friendly, patient, gentle, funny, takes her time to explain her findings and all the treatment options, and best of all, no judging (even if you haven't been to the dentist in years)! She makes going to the dentist as pleasant as possible. I wish I had known about her earlier!
Excellent as always!
So friendly and upbeat! Very thorough and informative. Highly reccomend. Literally my favorite doctor.
Dr. Yu is a great dentist. She made me feel comfortable with the procedures and took the time to fully explain her treatment plan. The initial checkup was extremely thorough and her hygienist was also extremely nice. Would definitely recommend.
She was professional, thorough and friendly. By far the best dentist I've ever had.
I dig her - she's fun, she doesn't talk to you (and expect a reply) when there are tools in your mouth, and the assistants are all knowledgeable, too.
I've been a patient of Dr. Yu's for a year now and would recommend her to anyone. She's knowledgeable, friendly, and does fantastic work.
Very professional. Did a wonderful job. Easy access to appointments. Will definitely go back for dental care.
Called this AM for a quick checkup and Dr. Annie scheduled me right away for the same day. As expected, she was her usual professional/thorough/kind self. Couldn't ask for a better dentist!
Super knowledgeable, professional nice, caring, the whole nine. I highly recommend.
Fabulous bedside mannerisms. Takes the time to explain what she is seeing. Very clean and modern offices.
I had a great visit! Dr. Yu and all her staff were very friendly as well as professional and the exam was extremely thorough. The visit was even enjoyable, almost fun (which sounds crazy to say about a dentist appointment, but it's true!)!
My visit with Dr. Yu was great!. I was seen immediately and the staff was great. Dr Yu took time to explain her findings and never seemed rushed. She gave me all the time needed answering every question i presented to her.
Annie remembers me each time and always provides me with exceptional care. She made a real effort to establish a baseline of my dental health and has been great about keeping tabs on where things are. Highly recommend!
My first visit with Dr. Yu was the most thorough dental exam I've ever had. And I was happy that she performed most of it herself -- at other practices I've been to, I would only have about 5 minutes of time with the dentist at the end of the appointment. She explained everything thoroughly and was incredibly warm and friendly. After recently relocating to the DC Waterfront area, her location is no longer convenient to me but I will continue to see her anyway. She is worth the trip!
This was my first visit to Avant Dentistry. Dr. Yu and her staff were both friendly and professional. I was seen immediately upon my arrival, and the documents requested prior to my visit were on hand. Overall, the entire process was smooth and pain free. In interacting with Dr. Yu, I gained greater confidence in her as an expert and in my own ability to manage my dental health. She has a gift for explaining rather complex things in a way that's accessible to the common person. Additionally, I truly felt that Dr. Yu's primary concern was my dental health and, more impressivley, the effects that this may have on my overall physical health. I am happy to have found a dentist that I can view as an advisor and partner in health--not simply another business that seeks to push products and services off on me. Thanks again for a great experience, and I look forward to working with Dr. Yu moving forward.
I absolutely hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Yu's upbeat, caring attitude and meticulous work makes visits bearable. Her staff is also very friendly and professional. I can't imagine going anywhere else.
Dr. Yu did a very thorough cleaning and continued to give me guidance on how to floss more effectively. She clearly wants to help you have the best dental hygiene possible. Her office is very comfortable and her staff are very warm and supportive. I am very glad that I found her. My endodontist told me at my last visit that he had spoken with Dr. Yu and was very impressed with her knowledge and care. Me too!
She is amazing! Highly reccomend! So sweet, personable, thorough, and informative. My favorite doctor ever!
Very friendly and attentive staff. Dr. Yu is very thorough, which we appreciate. She also makes it fun and informative. I would definitely recommend her.
Skilled, thorough, personable -- great dentist!
Absolutely wonderful experience. I'm the type of person that avoids going to the dentist at all costs and she made me feel at ease. The emails, texts and insurance estimates helped me as a patient. The staff is excellent and helps you set your expectations. Even though Dr. Yu is brilliant, she has a wonderful way of explaining the very technical information and options. As a pregnant mom, I was concerned with the impacts on my baby - but again, Dr. Annie made me very comfortable. I'm planning to transfer my entire family to this office.
Dr. Yu and her staff were prompt and friendly. The office did not make me feel rushed despite having to confirm my insurance with the carrier over the phone and complete some last minute paperwork. Dr. Yu is thorough, attentive, and knows what she's doing - I felt both comfortable in her care and informed while she was working! The office also offers a deeper approach to working through the appointment with the patient, with some additional imagining and assessments. The office is clean, convenient, and quiet. After searching for 2 and a half years, I think I have finally found the dentist I will come back to - and recommend to my peers.
Annie Yu is the best dentist I have ever had. I love that the appointments start on time and that she blocks the appointments off just for you. She goes in great detail explaining everything. She is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
She is very exact, professional and calming.
I always love going in to see Dr. Yu. She and her dental assistants are always so friendly and she's very into encouraging preventative care.
Best dentist I've ever had.
Over charges before your health care coverage even gets back to her will not recommend her to any one
Fantastic. She's a wonderful dentist and you can tell she takes pride in her work.
Excellent care, very friendly and extremely thorough. She will be my regular dentist from now on
Dr. Yu is a compassionate and extremely thorough dentist. I have never had a dentist as skilled at both dentistry and communication. I feel fortunate to have found her. She responds to every question and advises on steps to improve my home care, making it clear on how I can contribute to my dental health. I can't imagine seeing anyone else.
First time I've ever had my teeth cleaned by the dentist! Dr. Yu is very friendly, meticulous, and the office is very quiet and serene. I was the only patient there and she spent over an hour with me. I'm much more motivated to floss after my visit than usual!
Annie Yu, DDS FAGD, is highly skilled as a DDS! She is committed to dentistry and enthusiastic about it. She did a temporary crown and it fit immediately. She is meticulous about her work and it show. She has a great personality and made me feel at ease. Dr. Yu will become one of the leaders in the field of dentistry. She is awesome!
Dr.Yu is wonderful, she makes you feel comfortable, explains everything thoroughly-and has a light touch, which I greatly value because I have sensitive teeth. i am so happy to have found her-I used to dread going to the dentist-but not anymore!
Dr. Annie is awesome! So nice, down-to-earth, and gentle. Highly recommend!!
A great visit as always.
I have total confidence in Dr Yu. She marries a contemporary understanding of dental health, wit h a warm personality. My teeth and gums are vastly improved since beginning in her care
She is awesome - so is her whole team - highly recommend!
Dr. Yu is very comprehensive in her evaluation, diagnosis, and explanation of treatment options. She works with you to find the solutions that fit your needs, schedule, and even budget!
Dr. Yu and her staff are great. Prime service.
Annie Yu is very professional and informative about your dental situation. I highly recommend her!
Just like my first appointment, was cheerfully greeted, quickly seen, and given a thorough examination and cleaning. Dr. Yu and her staff are so friendly and attentive - I am happy to finally have found a practitioner that is different from the many others throughout the DC area.
She's the best!
I actually look forward to going to the dentist, that's how great Dr. Yu is. She's friendly, easy to talk to, and genuinely wants the best for your dental health (with other dentists it's sometimes felt like they push unnecessary fillings or procedures)
I continue to be so exceptionally pleased with the care I receive from Dr. Yu. She knows her patients very well and cares about them as individuals, not as customers. She takes extra steps to personalize my care, knowing what procedures make me feel the most comfortable. I am pleased to hear about the professional meetings and seminars she attends to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. I also very much appreciate her guidance on how best to care for my teeth and gums. She is a good educator as well as a skilled practitioner. I was surprised to learn new actions to take that my prior dentist of many years had never suggested. I feel very lucky to have found her.
I've been a patient for 2+ years and I plan on being a patient for life.
Dr. Yu is very friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. I have seen her multiple times and always have a great experience. I feel like my teeth are in good care with her. The office also is clean, bright and modern, and I have never had to wait. Highly recommend.
Dr. Annie is a really great dentist and super nice person. She cleans her teeth herself and takes her time explaining the little details like your x-rays and flossing. I pay a little more than I did at my last dentist but I think she is really worth it. She also helped me correct some tooth grinding and shifting of my teeth since my braces as a kid. :)
As usual, Dr. Yu provided great care. She is always informative and caring in every aspect of her work. I have never had a more understanding, smart and skilled dentist. She provides very thorough care and does an excellent job of educating me about good dental hygiene so that I can take the best possible care of my teeth in between my visits. I feel very fortunate to have found her!
Dr. Yu is professional and high skillful in her dental practice. Patient and caring!
She is actually as great as her reviews say! Extremely nice, professional, thorough, and compassionate. She performs a truly comprehensive exam and makes sure that every dental issue is addressed. She did not tack on any 'extras' or pressure me to get work done that I didn't immediately need. My previous dentist kept calling me to come in for bite guards despite telling her I don't grind my teeth at night. Dr. Yu told me that the stress lines in my teeth and my exam suggested that I was clenching my teeth during the day (she was right) and taught me how to stop. Attention to detail and true physical exam skills!
Annie is the BEST dentist I have ever visited. She is caring and kind and offers very helpful advice on maintaining proper care of your teeth. Her friendly and happy demeanor make it easy to visit the dentist for routine cleanings and more detailed care. I should also add that I don't have to wait when I arrive for my appointments, which is very important given my hectic schedule. I am never disappointed when I visit Annie Yu.
Always a good visit without fail
Dr. Yu was amazing as always!
Annie is wonderful, she puts you at ease even when you have to face root canals and wisdom extractions.
Always friendly (both front desk staff and Dr. Yu), and pleasant. The dental office is always nice and bright and clean and there's great music playing in the background. Wonderful environment, and comfortable, which, seeing as it is a dental office, is quite nice and helps add to the overall pleasant experience.
Quite posssibly one of the best dentist I have ever visited, particularly in the DC Metro Area. Dr. Yu answered all my questions completely and understood all my concerns. She made a usually terrible procedure (wisdom teeth extraction) easy to sit through and recover from. I highly recommend her.
Highly professional and highly friendly service.
Excellent. Highly recommend
I am very impressed with Annie You, and I would highly recommend her.
Dr. Yu is an excellent Dentist who goes the extra mile for her patients. My only issue is it is very pricey.