Dr. Alexander Galperin
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Alexander Galperin, D.D.S

Dr. Alexander Galperin

At Chelsea Dental Arts, we aim to help you achieve optimum oral health and a beautiful smile in a comfortable setting. We fulfill these goals with advanced training, the latest techniques and materials to make dental procedures as painless as possible, while adhering to the latest standards of sterilization and infection control. Chelsea Dental Arts, located in the heart of Chelsea, is a small, full service intimate practice that emphasizes quality over quantity in dental care.

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Alexandre Galperin is smart, witty, and charming. He cleaned my teeth himself and did not off load the responsibility to an associate. I most like Dr. Galperin's tendency not to overreact. He is calm, deliberate, and articulate.
a great dentist.
I'm always made to feel relaxed and I know I'm in the care of highly skilled, professional handsI The entire staff is welcoming and warm - like visiting family!
Excellent dentist!
Great experience, knowledgeable and professional staff - makes you less nervous to go to the dentist.
Dr. Galperin patiently takes time out of his busy schedule to explain the treatment procedure. He also pays a great deal of attention to the comfort his patients.
He was awesome! Quick, knowledgeable, and nice! Would definitely reccomed.
He was so patient, gentle, thorough and knowledgable. So glad to finally have a great dentist! Always a very short wait.
I am the biggest chicken when it comes to going to see a dentist. Dr. Galperin always makes me feel comfortable and has taken great care of my teeth over the past 10 years.
Dr. Galperin is an amazing dentist. He does a great job of ensuring that you receive top notch care and feel comfortable the whole time! He also does a great job of explaining what is going on with your teeth so you can work with him to make sure you maintain oral health.
Dr. Galperin was extremely understanding despite my crazy anxiety about getting cavities filled. He walked me through what was going on and allowed me to avoid a root canal, without requiring me to get too many cavities filled all at once. He went over those cavities that were priorities and those that could wait. I will be back.
What a great experience! Dr. Galperin is so sweet and gentle. He asks you your needs and doesn't try to do anything unnecessary. Highly recommend.
Most patient and caring dentist!
It was great! Dr Galperin performed the cleaning himself and it was probably the most flawless execution I've ever experienced.
I was working on a film set so I couldn't get to my regular dentist. My face felt like it was about to explode from pain so I found the nearest dentist on zoc doc with an open appointment. They got me right in and performed a root canal after taking an x Ray
I have always dreaded going to the dentist. Dr. Galperin is personable and makes you feel at ease. Everyone in the office is helpful and friendly.
Highly professional and extremely kind and caring
He is the warmest, kindest hard working personable Dentist I ever had.
What makes Dr. Galperin different from many of other doctors is the fact he takes time out of his busy schedule for making his work perfect and flawless.
Awesome doctor and really cares about the dental well being of his patients - both be and Dr. Polina are amazing and informative.
Dr. Galperin and his staff are the best! Knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. But going in is a delight because everyone is incredibly warm, friendly and personable. The office is clean and comfortable. Highly recommended, this place is a gem!
The best dentist I've been in to New York!
Alexander was great! I am 26 and still have a baby tooth (I know, right), which is an extra tooth that I have, I have all the rest as well. Alexander was the only one who had recommended me not to replace it with an implant, but instead go to orthodontist and see if I can get braces. All other doctors wanted to pull it out and put an implant there. I was very hesitant about doing it, and thanks to Alexander I realized that I was right not to do it. Alexander was very honest and sincere. You often read comments about doctors caring about their patients, when in fact they don't have their patient best interests. Alexander clearly does. I will have my whole family come to him from now on.
He's the best dentist I ever had
Dr. Galperin has a great attention to detail and does quality work. He has fixed problems other dentists have created for both me and my husband. It is hard to find a good and trustworthy dentist in this city, but I trust both him and his practice.
Excellant, efficient, very professional with an impressively rational bedside manner. Renewed my faith in dentists.
Dr Galperin was very professional, patient and kind. I highly recommend him.
I was very nervous because I've had bad luck with dentists in the past, and haven't been to one in a while. My teeth have been really sensitive so I knew I had to go but was really anxious. They were SO GENTLE and nice, and did such a thorough job. I would highly recommend them to anyone. And the whole experience from initial call to checking out was very pleasant.
Alexander Galperin, DDS is the most Dentis in the whole NYC!!! He is very professional and patience. He also gives you the best recommendation, to always have a Hollywood smile. If you afraid of the Dentis, please go and see Dr. Galperin, you will leave his office happy and satisfied of his wonderful services.
Very friendly dentist and staff. No wait time and am extremely happy with the service. Highly recommend!
Every appointment I have at Chelsea Dental Arts, I wait a maximum of 5 minutes, sometimes less. Dr. Galperin has been extremely attentive to my dental needs and takes the time to explain what's going on, and answers any questions I have in detail. I've recommended Dr. Galperin to my entire office at work and now several of us have his as our dentist. I highly recommend this office!
Dr Galperin is most professional and caring doctor. Every visit to his office has being a very positive experience for many years.
I actually enjoy going to the dentist because of Dr. Galperin.
The Best DDS in New York City!!!