Dr. Alex (Aleksandr) Azbel
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Dr. Alex (Aleksandr) Azbel

Dr.Alex Azbel received his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from New York University in 2002. After graduating from NYU Dr.Alex Azbel completed his fellowship in General Practice Residency at the prestigious Maimonides Hospital in 2003 where he extensively studied implant restoration , pediatric and aesthetic dentistry. Dr.Alex Azbel is a very dedicated, caring, and ethical professional who believes in treating his patients with respect and compassion.

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His personal receptionist is very knowledgeable and friendly and Dr. Azbel has excellent bedside manner! Would highly reccommend his services.
He was no welcoming. He was no friendly. He did not introduce himself. He did ask my name. He hurried up my teeth cleaning. Worst teeth cleaning ever.. No flouride was use to polish off teeth ... No mouthwash to rinse my mouth.. Bathroom wasn't fresh... I was basically rushout office. I will never go back to his office or will I ever recommend his horrible service!!
Exelent job. No wait, friendly stuff, painless cleaning, good prices, coming back to get my crowns and implants done, keep up good work)))
I made an appt this passed Tuesday with dr azbel, and i must say how fast i was seated to be seen by the dr was pretty impressive. the front desk was very helpful and knowledgeable. the doctor was friendly and works pretty fast, which i don't mind considering im terrified of going to the dentist. I would reffer friends and family here there just great. and did i mention there prices are GREAT!
Dr and the staff were very nice. He took his time explaining everything he was going to do. He was also very patient with my questions.
No waiting, clean and modern office, friendly and knowledgeable doctor and staff, reasonable prices - highly recommend!
Very knowledgeable doctor . Clean office. Great price for Invisalign , coming back to start next week.
Best dentist hands down! And I had a phobia of dentists!
The dentist assistant was amazing if she was the dentist here self I would be 100 percent satisfied. Sadly I was the last appointment and like anyone I feel like the dentist just wanted to go home... the office is beautiful and very professional and the dds himself did what he needed. Overall 9/10. I would go back (:
Great dentist. Clean office. Bringing my whole family next time!
Modern office.Very friendly doctor. Pleasure to be here.I feel Lucky )))
I liked him very much. Explained everything and works with the insurance.
What a great experience.Clean , spacious office, digital xrays, whole procedure was done in 30 minutes, will come back to get other wisdom's out.
That was fun , they seated me fast, xrays were done in 5 minutes, painless cleaning. will see them in 6 month)))
I liked him and will come back . Very professional office
I am happy . found a new Dentist for my whole family
Very informative
A very good doctor I would strongly recommend him.
He is a great dentist and knows what he's doing. After a long search, I have finally found a good dentist.
He was great I will never be afraid to go to the dentist again.
Went well,and was finish quickly
He is the most professinal and best dentists in the world
Very nice office.. Great staff and wonderful doctor. He was straight forward with what needed to be done and took into consideration my insurance limits.
Excellent dentist! Hardly any wait time as my visits with him are always at the appointment time. He does a thorough job and the receptionist is also phenomenal. Highly recommended.
The front desk was training someone new, so it took a while to get the appointment information correct.. otherwise it was a good experience.
Great dentist!
To the service all the way to bedside manners great! You need this dentist in your life honestly the best I found, explains everything to you in a manner that you'll understand.
My daughter had a great experience, he does good work. We literally tracked him down from Manhattan location in which he departed from, thats how good he is.
Best Dentist
AMAZING! He filled a small cavity without numbing medication (cuz I hate the way that feels) and he's so gentle, I felt no pain!! Highly recommended! Most dentists hurt when they just clean your teeth and sometimes my gums are sore after. You will not have any of that here! EXTREMELY GENTLE.
Dr. Azbel was amazing! I have had previous experiences with dentists that left me scared and apprehensive. Not only did he put me at ease he managed to make the visit as painless as possible. I was seen immediately even though I confused my appointment dates. I was extremely grateful and happy and pain free!! I am actually looking forward to future visits!
Very good.
one word.. AMAZING! besides the fact i was super late for my appointment he treated me right away. I needed a 45 min procedure done that he did right there and then and made sure i did not feel any pain! Hours work out great for working people (late nights). Happy with my new dentist! :)
I let him know of my fear of being in that chair and he did not phase. Simply replied with an "ok" as if he heard this a million times before, which I'm pretty sure he has. Procedure 1 was quick and pretty much painless. I have another visit later today... and I'm not looking forward to it at all. However, it must be done! ;-) Thus far, if I must see a dentist, I'm happy with my decision to visit Lucky Dental.
Dr. Alex is really great. This was my first time being in a dentist office in almost 4 years and he made me feel very comfortable. The receptionist was very nice and helpful. As soon as i got there my sister and i saw the doctor. I would definitely recommend Dr. Alex!
Haven't been to the dentist in five years, Dr. Alex was very friendly and informative. The receptionist was a delight and I waited less than a minute before my sister and I got seen. Best dentist visit by far !!!!
I was waiting so much time!!! Like about one hour... And when finally I got to see a doctor he just did check up and told me to make me appointment for another day.... So why I was waiting so much?! It was just waistline my time and money...
The office and staff were great; however, the actual service was disappointing. After about a 10 minute wait at the lobby, I was called in by the assistant. She took 4 x-rays (though I remember it being about 8 during my last dentist visit at another location). Thereafter Alex came in ask if anything was bothering me and that was about it. He didn't even look inside or anything-mind you I've been prone to conjunctivitis. He did the cleaning, which was as though he was in a hurry. He kind of just moved the ultrasonic vibration tool around the front and back of my teeth and called it a day. The cleaning was at the most 7 minutes, which by then I just wanted to run out the door due to such a terrible experience at the chair. Thanks for getting me out of there so fast-but no thanks. I prefer a truly deep examination and cleaning.
So much to say, the office is amazing very clean, the staffs are great. The best doctor that I have ever been to, I haven't been to a dentist over 5 years because I'm afraid of pain, but Dr. Azbel is a very gentle and very understanding. He made me feel at comfort. I am definitely going to recommend Dr.Azbel to my friends and family.
I don't like going to dentists, who does? but Dr. Alex Azbel is a keeper. The doctor was very professional, attentive and nice. He took his time examining my mouth and cleaned my teeth very thoroughly. The atmosphere in the office was very welcoming and the office was clean and organized. I loved the fact that I didn't have to wait at all to be seen by the dentist, I was seated and seen as soon as i walked in. I will definitely bring my toddler daughter to him for her first visit!!
My experience was a really good one. The first time i came to Lucky Dental i was really pleased with the staff the office and doctor Azbel himself. Doctor Alex is a very hands on doctor and is a great Dentist who knows what hes doing. I am really happy with my results and will come back with my family and friends. Doctor Azbel rocks!!!!
It was very good. Everything went really well.
He was very soft spoken and straight to tge point.
I was impressed with this website as well as the doctors hands-on with you I haven't seen that in years very pleased and the staff was very nice as well you don't see that too much anymore the matter where you go how much you pay
My worst extraction ever had a dry socket he was no where to be found so be aware people
It was awesome experience because I did not experience any pain.. I definetely recommend this dental place !
First i would like to say i have a serious phobia of dentists and needles. this is because i have had a bad experience with my previous dentist. I stopped going to the dentist all together. Then I was recommended by a close friend to go to lucky dental office. I did i went my experience was overall pretty amazing. the staff was amazing and very helpful, rooms were very clean and the doctor himself had a big welcoming smile as if to say ill take good care of you. which he did. he walked me through the process and was very patient. The injection was painless and before i knew it the procedure was done. I will definitely tell all my friends and family about this dental office. Because i want the best for them... Thank you doctor Azbel i will see you in 6 months.
I like this doctor. I will see him again. Office is nice too.
You would think he was in a race. He stood up during my entire teeth cleaning (how weird is that), did not care to do a thorough job, did a little scraping at a fast pace in which I got poked in my gums a few painful times during my cleaning session. Applying the paste and polishing every teeth was obviously not his goal but to do just enough to simply say he did it. It was a sloppy and inconsiderate job. He told me I had a cavity, he wanted me to set another appointment for. It took less than 30 minutes for me to walk in, sign papers, get x-rayed, get the cleaning and walk out. I went to him because he had a high rating but he's the worse dentist I've even been to in my life.
i haven't been to a dentist in a while and when doctor Alex gave me a cleaning it was fast and i felt no pain. i was really satisfied with the service and will definitely recommend my family members to pay a visit to doctor Alex. Thank you again for everything...see you in six mos.
Of all my years of living, never have i had a good experience with a dentist but doctor Azbel proved me otherwise. I am very pleased with the service and felt no pain after the treatment that was given to me. Thank you doctor Alex you are a true professional and are great at what you do. I will definitely see you in six months for my yearly cleaning. my family is defiantly coming to see you so get ready.
Great as always. No pain. No stress. No hassle. Love this office)))
Very caring person. He takes the time to make sure you are comfortable and make his work is good.
Great doctor, reasonable prices.
Very nice staff and dentist was great and very informative !!!
He was very nice, quick and through. Just did a regular cleaning and i was out within an hour. Amazing place.
My experience at this office was the worst. This is the first time I have been to a dentist who didn't examine my teeth or even look in my mouth. The Hygienist took x-rays and polished my teeth. The dentist came in the room for one second to say I had no cavities.
well, idk how to even start he was good, ok i will said quick but it wasnt what i exepcted . HE WAS A HOUR LATE !! TO THE OFFICE AND THE STAFF DIDNT EVEN MADE YOU AWARE . WHICH I FOUND REALLY UNPROFESSIONAL CAUSE HE DIDNT EVEN APOLOGIZE besides that it was ok the office clean and the staff was friendly if he wasnt in such a rush i will think the practice will be great if the doctor was more gentle, on time, and the staff as well.
This was my first visit. The dental hygienist took x-rays and cleaned my teeth.Took only 10 min. The dentist came in and told me I had no cavities. Didn't look in my mouth which I thought was a little strange.
Dr. Azbel and his staff were very pleasant and professional. I had excruciating pain and told I needed to see the doc immediately. Luckily their was an opening and the girls fit me right in. I arrived to the office 5 mins before my appointment & was seen right away. I appreciate the fact that there is a doctor that works well with time management! The doctor numbed me up and made me feel extremely comfortable, I didn't feel one thing while he was fixing my tooth. I definitely recommend this doctor to my family and friends , I will be coming back for second and third visits! Thank you dr. Azbel for the painless work, you are a tooth saver !!!b
I found my visit to lucky dental office very easy and fast. Doctor alex saw me right away i didnt have to wait. The rooms were very clean and the environment was very welcoming. The doctor listened to my concerns and questions and assured me that everything will be ok. I am no longer afraid of dentists and i will definietly be back to continue my treatment....thank u doc ur the best ??
Saw me very quick. The whole thing was quick. Did a great job with my teeth cleaning.
Everyone was very professional. Clean office. Fast service on a Monday which was a holiday. Thorough and the doctor explains as he goes.
Professional, knowledgeable people. Do recommend.
fast and very to the point . fixed problem . im very pleased.
Staff is very nice and welcoming, Dr. Azbel was very professional, quick yet efficient. Was able to address all of my concerns then and there. Look forward to future visits.
Very caring to the patient needs
Great job.
The appointment time was little confused between staff and what zocdoc was messaging me but it did not disrupt what time I actually was seen. The front desk handle the mix up well and very professional, I was pleased. The dentist was friendly and informative with what he was going to do during this visit.
The dentist and staff were friendly and professional. The wait time was minimal in the waiting area and in the treatment room.
Very caring and concerned. Answered all my questions with clear and concise explanations.
Was seen pretty much on time no complaints very professional quick diagnosis and prognosis
Awesome not only was i early but he got y crowns done early. Thanks doc!! 5 stars!!!!