Derrick Chua, DMD

Cosmetic Dentistry is my passion. I love to help my patients smile more and give them the best dentistry has to offer. I love to get my patients out of pain and restore their beautiful smile. We will do everything in our power to make your visit with us as gentle and pleasant as possible. We always strive to be our best and continue to improve everyday. I attend numerous continuing dental education conventions every year to share with my patients the latest techniques in dentistry. How can we help you today?

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Dr Chua was very good, I am going to make him my regular dentist. Very friendly and a total pro, a very good combination.
He's a great dentist! Was efficient and professional.
Great dentist, explains everything very well and in great detail, very friendly and knowledgeable!
Derrick is a really, really great doctor. It felt like he was genuinely interested in my wellbeing, and gave me more information on what I was doing right and wrong, and what adjustments and improvements I can make to my teeth than any other dentist I've ever been to. No pressure selling of vanity adjustments. Just tons of well thought out, good information. Highly recommend. Best dentist visit I've ever been to, hands down.
Derrick Chua provided me the best experience I've had going to the dentist. He was extremely personable, explained a lot of things, and really seemed to care about my my comfort and overall health.
Great to meet with Derrick if you want to consult regarding any cosmetic dentistry - I needed fillings but also wanted to fix the appearance of some of my teeth - he can do both - which is a really nice flexible option to have.
Very Friendly, Professional and Knowledgeable
One of my best dental experiences ever. Arrived with preprinted forms from ZocDoc and was seen immediately. Dr. Chua was professional, personable, and had me out the door in record time. Highly recommended!
Dr. Chua was very friendly and sociable! He answered all of my questions and guided me through the cleaning thoroughly.
I had a please experience. Everyone was so kind, and Dr. Was extremely thoughtful to my pain tolerance, which I appreciate because it has been so long since I have seen a dentist! He was gentile, and even a little funny. I will gladly go back, and recommend them to my friends and family.
Dr. Chua was fine, but his assistant was abrupt and inattentive to my discomfort. She kept insisting I was not positioning my mouth correctly to take the xrays. My mouth was bleeding from the bite block, and I complained of pain, which she continued to ignore and kept insisting that I re-take the xrays. I will not come here again.
Today Dr Chua repaired a tooth with a crown. He was very considerate about my comfort and also kept me informed of what he was doing. Dr Chua is an excellent dentist and the office staff were terrific, too. Specifically, the dental assistant, who took my x-rays and who assisted Dr Chua, was excellent and very compassionate. Also, the front office staff was very pleasant, effective and helpful. If I had any critique it would be that the office is a bit dated, but it was clean and more than adequate. I am glad to have found such a terrific dentist and staff.
Very good.
didn't like it
Dr. Chua is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Coming into his office for a dental procedure feels like you have someone helping you who both understands the cutting edge of dentistry, but also cares deeply for your well-being. I've been to Dr Chua's office a few times now and don't plan on stopping as long as I live in San Francisco.
Great! Everyone in the office was very kind and the procedures were quick and painless. They are very thorough and were happy to explain things to me throughout the process. Highly recommend.
Derrick was a great Dentist, very helpful and loved to sit and chat!
Thank for helping me with my schedule and will be there on our next appointment. David
Dr Chua was very informative and patient. I was very nervous and needed help with dental pain. He was able to explain each step, how the problem might have occurred, and fixed it right in the consult appointment! ??
Dr. Chua and the staff were very kind and friendly. Very small office, so literally no wait time. Only been there once so take this with a grain of salt.
Dr. Chua is a very talented dentist and a very nice man. I highly recommend.
Dr. Chua was very helpful during my appointment. He explained everything to me, and helped me understand my treatment plan. Everyone in the office was kind, and I will absolutely come back.
Dr. Chua is knowledgeable, kind and efficient. He has all the newest technologies providing comprehensive foresight in his patient care.
Super chill guy (was a Banana Slug after all). He'll go into the details of everything about your teeth if you're interested- mechanics of eating, the importance of surface area in proper tooth care etc. The SF office is pretty small (he has another in Foster City I think), but the trade off is the personal nature of it all. Genuinely good guy.
Felt no pain when i was getting worked done on my teeth. I would definitely recommend to visit Dr. Derrick Chua for any type of Dental work!
I felt that Dr. Chua was pushing me into a very (very!) expensive and unnecessary treatment plan after I came in for a simple filling. His office did not inform me that they were out-of-network with my insurance when prescribing this plan to me (I had thought that they were in-network). I was billed for a cleaning which he did not perform in addition to an X-ray I did not want, plus an examination. To the office's credit, when I raised these concerns with them they dropped the claims with the insurance, allowing me to get back my allotted money for dental insurance. However, I will not be returning.
Dr. Derrick Chua is the bay area's greatest dentist. Being a patient who in the past has been squeamish about going to the dentist; Dr Chua has changed my perspective, the health of my teeth, and overall health. Figure out a way to see him if you need a dentist or are less then impressed with your current one
The cleaning was not very thorough. The appointment itself took at most 30min. All he did was use the water sprayer and then fluoride.
Dr. Chua is an excellent dentist and a very nice gentleman.
Helpful and personable. I felt comfortable and didn't feel like I was upsold at any time. I also felt there was a genuine concern for our dental health. It's a very small practice, but I personally like that.
Truly a great experience. I am glad I decided to visit Derrick and I look forward to being a client for many years.
Dr. Chua struggled to explain the trade-offs between various options. I felt like I was dragging information out of him. His advice was to do all of the above even though there were mutually exclusive options. I'm not sure if he was confused himself or if he was deliberately withholding information. For example, when I asked him about what he had done for me during my visit, he dodged the question. I didn't trust or understand him well enough to pursue further treatment. I asked for an itemized bill of services rendered during that appointment, and I still haven't received it.
Dr. Chua is great -- friendly, efficient, and thorough. Had a great appointment with him and his staff and will certainly be returning.
Dr Chua was great! He was friendly and took the time to explain what he was talking about. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
This dentist said on zoc doc they took my insurance & upon exiting I was billed out of network. They also overcharge for their services.
His bedside manner was excellent. His plan of care is easy to understand. He is practical, gentle and very professional, sensitive to my needs.
very patient, took great care of my needs, respected my anxiety and treated me professionally.
Hey Was good and thorough. Provided feedback for questions and makes time for you.
Was not in network for my insurance despite the fact that this site said he was. Not sure if that is his fault of ZocDoc's. Other than that, decent overall experience.
The wait time was very short but I also had a 9am appointment. Derrick was incredibly friendly and informative. He checked often to make sure I was comfortable and often communicated what he was doing next and enthusiastically answered any questions I had. I will definitely return.
Scheduling and paperwork was a piece of cake, communicating rapidly over text message leading up to the appt. The doctor was super helpful with taking the time to discuss options. Pretty great service overall.
If you need a dentist you have to visit Dr Chua. Regardless if you need a basic x-ray & cleaning or more intensive work...he's your guy. Trust me I am one of those who hated a trip to the dentist, and over time my teeth paid the price. Dr Chua has helped me transform my mouth, and the positive changes are immeasurable. Perfect beside manner, all the latest technologies, and 2 locations.
Derrick was an okay dentist but was much pricier than other dentists for the same procedure. He also continued to book appointments without my consent that I had to keep canceling.
Everything was great besides the cost of my visit. I'm not sure if this office is fully covered by my insurance, (although when I asked they said it was), but I ended up paying more for a cleaning than I ever have in the past.
I have an extreme phobia of dentists, but Dr. Chua and his assistants are very patient and very fast, making cleanings and fillings as painless an experience as possible.
The visit went fine, and Dr. Chua was really nice. I booked an appt with him through ZocDoc because it said he accepted MetLife PDP Plus. When I got there, he said that my insurance only covers 80% of the fees, which means that he's actually an out-of-network dentist. I double-checked my coverage today and I am covered 100% for cleanings for in-network dentists. ZocDoc should update this.
Is not actually in network for Metlife - beware! Also, much of the treatment (deep cleaning + filling) had to be redone by subsequent dentist due to pain.
Great doctor, knows his stuff but very aggressive with upselling into particular procedures, quoted me the wrong price after checking with my insurance so my bill was through the roof.
Dr. Chua was fantastic. Friendly, calming and caring. He checked in often see if I was ok and was really fast. I could not have asked for a better experience.
Went in the morning. ~ 15 min wait, not a big deal
Was seen immediately. Very nice staff. Dr Chua did a great job at explaining what he was doing.
I think I can find better pricing with better services at other dentists.
The two crowns he installed for me fell off after one and a half year.
he has a great bedside manner and is very pleasant. however i was very disappointed while undergoing a procedure. my chest was used as a instrument tray -- felt extremely uncomfortable. he needs to work on his technique given the patient is awake during the whole procedure, such as observing personal space. also the post op instructions were terrible--i had a ton of pain and was not given any meds or suggestions as how to best manage once the anesthetic wore off.
Added a bunch of false charges to my statement that were not justified nor discussed with me.
Awesome. Great. Perfect.painless.
It was quick and efficient. Short walk from BART 24th to 21st St. High recommend.
I definitely do not recommend. I went in for a regular cleaning, which in my prior experience with past dentists can take on average from 30 minutes to an hour. The cleaning with Dr. Chua took less than 5 minutes and felt like a simple tooth brushing. The rest of the appointment was the doctor trying to upsell me on various products and treatment options including an electric toothbrush the moment I walked through the door. He also asked if I was interested in basically every other orthodontic treatment available, even if not relevant. (I have already had braces, and also do not need teeth whitening, thank you.) When I did inquire into the cost of filling ONE cavity, the pre-insurance and post-insurance costs were absurd and more than six times what I’ve paid with my same insurance provider at other places that accept my insurance. I will not be coming back. This is not a dentistry- it is a sales shop.
Everyone in the office was so friendly and accommodating! Dr. Chua explained everything in great detail and I feel like I learned a lot about my teeth and the treatments he recommended. The staff also took the time to go over my insurance coverage with me so I could make decisions about my treatments without any surprises.
I have been visiting Derrick Chua for about 5 Years now. I’ve always been assisted immediately and Dr. Chua along with everyone in the office is extremely helpful. If you want a genuinely great dentist, who helps people in every situation, please visit Dr. Chua. You will not be disappointed.
Dr. Chua was so informative - this is most i have learned about my teeth and effects of dental hygiene habits ever. Very professional. The office staff is so friendly, it felt like I had been going there for years after just one visit. Definitely recommend Dr. Chua and his team!
Bedside manner and expertise come to mind The only dentist i can go to and feel comfortable. Very welcoming and with state of the art technology it was easier then expected
Seeing I was a first time patient at his office, Dr Chua took the time to personally attend to me and did a fantastic job identifying and fixing (with ZERO pain, and I'm a baby when it comes to teeth stuff) minor cavities and a tooth legion that went undiagnosed at my previous dentist. Fantastic experience, my new SF dentist. Plus, they validate parking!
They were very helpful - I had brought the incorrect insurance information, and they were kind enough to contact my carrier to ensure I received treatment that day.
Pushy on additional treatments, inferior quality on cleaning.